Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 139

134. The Heroine Show 3

The play is sure good, but they’re definitely ignoring the script…

“Love… Did I have such a thing…”

Queen muttered, covering her face with both hands. The body trembled slightly. 

They said that a wonderful performance would make you feel various feelings. And I could feel the astonishment, disgust, fear, and much more during the play.

Without a doubt their acting is good.

“Yeah, Queen. You’re a woman who knows ‘love’. So, stop doing such an unjust thing. Give the boy to me.”

Wait a moment, shouldn’t you say, ‘release him’?

After hearing Kyarun’s words, Queen was shaking her body little by little. 

…… So, what will happen next?

“Fufuh… hahahaha! Give him?… You want me to give him up?! Don’t say such a stupid thing!”

The queen shook her hands wide.

“Since I knew what ‘love’ is… I want to build a happy family with this boy! Love each other, make a lot of children, and live a happy life! This is my new goal! I can’t give him up! “

You want a happy life with me but, excuse me?… what about my opinion?

“… I see. So, you have no intention of giving up?”

Kyarun started spinning the stick. 

…Am I the only one who hears this eerie wind noise that sounds? Is it just my imagination?

Kyarun stopped the stick she was spinning and made a stance. Her preparation was complete.

“Then, In the name of Love and Justice, there is no choice but to mess you up…”

Kyarun smiled. 

No matter how I look at her, she’s no longer a Magical Girl of love and justice, but a Yandere Girl who use some strange skill.

In response to Kyarun’s killing intent, Queen also held her whip. And the children who were cheering for Kyarun until a while ago were making a lot of noise because they didn’t know which one to cheer for. Because both were fighting for ‘love’.

“Oops! This is going to be the last battle! A woman who kept fighting for love and a woman who just realize what love is! Everyone, please cheers for them! No matter which one wins, there is no resentment, okay?!”

When the narrator, Maisumi-san, called out to the children. The children’s voice became louder. There were those who supported Kyarun and those who supported Queen.

And, the battle started. Both of them were good. Kyarun used a stick to parry the whip that was stretched at a terrifying speed. When Kyarun counter attacked, Queen also dodged the attack and pushed Kyarun back.

Both sides were engaged in a splendid battle. Watching it, the workers started to sweat, and the children were cheering louder.

“And Now! The two who continue to fight are already at the limit of their physical strength! Both of them are aiming for the timing to perform their special move!”

Maisumi-san said so perhaps because she watched the children’s reaction.

“Not bad, Queen. This is the last I’ll say this! Give me that boy!”

“You too! Well, as expected of Kyarun but, This boy is my husband, I can’t give him to you!”

Then, they repositioned themselves, probably preparing to do their special moves. 

Maybe the audiences could feel that the attack would be the last offense and defense, the venue became silence in instant. The tension filled the venue. And…

“Magical Stick… Dragon Beam!”

“Golden Whip… Peerless Technique!”

And a loud explosion and smoke screen wrap the stage. And when the smoke screen gone, only Kyarun was standing.

Seeing that, the whole venue was filled with cheers. Even the children who were supporting Queen earlier were also cheering. 

As expected of children, there no hesitation in changing side. I really want to know how to hesitate in making decision like them.

Anyway, the battle ended. Kyarun, with a rough breathing, approached me. And hugged me tightly.

“I’m glad that… I was able to help.”

Kyarun said so while stroking my cheeks, Then, when she brought my face near to hers, from the audience seats, I could hear, ‘Kyaaa!’ or ‘Ara…’, or ‘What a vulgar scene’, and many more similar like that. 

Seeing the situation now, I don’t know whether I’m actually saved or not?

At the moment when Kyarun’s well-shaped lips touch with my lips, some electronic sound was heard.

“This is bad! The transformation will end. Even though it’s a long-awaited encounter, but it seems, this is it.”

Kyarun gently lifted her body and smiled.

“It seems, this is the end for today, but I’ll definitely come see you all again! Thank you to everyone who supported me!”

Then, while waving to the audience seats, she went to the back of the stage. 

Well, it seems my chastity is safe.

“Thanks to Kyarun, peace was preserved today! Everyone, Let’s thank her once last time! Thank you Kyarun!”

The children responded to Maisumi-san with a cheerful voice and applause. 

And, the curtain closed with a big applause.

……By the way, I’m still on stage, you know?

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