Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 3

3. The truth of the silent beautiful girl

“In other words, you are the one behind the rumored ‘voice’?”

“Ah, yes…”

Yuri simply affirmed while doing ‘seiza’. [TN: kneeling with the tops of the feet flat on the floor, and sitting on the soles]

She was shrinking her body until her shoulders looked narrow.

“Anyway, it’s time to stop talking directly into my head, I’m right in front of you now, face to face.”

『”Eh, I don’t like it. Absolutely impossible. I’m really bad at talking to other people.”』

“How can you say so with that kind of attitude …”

Even though her face remained expressionless, her heart’s voice was leaking.

Her expression and the voice of her heart didn’t match at all. To the level that would make you wonder if she really was the owner of the voice. It wasn’t your normal ‘poker face’, you really couldn’t feel any emotion when you saw her, at all.

“Anyway, why did you do something like that?”

『”Wellー, that’s… when someone you don’t know suddenly comes, you would be scared, right? So, I just chased anyone away.”』


Atsushi let out an astonished voice… He thought that Yuri would say she was scared of him, but that was not the case. Yuri’s reasons were simple, she did all of that just because she got scared when someone she didn’t know came nearby.

But, Atsushi didn’t understand that feeling. 

Still, that didn’t excuse her for using her telepathy for that.

『”So, hmm, why you can still calm in this situation? Normally, you will get surprised, right?”』

What Yuri wanted to say, was probably, “If you hear a strange human voice in your head, it’s natural to be surprised and found it creepy.”. That was also the reason why there were so many people had been pushed away by her.

There was only one reason why it didn’t work in Atsushi.

“It’s simple. I am also the same as you.”

While saying so, Atsushi poked his nose twice with his finger.

“My nose is special. I can smell someone with supernatural power, so I followed the scent and here I am.”

『”I see~. whatー a lie.”』

“Even though you’re a person with supernatural power, how can you say that…”

The word ‘lie’ itself, even Atsushi couldn’t deny it.  From the point of view of ordinary human beings, something like supernatural powers might sound ridiculous. There was no way to prove that his nose could really sniff it.

But still, Atsushi didn’t want to be told that by the girl in front of him.

『”Well, you were able to find me in one shot, so I guess, it’s true. I believe it.』

Yuri easily withdrew her own words.

Even though Atsushi was upset by her indifferent attitude, he continued his word,

“Why are you, a celebrity of this school, in here?”

Perhaps Atsushi’s words hit something about Yuri, she squinted and replied,

『”… Because I’m a celebrity. I stand out in many ways, so people keep talking to me. That’s why, during lunch breaks, if there is a chance, those extroverts will invite me, “Shirasawa-san, how about having lunch together?”. Do you think I could bear to be in such hell?”』

“Hm? hell…?”

“Don’t say something so terrible.”, Atsushi wanted to say that, but Yuri didn’t stop as if she had a lot to complain about.

『”I want to spend my school life peacefully and quietly. But if I go out with those people in the top caste in the class, I won’t be able to do that. Forced to talk gossip every day with girls in your class, do you think I like that? If I join girls’ talk that I don’t even understand, I’ll be screwed. Besides that, when school ends, I need to leave school in the same group. Such a restrained life is impossible for me, absolutely impossible!!”』

“I see. For the time being, I understand how you feel about those extroverts.”

Atsushi wasn’t a person that could be called an “extrovert”. And it was also true that he was being avoided by such people. However, he had never thought like Yuri’s.

…Perhaps you could say, it was one of the differences between boys and girls?

“Then, why don’t you just show your true self?”

『”Yamagami-san. Are you stupid? If they find out that actually, I’m a super gloomy introvert otaku, it’ll become a rumor, and spread like fire. If that happens. I can’t live a peaceful school life. For sure.”』

That was… also true.

Regardless of the inside, Yuri was a first-class, no, a super-first-class in terms of beauty and style. That was why, people were calling her, ‘Fairy’. If she became known as an otaku who loved anime, manga, and games, it would be inevitable for people to start rumoring about her. If so, it should be natural that she wanted to hide it.

『”So… it would be very helpful if you keep silent about this…”』

“Hmm…? ‘kay, I don’t really care.”

Atsushi answered as it was just a matter of course.

Yuri, on the other hand, had her eyes rounded.

『”…….Eh? Are you sure? For real?”』

“What? Have a problem with it?”

『”No! There’s none! But that… What if you ask me to do something strange later? Like, ‘I will keep it secret, but let me take a nasty photo’. And after that, using that picture as blackmail, you’ll start asking more nasty demands….”』

“You, really have a great delusion.”

I’ve never thought a girl, especially someone like her, would say such a thing, but… no, wait, maybe they just don’t say it out loud?

But, how should I put it… A girl named Yuri Shirasawa, is not a perfect human being as I thought.

“I mean, do you think anyone can believe that you’re a person who has telepathy ability? Also, I’m the most hated person in school now. When I say that, anyone will just ignore it. No, on the contrary, they’ll start to think that I’m a crazy person.”

『”Ah, that is……”』

Yuri didn’t deny Atsushi words. As expected, she also seemed to know about Atsushi’s rumors. And, as he mentioned earlier, there would be no merit even if Atsushi were to reveal Yuri’s secrets. Rather, he would only be perceived as an idiot.

“Well, but I have one thing I want to request …”

『”I’m sorry, as expected a naked photo is just too much…”』

“Nobody said that, I didn’t even think about it… I just want you to let me be around here from tomorrow. Well, I mean, I just want to be able to have lunch and have a nap on the bench outside. That’s it. I won’t pollute your sanctuary.”

『”Ah, that’s okay… I don’t really care.”』

Yuri was still half-suspicious of Atsushi. Of course, her classmates, who had hardly spoken with her, suddenly learned her secret. So, it was natural for her to be vigilant.

Therefore, Atsushi didn’t say anything much after that, he just uttered a word of gratitude.

“I see… Thanks.”


The chime rang, as if telling the two, that their conversation must end for the time being.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 2

2. While someone is taking a nap, be quiet

Atsushi and Yuri knew each other about a week ago.

**********One week ago**********

As usual, when Atsushi entered the classroom, his classmates, who were talking in a fun atmosphere, shut their mouths in an instant. Atsushi, on the other hand, didn’t say anything, he just sat in his seat in the corner near the window.

After that, a whispering voice could be heard from the surroundings.

“See, it’s Yamagami. Why does he come again today?”

“That guy, I wonder who is it that he begged to let him come to school? Rumor has it that he stalked a girl student at another school and hit her face, right?”

“Not only stalking, but also raising a hand to a woman, he’s really the worst.”

“Every time he’s around, the atmosphere of the class changed, don’t you think so?”

“To be honest, I don’t want him to come to this school anymore.”

The students were saying whatever they want.

It was also in a bad manner. Not only they didn’t say it to him face-to-face, they said as if they were gossiping but in a voice loud enough for Atsushi to hear.

“Hey, don’t be careless, you can tell from his looks that he is strong in a fight. They said, after touching the girl student, as he was being surrounded, he got into a fight with the guys at other schools in retaliation, and all of them were sent to the hospital. You don’t know what will he do if he gets mad.”

“It’s best not to get involved in this kind of thing. Yeah, it’s best to do that.”

Whether on purpose or not, they said it in the same manner as to let Atsushi hear it.

Needless to say, Atsushi’s position in the class was “bad.”

The reason why Atsushi was being treated like this was because of a rumor, “Atsushi stalked a girl student, assaulted her, and sent all the students from other schools who came to him to the hospital”.

Of course, it wasn’t true… but not all were false.

It was true that Atsushi had a fight with the boy students from another school, sent them all to the hospital, and had to be hospitalized. But, of course, there was a good reason for that, and that was taken into account, so he could still go to school normally.

Indeed, it was true that Atsushi had a fight, and sure it wasn’t something to be complimented.

However, even so, as a matter of fact, rumors always came from something being exaggerated.

If only you think about it for a moment, you’ll understand…

As expected, something like, stalking students from other schools, hitting their faces, and sending multiple students from other schools to the hospital, would become hot news in an instant.

But that news wasn’t flowing anywhere further, and Atsushi still going to school like usual.

That was the proof that Atsushi had not touched the law.

Tsk. So annoying…

Since Atsushi was a kid, he was always alone, but as expected if someone took such an overt attitude to you, you would feel unpleasant, right?

Seriously, I wonder who made such a rumor.

Atsushi suddenly heard another topic.

“Hey, did you hear the story about the back of the school building?”

It was a conversation between female students who were a little away from Atsushi.

Four or five schoolgirls were talking about rumors around a desk since the morning.

“I heard it. There was a student who heard “that voice” again.”

“?? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you know? There’s an old school building next to our main school building, right? When you go there, you will hear a voice saying, ‘Get outー, get outー.’ “

“I see, but what is that… Isn’t it just a prank?”

“No, no. This is serious. More than a dozen people have listened to the strange voices there.”

“Eh? What the… Scary.”

“That’s right. For a long time, many said that ‘it’ comes out there, and now no one wants to get close to that building.”

It was a common ghost story.

A ghost appeared or a ghost was seen, such a story was common in every school. Since they were high school girls who loves rumors, it was no wonder that they talked about something like that.

But, Atsushi focused not on the ghost story.

No one gets close huh… Alright, I’ll go there during the lunch break

And so, the morning chime rang.


Lunch break…

Atsushi came to the back of the school building. To be exact, he was in the backyard of the old school building.

As rumored, it wasn’t popular even though it was daytime, but for some reason it was dark. To be honest, it was creepy.

But for Atsushi, that didn’t matter.

The important point was that there were no people around.

“Here, no one can see me with strange eyes.”

Then, while sitting on the worn-out bench, Atsushi opened his lunch box.

The reason why Atsushi came to this place was very simple. Since no one was around, he could eat lunch by himself.

In the current situation, some people would point to him even if he was just going to the cafeteria, not to mention eating in the classroom. Under such circumstances… lunch would only become very unpleasant.

Since originally Atsushi liked to be alone, such a place where no one could approach was perfect for him.

『”… Get outー… Get outー …” 』

After eating lunch, Atsushi looked up at the sky, while exhaling slowly.

The blue sky spread out there, and the sunlight went into his eyes.

『”… Get outー… Get outー…” 』

Now, it was neither cold nor hot. Just the right temperature.

It was the warmth that you could feel only an this time of the year.

『”… Get outー… Get outー…” 』

On a day like this, I want to take a nap without thinking about anything extra.

After setting the alarm on his cell phone, Atsushi laid down on the bench.

『”… Eh, hey, are you going to ignore it? disregard? no reaction? Humm, maybe he didn’t hear the words!? Hello, you there who has a scary face, can you hear me? Helloooo!!!”』

“It’s noisy. Don’t get in the way when people are trying to take a nap.”

Atsushi finally gave a response.

He decided to ignore it at first, but it became too noisy that he couldn’t help but raised his voice.

『”I-I see, so you can hear me… hmm? What’s with that reaction? Why aren’t you surprised?”』

“It’s just hearing the voices of others in your head. Nothing special.”

『”No, no, don’t you think it’s strange? Or something like that? Normally, if you hear someone else’s voice in your head, you’re supposed to get panic.”』


Stop asking common sense to me.

On the other hand, the owner of the voice was quite upset, but apparently, Atsushi’s reaction was unexpected.

『”W-wha-what should I do? A strange person has come….. W-Well, that’s okay. COUGH… I am a ghost who lives in this old school building. I’m not good at talking about details, so I’ll just say it straightforwardly. Get away from here now. Otherwise, there will be misery around you…”

“Do you really want to get rid of me by saying a bunch of lies? Is that it, huh? Yuri Shirasawa.”


Atsushi couldn’t hear the rest of the voice. However, Atsushi immediately realized that the other person was feeling more upset and impatient than before.

『”W-w-who is that? that name person with, No don’t I know.”』

“It’s too obvious, your reaction is already the answer.”

『”Uhu, you’re so annoying!!! Where is the proof that I’m Yuri Shirasawa!!?”』

“Proof? There’s no proof… if you want it, then I’ll go to you now. Wash your neck and wait.”

『”Eh … Wai…”』

Atsushi went straight into the old school building without listening to the voices that try to stop him.

Then, without hesitation, he went up the stairs, reached the second floor, and proceeded to the back.

Then he arrived at the room labeled “Third Preparation Room”.

He opened the sliding door, went inside, and headed straight to the locker used to contain the cleaning tools.

Then, he opened the locker vigorously.

“… I came as declared, you bastard.”

There was a figure of Yuri Shirasawa in tears, looking up at Atsushi while sitting down holding her knees in the locker.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 1

1. Directly into the brain

『”Let’s make a deal”』

Such words flowed into the boy’s mind.

『”If you tell me the answer to this question, after school today, a beautiful girl will treat you to a fried chicken at a convenience store. So, give me the answer to this question…”』

『”Who cares! Think it yourself.”』

While dismissing such words, the boy continued to solve the problem in front of him.

In a class at a school. The mid-term test was currently underway there.

『”Gununu… is a fried chicken, not enough? No way, you mean, you want a set? the one with potatoes?”』

『”For now, you should stop thinking that I will accept this transaction in the end.”』

『”Urgh, I can’t help it then….. I understand. There is no other way, I need to make some sacrifice after all. Alright, let’s add croquettes.”』

『”Hey you, didn’t you hear what I just said?“』

The boy was amazed and sighed at the owner of the voice.

『”In the first place, I’m not that clever. It’s meaningless to copy my answers.”』

『”Hmm, don’t worry about that. I’m confident that you’re smarter than me!!』

『”How could you say that so proudly… anyway, it’s useless to hear the answers now.”』

『”What? What do you mean….”』

『”Well, the chime is already ringing”』

A moment when the words were transmitted to the owner of the voice, a chime at the end of the test sounds.

After that, a scream rang in his head, but the boy decided to ignore it.


There was a ‘Fairy’ in this school.

Yuri Shirasawa… She had a beautiful appearance that could be said as the number one in this class, no, in this school,

Clear white skin with long brown hair. Her body was well-shaped. A slender body that was probably everyone longed for. And above all, she was always expressionless and rarely speak. No, it might be safe to say that she was just a ‘silent girl’.

However, she had a mysterious atmosphere that somehow attracted other people.

Perhaps, that was the reason everyone called her, ‘Fairy’, behind her back.

And now, several students were surrounding her.

“Hey, hey, Shirasawa-san. We’re going to a karaoke place after the test, won’t you go with us?”


“Look, we rarely talked right? I mean, we’re in the same class, so we think about deepening friendship with each other.”

“Let’s go together! Okay? Come with us! Please!!”

As expected of those who were in the upper ranks of the class caste. Even though they were classmates, and even if they weren’t so close with the girl, they dared to invite her to hang out together with a calm face…

As expected of extroverts.

The boy ――― Atsushi Yamagami was watching such a situation.

Atsushi Yamagami was now a quite famous student at school.

It wasn’t because he was being bullied. He was simply being avoided. Well, that might be a kind of bullying, but he was avoided out of fear rather than disgust.

The reason was, that he was in the hospital for about three weeks last month.

The reason he was hospitalized was, that he had a fight with several students from other schools, and as a result, not only he but all the other students were hospitalized. That alone were enough problems already, but what was even more troublesome was the cause of the fight.

People said that the cause of it was because Atsushi Yamagami stalked a girl student at another school and assaulted the girl. In retaliation for that, he got caught in group violence.

Even though it’s not true…

In the first place, if that were the case, he couldn’t come to the school normally. He would be going to the juvenile detention center or, at best, transferring to another school.

It was true that he had a fight with several boys from other schools, and was hospitalized as a result. However, the cause of the fight was completely different, and Atsushi had never hit a girl in the first place.

But as expected, rumors were a kind of entertainment.

People were willing to spread it, especially if it had nothing to do with them or their surroundings. Even more so if the rumors were about the misery or contempt of others.

That said, in this case, Atsushi was sent to the hospital, not only himself but all the other people too. Therefore, although it was just a rumor, other students in the school wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him because the people that he sent to a hospital might come for revenge.

Well, it’s fine. I don’t have to do anything troublesome

Originally, he wasn’t that good at socializing with other people, rather he found it troublesome.

Even though he didn’t feel good being seen with strange eyes, he thought that it was better than hanging out somewhere with his classmates.

Alright, since school is over, let’s go shopping for dinner on the way back home

When Atushi stood up, Shirasawa suddenly glanced at him. Their eyes met. However, Atsushi tried to leave without caring about it.

At that moment.


Atsushi heard a voice.

No, to be exact, an echo in his head. The voice was loud enough to echo in his head. This voice could only be heard in Atsushi’s head. In fact, no one else was aware of the voice.

『”When you see a person in a big pinch, are you really going to ignore it? look the other way and leave it alone? Are you still a human being?!!』

The voice sounded like a taunt.

On the other hand, Atsushi, while looking at Yuri Shirasawa, spoke in his heart.

『”Seriously, Don’t scream. It echoes in my head. Or rather, where is ‘the big pinch’ you’re talking about? You’re just invited to hang out. Just say OK already and go with them.”』

『”No, no, no, No!!! I, who is the incarnation of otaku nerd… go to a karaoke place with extroverts like them? Do you think I want to go to hell?!! Even if I go, what should I sing? You want me to sing the opening song of the masked hero that is on TV at 8 a.m. on Sunday and die?!!”』

『”Who cares! Ah, By the way, that program is at 9 a.m.”』

『”Shut up!!! Anyway, please help meee~. Going somewhere with these extroverts, it’s absolutely impossible for meee~. Ah, if you help me, I’ll do anything you sayyy~. Specifically, I’ll cook food in a naked apron for youuu~”』

『”Oi, oi, didn’t you just say something ridiculous. Well, I’m sure there’s a guy out there who demands his classmate to be in a naked apron. Anyway, if you’re so active like this, why do you hate going out with them so much?”』

『”Eh, isn’t it natural? Rather than hanging out with these strangers, playing with Atsushi-san is more interesting and not boring.”』

『”What do you mean by ‘playing with me’, huh? I’m not your toy! Enough.”』

『”Aaaaー!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was getting carried away. It’s my fault. I’ll kneel down naked later so please forgive me, and please do something with this situatiooonnn!!!』

Atsushi sighed involuntarily at the desperate call, turned around, and approached the people surrounding Shirasawa.


“――― Sorry guys, she has a plan with me already.”

Atsushi’s words made everyone surprised.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 170

When I was recuperating, I was searching some light rom-com story to read (as dark story, or depressing story would only make me feel worse), and I found one that was enjoyable, And decided to tl-ing it slowly, really slow, as I was reading it.
Maybe you all would enjoy it too.
Check it out here

170. Preliminary Group A

On the broadcast day of the preliminary of King of Boys…

The Hatano family members had already finished dinner and all of them had already taken a bath. After that, they’re waiting for the program and after watching it they planned to go to bed.

Tea and sweets were on the table, probably because they wanted to watch the program without missing any seconds. Alcohol and snacks were also lined up in front of My mom and Maria. In the evening news, they said that people were no longer in the busy downtown area. According to an interview with a person on her way home, she wanted to return home on time to watch the program. It seemed that many wanted to see it in real time instead of recording it. 

…….So that’s why mom came home early today.

I was very worried about what kind of person would participate in the finals. There must be some great guys out there, so I planned to gather information. 

Right when I picked up the rice cracker on the table and started eating it, it started

“It starts”

“Yay! I’m reallyー looking forward to it”

Unlike the programs that they usually do, the set is gorgeous, and in addition to regular members, many famous entertainers are appearing. According to the story I heard from Etou-san, many companies wanted to be the sponsors, and many entertainers had asked her to appear.

Etou-san talked about that with a big laugh. As the variety show said to be not very popular in this world, when she wanted to asked actor there was no reply… So, when she got to be the one being asked for, she was really happy.

After the program explained the purpose of the King of Boys, they were talking about the competition that was held in the preliminary.

『”Only the top 10 can advance to the finals! 』

『”Well, well, it’ll be a tough match”』

『”Since there are more than 1,000 applicants, it can be said that just by entering the finals, he is a top-class boy.”』

『”Now, let’s take a look at the preliminary rounds held in various places.”』

『”The hot battle of high school boys from all over the country is here!.“』

Two entertainers who were the MCs, were advancing the program. And on the screen that showed the studio, changed into images reminiscent of the hot battle of boys. Then, the character “Preliminary Group A” appeared.

『”Yes! This is the Fuji God Stadium where the high school boys from Preliminary Group A scatter sparks. The intelligence test has just ended, and the battlefield will move to the athletic ability test. Please take a look at the written test that was held earlier.”』

The scene changed according to the voice of the reporter. Men with serious faces were projected there, and narration and caption were flowing along with it. The members in the studio were looking at the situation seriously

… Well, even here, both of them are also looking at it seriously. It seems that I, who is drinking tea and eating rice crackers, am out of place.

Then, the scene changed again and the scene of the athletic ability test was played. However, although it was an athletic ability test, there was no element of Variety show at all… There were four types of tests: sprinting, long-distance running, softball throwing, and long jump. In the screen, it was sprinting but … everyone was slow.

… if it’s only these guys, it’ll be easy.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud voice.

『”NuHaHa! So weak! All of you! So slow!”』

The camera went to the owner of the voice. The boy that was projected was huge. He was tall and had trained muscles, which made his presence even more stand out.

The next moment, the boy’s profile appeared under the title “Attention Player”. Obviously, the treatment was different from other boys. The height was 2.1 meters. He was the tallest in the tournament.

His name was… Kou Daikuji.

『”I thought there was someone who could compete with me, but what a disappointment! I hope that masked man is not like them!“』

The boys’ facial expressions changed, the other boys were provoked….. But,

『”Still too slow!”』

By an overwhelming difference, he took the first place. 

He really has a big body, and he’s agile too… so it’s not just a big mouth huh, he ranked first in all of the athletic test with a margin. 

Next wafter that was the final test… the appearance test. It was something like a cosplay contest, Daikuji posed in a tight tank top and denim shorts as if to show off his body, and grabbed the eyes of the audience…

And when the scene returned to the studio, the topic became all about Daikuji.

『”Wellー, wellー, an amazing boy has appeared!”』

『”Yes, I don’t know what to say, but it would be great if you could hold tight that body!“』

『”So Erotic!”』

『”Right! You think so, right?”』

I started ‘Notepad’ on my smartphone, created a file named ‘Kou Daikuji’, and typed in what I saw earlier. 

……And after thinking for a while, I entered “A macho guy who loves his own body” as a remark.

There was no malicious intent in that… Yeah, there was none.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 169

169. Preliminary, starts

The venue for the preliminary of King of Boys is the stadium, which is also usually used for large competitions. And since in the notice about what you should bring that they sent in advance include ‘clothes for exercise’, it seems that they really intend to do a physical ability test.

Still, there are a lot of people. And all of them are women, so they must be the viewers. This number might be about the same number of people who go to a live concert of a popular singer. Seriously, for whatever reason, I can’t see any man. 

I checked the notification documents sent to me for this round. 

Yeah, the venue isn’t wrong.

“Kohaku-sama, those who participate in the preliminary are over there.”

Maria, who came with me, told me so. 

I see, are the boys just finishing the reception and preparing in the venue? But, there’s still a little time to spare… they’re more diligent than I expected. I thought they’re gonna be late or come at the last minute, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Led by Maria, I went to the reception and filled out the form given there.

“Yes, thank you. Please wait in the waiting room until the start of the preliminary. Please check the waiting room as there is a guide in the aisle. If you are an attendant, there is a seat for the attendant at the venue, so please wait there.”

“I understand.”

“Kohaku-san, it seems we’ve to separate here. I pray for your good luck.”

“Hatano-sama is in the receptionist no.1! I’m supporting you so please do your best!!”

……As expected, my idea was not wrong. There should be a good number of participants, but it seems that no one has come yet. Seriously, they are a bunch of bold people.

Today’s schedule is intelligence test first, then athletic ability, and finally appearance… In short, it’s like a contest and it takes a whole day. It seems that the first exam is not an academic test, which means anything that are regarded as intelligence subject. But, since it’s a TV program, a paper test with no movement should not be emphasized very much. There is no way they will spend a lot of time just seeing boys sitting on the TV, so it’ll fast. That means, the difficulty must be not that high.

Therefore, the important thing is to relax and receive. It has become a battle where I can’t lose, so I need to calm myself and don’t be nervous.

…… Seriously, why did this happen? 

When I was lamenting in my heart, outside of the room became noisy. 

It looks like the other guys are finally here. 

Looking at the clock, there were only two minutes left until the start. 

Hoo, they’re in time!

“Oh, why is there already someone here?”

“Right, did you come early to calm yourself? Hahaha”

“Don’t waste your efforts. It’ll be me who’s gonna win anyway.”

Participants entered the waiting room one after another. They always looked at me who was inside and said a word before coming in. 

…… Why do these guys curse people just by coming early and waiting? Seriously. Well, I’m a kind adult so I don’t take the provocation unnecessarily.

Then, a management staff came behind the participants, and told us that the intelligence test would start.

“Wait a minute. We just arrived here, you know? Let us have some tea or juice and rest first.”

“That’s right. how can you be so inconsiderate…”

“We’ve come all the way here, aren’t you so terrible to us? Seriously, TV stations are arrogant.”

“Uh, uwaa… I got up early just for this, but you… so mean …”

….. Seriously, it’s amazing, I mean, don’t you know there’s a limit to everything? …… No, in this case, maybe because other guys are doing the same thing, they become bolder? And, some people are crying for some reason. But… look! This time the staff is about to cry. What the hell are you doing! 

….. Huft, there no choice, I’ll help you this time.

I approached the staff member who came.

“Well then, let’s go”

“Ah, but …”

The staff member was looking at other participants in the waiting room.

“It’s okay. They just hate going because they’re afraid to lose, so they just make excuse so they don’t need to take the exam.”

The boys got angry all at once when they heard my voice. Various curses and taunts flied toward me. I took such a storm of abusive words and turned my eyes to them as if they were insects.

…… See? It’s easy.

“You! You’ll have to pay for this!”

“Seriously, there is a completely selfish guy everywhere.”

“I really hate someone who is selfish”

“… What a cold-eyed guy. A guy with such an eye is absolutely rubbish.”

It works as expected. Or is the thinking circuit of boys always the same? I was thinking that, if this didn’t work, I would make all of these people loss by default, but well…

it seems that preliminary is being held at other venues, so even if I make them pass out, they will just send me to another venue. Anyway, I won’t forgive that last one.

Then I want to the intelligence test site. I was seated in the designated seat and the explanation started.

So, it’s a normal paper test…

During the explanation, the camera was moving around.

… Please, don’t shoot at me too close.

And after a while, a signal to start was given. 

I flipped the answer sheet over while spinning the mechanical pencil I picked up.

…Well then, let’s get it done.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 46

46. ‘Coloring’

I lower myself and in one step, I’m in front of Pearl, leaving a cloud of dust.

Exposed to the sun, the relaxed Pearl completely surprised by what he just saw.


――got him!

I swing the sword from bottom to top.


A high-pitched tone coming from the “collision between two swords”.

“Tsk ―― Damn it!”

The attack that I did with all my might, was blocked by Pearl.

The sword that was in my hand, is now on the ground beside Pearl.

Slowly, three brown hairs… Pearl’s hair falls off.

“Really!? Even that was no good huh! Seriously, you, what a monster.”

I collapse on the spot with my hands and legs outstretched.

If even with this much, he still could block it, there’s no hope for me.

“Just now… you didn’t just strengthen your body with Red Mana, rightl!? What did you do! Seal!”

“What? Ah, I just circulate the Yellow Mana all over my body. You see, there was a time when I got stuck, and I was able to force myself to move with Yellow Mana. This time I did the same thing with my body in perfect condition. I forcibly removed the body limiter with the Yellow Mana.”

“……haha, FuHahHaHahaha! You really surprised me.”

“I can only do it for a moment, though. It’s too fast for my nerves to catch up.”

“It was too shallow to say that you’ve hurt me, but you dropped three strands of my hair! Let’s think about the reward!”

Pearl sits down with crossed legs.

I raise my upper body and put my hands on the ground to support it.

“What you did just now, it’s a technique called, ‘Coloring’.”

” ‘Coloring’ ?”

“That’s what we call the technique of putting your sub-source Mana on the body, weapons, and magic for a long time. Well, since it’s just for a moment, maybe it’s better to call it a pseudo-coloring.”

“I see~”

I heard a rough breath from behind.

I look up because a shadow of someone covered me, and what I see is the face of a sweaty blonde girl.

“… Finally, I arrived…”

“Ash, what happened? Why you came here?”

“For this”

Ash put a wooden basket over my head.

“Akane-san said that today’s breakfast was too little.”

“Lunch box! I was just hungry. What a great timing.”

I open the basket and look at the food inside.

“What is this?”

Inside the basket is,

Rice ball.

Fried rice with bean sprouts.

Salad with bean sprouts.

“By the way, what are the fillings of the rice balls?”

“It’s bean sprouts. I ordered it because I wanted you to be healthy …happy? Seal?”

“Ah, yeah, happy, I’m happy…”

You did something unnecessary… I won’t say it since Ash might get offended.

Anyway, I pick up the rice ball and carry it to my mouth.


…… As expected of Akane-san. Even though the ingredients are limited, it’s still delicious.

“Hey Ash. Can you do ‘Coloring’?”

“I can do it”

Ash pulls out his cane and points it at the rock wall.

“Coloring, ‘Black’―― ‘Roiro Homura’…”

A lump of flame is formed, and Black Mana is released from Ash’s wand covering the flame.

Ash shoots the intimidating black-colored flame at the rock wall, and a huge hole is made in the rock wall.

“It’s amazing… it feels like a special move.”

“That’s right! It’s difficult to use because it consumes a lot of Mana. In addition to requiring good control at using Mana, a certain amount of Mana is required to generate high-density Mana. It’s a high-level technique that not anyone can do!”

Well, in fact I could only do it for a moment.

It’s difficult already to use it on my body, I don’t feel like I can use it on flames like Ash… Maybe Ash received some help from that cane?

“What a good time. Let’s me teach you another high-level technique.”

After finishing the meal, Pearl stands up and takes a distance from me.

“Miss Ash. Shoot me with any magic!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, don’t worry!”

Ash turns her right hand toward Pearl and forms a flame.

Pearl stands upright with his arms folded. Ash shoots the flame on Pearl.

A lump of flame explodes into a pearl.

But Pearl was unharmed. He didn’t use any Red Mana, but instead he covered his body with a swirling Blue Mana.

“Blue… What did you do with it?”

“I manipulated Miss Ash’s mana and scattered it!”

“Other people’s Mana!?”

Blue Mana, is the Mana of Operation, which used to manipulate Mana.

Basically, the role of it is to carry other Mana in your body. But, to use it against the Mana released by others――

“Cover your body with a swirling Blue Mana, and the moment another person’s Mana touches your Blue Mana, immediately manipulate it and scatter it outside… The name of this technique is… ‘Ruten’ ”  [TN: It roughly means, ‘wear and exile’, If I were to name it in English, maybe something like, ‘Reverse Control’]

” ‘Ruten’… Will I learn it from now on?”

“Hahaha! That’s impossible! Look at this!”

Pearl shows the back of his right hand. It was slightly burnt.

“Even I, who have trained this ‘Ruten’ for many years, still can’t handle it perfectly! There are only 10 people I know who can use this.”

“Then why are you talking about such Technique to me now?”

Ah, this is bad. I have a bad feeling…..

“No way, you mean…..”

“That’s right! Miss Layla she can use ‘Ruten’ perfectly.”

“Seriously, what a bad news…”

” This ‘Ruten’ is also Old Man Bar’s specialty. So, it’s probably heredity, or maybe she’s really a talented person.”

So, she can use the technique that even Pearl can’t use properly?

“This is not the only strength of Miss Leila. The basic style of Miss Layla is a throwing knife. Hold the iron knife made with the Green Mana, and strengthen the knife and arms or shoulders with Red Mana before she throws it.”

“Why does she need to grab it? It would be easier to shoot with Blue Mana, right?”

In response to my point, Pearl makes iron with Green Mana, and attaches the iron to make a knife and floats it in the air.

“This is what happens when you shoot it with Blue Mana.”

The knife is released and go into a small rock… Cracks can be seen on the rocks.

Pearl formed a knife again, this time, he’s holding it in his hand and also strengthening his arm with Red Mana.

“And when you throw it directly ――Hmm! “

Pearl throws the knife.

The thrown knife slammed into the rock at a speed that made it blurry, destroying the rock and still flying further behind it.

“It’s better to hold it with your hand and throw it ―― “

“It’s faster, and stronger.”

“Miss Layla produces this knife faster and in large quantities than I do…. She will keep throwing knives and block her opponent movements to the spot. When the opponent, can’t move and reserve to use Magic, she will use ‘Ruten’ to disperse it. She forces her opponents to use their trump cards, break it, and hunt them down. Miss Layla won the battle she had in Magic Academy with just that tactic.”

‘Ruten’ and throwing knives…

In addition to that, she has that Rainbow Mana ――

“She has a lot of hands huh”

“Seal, are you scared?”

“No way. On the contrary, it’s getting fun. I don’t think I’ll be bored.”

“You’ve grown a lot in the last few days. But still, not as good as Miss Leila.”

“The difference that isn’t filled on the board is managed outside the board. Tomorrow, I will use one whole day until the duel to prepare to win.”

‘Sealing’ is a technique that can beat anyone if the conditions are met.

Do everything to meet the conditions… that’s what a Sealer is.

If I don’t have enough hands, I’ve no choice but to increase my hands.

I already thought what I need in my head.

After that, I had a spar with Pearl, who imitated Layla’s fighting style, and completed my trainings.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 168

168. Confirmation

School was over and I went back home.

After I arrived at my room, I fall into bed without changing clothes.

Strange? When I was trying to sit idly on the side, I suddenly got involved. In addition, the two heavyweights are forced me to be in a situation that would be disappointed if I fail to meet their expectations.

…… Why did this happen to me! Why is life so harsh?!

In my previous life, I wasn’t so high when it came to pride. But, my pride in this world is extraordinarily high. Yeah, in here, I’m a person with a reasonably high pride. I admit it. Therefore, if the man from Toukain and Seikagu get disappointed, even by just a little, and they start looking down on me even for a little, I can’t forgive them and myself… Dam you Fukushima! … You’re really a scary guy to be able drive me this far.

This is a battle where I can’t lose that easily. 

First of all, I should talk with Etou-san and get some information… somehow, I feel like those people from Toukain and Seikagu who seem to be collecting my information for some reason. But if I do it wrong, she might even think that I’m cheating, even if that is not the case, I would like to avoid doing anything bad as long as there is a possibility that the identity of the masked man could be revealed. Anyway, I’ve to get in touch with her and confirm about my application. 

I was reluctant, but I still picked up my smartphone and called Etou-san.

“Hello? Kohaku-kun? What’s wrong?”

After a few calls, Etou-san answered the phone.

“I’m sorry to call you when you’re at work. So, when I went to school today, my friend said that he had filled the application form with my information, so I wanted to confirm that.”

“Ah, That thing. I’m sure there was an application under Kohaku-kun’s name. But the address and phone number are wrong, so I thought of confirming that later… So, is there something wrong?”

“Well, you see, my school classmate did that without my permission …”

“Oh, I see. Umm … what should I do? Personally, I want you to participate …”

Etou-san said so with a sad voice.

“… Please accept the application as it is.”

“Eh? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I had to participate because of some elusive circumstances…”

“Really!? Wow, Yay!”

Did Etou-san inform the nearby staff of my participation? 

From a distance, I heard a voice saying, “One man that looks great on the screen confirmed!”

“Thank you Kohaku-kun! Everyone is happy!”

“I-I see. Good then…”

And when I asked about what she planned with the masked man…

“I was going to announce that he failed in preliminary,”

Etou-san replied me like this. 

It’ll look pathetic if the masked man lost at the preliminary after saying so much right? But, it’ll be a problem if the masked man doesn’t fade out on the way. But still, I feel like it’s a waste.

“I see… if you like, if I passed the preliminary, could you make it the same for the masked man?”

“I don’t mind it, but Kohaku-kun, even if it’s you, playing dual role is too much, isn’t?”

“That’s right. So just announce that the masked man is among the participants who have passed the preliminary. I mean you aren’t lying, right? Well, I don’t know the event after the preliminary but, if the others think that the masked man is among them, the other participants would think twice to cooperate.”

Since they came to defeat the masked man, when there is a possibility of cooperating with him. It will be difficult for them to cooperate with others to kick off other contestants.

And if the winner is someone other than me, the staff only need to do one thing, that’s to tell that the masked man has been eliminated. If they ask the staff to tell them the true identity of the masked man, they can reject them and say that it’s impossible as to protect the person personal information. If I win, it doesn’t matter, so they’re free to say it. If they don’t want to tell the truth, we need someone to fake it, the problem is that someone who’ll be the masked man is limited to the participant who passed the preliminary.

As a result of telling Etou-san about my thoughts, she thanked me. It seemed that Etou-san and the other staff were worried about what to do with the masked man. And that was why they decided to announce his lost at the preliminary.

“By the way, when you called me the other day, you said that the number of applicants exceeded 1,000… is it still increasing?”

I casually changed the topic and decided to get some information. 

It’s just a small talk, so nothing is wrong, right? It just happens that she’s on the management side. That’s all.

“Yes, it’s still increasing. But as expected, the momentum has slowed down.”

“It seems that it’ll be difficult to decide what to do in preliminary if it increased that much, right? Have you decided on the content of the preliminary?”

“It became as what you told me before, that’s to compete for the overall academic ability, athletic ability, and appearance.”

“I see”

“It goes without saying that you can see your dedication in the academic ability test and your dynamic body in athletic ability and of course the appearance is important too… I’ll get a high rating with all of that content in TV!”

“I-I see…..”

“Ah, as for the appearance… I’m going to collect votes from the general public who came to the venue for the appearance examination.”

I see… So, if the appearance between the participants is not that much difference, it’s necessary to do some customer services huh… it means, you should be flirting with the customers, is it?

“I see, well then it’s bad to get in the way of your work, so it’s time to cut the call.”

“Eh! Ye-Yeah. It’s okay to you call me at night too! Really! I don’t mind!”

“Tha-thank you very much”

I said so and hung up. 

Alright, what I need to do now is… study. I don’t feel like losing, but I have to reduce the risk of losing as much as possible.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 42 Part 2

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Anyway, Enjoy…

42-2. In the meantime, This is bad (Part 2)

Wolfe was worried about the situation and called out to me.  

It’s difficult for Illias to fight when there are people around. But, can they all be evacuated?

Those who were blown away by the sudden shock gradually got up and started to evacuate. However, some of them were on the ground and not able to move normally due to the damage.

Should I instruct those who are evacuating to take those left behind? No, now my body is my top priority. Even if instruct them, no one will follow the instructions.

“… Wolfe, Let’s move back”


“There’s so much noise already, other knights should be rushing in soon. Let’s buy time until then.”


We jumped off the roof and approached Illias. 

After a few times pushing each other sword, Illias and the woman stopped. 

…This woman competing with Illias’s strength???

“Idiot! Why you haven’t run away!?”

“Araー, did you come to see meー? I amー Happyー!”

“Well, you started a crazy fight since daytime… Girista? Is it?”

“Yesー! That’s right, I’m Girista-chanー! It seems, you know meー?”

Even though she’s still competing sword with Illias, it looks like she still has room to spare. Illias isn’t defeated, but it seems she can’t move as she wishes. Illias’s feet are sunk into the ground. 

From the sword pressure… no, even from that roaring sound before, it seems that it’s heavy. 

Well, for the time being, I need Wolfe to drop me off.

“It seems Laheit sent a dangerous person this time.”

“Aーra, arara, what are you talking about huhー?”

“You don’t have to hide it. The other day, Laheit ‘had declared war’.”

“Ara, is that so? I haven’t heard about itー. It seems Laheit is also a meanieー”

“It’s a lie, you damn stupid! To get caught in such a trap, what a blunder.”

Suddenly an angry voice came from behind Girista. 

An adventurer-like man who looked strong was standing behind her. His whole body was covered with a black inner, and light armor was worn over it. 

Is it the same weapon as Wolfe?

The man was wearing gauntlets in the shape of a black dragon.

“Ahhaー, he deceived meー? Soー meanー”

“Do you think that coward (Laheit) dares to do that? You fool!! But, you made such a good opportunity. Let me praise you for it.”

Right when I thought that he talked like a rude man, his expression switched to a good young adult man. 

I don’t think it’s an emotional instability or something like that.

“I’m sorry Pa-chanー”

“Don’t stretch it strangely, or I’ll sew your mouth! Seriously, just call me Pashuro already.”

Certainly there was such a name on the list… Pashuro, a disciple of “Fist Saint” Gradona and a candidate for the successor of that title, but he was excommunicated for killing many of his fellow disciples. 

After that, he earns living as an adventurer and a bodyguard.

Although his ability is certain, he has killed his friends and clients many times based on his mood, and has been active as a resident of the dark side. Which means, he’s not a good guy. So, a madman who is moving around based on mood, people who’re incompatible with me… what a bunch of troublesome guys that Laheit sent to me.

Anyway, the enemy’s reinforcements have arrived, where are ours??

“Wellーwellー, it’s useless to wait for the arrival of other knightsー.”


“I have a barrier that make people away set around hereー. Let the one who leave from inside, refuse the one who want to come, something like thatー.”

I checked the surroundings. 

It was too quiet even though we made so much noise. I couldn’t even hear the voices of the people who had panicked and fled. 

So, is there no choice but to do something with the current situation just with three of us?

Currently, there are five immobile ordinary people around a radius of 10 meters between Illias and Girista. Girista’s weapons looks extraordinarily heavy, at a level that of Illias’s. She might be equal to or better than the undead state Guido who we fought before. And Illias doesn’t seem want Girista to swing her big sword too much as the ordinary people at the distance where they will get hurt by the impact of the collision. If we stall too long, Pashuro may start moving.

“Illias, make a distance!”

“I can’t, if I let this girl here free, there is a danger to those aroun―― “

“It’s not ‘take a distance’, but ‘make a distance’! “

” ―― Ah, I see!”

Illias bounced off Girista’s sword. 

With this, Girista is now able to swing the big sword again.

But ――

“For now, move away from here!”

Illias’s kick blew Gilista away. Girista instantly made one roll in the air, piercing the ground with a large sword with the movement like what Grandpa Kara showed before, and killing the momentum.

“It hurtsー, to kick a woman’s belly, what a terrible knightー.”

“Well, my bad, but I don’t have to kick you anymore!”

This time Illias slashed her sword at Girista. The ordinary people were not in the range of impact generated by the two. Finally, Illias could fight properly. However, Girista was firmly parrying Illias’s attack. 

Her level is at least more than the assassin who we fought before, perhaps around the level of the bandit leader, Dokora.

“Ara, I don’t like this. Youー are stronger than meー.”

It seemed that Illias has an advantage in terms of brute strength. Although Girista had been parrying Illias’s attacks, she couldn’t counterattack. However ――

“Oi, Kid! Don’t you forget my existence! You don’t think that two-on-one is cowardly, right?”

From behind Girista, Pashuro hit Illias with his gauntlet. Illias blocked the attack but was pushed back. Girista filled the gap immediately.

“Of course, don’t forget me tooー”

“That’s my line!”

Wolfe kicked Girista. Gilista was blown back again. This time, she seemed completely surprised and was slammed into the ground.

“Ara, ara ara, a cute puppy suddenly popped out, huhー?”

Girista got up slowly. She looked like a zombie, yet it felt like she still had room to spare.

“Pashuro, I’m not good at taking care of animals, can I leave it to you?”

“Don’t choose your prey on your own! You Bastard! Well, it’s not good enough but, okay.”

Girista aimed at Illias and Pashuro aimed at Wolfe. 

I’m not worry about Illias but Wolfe is worrisome. I think she should waste his time and try to not be defeated rather than try to win, and wait for Illias to join.

“Wolfe, I’m not telling you not to win, but refrain from doing reckless attacks. Measure your opponent’s ability correctly.”


Pashuro parried Wolfe’s rushing blow with his gauntlet. With the collision as a signal, Illias and Girista began to swing their swords again. Illias upped Gilista with power and speed in the same way as before.

“It seems I can’t win with a normal slash, so how about this?”

Girista took a half step down while pulling her sword. But Illias immediately tried to close the distance.

“Got you!”

Suddenly the big sword broke up. The sword opened as if a crocodile had opened its mouth. Illias stopped suddenly and flied backwards. The saw-shaped sword attacking from above and below, made a violent noise.

” ―― A kind of magic sword?”

“Yeah, this sword is said to have been used by the demonsー. it loves drinking blood, eating meat and chewing bones into small pieces.”

Girista’s sword wriggles like a living thing. And opened its huge mouth again.

“Come! Come! Come! Come on! Let’s dance and eat that knight who looks very delicious!”

Girista wielded a big sword that keep biting. The sword was closing and opening at completely random time. 

If you were to close by swinging it down from top to bottom, it will be a slash from diagonally above left or right.

If you were to open it by swinging it up from diagonally below, it will switch to a slash that attacks the legs and head at the same time. 

If you were in between, you would be crushed, and even if you tried to avoid it, the swing and movement of the sword was completely irregular and difficult to avoid. 

If you were to attack it, all patterns will be carried out at the same time. 

Of course, as the sword changed its shape irregularly, it should be difficult to defend yourself too. However, Girista dodged the blade returned by Illias without problem. 

Girista was well aware of the irregular movements of the sword.

“It’s a troublesome weapon. It’s hard to handle and it keeps eating human’s Mana.“

“Yeah, this child’s bite also eats up the Mana of the surroundings. Even if the attack doesn’t hit anything.”

What a hell, if that’s true, Illias’s magical and physical strength is being reduced at a considerable speed just by fighting like that. It’s not clear from Illias’s expression about how much magical power was taken away. But, I guess, at least about 10% is taken away… What about Wolfe? Is she okay?

I shifted my sight to Wolfe.

“Bastard! You’re just a small fry, what a bummer! I admit you have a high amount of Mana, but other than that, you’re still too young.”

Wolfe was evading and defending Pashuro’s attacks, even though he kept attacking at fast rate. 

Their difference in skill is like when Wolfe was sparring with the knight from Ragdo corps. Fortunately, Pashuro isn’t really serious yet. But, she can’t counterattack. I hope Illias will break through the situation while I’m watching over her.

“I’m tired of it, I’ll die of boredom if I keep fighting this damn small fry!”

Suddenly the movement accelerated and Pashuro’s fist was swung down. Wolfe defended it in a hurry, but cannot kill its power completely. She was blown off and slammed against the wall.


However, Wolfe immediately kicked the wall and jumped into Pashuro.

“By the way, Girista is a magic sword user, you don’t think that I, who is her partner, just a normal gauntlet use, right? Get burn you damn beasts!”

Pershro’s arms were wrapped in black flames. The moment the fire fist reached Wolfe, Wolfe bounced right beside him. Wolfe changed the trajectory of her rush by releasing Mana. Had she didn’t do that, the game would have been decided. From the fist a huge black flame was out, it reached the wall and burned the wall black.

“The stone wall is burning…!?”

“The flame produced by this gauntlet burns things, but it’s actually not a real flame. It’s a Mana that has the property of burning the target’s Mana!”

Thank you for a polite explanation. But, this is bad. In short, it’s a Mana that burns Mana. The flame ignites the Mana that Wolfe released to avoid it, and it burns all of it at once.

If Wolfe, who has a mass of Mana, is hit directly… It’ll be horrifying. It might be possible to stop the flame right at the moment of ignition, as she can just stop putting out Mana, but it is like blowing off the flame with a bucket of oil. On wrong move, and you cannot avoid a big flame.

Although there is a difference in ability, the opponent has a deadly flame. Wolfe is at a disadvantage no matter how you look at it. if I break into the battle, I’ll just be a burden. I mean, I won’t ignite the flames as I’ve almost none of Mana, but the surrounding air and soil will normally burn, right? In the first place, I can’t do hand-in-hand combat.

All I can do now is to understand Girista and Pashuro even a little and find a way to breakthrough. However, they’re not rational. They’re trying to slaughter us with absurd violence. This kind of match, I’m not sure whether just ‘Understanding’ it will be enough.

But, this is not the time to complaint. I should do what I can. Damn, the chains around my body are heavy.

…… the chains are heavy? No, wait, why there are chains on my body?


Suddenly, I felt intense pressure on my whole body and my body started to float. It was so sudden that I couldn’t swallow the situation immediately. 

What happened? I need to grasp the current situation.

―― Now my body is tightened with chains. And I’m being hung from the roof of the building. 

I looked up. There was a man muttering while staring at the sky above. Chains extending from both arms bound me.

One adult, his movement was restricted. The man’s arms were wrapped with chains and no one could look into his bare skin.


“You still here!?”

“Of course right. I mean, I or Pashuro wouldn’t even put up any barrier. Anyway, what a good job, Ecdoic.”

I was careless. I was too conscious of their strengths, so I didn’t think much about their number. 

Both Girista and Pashuro are more than sufficient threats. So, I misunderstood that their appearance was the end.

Chains on my body tightened as if it was a living thing.

“Ugh, Argh..”

This is bad, my consciousness is fading… If they are here by Laheit’s command, the purpose must be the book, or someone that can decipher it. So, if I were to faint here, my chance to wake up ever again is slim…….

By the time I thought about it, it was after I had completely lost consciousness.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 45

45. One last trick

On the first day of training…

I was completely defeated by Pearl.

It was the first time I hadn’t been able to do anything against someone.

It was as if all of my actions were foreseen.

It felt like I was slashing into a lump of steel all the time. I slashed, slashed, slashed… and the moment I was out of breath or disturbed, he kicked off my belly.

What was that, “I have to be a little more serious”. He wasn’t serious at all.

Pearl was without a doubt strong. I couldn’t imagine I could hurt him.

I tried over and over again until the sun went down, but in the end, only me the one who got scratches.

When I dropped the sword in my hand for the hundred times, the training on the first day was over.

Was that really a training? I felt like I just swinging a sword to my best, nothing more.

The second day of training…

I could see Pearl’s movement a little.

However, I hadn’t reached the level yet. I could block and parry more often than before, but I couldn’t reach anything other than the sword. However, I felt that my Mana was steadily increasing.

The third day of training…

I had learned the basics of sword art, such as how to hold a sword and how to make a gap.

By the way, nothing was taught by Pearl. That man was silent, he just slashing his sword on me.

He had a similar educational policy as the Old Man, “Only teach me the basic training method and leave the rest to me”.

But, this method was quite suitable for me. Rather than forcing something to me, it was better for me to think and come up with an answer myself.

I had never learned any swordsmanship.

Therefore, the way of holding the sword, I imitated Pearl… Hold the sword with your right hand and point its blade at the opponent’s throat. A One-handed sword style.

For these three days, I finally understood the initial movement of human beings and the magnitude of motion after I became one with the sword… The breathing, gaze, muscle movement… How much your knees sunk and how much your hips twisted.

All of that information processed instantly to predict the movement of the opponent.

If you could understand this, it would be possible to make movements that would be difficult for the opponent to read.

On that day, the sword in my hand was dropped by Pearl only three times.

And the morning of the fourth day comes.

I wake up in a room surrounded by bookshelves.

By the way, the room where I’m sleeping is the room of Pearl and Akane’s child, Dia.

In the room, Bookshelves are lined up along the wall. Even the windows are hidden by the bookshelves. A bed and a blanket with a cat mark on top of it are placed in the middle of the room.

“… as ever, this room still makes me dizzy.”

When I first came to this room, I thought it was a study room for a moment.

Pearl had a bitter smile when he guided me to the room.

『”My daughter is an alchemist! She is crazy about alchemy research and has no interest in anything else! All the books here are alchemy books! The room is also undecorated! But now, she has her own store and sleep in that store!” 』

I asked, “Is the store at <Mother Punk>?”

『”Yeah! If you are interested, please try to visit once!”』

Well, I’m curious about the appearance of their child, and about the alchemy stone too… Alright, Let’s go when the duel with Leila is over.

Today, is the last day of the training since the day after tomorrow will be the day of my duel with Leila. So, I want to be in good shape tomorrow.

I haven’t been able to hurt Pearl yet.

Today is the only chance to meet the conditions for receiving his sword.

Anyway, I wake up and go to the washroom.

While brushing my teeth in the washroom, I’m thinking about how to land one hit on Pearl.


Peral is really strong.

The stronger I become and the more I know about sword, the more I realize that there is no chance.

I’m sure my sword talent is decent. But, no matter how much I master the sword, I don’t think it will reach that man. That’s if only about the sword.

For the time being, I have one trick.

There is only chance, I’ll be able to land a hit when Pearl is not careful enough.

“The success rate is fifty percent, but I have no choice but to do it …”

I collect water in my palm and hit it against my face.

Then, I turn around, and I see Shura with a messy hair.

“Good morning… HAAAWN

Her lips are trembling. Her eyes are like a line, I can barely see her pupils.

She looks really sleepy.

Shura is sleeping in Pearl’s study. It seems that she is fishing for books related to curses.

“How are you doing? Good?”

“I guess, not bad?”

Shura passes me and stands in front of the washbasin to brush her teeth.

“How about you? You’ve been going to the city library and reading a book about the curse, right?”

“No harvest. There’s only a book with many types of curses, a theory of strengthening magicians with curses, and other similar…Only rotten books. “

Well, you know that it won’t be easy to find a way to break the curse, right?

Anyway, I leave the room, get ready, and head for the usual rocky area.


When I reach the rocky area, I put a huge rock on your back and do push-ups 1000 times. I decided to put up with it if it’s only 1000 times.

After that, it’s the time to spar with Pearl as usual.

I and Pearl hold the sword and stop with a distance of ten steps between us.


Pearl is grinning, but his eyes say the opposite.

For a beginner in swordsmanship like me, He’s totally alert. It feels as if he’s dealing with an expert. 

Looking at Pearl’s eyes, it’s easy to misunderstand yourself as an expert in sword.

With real sword in each of our hands. I’m moving slowly to him.

“Seal, this is the final match.”


I lower my sword and open my left hand.

“Why? Don’t you still have time? “

“You have to start training for beating Miss Layla! When this match is over, we will start that training immediately. “

“……All right. Then, is this the last chance?”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“Have you forgotten that you will give me that sword if I can land a hit on you?”

“HaHaHa! So you still remember! I thought you had given up!”

“No way…..”

I raise my sword again.

The aim is for that one chance.

Right now, the rock wall behind me hides the sun.

The moment when the sun comes out and the sun shines on Pearl’s face. It’s the chance.

I will show you my trump card.

“If you don’t come, I will――”

At that time, the sun shined on Pearl’s face.


Pearl wrinkles around the eyes.

It’s time.

Now. Only this.

I strengthen my whole body with Red Mana and… I wear ‘Yellow Aura’.

” ――!?”

The next moment

I’m right in front of Pearl.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 167

167. Am I going to participate?




Shino-san and Yuzuka-san were entering the classroom at the same time as Fukushima leaving the classroom. The two were stunned looking at Fukushima, who left the classroom with tears. The classmates who were in the classroom greeted them, and the two who regained their senses came to my seat where people were gathering, saying good morning. 

I felt like it had been a while since I met Shino-san. Well, Shino-san was taking classes at Seimei, and just went to this school for the first time in a while. And after a long time, she saw a man suddenly cried leaving the classroom while screaming, so of course it couldn’t be helped if she got stunned.

“Good morning, Kohaku-kun.”

“Kohaku-kun, Good morningー! I was so surprised when I heard that you suddenly went back here, You know!”

“Good morning Yuzuka-san, Shino-san. I was surprised too when I was suddenly told to come back here.”

It wasn’t my faults. I never thought that something like that happened just because of dodgeball, it was a PE class, so it wasn’t my bad at all. Sure, there was a student sent to the infirmary, but it wasn’t my fault!

“I-I wasn’t just surprised… I… I was lonely too.”

Shino shyly blushed while saying so.

….. I see, that words and gestures are a little troublesome, especially it’s coming from a high school girl, even more she’s the daughter of Toukain Family who is said to be one of the beautiful girls in the world… If she were to do it in the world of my previous life, it’ll be so destructive that I think there is no man who won’t fall. But!! It’s different in this world. I’m not the one who will get a heartbeat. I’m the one who will make others have a heartbeat.

“Shino-san… I-if you suddenly say something like that…”

I shook my body and looked away from Shino-san, and make a low voice, yet loud enough to reach the her.

“I-it made me feel embarrassed…”

Well, what was embarrassing wasn’t Shino-san’s words, but my behavior. Usually, I should be the one to receive this kind of gesture, but in here I was the one who did the gesture, so it felt strange. But, the girls had red faces, and even the boys too, after they saw my gestures.

… Why?!

“I feel like I can eat three cups of rice today just by seeing this expression of Hatano-kun.”

“My ‘Instant Memory’ ability finally showing it’s result for the first time.”

“A shy boy is also nice …”

“Damn you, Hatano! Urgh… That’s …”

“Ca-calm down! That must be an act … I know it… It’s not like my heart skipped of anything…”

“So, Hatano has that kind of trait too. Or maybe he’s like that from the start?”

……It’s better than I expected. Yep, I will continue to use it.

“Ko-Kohaku-kun …”

Shino-san looked at me without moving an inch.

“T-That’s right! Kohaku-kun, what happened to Fukushima-kun?”

Yuzuka-san, who had a red face too, tried to change the air.

“Fukushima? Well, I mean, he did something unnecessary, so I just gave him a little punishment…”

“Unnecessary thing?”

“Yeah. Well, it’s not a big deal.”

Sure Fukushima did that without permission, but it was not a big deal. After all, I had a connection with the management side, so I could cancel the application with a single phone call. Even if I couldn’t cancel the application, I could just not to go to the preliminary.

“I don’t really get it, but I’m glad it wasn’t a fight.”

Yuzuka-san said so with a cheerful smile. It seemed that she was worried about my relationship with Fukushima. But seriously, no one could find anything suspicious from her smile…… I mean, when you see her smile, it could warm your heart.

My full of ulterior motive actions are trash compared to her smile, so please don’t turn that smile on me now…

“By the way! Kohaku-kun, you will appear in that King of Boys show, right?”


“Ah, I heard that too. I’ll definitely cheer on you.”


No, I want you to wait a moment. Why do these two people who have just arrived know information that I just knew not long ago?

“Both of you, how do you get that information…?”

“Ah, well, I have an acquaintance who’s working in a TV station, so… “

“It’s the same for me.”

The two of them then smiled, but I couldn’t feel the warm atmosphere that I had felt. 

It’s strange no matter how you think that my name comes out from more than one thousand applications! These people, I’m sure they gather my information with the power of their house… Is this the real power of the aristocrats who make a name for themselves in the business world? …It’s so absurd!

“My grandfather is looking forward to it.”

“My dad is also looking forward to it.”


Shino-san’s Grandfather… and Yuzuka-san’s Dad… 

…Wait a minute, I can’t just cancel my application since the leader of those two powerhouses say such words, right? Moreover, since they’re a top-class man, I can’t just get away by crying, right?

…Huh? So, I need to participate? Seriously?