Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 42 Part 1

42-1. In the meantime, This is bad (Part 1)

The harvest festival in Tiez’ home country had finally begun. The harvest festival in would be held for three consecutive days. First, the ceremony will be held in the hall on the first day. After that, the used tools would be carried to each surrounding village to celebrate for this year’s good harvest and pray for next year’s good harvest.

The villages would hold a one-day harvest festival on the day of the prayer. Then, on the final day, all the villages would be visited once again, and the tools used for praying would be collected and burned to end the festival. During that time, the town would be noisy day and night.

The ceremony to be held on the first day has already ended, and the city was crowded with street stall and entertainment. But, the number of usual street stalls had decreased sharply, and the number of stalls offering ready-made products were increasing.

Of course, there were also stalls where you can play. Ring toss, knife throwing, smashing hard fruits, dog racing and knights’ swordsmanship performance. Even if there was a difference in civilization, the intention to enjoy the festival was no different. That was why it would be a loss if I were to not enjoy it too. 

I decided to look around with Illias and Wolfe. Lacra would be free on the day of the harvest festival. More than anything she might do something that would get in the way of the festival. And, since there weren’t many monotonous jobs, the higher up thought that it would be better to leave her alone. It seemed she received some pocket money, so that she wouldn’t come back to the church in her spare time. That was why Lacra was enjoying this festival alone now.

Maybe Lacra will come search for me when she run out of pocket money, if so, I have to enjoy the festival until then. but …

“What have you been reading since a while ago?”

“It seems that they managed to search any information from Archbishop Ukka’s memory. I got a copy of the record. The rest is some wanted poster.”

Currently, there were many visitors coming to Tiez. Merchants who came to open the store at the harvest festival, adventurers and people from neighboring countries who came to enjoy the festival. 

With so many new faces, the gatekeeper will not be perfect at doing their job like usual. If Larheit were to try recapturing the book, he might take some action during the events. In fact, after reading the record of Archbishop Ukka’s memory, it seems that Larheit like to act within shot interval. He made frequent contacts with Archbishop Ukka and was constantly trying to get new information.

Obviously, Larhet is not the type who like to wait for long, and so it can be said that he is preparing for the next step right now, or he might’ve already taken his next step.

Other than that, the paper that I received was prepared after considering some possibilities. It’s a wanted poster for an adventurer who seems to be notorious in Mejis and neighboring countries.

Since Larheit was defeated by Archbishop Ukka once, his fighting ability might be not that very high. Not that I wanted to look down on Archbishop Ukka, just that I made this assumption based on what Lacra told me.

Archbishop Ukka is good at utilizing his technique, but compared to other archbishops, he doesn’t seem that talented. Even Lacra by all mean is superior in terms of strength in actual battles.

In other words, even if Larheit’s ability is actually much higher that what he showed, perhaps it’s only around Lacra. But that much power is more than enough for someone like him, who like to use his head rather than fighting.

Larheit is currently using other than his real body. In other words, his fighting power has dropped considerably, and so he might not act directly. In that case, he would use other people. If that’s the case, the next thing I need to think about is what kind of people he chose to use.

The assassins of Mejis have already been checked by the people of Yugura Religion. It will be difficult for him to pull out new personnel from there. In the first place, it is unlikely that a brain-type guy prefers to use a method that has been broken once. Of course, it is possible he uses the same tactic again, but considering the idea, the trouble he needs to do to get the assassin of Mejis who would work for him, the idea might be excluded from the options.

So, what about using the assassin who work in place other than Mejis? Well, this is also unlikely. That’s because they’ve been told that there are people in neighboring countries who may utilize the assassin without permission. And that those people may be the Demon Lord’s lapdog, who’re good at Brainwashing-type of Magic and trying to cause trouble between nations.

If it’s just a piece of advice from some neighboring country, they probably ignore it, but the one who said it, is Mejis. The country with the headquarter of Yugura Religion, which has many worshipers in each country. Any country that has Yugura’s believer will be more or less wary of the dangers.

For that reason, it is narrowed down to adventurers or some villains out there who are likely to be the pawns of Larheit. However, even if it’s a villain, it is not enough to send just a normal bandit.

He might prefer an assassin who has experience in actual battles. But if he wants to give some surprise attack, he will probably choose an adventurer, especially the strong one. But I don’t think a real straightforward adventurer will follow a shady man like Larheit.

There is a possibility that he might use brainwashing magic to get pawn, but there is a magic seal stone installed at the gate of Tiez, and if those kinds of people were to enter the country straight, the brainwashing magic will be broken. He entered here once, so he must know that. In other words, he can only use rewards like money or status to manipulate other people. So, he may use the infamous adventurer. That’s why I received the wanted poster of those people that need to aware of when they come to here.

“Well, sure there are some infamous guys in every world huh.”

“There are many adventurers. Some may be promoted as heroes by the country, while others are chased by the country and become criminals.”

What was written in the wanted poster was the appearance of the person and what kind of infamy he had. Although not wanted by the country, many were banned from the adventurer’s guild because they were regarded as dangerous. For example, those who had killed many humans due to their thirst of blood, those who had fought with other adventurer for profits and caused great damage, and those who have blackmailed the client and killed other adventurer for the rewards.

It could be said that as far as what Larheit knew, three strong men were in Tiez, Archbishop Ukka, who defeated him, Pope Euparo, and Lacra. And he might have recognized Illias who was escorting me that day. In that case, he might think that most people who only notorious but had no ability would be useless.

Of course, there might be some brain-type adventurers like Larheit too, so he might use that kind of people too, but for now he might put that kind of people as candidates to be used as pawn.

“Oh, this adventurer looks dangerous. A bloodthirsty combat enthusiast who uses a sword that’s much bigger than her height. She lost her ego and attacked other adventurers. Most of them were killed or injured, including the adventurers who tried to stop her….. Wait, why leave this kind of people alone?”

It’s easy to imagine that the extermination of such a people who can’t be reasoned is fierce. It will put more strain on the adventurer’s mind than going into the war. However, what she did was not just a simple rampage where she lost her mind. It can be said that she was aware of what she did. Which means, she’s just a lunatic who went out of control.

I would like to think that such an uncontrollable lunatic will not be the one Larheit sent here, but it can be said that there is a possibility I will see her in the future.

“Her name is Girista, a woman with fiery red short hair and a large claw tattoo on her right eye. She has a large sword with a blade like a tooth. She――”

No way….. A woman with a look that similar to what described in the wanted poster… I saw her at a glance in sight. She had a fiery red short hair, a large claw tattoo on her right eye, and was carrying a large sword with a blade like a tooth.

If this is Japan, I might think that she’s just a cosplayer and laughed a little. but in here, it’s not a place where I could just laugh when I see someone like that. Seriously, just right after I mentioned her, why she must in front of me? Give me a break please.

“What happened? Why are you suddenly stoppe―― “

It seems that Illias also noticed. By all means, the way the woman looks matched this Girista who is written in the wanted poster. She’s walking around in crowded place on the festival day in the daytime.

―― Let’s calm down, I need to calm down. Certainly, it’s undeniable that the woman may just come as a tourist even if she is Girista. She might not a pawn sent by Larheit, she might just a crimina ―― oh this is bad.

As soon as our eyes met, she smiled. Well, we were staring at her, of course she would notice us. And so, Girista, who was looking around the stalls, walked to us. 

“Illias, isn’t it bad if she were to rampage here? Where do you think is good?”

“If possible, it’s preferable to go outside the castle gate, but… the square should have had a space for the knight’s performances.”

“We can’t leave her alone, right?”

“Of course. Fortunately, she’s emanating her killing intent here. If we move, she’ll follow us for sure.”

We should move to a place with as few people as possible. Illias only has one body. There is a limit to the number of things that can be done at the same time.

“Alright, Wolfe. Carry me. Aim for the square and move along the roof.”


Well, it’s been a while since I’m carried on a woman’s shoulder.

Wolfe jumped and reached the roof. Illias hadn’t moved yet with the intention of delaying Girista by one step.

What is Girista doing now――eh? 

Girista grabbed the sword on her back and made a stance. She wasn’t approaching us yet. She was laughing while kept seeing at me. 

Her attack can reach from this distance, right ―― ah, no way!



With a shout, Girista swung the big sword in the middle of the main street. A huge collision sound echoed. The impact blew away the people who were on the side of Girista. But they weren’t slashed, the sword was stopped by Illias’s sword. Illias might have noticed, that by rushing in without hesitation, she can bounce off the people around her, and so the worst results could be prevented.

“Not hesitate to aim for innocent people huh, How dare you! Heretic!”

“Butー, you guys are the one who tried to escape, rightー? Dear knight who protects the peopleー?”

Girista then swung down another blow. Vibration was transmitted to the surroundings with a loud sound again. With the shock of the second blow, the people around them finally understood the danger of the situation and began to make noise.

“Everyone, get away from here! If you get involved, you’ll die instantly!”

The surrounding people ran away with Illias’ voice. A mass panic had occurred. 

Well, there’s no choice, we need to get people around here to keep a distance after all.

The people Illias pushed away also understand the current situation and were beginning to leave. However, those who were blown away by the impact of the first blow were late to escape. Although they were far from the big swords, they were scattered around. And so Illias couldn’t move yet. If she were to move, the one who couldn’t move immediately would be in the range of the big sword.

“Shisho, what should we do?!”

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