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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 139

134. The Heroine Show 3

The play is sure good, but they’re definitely ignoring the script…

“Love… Did I have such a thing…”

Queen muttered, covering her face with both hands. The body trembled slightly. 

They said that a wonderful performance would make you feel various feelings. And I could feel the astonishment, disgust, fear, and much more during the play.

Without a doubt their acting is good.

“Yeah, Queen. You’re a woman who knows ‘love’. So, stop doing such an unjust thing. Give the boy to me.”

Wait a moment, shouldn’t you say, ‘release him’?

After hearing Kyarun’s words, Queen was shaking her body little by little. 

…… So, what will happen next?

“Fufuh… hahahaha! Give him?… You want me to give him up?! Don’t say such a stupid thing!”

The queen shook her hands wide.

“Since I knew what ‘love’ is… I want to build a happy family with this boy! Love each other, make a lot of children, and live a happy life! This is my new goal! I can’t give him up! “

You want a happy life with me but, excuse me?… what about my opinion?

“… I see. So, you have no intention of giving up?”

Kyarun started spinning the stick. 

…Am I the only one who hears this eerie wind noise that sounds? Is it just my imagination?

Kyarun stopped the stick she was spinning and made a stance. Her preparation was complete.

“Then, In the name of Love and Justice, there is no choice but to mess you up…”

Kyarun smiled. 

No matter how I look at her, she’s no longer a Magical Girl of love and justice, but a Yandere Girl who use some strange skill.

In response to Kyarun’s killing intent, Queen also held her whip. And the children who were cheering for Kyarun until a while ago were making a lot of noise because they didn’t know which one to cheer for. Because both were fighting for ‘love’.

“Oops! This is going to be the last battle! A woman who kept fighting for love and a woman who just realize what love is! Everyone, please cheers for them! No matter which one wins, there is no resentment, okay?!”

When the narrator, Maizumi-san, called out to the children. The children’s voice became louder. There were those who supported Kyarun and those who supported Queen.

And, the battle started. Both of them were good. Kyarun used a stick to parry the whip that was stretched at a terrifying speed. When Kyarun counter attacked, Queen also dodged the attack and pushed Kyarun back.

Both sides were engaged in a splendid battle. Watching it, the workers started to sweat, and the children were cheering louder.

“And Now! The two who continue to fight are already at the limit of their physical strength! Both of them are aiming for the timing to perform their special move!”

Maizumi-san said so perhaps because she watched the children’s reaction.

“Not bad, Queen. This is the last I’ll say this! Give me that boy!”

“You too! Well, as expected of Kyarun but, This boy is my husband, I can’t give him to you!”

Then, they repositioned themselves, probably preparing to do their special moves. 

Maybe the audiences could feel that the attack would be the last offense and defense, the venue became silence in instant. The tension filled the venue. And…

“Magical Stick… Dragon Beam!”

“Golden Whip… Peerless Technique!”

And a loud explosion and smoke screen wrap the stage. And when the smoke screen gone, only Kyarun was standing.

Seeing that, the whole venue was filled with cheers. Even the children who were supporting Queen earlier were also cheering. 

As expected of children, there no hesitation in changing side. I really want to know how to hesitate in making decision like them.

Anyway, the battle ended. Kyarun, with a rough breathing, approached me. And hugged me tightly.

“I’m glad that… I was able to help.”

Kyarun said so while stroking my cheeks, Then, when she brought my face near to hers, from the audience seats, I could hear, ‘Kyaaa!’ or ‘Ara…’, or ‘What a vulgar scene’, and many more similar like that. 

Seeing the situation now, I don’t know whether I’m actually saved or not?

At the moment when Kyarun’s well-shaped lips touch with my lips, some electronic sound was heard.

“This is bad! The transformation will end. Even though it’s a long-awaited encounter, but it seems, this is it.”

Kyarun gently lifted her body and smiled.

“It seems, this is the end for today, but I’ll definitely come see you all again! Thank you to everyone who supported me!”

Then, while waving to the audience seats, she went to the back of the stage. 

Well, it seems my chastity is safe.

“Thanks to Kyarun, peace was preserved today! Everyone, Let’s thank her once last time! Thank you Kyarun!”

The children responded to Maizumi-san with a cheerful voice and applause. 

And, the curtain closed with a big applause.

……By the way, I’m still on stage, you know?


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      1. The way I interpreted it, no. It was a close call, the scene of almost a kiss, yet not quite. She blue-balled the kiss.

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    As thirsty as the women in this are I’m kinda surprised none of the kids or adults were booing them both because they were aiming for him.

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    Just want to know if you are ok.

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  5. This is a 100% machine translation that was hacked into something like coherency by me. This is not a snipe on Kinokura’s work, and he’s free to delete this, or use it as reference (ha!), or whatever.

    Chapter 140 – Post-Play Exchange

    The play ended successfully. And now, the actors are devoting themselves to the exchanges that are indispensable for a heroine show, such as shaking hands with the children who came down from the stage and taking pictures together. The children are also happy to shake hands and hug them.
    And for some reason, I, who should be a guest, am playing with the children along with the people in the drama club.
    It’s quite strange.
    I was supposed to be just shaking hands, but after the play was over, I was brought over to shake hands with the children, hug them, and have my picture taken with them. And for some reason I’m the most popular… I never spoke a single word on stage though.

    “Good job.”

    … I was cheered up by the latest child who hugged me while getting our picture taken. She thanked me for working hard, so I said thank you and stroked her head. I don’t think life is about working hard though. Oops, the next child is up. Oh? It’s the three little girls I first met, but for some reason their expressions were dark.

    “Papa, I’m sorry.”
    “I couldn’t save Father.”
    “Daddy, that girl was scary.”

    They seemed to be depressed because I was snatched away and they couldn’t do anything. But I know they all really enjoyed the play. All three cheered loudly during the battle between Kyarun and Queen, and screamed in joy when Kyarun won.
    You shouldn’t have such faces when you’ve enjoyed it that much. I bent down and looked at the little girls.

    “Did you have fun today?”

    After looking at each other, they nodded at me.

    “Then it’s better to smile than be gloomy. It’s a waste too, since all three of you are cute.”

    I say that and stroke their heads.

    “In other words, we are father’s…?”
    “Daddy’s steady?”
    “No, let’s take it easy and calm down.”

    Suddenly, I’m forced to guard against children leaping at me.

    “Um, when it’s fun, you should enjoy it with all your might.”

    There are times when you can enjoy leaving your worries behind, but when you go out into society you have to change your way of thinking… I won’t tell them that though.
    I don’t know if they understood what I was saying, but the girls changed from dark faces to bright smiles.

    “Papa, papa! Today was fun! And I get it!”
    “Yes, I understand.”
    “Er, what?”

    “Don’t make a mistake in protecting your important person!”
    “We couldn’t do it…”
    “We didn’t know.”
    “Hm? ……Hm?”

    I feel that the story is going in a strange direction. One of the little girls hurriedly waved her hand and began to make an excuse, perhaps seeing me have a complicated face.

    “That’s not it! It’s not just about things like that!”
    “Yes, That’s very important, but…”
    “Un, it’s fine, it’s okay, it’s all good.”

    “I knew I’d have to grab one myself!”
    “It’s ridiculous.”

    Little girls who know difficult words. But what about the heroine show of love and justice, which left neither love nor justice in the hearts of the children? It was a winner-takes-all story. Are the other kids okay? I am very worried. Including the future of these children.

    “Ah, I’m sorry. Papa has to go now.”
    “I’m sorry, Father. I beg your pardon—”
    “Daddy, bye bye.”
    “Ah, un. Bye bye.”

    When I said that, the three of them came face over, gave a kiss on the cheek and returned to the nursery teacher, shouting “Whee!”. As I touched the place where I was kissed, I thought about what children these days are learning.


    I was struck from behind with a *don*.

    “I saw it ~ a child kissed you!”

    The cause of the shock seems to be that Yachigusa-san, also known as Kyarun, hugged me from behind. People in the drama club look at us with envy as the surroundings buzz.

    “Miwa did her best so I want you to praise me.”
    She said, rubbing her cheeks against me.

    Certainly Yachigusa-san’s acting was wonderful. It was probably a difficult practice.

    “Then I’ll give you a reward.”

    It’s hard to do anythng while I’m crouched down and being hugged, so I asked Yachigusa-san to let go.

    “But what sort of reward? Is there anything you want me to do?”
    “Well, is anything okay?”
    “Well, I can’t do anything impossible.”

    I’m not going to put my stamp on a marriage registration form.

    “Th-Then …”
    Yachigusa-san said, wringing her hands.

    “Please kiss Miwa.”

    A kiss?

    “Miwa, doesn’t want to miss her chance.”

    Yachigusa-san is asking me after thinking about the possibility that she will be rejected. Maybe this will break our friendship… But she still stepped forward… However, she’s still afraid to be rejected, and her body is trembling slightly.

    “Come here.”

    I take her to a place where there are no eyes around. And when I confirm that no one’s eyes are on us, I look back at Yachigusa-san. You can never tell what she’s thinking.
    I put my hand on the wall behind her. It’s the famous Kabedon.

    “You can’t run away now.”
    “Ah , a-au…”
    “Eyes. Close them.”

    Yachigusa-san squeezed them tight!
    After confirming that her eyes are closed, I dropped a kiss on her lips.

  6. Once again, I’m not taking over this series. For one thing Kinokura is FAR faster than me. This is just to tide over the people who may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms like I did. Also, these are 100% machine translations, so mistakes HAVE been made.
    As for chapter 140, I fully understand why Kinokura tripped up. Little kids should NEVER be allowed to talk until they can speak coherently. Yeesh.

    Chapter 141 – The Exchange Event Is Approaching

    Unfortunately, the exchange event with Seimei Boys’ School is approaching, so there’s a meeting at the student council. While I was busy being concerned about Yachigusa-san’s play, the big day was approaching at lightspeed. This time, forty students were selected to go to Seimei, selected almost evenly from each grade. One student from each grade will be responsible for leading the students. In addition, the student council president – and me for some reason – will be going as well.
    I don’t think there is any advantage in taking me, and I feel that it is more likely to cause problems. Also, I simply don’t want to go.
    “Um… President.”
    “Hm? Do you have a question?”
    “I was wondering why I was chosen as well.”
    I had a major conflict with the vice-president when we met with Seimei the other day, so why include me? Could it be that? An implicit command for ME to do the harassing, since it would be difficult for the girls to try this again if they were the ones doing it?

    The president gives a long, tired sigh.

    “I understand what you’re saying. I remember the terrible atmosphere with the vice-president in our last meeting.”
    ‘But’, the president continued,

    “Because the other person is another man without the same surname, the amount of caution at the negotiation table is different. Also, while last time we had a bad mood with the vice-president, there were no problems with rest of them.”

    Certainly they weren’t on bad terms with anyone except the vice-president. Rather, I think it gave a good impression because I helped out the shota.

    “And aren’t you the most famous of the pretty boys? You have that influence. It’s still a long way off, but it’s clear that it’s YOU who will bring together the pretty boys at the joint cultural festival. I think that I will be relying on you more when I begin interacting with Seimei, so please.”


    The president is misunderstanding something. Sure, I may be famous for this great beauty, but I’m probably not the MOST famous. Next year’s pamphlet will have my pictures, so it seems I’ll become well known then, but right now I’m just a freshman.

    “President, I’m not so well known. My name may become famous within a year, but the second and third years won’t know who I am.”

    The president had a stupefied look on her neat face.
    The other members of the student council were also like, “What are you saying???”

    “Hatano-kun, you are famous to EVERYONE amongst the senior students. As a gentleman to all girls, and a king to all men.”
    “WHO IS?!”
    You’re making me shy. I can’t forgive being called a crazy thing by crazy men! I’ll sue!

    “No, everyone says that…”

    What the hell!

    “B-But I have no influence over boys!”
    In the first place, the current situation is that I haven’t made any male friends yet. You can’t listen to the men like that.

    “I don’t think that’s the case.”
    “Er, why not?”
    “You warned the boys the other day.”

    I don’t remember doing that.

    “They told you to take them to the exchange event with Seimei.”
    “Oh. Ah…”

    There was, I think, something like that…

    “A single student surrounded by many boys, including senior students, and yet you resolutely turned down their demands. Not only that, you made them all cry before you left.”

    The story has been twisted. I have to correct it before it spreads further.

    “By the way, this is a story I heard from the boys who surrounded you. They said you were a terrible person… what the hell did you do?”

    Kuu! Forcing a correction here will most likely backfire on me.

    “But I’m glad Hatano-kun stopped them. I wouldn’t have been able to refuse their request.”
    Vice-President Katsurakawa said she was relieved.
    “In that case, I would have had to take one or two of them with me, and it would have likely caused problems with Seimei.”
    “Because we are weak when it comes to saying no to men.”

    Well, as you imagined, it seemed that the boys really DID want to bitch at Seimei, so your imagination is absolutely correct.

    “When a man who wasn’t there heard about the circumstances at that time, he seemed to be afraid of you, saying, ‘Hatano is really scary’.”
    The student council president turns to me.
    “You are very influential with both girls and boys.”

    ……I don’t think I’ll ever make any male friends!

  7. Chapter 141 Correction: When Hatano-kun was saying never made or WILL make any male friends, he was referring to at Kenran. Obviously Maegashira-chan from middle school counts as a male friend.

    T/L Note: senpai = upperclassman/senior, kohai = lowerclassman/junior. It is the job of senpais to train their kohais in how to become respectable adults. You probably knew that already though…

    Chapter 142 – The Melancholy of the Seimei Student Council’s Secretary

    A boy walks down the hallway at Seimei Boys’ School, which is famous for its tradition and history. All the students passing by bowed their heads to him. He walks without questioning the scene and does not slow down, but that is not surprising. He is one of Seimei’s most powerful and popular men.
    Seimei Boys’ School Student Council Secretary, Otsuka Tetsu, is a person who is respected by the students.
    He is a little irritated at present. This is because the whole school is highly-strung in preparation for the exchange event with Kenran High School. When the event was announced, everyone was all surprised and saddened by the fact that GIRLS were coming, and some of them even cried out in shock.
    It is probably the case, although there are exceptions, that the boys who come to Seimei are all sheltered. They have been raised carefully like butterflies and flowers. Naturally, there aren’t many opportunities to interact with girls. One might point out they should have spent time with girls in elementary school and kohai high school, but they never spoke except when necessary and some parents even said that it was too dangerous for them to be in the same environment as GIRLS anyway and so they hired private tutors instead.
    Nowadays, parents who can’t leave their children are becoming a social problem, but it seems that that is only for the male parents.

    While that may be the case, as the exchange event approaches, Seimei has an oddly buoyant atmosphere. It seems that the boys who are not immune to girls will be forced to become lovers, and they are a little excited about it.
    Apparently, they have been influenced by scenes like that in their dramas and manga. Otsuka wanted to spit out complaints whenever he sees such reactions happening around him.
    Certainly, he is at an age where he is attracted to ‘bad girls’ who are a little forceful. However, Otsuka confesses in his heart that since they are all members of this prestigious Seimei Boys’ School, he would prefer they refrain from such light attitudes.

    “Otsuka senpai.”
    Otsuka stopped at the call. He didn’t stop just because he was called, but because it was a loud voice he knew well.
    “Fumu. Akihito, what’s up?”
    It was Akihito Maegashira, a kohai who Otsuka was personally instructing. Otsuka knows that he is honest, has excellent academic performance, a good lifestyle, and is highly evaluated by the teachers. He is quite fond of this kohai. The only thing he’s worried about is his lov – friend is a slightly problematic person.
    “No, I’m just wondering a little about what will happen during the Kenran Exchange Event.”
    Otsuka’s eyebrows rise a little. Could it be his proud kohai is getting excited like the other students?
    “…Details will be announced later. I cannot divulge any information, no matter what you say.”
    “That’s right … I’m sorry I asked something strange.”
    At Otsuka’s words, Akihito’s head fell and his shoulders drooped. Otsuka hurt to see it, but he didn’t comfort him because he had to properly lead Akihito to become a good man.
    “But Akihito, why did you suddenly want to know what the event was about? I thought you weren’t interested…”
    “Ah, that’s…”
    Otsuka had a bad feeling when his kohai, who was supposed to be upset and depressed, suddenly regained his vigor. And that premonition was right.
    “I heard Hatano-kun will be coming with you as an attendant, and so yesterday I got in contact with him to see if I could help……”
    “…I see. So HE is coming.”
    Otsuka figured that the special meeting to be held today must be related to that. He had been afraid that the vice-president would lose his temper again, but now he has something new to worry about.
    “Akihito, so you want to help… that… person… as a friend.”
    Otsuka’s words made Akihito look at him strangely.
    “Why else?”
    “Nothing, that’s fine. Now then, I have a meeting I don’t want to go to.”
    “Thank you, sir.”

    After he left his kohai and arrived at the conference room, he heard angry voices. Otsuka sighed and opened the door to find it was just as he feared.
    “Oi, calm down a little. I could hear you from outside.”
    “Otsuka huh. Here’s the document from Kenran.”
    Otsuka picked up the information given by the student council president, Shirogane, and takes a seat. A quick check revealed a list of students participating in the exchange event.
    Of course, there was also the name of Hatano Kohaku.
    “What are you two doing?! That wicked man has not only conquered his own high school, but now he’s reaching his fingers out to this prestigious Seimei boys’ high school!”
    “I’ve said it time and time again…”
    “Change your mind, Shirogane! If we’re too slow, it’ll all be over!”
    “What on earth are you so wary of …?”
    Shirogane asked with a tired look. Perhaps he was tired from being Hibiya’s opponent. Otsuka felt sympathy for Shirogane since Hibiya was his partner, and opened his mouth to support him a little.
    “Hibiya, don’t you believe in the students?”
    “Are you saying you don’t believe in Seimei’s students, who have been taught by Shirogane, YOU, and the rest of the Student Council? I wonder just how much one student from another school can even do.”
    “Well, that’s right … I’m sorry. No matter what he does, the students of this school won’t budge. I’m sorry Shirogane, I showed you something undignified.”
    “… No, I hope you understand.”
    Otsuka read from Shirogane’s attitude that he probably didn’t understand himself, but while it has not been settled, it could at least be dropped.

    However, Otsuka was a little worried whether it really would be okay, because the students were still walking on air.

  8. Once again, this is not to take over Kinokura’s fine work. This is just to tide over anyone else suffering from withdrawal like me. I’ll stop when he gets back.
    Also, this is 100% machine translation, hacked into (somewhat) readable form by me. Mistakes HAVE been made.

    Chapter 143 – Assembly

    This day has finally come. The exchange event with the Seimei Boys’ High School. The outline of this event is to live with the students here for three days. Living together does not mean that we sleep and eat together, but simply take classes with the students here at this school. If there is the desire, it is possible to participate in the club activities. To be honest, it seems that the Seimei side is (surprising) generously accepting girls.
    Is it possible that Seimei’s management thinks that there is a problem with the current education policy? Well, there is no point in thinking about that, so I’ll leave it alone for this event. In the forty students participating, excluding the student council members (us) who will lead the students, about thirteen are first years. As Seimei, unlike Kenran, is not a big school it will be a burden if the number of people exceeds this number.
    I heard that about two students for each class were transferred. When it comes to that, there are about 6 to 7 classes in the first grade. ……However, it should be said that Seimei BOYS’ High School has a huge number of JUST BOYS. Though they thought the plan was still good, apparently there were no boys AT ALL in other high schools, even though they were supposed to be coed.
    After repeating the exchange event several times, Seimei’s students are planning to come to Kenran High School, but for that plan, THIS event must be completed safely. Basically, the first proposition is for them to get accustomed to girls. It will be a great success if they are able to get along with each other, but that is easier said than done. If you act aggressively in a bad way, there is the possibility that you will be disliked or instill the fear of becoming accustomed to it, and it is also a failure to be treated like a servant because you are poor. We have to work together to make the festival exciting…… This is the first time, so I want it to end safely.
    ……Now that you mention it, I was also going to try to enter Seimei if my memory of my previous life did not come back. If I had entered this high school then, I would have been in conflict with the student council here trying to establish an absolute monarchy…… I’d win though.
    Well, let’s stop escaping reality and put our minds into it. I’m probably going to get a lot of sarcasm. When I checked the time on my smartphone, it was past 8:00. The Kenran girls who will participate in this event are gathered around here in a restless manner. The meeting was at 8:30, and I arrived early as the leader, but most of the participants had already gathered before I came, and some students said that they came by the first train. I’m looking forward to it too, but I think that’s a little crazy.
    “Hatano-kun, the second and third years are done, how about the first years?”
    The student council president came over to confirm attendance.
    “There is only one first grader left. Well, there is still time.”
    When I finished the roll call with the first years, all but one of them were present. The one who hasn’t come yet was surprisingly chosen from a pair, and I know them very well. By the way, the meeting place is at the back gate of Seimei Boys’ High School. The reason is to avoid terrifying the other students at the main gate.
    “Ahh, I think she’s here.”
    It’s often said that if you speak of the devil, it will appear. Just then the person in question arrived. It is the appearance of a luxury car that I have also been on. Yes, this young lady seems to have a ton of cash. The car stopped quietly, and the driver who dashed out quickly opened the door. Naturally, this gathers the attention of the surroundings. Even for the Kenran crowd with many upper class students, it has a celebrity atmosphere.
    “Good morning, everybody!”
    Shino Tokain is here. ……It’s a cheerful greeting that attracts so many people that it is only natural. Even though life in the Garden of Boys is about to begin, so relaxed. ……I can feel the difference in personality.
    “Good morning, Kohaku-kun. Everyone is early.”
    Shino-san greets me with a smile as usual.
    “Good morning…You don’t seem to be very nervous.”
    The other girls are getting more restless as the time approaches. Shino-san looked around and made a convinced face.
    “Ah, that’s right, it’s a good opportunity…… but I…”
    Saying that, Shinosan glances at me. What’s with that appeal? Do you mean I’m better than the Seimei boys? It’s okay, I know it without you saying it!
    “Well, now that we are all here…”
    “Y-Yeah, you are right.”
    “Then it’s a little early, but let’s get in touch over there.”
    The president took out her smartphone and made a phone call. Probably contacting the Seimei Student Council. She hung up immediately after she finished talking.
    “He said he’ll come pick us up now. Make sure everyone is lined up by grade.”
    Everyone responded swiftly and lined up quickly at the student council president’s words.
    I realized that having the same goal improves teamwork SURPRISINGLY well.

    Five minutes later, a student council member of Seimei High School came.
    “Welcome Kohaku Hatano! But this school won’t do as you wish!”

    ……The vice-president over there is saying something strange. What do you mean?

  9. Chapter 144 – Waiting Room

    “Got it? Seimei’s students won’t do what you want!”
    After Seimei’s student council picked us up, we are waiting in an empty classroom.
    “This Seimei Boys’ School has a long history and tradition, and has produced many excellent boys!”
    It seems that the morning assembly will be held jointly by all the students, and we are set up to be introduced there. The student council president will be greeting them on behalf of Kenran.
    “Know that no matter how wickedly you reach out, we will NEVER give in!”
    The student council president has been keenly going over the greeting this whole time nervously. It would be more strange to NOT be nervous since he’s going to be in the spotlight with all the attention of the boys on him.
    “You will lose to the noble spirit of our Seimei Boys! Hahaha!”
    …… There’s someone who’s been shouting at me for a while now, can you do something about it? While I thought I had a hard time at the beginning of this meetup, this guy’s been stuck to my side and constantly talking. A while ago, I sent a glance to Seimei’s student president to ask him to give me some advice, but he quickly turned his eyes away and left the room saying that he was ready for the morning assembly. The other student council members also left the room, leaving only the vice president (Koitsu) and Tamachi-kun.
    That Tamachi-kun is just panicking. What a useless shota. The Kenran girls are all looking at him with gentle smiles. Why didn’t this guy, who’s supposed to be the VICE-PRESIDENT, go when all the rest of the student council left to prepare? Is he a child? ……Don’t act like you just got rid of a problem, mister president.
    “I see you can’t even make a sound because of your defeat! Hahahaha!”
    Basically, he doesn’t have a conversation partner, but he still talks to me without worrying about it. I was just wondering, but maybe he’s in love with me? Thank you for your feelings, but I would like to decline.

    “Um, are you two friends?”
    Looking at the vice-president who has been focused on me this whole time, Shino-san misunderstands our relationship. Even if it is Shino-san, I wonder at this question. If she doesn’t have the eyes to see things as a Tokain daughter, that scary grandfather will get angry, right?
    “……Fuhn, don’t talk to me so casually. It would be proper to give your name first.”
    ……What should I do? Someone who doesn’t understand etiquette is talking about etiquette.
    “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Shino Tokain. I’m honored to be able to participate in the friendship event between Seimei Boys’ School and Kenran High School. Thank you.”
    “I see, the daughter of the Tokain, huh. It’s a major family, but it would be good to remember that the power of your house doesn’t work here at SEIMEI.”
    “Err, I didn’t mean to use the power of my house…..”
    “HA! I wonder.”
    “Isn’t it PROPER to give back your own name before cursing at others?”
    I instinctively spoke to the vice-president who had replied with a salty attitude to Shino-san, who had greeted him with a smile.
    “What are you saying? Just speaking back to her is courtesy enough.”
    That remark startled me. So I decided to explain it to Shino-san, who may not have noticed it yet.
    “Shino-san, please forgive him.”
    “He knows the word ‘etiquette’, but he doesn’t know what it means, so forgive him with a generous heart.”
    Shino-san turns her big eyes toward the vice president. She then she talks to me with a confused look.
    “U, um Kohaku-kun, he seems to be very angry……”
    Hearing that, I check on the two boys. There was a vice-president whose face had turned bright red, and a Tamachi-kun who had turned quite pale. Seeing that, I turned to Shino-san again.
    “Shino-san, I think he’s probably not angry. He just has high blood pressure.”
    “WHY THAT―!”
    The vice-president is trying to raise his voice in protest, but I cut him off.
    “Because you can’t be the VICE-PRESIDENT of the famous Seimei Boys’ School, if you get angry just because a few FACTS are pointed out to―”
    I break off my words and look at the vice president as if I just thought of something horrible.
    “Unless he got that position through some illegal means……”
    “AS IF!”
    “Bu, but if that’s not the case, then… that… how do I put it… incompetence? Why else would such a man……?”
    “Y-You bastard…… Making a fool of me……”
    “No way! That’s a misunderstanding! I was only thinking out loud!”
    I tell him he shouldn’t take it to heart. However, my feelings did not reach the vice-president, who only got angrier and whose red face got even redder. On the other hand, Tamachi-kun’s face has gone from white to blue.
    “You keep insulting and insulting―”
    The vice-president was about to say something, but Shino-san interrupted him.

    “This fight is not good for either of us. And the morning assembly will start soon. Look.”
    Saying that she shows me and the vice president her watch. Certainly, the morning assembly will begin in a few minutes.
    “Ku! You were saved by the time.”
    The vice-president left the room with Tamachi-kun, leaving behind that line. However, rather than the vice-president, what I was more interested in was the watch on Shino’s slender white arm. The logo I saw is from a famous brand known as Manufacture.
    Damn it, I’m envious. I’m envious of the watch itself, but I’m even more envious that you can show off such a luxury watch without feeling any discomfort.

    Damn you, celebrity……

    “Ah, it looks like we’re leaving too. Let’s go, Kohaku-kun.”
    Shino reaches out to me with a smile. It is an action that knows what an escort is. As I took that hand, I thought that Shino-san would be able to spend her time at Seimei without any problems.

      1. Good luck with that, I mean it. I’m currently using Google Translate (it spells out the kanji phonetically) and Systran (gives multiple possible translations for clearer understanding). Just remember that Kenran translates to “gorgeous” and Kohaku translates to “amber” so you don’t trip up.

  10. Chapter 145 – Hand In Hand

    After the vice-president left, another student council member came to guide us. I thought that if I was in the room anyway, it would have been better if the vice president had guided us, but I changed my mind since it would have definitely been recorded. That vice-president is a real problem.
    “That man was quite angry. That’s no good, we have to get along.”
    Shino talks to me with a bitter smile, reminding me that it’s a FRIENDLY event.
    “I’m sorry, did I make you feel uncomfortable? I was a little annoyed to hear that vice-president talking badly to Shino-san.”
    I lower my head and say sadly. I actually don’t think I did anything bad at all, but if I say it this way it should improve her mood. ‘I was angry not for myself, but for YOU’.
    “That was… that is… I was happy … but if this event doesn’t go well, it will cause trouble for Kohaku-kun who worked so hard …”
    It seems that Shinosan was worried about me. This is the time to attack. ……I don’t know what I’m fighting, but this is DEFINITELY the time to attack.
    “The success of this event certainly matters, but Shino-san is more important.”
    I casually wrap Shino-san’s hands in mine and look her straight in the eyes when I say that. I can feel from her hands her body temperature increasing.
    But what? I wonder why I’m doing this on the move. It’s be embarrassing if our party were to be late for our own introduction. It’s regrettable, but by now —

    “What are you wasting time here for?!”
    Let’s do it. Just as I thought that, I was called out to. It’s a voice that I’m used to hearing so much that I don’t even have to guess who it is.
    “Move quickly! Can’t you even act as a group?”
    Perhaps he was really happy to find a chance to interrupt our conversation, since he had a huge smile on his face.
    “You may have been able to hide it well, but right THERE is your domineering high-handed behavior. That’s why you just can’t look at people superficially. Why don’t you reflect on yourself a little? – Oh, sorry, YOUR dictionary doesn’t have the word ‘reflection’ in it, does it? Though even monkeys can… Oh what a pity…”

    You bastard, having so much fun talking to me that way… However, if you are provoked to this point, even the famous Gentle Kohaku of Hatano, will probably give in to the dark side. Quiet down, my right hand……

    “It can’t be helped, so I’ll show you around. Come now, quickly.”

    It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m calm. There is no point in retorting or solving things with violence. After all we came for FRIENDSHIP. Let’s generously forgive a few problems.
    “Ko, kohaku-kun. That……”
    Shino-san has an expression like she’s finding it difficult to say something. What ever is the matter?
    “Um…… that……”
    “What is it?”
    She has a complicated expression that is hard to describe, so I ask with a gentle smile so that she can feel at ease.
    “You, you should put down that fire extinguisher you’re holding……”

    When I looked at Shino-san’s line of sight, there was a fire extinguisher.
    Or rather, I was holding it up high with my right hand.

    …… I take my eyes off the fire extinguisher and look ahead. The vice-president, who had said that he would guide us, had gone on without even looking. His back is wide open, and if I throw the fire extinguisher I still have in my right hand RIGHT NOW, it’ll hit HARD.
    ……Shall I?
    A temptation that felt like a whisper from the devil itself attacks me. Of course, it’s something I wouldn’t NORMALLY think of, but… Now that I think of it, yes… If it’s just a little bit……

    “……Isn’t it okay?”
    “N, No it’s NOT okay!”

    Tch! Shino-san called me to stop. It can’t be helped, so let’s play dumb.

    “Hm? What’s wrong?”

    While saying that, I put the fire extinguisher I was holding back to its original place as if nothing had happened.

    “Eh, ah…… I’m sorry. More than what he said, it was a very nasty smile, so I thought……”
    “It’s quite hot today, so maybe it’s because of that?”

    I tilt my head with a wondering face. I don’t mention fire extinguishers at all.

    “Is, is that so? …I see!”

    Shino-san gives me a carefree smile. What a naïve… no, what an innocent, sweet girl. I’m quite worried that she’ll get fooled by someone someday.

    Come on, let’s go, Kohaku. He’ll get angry again.”
    Saying that, Shino-san reaches out with her hand. I gently take it.
    Shino-san laughs happily as we walk together while holding hands. It’s strange that even I feel happy when I see her expression. It feels like youth.

    Then we followed the vice president back and rejoined everyone. Finally, after being introduced, we walked from the entrance up to the podium. Then, after being introduced again, the president Sanada of our school gave a speech. I just have to walk. When I look at the student council president, her face looks strong, so I support her in my heart.

    Hang in there! Don’t lose, our student council president!

    1. The Chungus Among Us

      Well a hard blow to the MC’s head fixed his horrid personality maybe a fire extinguisher upside the head will do the same for the VP?

  11. Chapter 146 – Transfer

    We who went up to the stage are listening to the story while standing straight. Currently, Student Council President Sanada is giving a greeting while hiding her tension. For some reason, it is me that these splendid Seimei boys are looking at, when they should be listening. Thanks to that, whenever I try to see what kind of students they are, my eyes always collide with theirs. Very awkward.
    Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s just looking, but there is a disdain and hostility amongst them, and that is a slight problem. It seems they’re the ones always looking down on me on the train to Kenran. But on the other hand… some students are blushing when our eyes meet. Is it okay to think I’m being favored? I hadn’t thought about it much, but it seems that ‘Boy’s Love’ is quite alive and well here. However, it might be good for this FRIENDSHIP event.
    If I don’t think about the mental humiliation…… I’m worried about stress puncturing a hole in my stomach.

    “I believe that this exchange will expand the friendship between our two schools. Thank you for your attention.”
    Apparently, Student Council President Sanada has finished talking. In turn, Seimei’s Student Council President, Shirogane, stood in front of the microphone.
    “Now then, I’d like to ask the Kenran high school students to come to the classes where they will be spending their time. Please follow our guidance.”
    Following those words we leave the stage and stand in rows according to the guides.
    “Well then, you and the girl behind you will be in a pair… Later, Hatano-kun you will be in this class.”
    Oops, I seem to be in this class. I feel like I got a lot of attention when my name was called, but don’t worry.
    “Kohaku-kun Kohaku-kun, it’s the same class.”
    Shino-san says with a smiling face. And she whispers to another girl in the same class, “I feel a little relieved”. She trusts me a lot for some reason, so I want to do my best to respond to that.

    Then, the morning assembly was over and the students moved to their classrooms. Seimei’s school building is made of wood, which gives it a sense of history, but it is very beautiful without the impression that it has been renovated or maintained.

    “Now then, let’s have the children of Kenran High School introduce themselves.”
    The homeroom teacher said that after we had entered the classroom and the other students had taken their seats.
    “Ah, shall we go from my introduction first? I’m Miyashita, the homeroom teacher in this class. My favorite things are alcohol, cigarettes and horse racing. I will be in charge of you for this short period of time, so let me know if you have any difficulties.”

    I don’t know if it can be solved, but the man who introduced himself while laughing…… Although he’s a teacher, he’s terrible as a human being. Don’t get me wrong here though, he’s still a professional teacher. There are few men who work full-time in this world, so I think it’s great.

    “Well then, if you please.”
    When we heard those words, it was Shino-san who came out in front of me. She began to introduce herself with a smile as usual.
    “I’m Shino Tokain. I’d be happy if I could get along with you even a little. Thank you.”
    When they heard Shino-san’s self-introduction, the classroom was a little noisy.
    “Oi, what’s a TOKAIN…?”
    “I see. A big shot has come.”
    “Have you enough family status to go through the gates of this school?”
    “How impertinent.”

    …… Why did that refreshing self-introduction return such a reaction? Then, the girl who was transferred to the same class introduced herself, but her reaction was not good either.

    “And last of all, the boy.”

    I stepped forward to introduce myself in accordance with the homeroom teacher’s words. At that moment the air in the classroom became tense. I don’t know why I’m feeling nervous, but I started my greeting with a smile and FRIENDSHIP in mind.

    “I’m Hatano Kohaku.I was invited to visit this historic Seimei Boys’ School. Some of you may have met me on the train, and I’d be happy if you TALK TO ME when you see me.”
    “…What should I do? I spoke ill of him when I saw him on the train…”
    “I was so relieved to hear that he went to a different school, but why did he come HERE…?”
    “Is that THE Hatano Kohaku, who was famous in junior high school?”
    “… Isn’t this a big deal?”
    “Moron! Don’t get me started! Absolutely!”
    “A junior high school friend of mine ran into him and returned with a pair of undies.”
    “Eh, what’s that? Are we also gonna get stripped?”

    ………… For some reason, my self-introduction as a support was the most noisy. Apparently, my notoriety is spreading amongst those from the same grade in junior high school. But don’t worry, I’m a GENTLE Hatano Kohaku for the purposes of FRIENDSHIP. Let’s conclude the self-introduction with a nice smile and a good impression as evidence.

    “Thank you very much.”

    Bright smile.

    “Ku…… what a nice smile……”
    “Only the FACE is good, only the FACE …”
    “An angel’s face, famous amongst ALIENS.”

    Who’s an alien! Give me back my smile!

    1. Have you considered posting these on a wordpress or something? I know you’re not trying to snipe the TLer, but it’s been a few months since they’ve last updated.

      1. Re: Florida-Man! (You’re a fan of GrayStillPlays, aren’t you?)
        Three months isn’t that long, in a translator’s point of view. There are people who go on sabbaticals, people for whom life simply got in the way, people who lose their jobs, etc.
        Give it some more time. Maybe Kinokura will make a statement or something, or maybe he’ll come back and start mass-translating again.

    2. Ch 147 – I’m busy.

      [Note: I did this using DeepL and in some paragraphs it randomly put some words irrelevant to the story or translated some lines twice or thrice so I had to copy some stuff from Google translate and English isn’t my 1st language so forgive me for spelling mistakes ]

       I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a little disappointed with this school.

       That’s what I thought when I took my first class after my introductions. It’s the first year of high school, and it’s a boy’s school. I thought the classes at such a school would be easy going, but ……

       I looked around me. There was a boy with a tense expression on his face, straightening his back and taking the lessons with an air of urgency. The seriousness of the situation is no less than that of the students of Kenran, who are under constant competition.

      [Note: Talking about this para below it was a mess, I somehow made this one readable]

       …… So, it’s still a prestigious school. Perhaps other girls also felt the atmosphere, even the girls who transferred along with Shino-san are taking classes without shaking their eyes, despite the many temptations that the surroundings are full of boys. I regretted that I had underestimated the students of Seimei……, and I hoped to be as superior to them in classes. The first hour was over before I knew it. Hearing the chime, I let out a sigh of relief. I was tired from being so stressed all the time. It was time to take a break and refresh myself for the next class.

       I looked around to see if the other students were doing the same, but for some reason they were all still tense. But the next moment, the boy sitting next to me stood up. And the other boys followed suit, getting out of their seats and walking out of the classroom like a river.

       …… What was going on? The rest of the transfer studens from Kenran, including myself, were stunned. I’m not sure what to make of this. I thought that the next lesson would be a outside the classroom, so I checked the timetable, but it wasn’t. The students who went out came back just before the end of the break to prepare for the next lesson.

       …… Did everyone have something to do during this break?I started preparing to take classes, wondering if there was such a coincidence. However, the strange behavior of the Seimei boys continued for the next hour.

      “I wondered where everyone was going.

      “Maybe there’s some kind of rule for this school. ……

       I was discussing this strange behavior with Shino and the others.

      “But we can’t have a good relationship if we leave it like this.”

       That’s right. If we don’t, we won’t be able to build a good relationship or even talk to each other. That would mean the failure of this event. And as a result, the cultural festival would also be a failure. It’s like a chain reaction of falling dominoes. That’s why I had to do something.

      “I’ll try to talk to them during the next break.

      “Oh, but will you be all right with that, Kohaku?”

       Shino-san is worried about me, but I think it would be better without the two girls this time.

      “No, I’m fine. I’m sure the girls will be nervous if they’re here, so I’ll discuss it with the boys alone.

       I smiled at her, as if to say, “Don’t worry.

      “That smile is not fair.

      ” Hatano-kun, you are too gorgeous. ……

       Both of them agreed, so I’ll do my best to talk to them during the next break!

       And then it was time to play, recess time. As usual, everyone stood up.


       I shouted at them to stop, but I thought not all of them would listen. I was thinking of …… catching the ones who stopped. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not, but it’s a very worthwhile option. Everyone stopped as if that was an order. Looking around, some of the students were still in the middle of standing up. …… Isn’t that painful?

      “Well looks like I’m gonna have to talk to all of them now.”

       It’s a great way to get to know your fellow students. In the meantime, boys have been standing there frozen like trained soldiers …… I shouldn’t be underestimated.

       When I stepped forward, I tapped my finger lightly on the table. It was a light tap, but it strangely reverberated through the classroom. The boys heard the sound and sat down, as if time had begun to move.

      I looked at them one by one and asked, “First of all, why do you all leave the classroom at recess?”

       I looked around at them one by one, but for some reason they all looked away.
      So I had no choice but to pick a random one.

      “Hey, you there, Kappa-head, answer me.

      “Hee! Oh, me?

      “You, answer quickly.

       The Kappa Head looks around for help, but of naturally no one makes eye contact with him. It’s as if they are saying that one sacrifice is enough. Kappa head quivered and answered dropping his shoulder. …… There should be no need for him to be trembling though.

      “Oh about that,…… We were all going to go to the bathroom!”

      ” There is no way I’m being fooled by such a petty lie.”

      “I’m joking ok ……. The truth is,……, I am scared.”

       Hmmm, as I thought … they are afraid of the girls as they don’t usually see them. However, running away does not help. Can’t help it, so I’ll give them some advice.

      “Well, I see your point. I understand what you mean, but you don’t have many opportunities to interact with girls, so it’s understandable that you’re scared of them.”

      “What? No. ……”

      “However, the unknown often becomes less frightening when it is made known. So let’s start by getting to know each other first.”

       I told them gently, as if to tell them it would be okay. Another boy asked me a question, as if he could sense my thoughts.

      “Excuse me, what exactly should I do to ……?”

      “Good question, Yamada-kun.”

      “…… is Gojo Kawara.”

      “Yes, that’s it!”

       Gojo Kawara, you said it well.

      “We students here at Kenran don’t even know your names. So introduce yourselves first.”

      “Yes, yes, I understand.”

      “Good answer. The rest of you understand, don’t you?”

       I looked around gently, and they all nodded their heads frantically. I was satisfied with that. However, I needed to say what I needed to say. ……

      “Well, of course, when you introduce yourself to a girl, don’t be overwhelmed, don’t be stupid, and don’t ridicule them. I’m a Kenran student, so people from the same school take that attitude. Then I can’t stand it. ”



      “Yes, I understand.”

      “All right. Good. You are free to go.”

       I was surprised to find that Seimei’s students were more open and cooperative than I expected. I wonder if the rest of the school will be okay? I’ll have to go check on the rest of the first year classes later.

      Translated with (free version)

      1. The Third Group

         Tamachi-kun is doing a good job managing this group, so the second group seems to be doing okay. He also said “It’s going to be fine here, so you can take your time! It’s totally fine”

         Tamachi-kun made a desperate appeal to me, I’d like to think he’s enthusiastic, but I can’t help but feel that he wants to get rid of me. For now, I have been a good student and haven’t caused any problems, so I’m hoping it’s just my imagination.

         I couldn’t keep my eyes only on Class 2 all the time, so I decided to follow Tamachi’s words and headed towards Class 3. I couldn’t understand why there was a relieved look on Tamachi-kun’s face when I was leaving the classroom. It’s rare to find a boy who doesn’t cause as much trouble as I do, so what’s going on here?

        ..Well, that’s okay. It is also true that I do not have many male friends. I’m not sure why though ……. However the next group has my friend in it. So I’m not too worried about the third group. I’m sure the Maegashira has read my intentions correctly and is following up with the girls.

         With this thought in mind, I opened the door of the third group and took a quick peek inside. There, I saw Maegashira talking to two girls from Kenran. I knew my friend would be very useful. But I was very curious about what Maegashira was talking about. I quietly walked up to where Maegashira and the girls were talking without making a sound.

         When I walked into the classroom, the boys of Class 3 looked surprised, but they kept their eyes down and quieted down when I told them not to be quiet. They were very obedient. I finally made it to the back of the front. The girls should have been able to see me, but it seems that they were too busy dealing with Maegashira to notice me.

        “Hmm, just because we went to school together doesn’t mean you can be so casual.”

        “ Well, I didn’t mean to ……”

        “I saw you before morning assembly started and you were walking around chatting happily with him, weren’t you?”

        “Well, this is the first time we’ve talked to Hadano-kun in a while. ……”

        “It was the first time you had talked to him and you was so casual huh? …… You were getting carried away weren’t you? Were you licking Hatano-kun’s boots just because you went to school with him? Or are you trying to get close and get married?”

        “…… Marriage.”

        “…… Wife.”


        “…….. Pregnant”

        “What are you blushing for? Don’t get any weird ideas.”

         This is pretty weird, isn’t it? This is not the conversation I was expecting to hear today.

        “Hmph! This is why women are so annoying. They immediately start having wild fantasies!”

        “Noo you’re wrong …….”

        “You’re probably even hoping to get a boyfriend or two from this event aren’t you?”

         The two girls quickly looked away at Maegashira’s point. They were obviously thinking about it, and they were being very honest.

        “Oh, you looked away! So you were thinking about it.”

        “No, I wasn’t!”

        ” I was thinking about it, but I was trying to get along with her purely for the sake of the relationship between the two schools!


        “And anyway! You might have been allowed to do that at Kenran, but you can’t look at boys here in such disgusting way! The boys from Seimei are sensitive, unlike the guys in Kenran, and if you stare at them like that, they”ll get nervous!”

        “I’m not staring. ……”

        “I’m just gonna go home and fantasize. ……

        “Don’t be delusional!”

         …… What a terrible conversation. But I was surprised that they seemed to be enjoying themselves. I’m not sure if they’re getting along any better than the guys at Kenran?

        “Hmm! Don’t do anything disgusting to the other boys! You know what I mean!”

        “In other words we can do it to you .!!!”

        “I’ve had a tsundere conversation with a boy. I’ll never forget this day!”

        “Who’s a tsundere?”

         What the hell is a tsundere conversation? I’m glad to see that they are getting along well, but I want them to get along with the other boys as well. The boys in the third group were paying attention to Maegashira and the others, but there was no sign that they were coming closer. I look around me and they all look away quickly. I’m not sure what …… this reaction means. I’m not the kind of guy who would take advantage of eye contact to make an offer. I’m not sure what to do, but I’m going to try to find out.


         I called out, and after a shiver, Maegashira turned around.

        “Hatano-kun! What’s wrong?”

        “Oh, I came to check if the Kenran girls are doing well.”

        “Ah! Hatano-kun, they’re thinking of all kinds of naughty things!”

        “No, I’m not. ……

        “I’m just thinking about it ……”

         The girls avert their eyes as they answer.

        The girls answered while looking away

        “…… Well, it’s puberty, isn’t it?”

        “That’s right, that’s right!

        “It’s puberty.

        “Whoa! Get away from Hadano-kun!

         I’m not sure what to do, but I’m going to do it. It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money. They seem to be enjoying themselves. It seems that the three groups do not need to worry too much.

         I asked Maegashira to help me get along with the other boys, and decided to head to the fourth and final group.

      2. I should have posted this sooner, but there was a death in the family and… it wasn’t a pleasant way to go. Hard to concentrate on crazy hijinks after that.

        Chapter 146 – Conversation

        I don’t know if I was ‘licking’ this school even a little.
        It was something I thought when I finished my self-introduction and attended the first class. I had thought that the classes for the year at a BOY’S school would go slowly…
        I look around. There was the figure of a Seimei boy, who was straightening his back and taking classes with a tense atmosphere and a somewhat urgent look. His seriousness is no less than that of the Kenran students who are in constant competition.
        …… I see, as expected of the prestigious? Perhaps feeling that atmosphere, even the girl who transferred with Shino-san is taking the class without looking around, despite the temptation that the surroundings are full of men. I regretted that they… were so despised by Seimei’s students and hoped that they wouldn’t lose to the class. And the first hour was over in no time. When I heard the chime, I exhaled a sigh. If you stay nervous, you will get fatigued. During the break, I hope to refresh myself for the next class.
        Of course, when I checked the other students around me, I found that everyone was not releasing tension for some reason. But next moment the child next to me stood up. Then the other boys followed and left the classroom in a flowing manner.
        …… What is it? The Kenran transfer group including me was stunned. I thought maybe the next class will be a mobile classroom so I checked the schedule, but it was not so. The students who left came back just before the end of the break to prepare for the next lesson.
        …… Did EVERYONE have something to do during this break? While wondering if there was such a wild coincidence, I also started preparing to take the next class. However, the mysterious behavior of the Seimei boys happened again afterwards.
        “Where are they all going?”
        “Maybe there’s something in the school rules…..”
        I was discussing this mysterious behavior with Shino-san and others.
        “But we can’t build a good relationship like this.”
        That’s right. If things continue like this, we cannot build good relationships or even talk about them. That means the failure of this event. As a result, the Cultural Festival also fails. It is a chain reaction like a negative domino defeat. That’s why we have to do something.
        “I’ll try to talk to them next recess.”
        “Eh, but will Kohaku be all right?”
        Shino-san is worried about me, but it would be better if there weren’t two girls this time.
        “Yeah, it’s okay. I think that if it were the girls, the Seimei kids would be nervous, so I’ll just talk with only boys here.”
        I make a smile with the meaning that everyone should rest assured.
        “That smile is unfair.”
        “Hatano-kun is beautiful, after all…”
        Both of them agreed, so let’s do our best to discuss things during the next break!
        And at the next break, it’s game time. Everyone stood up as usual.
        “DON’T MOVE!!”
        I made a call to stop them, but not everyone will listen… I was thinking of grabbing anyone who was still moving.
        But that thought was pointless, as everybody froze. Looking around, most of the students were still in the process of standing up.
        ……Isn’t that hard?
        I give a look to Shino-san and have the two leave the classroom.
        “…… Well, now.”
        I have to talk to everyone from now on, so I’ll move forward. Meanwhile, the boys are still stationary. It’s like they’re trained soldier. …… I can’t underestimate them.
        I stepped forward and tapped the table with my finger. It was a light sound, but it strangely echoed in the classroom. And the boys who heard the sound sat down as if time had begun to move again.
        “First of all, what’s the point of everyone leaving the classroom at recess?”
        I look around one by one, but for some reason they don’t meet my eyes. It’s useless, I guess.
        “You there, mister bobbed haircut, answer me.”
        “Eek! M, Me?”
        “Yes, YOU. Answer quickly.”
        Bobbed Haircut-kun looks around for help, but of course he doesn’t get any. As if the sacrifice was okay if it’s one person. His shoulders dropping, he started to answer while trembling.
        …… There shouldn’t be any reason to tremble though.
        “Th, that is…… Yes! Everyone goes to the bathroom—“
        “It would be a great surprise if you thought I would be deceived by such a silly lie.”
        “That was a joke…… Th, the truth, is……. We, we’re scared.”
        Fumu, it’s just as I thought…They have a fear of girls they don’t normally have to deal with. However, running away won’t improve it. It can’t be helped, so I’ll give you some advice.
        “I see, I understand what you’re saying. Dealing with the unknown is scary, and you’ve had so few chances to interact with girls.”
        “Eh, that’s not……”
        “However, once the unknown becomes known, it becomes a lot less scary; by so let’s start by getting to know each other.”
        I gently tell everyone that it’s all right. Perhaps the thought was conveyed, but another boy asked me a question.
        “I beg your pardon, but what shall we do?”
        “Good question, Yamada-kun.”
        “… It’s Gojo Kawara.”
        “Yes, that’s it!”
        Gojo Kawara-kun said something good.
        “We, the Kenran students, don’t even know your names, so let’s introduce yourselves first.”
        “U, un, understood.”
        “Good reply. Did you other guys understand?”
        When I look around with kindness, everyone is desperately nodding their heads. How wonderful. However, I have to say what I must say…
        “Well of course, when you introduce yourself to a girl, don’t be overbearing, don’t be stupid, and don’t ridicule. I may be a Kenran student, but I can’t stand it when even people from my same school take that attitude.”
        “Your answer?”
        “I understand!”
        “Very well, feel free then.”

        Unexpectedly, I was surprised that Seimei’s students were honest and supportive. Is it okay elsewhere?

        I’ll have to go see another year’s class later.

  12. Chapter 148 – The State of Two Sets

    The boys of this class are introducing themselves to Shino-san. It seems that it was a good idea to force a talk with the boys in spite of themselves. Currently, we’re all lined up and talking to each other one by one. I don’t know since I’ve never met a transfer student in my previous life either, but I thought we would sit down in larger groups and have a conversation while introducing ourselves to each other; but judging from what I’m seeing now, that seems to not be the case.
    The facial expressions of the boys lined up seem to be somewhat drawn, but as they said, they are a little scared. Still, I think it’s wonderful that they’re trying to overcome their fears and open new doors.
    I was relieved that this class was going to get along well with the girls. However, while things are moving forward here, I’m becoming more worried about the other classes. The students who come from Kenran as coordinators are also girls, so things may be difficult for them. Even if it is impossible for senior students to take classes, it is necessary to pay attention to the same grade.
    Thinking so, I left my seat to go see another class. It may have been due to the rattling chair, but I gathered the eyes of the entire classroom.
    Why are all of their faces looking like they’re asking, “What did we do NOW?”
    Well, I’m sure that’s just my imagination since we’re all talking frankly and getting along.
    Still, now that I think about it, nobody introduced themselves to me.

    If I can get to know them better, I’m going to take them out to karaoke or to a family restaurant, but right now it’s about the situation in other classes. I wave my hand lightly at my classmates to let them know it’s nothing.
    “Please continue on introducing yourselves, I’m going to check out the other classes.”
    “T,Take care, sir.”
    For some reason, he politely bowed his head to see me off. Looking at them, it’s hard to believe that men are really domineering. They are really polite boys.
    …I wonder if that’s the ‘proper manners’ for a classmate.

    “What should we do…? We just sacrificed the other classes…”
    “It’s all right, we may have given in, but they…!”
    “We can only pray for their safety.”

    I didn’t quite hear everything they were saying as I left the classroom, but I was grateful that they were praying for my safety. I was a little happy with the feelings of my classmates who were worried for me.
    Since the class I transferred to is a set, you can look at it in order according to the numbers. So there are two groups. It seems that Tamachi-kun is in this class, so while he’s not like the vice president, he’s following me just as closely. Oops, looks like the door is still open. When I naturally looked inside, the Kenran girls were actively talking to the boys in the class. As expected of the carnivorous girls. However, the other party is a member of the PRESTIGIOUS Seimei Boys’ School, so it’s not so easy! The girl who was desperately appealing was given a contemptuous look, and he made a gesture to drive her away.
    While it was okay to put in my two cents in before, I feel it’s wrong to interfere in another class. If you think that’s going too far that’s not the case, as right now there’s a very normal exchange going on in this world. While I was worried, another boy suddenly entered into the conversation between the two. Tamachi-kun. He said one or two words to the boys in a natural way, and then he spoke to the girls.
    Then the boy, who hated talking to the girl, started talking to the girl.

    I was surprised at the sight. Tamachi-kun, who always flatters people and acts like a puppy, wasn’t here. …Is this why he was elected to the student council? What he just did was to act as a lubricating oil between the two. Exactly the same as what I did. Is this something I can use when job hunting? I can proudly answer ‘I was lubricating oil!’ if I’m asked.
    Oops, Tamachi-kun seems to have noticed me. I came over with a complete change of expression as I talked and laughed happily.
    “Ha, Hatano-san. Can I help you?”
    “Ah, I don’t particularly need anything. I was just wondering if the Kenran girls were doing alright. Well, when I saw that just now, I was relieved that Tamachi-kun had it under control. Thank you for your continued support.”
    “Ye, Yes! I’ll do my best!”
    Good reply.
    “Hey, Tamachi-kun, that person was relying on you like you’re the next president of the student council. Who was that?”
    “You’re stupid, aren’t you. You can tell by looking at the uniform. Even during the morning assembly… that’s Kenran’s Hatano Kohaku.”
    “Ah, that’s…”
    “… I asked a group of guys during the break. It seems he gives off a terrible pressure even during class. I’m a little tired, and they are all exhausted.”
    “Shit! I heard that he behaved like a king, but that’s terrible!”
    “Isn’t it a salvation that the Kenran woman wasn’t as bad as I expected?”

    It seems that he is looking at something and talking, but I only heard that it is not as bad as he expected. It seems that girl made a good impression after all. This class is okay then.
    I gave my goodbyes to Tamachi-kun and headed for the next classroom.

  13. I’ve sent an email to Kinokura asking about his situation or the possibility of my taking over this series, but no reply yet. Can someone recommend a hosting website for me to post onto if it comes down to that?

    Chapter 149 – State of the Third Group

    Tamachi-kun is doing well, so the second group seems to be okay. Also,
    “We’re all right here, so it’s best for you to go back early! It’s really okay!”
    I received a desperate appeal and was urged to leave the second group early. I’d like to think I’m passionate, so why do you want me to leave so early? I felt that. But I’m a grown-up now, and I’m not making any problems, so I want to think it’s just my imagination.
    Since I couldn’t watch over the second group, I decided to take Tamachi-kun’s advice and head over to the third group instead. I couldn’t understand Mr. Tamachi’s relieved face when I was about to leave the classroom. It’s rare for a boy to cause less problems than I do!

    …… Well yeah, certainly I have few male friends. Not only at Seimei (here) but also at Kenran (over there). I don’t know why. However, the ones in the next place are all my friends, and they are all quite attached to me! So I’m not really worried about the third group. Perhaps Maegashira even read my intentions correctly and is helping the girls.

    With that in mind, I opened the third group’s doors and took a peek inside. I could see Maegashira talking to two Kenran girls. My friend is quite useful, after all. However, I am very curious about what Maegashira is talking about. Without making a sound, I approach the place where Maegashira and the girls are talking.
    When I entered the classroom, the third group’s boys had scared expressions on their faces, but when I said “Don’t make noise” with my eyes, they turned their eyes down and kept quiet. Very obedient. I finally managed to get behind Maegashira. The girls should be quite able to see me as well, but perhaps they’re just THAT desperate for Maegashira’s response.
    “Fuun, isn’t it a little too easy for you to go to school with me?”
    “Th, that is…”
    “… I saw it before the morning assembly began, you were all happily talking with HIM weren’t you?”
    “To, today was the first time I’ve talked to Hatano-kun…”
    “It’s the first time I’ve had such a cheap… you’re making me sick. What? Are you ‘licking’ Hatano-kun because you’re all at the same school? Or are you getting along because you’re aiming for marriage?”
    “Why is your face red?! Don’t delude yourself!”

    That’s strange? This isn’t even a millimeter of the conversation I had been expecting from Maegashira.

    “Hmpf! This is why women are trouble. Already having lewd delusions!”
    “How obscene……”
    “I bet you’re wondering if I could be one of your boyfriends for this event too.”

    The two girls quickly look away at Maegashira’s remark. I’ve thought it before, but he’s very honest.

    “Ah, I averted my eyes! It wasn’t because I was thinking about it!”
    “Th, that’s not it!”
    “SHE thought about it, but I didn’t. I was trying to be friends purely for the relationship between our two schools!”
    “Betrayed !?”
    “An, anyway! It may have been allowed at Kenran, but you can’t leer at men here! The boys here are delicate, so if you look at them with such disgusting eyes you’ll make them neurotic!”
    “I, I wasn’t looking……”
    “I’ll just go home and have a delusion……”
    “Don’t have a delusion!”

    ……What a terrible conversation! However, I was surprised that it seemed to be unexpectedly fun. Maybe you’re getting along better than with the Kenran men?

    “Hmm! Don’t do things that other boys don’t like! I get it!”
    “In other words, it’s okay to do it to Maegashira-kun……!”
    “Tsu, tsundere conversation with a boy. I will never forget today!”

    What is a tsundere conversation? Well, it was good that you all seemed to be getting along well, but I want you to get along with other boys besides Maegashira. The boys of the third group are paying attention to Maegashira, but there is no sign that they want to approach. When I look around, everyone turns away. ……What exactly does this reaction mean? I’m not a man who can make connections with just my eyes. Let’s ask Maegashira to clear up the misunderstandings that are being made of me.

    When I called, Maegashira’s body shook, and then he turned around.
    “Hatano-kun! What is it?”
    “Ah, I came to see if the Kenran girls were doing well.”
    “Ah! Hatano-kun, I’m not always thinking of things like that!”
    “I, I don’t think about it either……”
    “I’m just delusional……”
    The girls answer while averting their eyes.
    “……Well, it’s puberty, isn’t it?”
    “UWAA! You stay away from Hatano-kun!”
    When I answered that way, the girls gladly agreed and suddenly approached me, only to be driven away again by Maegashira. They look happy. It seems I don’t have to worry about the third group.

    I asked the girls to get along with the other boys as well and left for the forth and last group.

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  14. No excuses, just being lazy here. Just wanting the current story arc to end already.

    Chapter 150 – State of the Fourth Group

    The exchange between Seimei and Kenran would be a success in just one year. I haven’t looked into the fourth group yet, but the other classes are getting along well. The first group is disciplined and deepening their relationships, the second group is gradually shortening the distance, and the third group is spending spending time happily and harmoniously.
    I’m saying that Seimei’s boys were much more rational and kind than I thought. …No, I can’t deny the feeling that I was a little stupid just because I imagined the boys as being completely terrible. I don’t think it’s the case anymore that all Seimei boys have a bad personality.
    Now, how about the fourth group? I opened the door and took a peek. What I saw was different than the previous classes. The boys had deliberately left their seats, leaving a lot of space around the girls. In addition, unlike other classes, no one there seems to be trying to mediate between the two sexes.
    This class is filled with Kenran and Seimei’s student council members, but it seems that things are not going well. I look at the girls. Even though they are being clearly rejected by their classmates, their facial expressions do not seem to be sad. On the contrary, they have ear-to-ear grins on their faces. It’s like they’re thinking, “Surrounded by so many boys, it’s like a harem!” … Yeah, mentally strong!
    While looking at the fourth group and thinking such things, a shadow appeared. A student stood in front of me. It’s a sturdy muscular man, which is quite rare in this world. It may be my prejudice, but I think he’s been drinking protein. Although I have no idea why, he seems to be looking at me with hostility.

    “What does an outsider want from this class?”

    Even his way of speaking is ‘Oraora’ arrogant. The fact that there are various boys from ‘Shota’ to ‘Oraora’ may be a factor that supports Seimei’s popularity. Maybe Kenran should have more variety as well… I’m just being childish.

    “Hey! Are you listening?!”

    Oops, not good. I was so focused on my thoughts I ignored the boy in front of me. I didn’t mean it, so please forgive me.

    “Ku! You don’t have to talk to me!”

    For some reason, his shoulders are trembling in regret. I think it’s better to give some leeway here. It’s my bad for leaving you alone.

    “I’m so―”
    “I’m sorry I made you feel unpleasant. I’ll change.”

    I tried to apologize and state my business, but the other party suddenly changed.

    “Let’s start over, Hatano-kun.”
    “Ah, yes.”

    I feel like I’ve seen him before. A macho guy who turned into a smart guy. But I can’t say, “Who are you?” just because I can’t remember. The adult thing is to figure it out while talking… but if you can’t remember, it’s hell.

    “Why did you come to the fourth group, when you should be in the first?”

    It’s easy to see behind his smiling expression that I am NOT welcome here. But why?

    “I came to see if the transferred Kenran girls were fitting in.”
    “Ahh, I see. But I’m in this class, and you have student council members here. Don’t worry about it.”

    I glanced at the girls who were alone in their seats.

    “Fuu~, Hatano-kun may not understand it, but it takes time for US who have never come into contact with girls before to get along with them.”

    He gently asks for my understanding. What he’s saying is reasonable, not impossible. Since the other groups were doing so well I guess I got greedy with this class.

    “Ah, yeah, that’s right. Even if I have the second and third groups, it doesn’t mean I can have the fourth as well.”

    I reply with a smile because the other person is smiling.
    When he heard my answer, the other person’s smile wavered for some reason.

    “Are the second and third groups doing well?”
    “Er, yeah. But don’t worry, you can’t do what you can’t do.”
    “Tamachi-kun had the second group, and Maegashira the third group, and the girls seemed to be quite happy.”
    “……Are you saying I’m inferior to Tamachi and Maegashira?”
    “Of course not! I just had expectations for the fourth class because of the other classes.”

    That’s why I say that you should get used to it slowly.

    “All right. It’s bad to be underestimated. We will take action as soon as possible to get them to fit in.”

    I can’t convey my thoughts at all. Do I have to spell it out for you to get it?

    “There’s no shame if you can’t do it though?”
    “…… I see, the vice president is picking a fight with me. Let’s accept that provocation.”

    Nobody is provoking you though……

    “Just as well that tomorrow’s PE will be a joint between One and Four. I’ll show you the power of the fourth group.”
    “You don’t nee―”
    “Well then, look forward to tomorrow. Ah, you don’t have to worry about it. The break’s over, you should go back.”

    Looking at the clock, it looks like the break time will end soon.

    “Err, then I’ll head back, thank you for your support.”
    “Of course.”

    I gave my farewell and returned to my group. I had been wondering about who he was, but it was only after I finished talking did I remember. He was the guy who came to Kenran as an assistant to the student council president! It was refreshing to remember. He didn’t leave much of an impression back then, so it was unexpected that he turned out to be that kind of person.

    1. No worries. I am thankful that you are doing this to begin with. Without you and others, this would’ve been an abandoned project by now.

  15. When I see those reviews in NU that this novel is trash.
    Then looks at these legends who make this novel translation alive.

    Bruh I’ll finish reading this even if it’s mtl.

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