Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 138

138. The Heroine Show 2

“Now, let’s me catch all of you quickly before Kyarun comes.”

Queen made the children scared. The three little girls, who were near me, were grabbing my clothes.

…Are they scared?

“Papa, we will protect you.”

“It’s okay. I won’t let her touch Dear Father, not even one finger.”

“Daddy, run…”

…… The three little girls were too ‘manly’.

“Servants! Catch the children!”

In Queen’s words, her servants when down from the stage and were scaring the children while searching someone to catch. The children were scared every time they were being looked at. 

Well, only one person will be taken for the play… I wonder who it will be…

When I was looking them wondering who would be taken, I felt a strong gaze.

When I turned to the direction of that line of sight, the Queen was staring at me with an eye that could be said full of desire.

Hmm?… Perhaps?

“Servants! Bring Koha… Bring that boy here!”

After stopping for a moment, Queen’s servants immediately moved.

“I won’t give Papa away!”

“I’ll defeat you!”

“…..Protect at all cost”

Little girl 1 grabbed the leg of the approaching servant…

Little girl 2 punched the other servant…

Little girl 3 head-butted the other servant.


“Fuahaha! Don’t make light of us, kids! We are trained hard every day! That kind of attack won’t hurt me at all!”

Yup, I trust you, I saw your training after all…. 

The servant who approaching me, grabbed my arm and took me away. The little girls who saw me being taken, screamed sorrowfully. And the other children started crying. Then I was handed over to Queen.

“Oops! The Queen, she caught a boy who seems to have a happy future where he marries a blonde and curly-haired woman!”

Maizumi-san continued her narration, but casually put in herself as she please.

“Everyone! At this rate, Queen would do ‘this and that’ to the boy! Call Kyarun louder to help the boy! Only Kyarun can beat Queen!”

Maizumi-san called out to the children to call Kyarun.

” ’Se-no’ !”

” ” ” Kyaruuuーn !!! ” ” “

The loud voices of the children echoed in the venue. And a smoke screen was unfolded with a loud explosion sound. At the same time, the beautiful voice could be heard.

“The earths, heavens, and people! Also the children’s sorrowful cry! All of them calls for me! The Magical Girl of Love and Justice, Magical Kyarun, arrived!”

Yachigusa-san who made the horizontal piece pose suddenly appeared.


She said so in a provoking manner like some villains.

…… The words and facial expressions did not match very well, but the children were overjoyed. 

What the heck… it’s as if she’s the villain rather than the heroine… is it really okay for a heroine to act like that? 

“Queen, you did three things you must never do. First, you caught a weak boy and try to do whatever you like to him. Second, you hurt the children and scared them, and lastly, third, you are casually sniffing the body odor of the boy you just caught!”

And the explosion sound could be heard again. 

…… Hmm? What did she say? Definitely she’s ignoring the script! 

The Queen who was pointed by Kyarun began to laugh a little.

“As expected of Kyarun. You have a wonderful observation eye. Well, sorry to say this but, this boy, I will take him back to Harem’s base and make him a loyal servant of mine! I won’t give him to you! Servants, if you defeat Kyarun, I’ll lend you this boy for a day! Go!”

The battle began with that word. The servants were attacking Kyarun with splendid movements cultivated in military training. The attack flow one after another so smooth that the children and the workers were impressed by it. However……

“Magical Stick!”

Kyarun stretched out the stick she took out and counter attacked them. Apparently, the small stick, could be stretched to match Kyarun’s height. With that stick, the servants were attacked. Since the attacks were accurately hit the vital place, they were incapacitated in no time.

 …… Wait a minute, there is no Magic attack at all.

Since her name is ‘Magical’, Isn’t she supposed to use some Magical attacks that blow away the enemy? What is this? Action movie? But, sure it’s amazing…

“Now, it’s your turn, Queen of Whip! In short, Piece of Shit!”

You’re not making it short at all though?

“As expected of Kyarun, but don’t think that you can easily beat me!”

Queen held a whip and entered the battle mode. And so, the restraint placed on me was released.

…it’s bad if I don’t keep staying in here like this, right?

“Queen, let me ask you. What are you going to do with him?”

“What I plan to do huh… that is …”

The Queen’s face turned red.

“I-I’d like to drink the tea brewed by him and drink it slowly with him, just the two of us… then, play games together…, also, I want him to do a k-knee pillow for me…  there’s a lot more!”

The Queen said her desire bashfully.

Oi, this is what you, the actress wants to do! 

But, that naïve answers were immediately denied.

“Don’t lie”

“……what do you mea…”

“I know what, you, really, want to do.”



“You want to force the boy naked in front of you and then do some ‘wrestling’ at night!”

I heard “Oh my…” from the audience seats. When I looked at the source of the voice, it was the workers who were looking at me with a red face. 

Apparently, the workers imagined that ‘wrestling’. On the contrary, the children seemed to not understand and were asking the workers.

…..But seriously, what a bad play for education!

“I’ll never do!… that kind of… shameful things…”

Queen denied it, but her voice becomes smaller. Kyarun smiled with full of love.

“Queen. I think you’re not tainted with evil yet.”

“I-I’m not evil…?”

“Yes. Because if you want to do some ‘wrestling’ with a boy at night…”

The venue was so quiet that I could hear the sound of gulping.

“It must be because of love.”

“Love… is it …”

“Yes. I’m a Magical Girl of Love and Justice, I approved that as an act of love, I means it’s driven by love after all.”

“Ooooh! There’s some libido mixed in that, right? Well, the heroine of love and justice declared it as ‘love’! But, I’m curious where the ‘justice’ is!”

Maizumi-san spoke like a commentator in a professional wrestling match rather than a narrator of a story.

….It seems that the advice I gave before was useful for Yachigusa-san.

Seriously, what a bad heroine for children’s education…… Everyone, I’m really sorry.


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