Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 140

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140. The Heroine Show 4

The play ended without further trouble. The actors and actresses went down from the stage to do the last important part of the show, which was to give a handshake and take pictures together with the children. The children were happy, some of them even asked for a hug. But, for some reason, I, who should be a guest, was somehow playing with the children too.

…… It’s very strange.

Originally, I was supposed to be the one to get the handshake after the show was over, but I was brought along to give a handshake and hug to the children, and take pictures with them. And for some reason, I was the most popular.

……I didn’t say a word on the stage, you know?

“Do your best!”

I was cheered by the child after she hugged me and took a picture together. Since I was really trying hard, I said thank you and stroked her head. 

I’m sure the cheer is not for my hardship in life… Right? 

… Oh, the next one is the last. Hmm? 

They were the three little girls that I met before. But, for some reason, their facial expressions were grim.

“Papa. I’m sorry.”

“I couldn’t help my dear dad.”

“Daddy, I was terrified by that woman.”

Apparently, they were depressed because they couldn’t do anything when I was taken away. But I knew that they really enjoyed the drama. They cheered loudly in the battles between Kyarun and Queen, and when Kyarun won, they were so happy.

…Seriously, you shouldn’t make such a face after you enjoyed the show that much. 

I bent down and looked at the little girls.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

After looking at each other, the little girls nodded.

“Then it’s better to smile. Don’t waste your cute face.”

I said so and stroke their head.


“My dear dad… so, we are your type?”

“Daddy, please take me away.”

“That’s not what I mean, anyway please calm down first.”

As expected, I can’t let my guard down.

“I mean, if you had fun, you should enjoy it to the fullest.”

Put aside any worries, and enjoy to the fullest something that you find fun. After all, there might be a time when you need to change your mood several times in a day after you jump into the society… Well, I won’t tell this to the little girls.

I didn’t know if they could understand what I was saying, bright smiles could be seen in their face.

“Papa! Papa! It was fun today! And also, I understand.”

“Yes, me too.”


“Eh, What?”

“That to protect an important people you need strength!”

“We weren’t even at the same level with the underling…”

“No strength”


I felt that the talk start to go to a strange direction. Perhaps one of the little girls saw me with a complicated face, she hurriedly waved her hand and started to make some explanation.

“It’s not like that! It’s not just about violence!”

“That’s right. While that’s important, there are others too…”

“Yeah. Reputation, Status, Money, Physical strength… All of it.”

“It’s okay to lose in one thing, if I could win in the others. I understand it now!”

“All that matter is to win in the end!”

These little girls, they know difficult words more than I thought. But, more importantly, for a heroine show of love and justice to leave neither love nor justice in the hearts of the children… is it really okay?… Sure it was a story where all that matter is to be the winner, but still…. What about the other kids? I am very worried about their future now.

“Ah, Papa, I’m sorry. But, I have to go.”

“Sorry… I’m reluctant to part with my dear Dad, but…”

“Daddy, bye bye”

“Ah, right. Bye bye”

When I said that, all of them came closer to me, kissed my cheeks, and returned to the caretaker while screaming ‘kyaaa-!’. 

While touching the place where I was kissed, I thought that children these days were really frank.


“Uh, Ah!”

Suddenly, I felt an impact coming from behind.

“I was watching you know〜 that you were kissed by those child〜”

The culprit was Yachigusa-san, also known as Magical Girl Kyarun, hugged me from behind. 

The surrounding people from the drama club look at me with envy.

“Miu also did her best you know? I want you to praise me too〜”

While saying so, Yachigusa-san was nuzzling my cheeks.

Well, her acting, especially the action part was wonderful. Probably she practiced really hard for it, so…

“Alright, I’ll give you a reward then.”


It was tiring to be hugged while crouching, so I asked Yachigusa-san to stop it first.

“But… Is there anything you want me to do?”

“Hmm, is anything okay?”

“Well, I can’t do anything impossible.”

I mean, something like stamping the marriage registration is impossible.

“Ah, then…”

Yachigusa-san clasped her hand tightly.

“Please kiss Miu”


A kiss?

“Miu wouldn’t want to miss a chance like this you know.”

Yachigusa-san asked even after considering the possibility of being rejected by me. The possibility that her request might break our friendship… but she decided to make a move… even though her body was shaking slightly.

Well, she’s afraid of being rejected.

“Come here”


I took Yachigusa-san to a place where there were no eyes around us. 

After I confirmed the surrounding, I looked back at Yachigusa-san. She… stopped moving… maybe even breathing too.

I approached Yachigusa-san… and my hand touched the wall behind her. Yes! It was what commonly called as ‘Kabedon’.

“Now, you can’t run away anymore.”

“A, au, aw, ah”

“Eyes, close them…”


Yachigusa-san closed her eyes tightly.

After confirming that, I dropped my lips on her lips.


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