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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 137

137. The heroine show

I looked at the sign that says, ‘The first drama club performance venue’. 

Finally, today is the day of the drama, and since I was asked to come and see it, so of course I will go……. Well, I would have come even if I wasn’t told. 

But, I gave such advices to Yachugusa-san, so I was really worried about how the play would turn out. After all, I said that the heroine of love and justice was just a pervert. No matter if it was just a possibility about the personality of ‘Kyarun’, I couldn’t help but to wonder how Yachigusa-san would perform.

…..I pray that you can perform as the heroine of justice properly.

When I arrived at the performance venue. It was the concert hall used for performances that the school often rented out to the to the public. It was large enough and well equipped, so it could be used for a lot of occasion. Such a hall was full of little girls now.

It was probably coming from kindergartens and nursery schools in various places around the area. The workers must be troubled when leading a lot of children to here. Since the play targeted towards children, I decided to watch it from behind so that I wouldn’t stand out.

…… I tried to enter it silently, but I got noticed immediately. The little girls who had been making noise and the workers who were struggling to calm them were looking at me together.

…… Could you stop staring at me? it’s very awkward you know.

I sat in the unobtrusive back seat and waited for the play to begin. However, the little girls approached me. And after glancing at me, they said:


“My dear father”


“… No, that’s wrong, I’m not even married yet.”

What a bunch of fearsome children… To regard a stranger high school boy as their father… 

The kids all sat around me after tilting their necks.

…… does the instinct of to not let go the prey (man) is engraved at the genetic level?

“Hey! What are you doing! Ah, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by these children.”

The person who was probably the worker whose looking over these children, came to help me to sort out the situation.

“Listen everyone, please don’t bother other people, okay? let’s go to where everyone is.”

“… Papa, let’s go.”

The little girls reluctantly stood up from their seats. But one of them grabbed my clothes and said so.

“Perhaps, are you Azusa-chan’s father?”

“Of course no!”


“He is my dear my father.”

“… Daddy”


“No! It’s wrong!”

The other two also participated in the war, and the worker was confused. 

…No, no matter how you think about it, I’m not their father! Look carefully please… See how old these kids!

“I-I know… of course right… it must be a mistake …”

“Well, as long as you understand.”


The girl holding my clothes was about to start crying.

“Azusa-chan, don’t bother other people. If you think that everything you do is fine just because you’re a kid, you’ll having a lot of trouble in your future life.”


“I’m sorry. I’ll take these children.”

Although she looks kind, what she said was quite a tough word. The worker bowed her head and tried to take the little girls, but the little girls were not moving. Perhaps she thought it couldn’t be helped, she held those children as if some luggage 


“Dear Fatherー!”

“Daddy… Help …”

The little girls were desperately asking for help. It was scary to be called as dad by a stranger, but for some reason I felt guilty.

“Hmm, excuse me……”

In the end, I ended up with them to see the play together. Moreover, I ended up sitting in the middle seat. 

…Why Though?! Why?

While I was in distress, Maizumi-san came out on the stage.

“Everyone! Hello!”


The children cheerfully respond to Maizumi-san’s greetings.

“What a good answer… Everyoneー! Thank you for coming to the play of the first drama club todayー!”

“You are welcomeー!”

Maizumi-san continued her words while waving her hands.

“Today, the one who always protects this city from the evil. Magical Kyarun, the Magical Girl of love and justice is comingー as the special guest! Let’s all welcome her cheerfullyー! When I say ‘Se-no’, please reply with ‘Kyaru〜n!’, please say it in a loud voice or else, she may not come out, okay? One two three, ‘Se-no’?! [TN : ‘Se-no’ is like, ‘Ready?’]


The children were very energetic. They were also good at playing along and their voices were very loud. 

So… will Kyarun come out? 

Suddenly, the venue became dark, and a sound effect could be heard. And the one who appeared…

“Haーhahah! I’m one of the executives at the evil secret organization ‘Harem’, Queen of Whip!”

A girl with heavy makeup dressed in bondage fashion appeared with the sound of explosion and the smoke screen.

“Waaa! A person from the evil organization has come instead of Kyarun! ‘Harem’ is full of bad guys who plan to conquer the world! Kyarun please come to help!”

In response to Maizumi-san’s words, the children were desperately calling ‘Kyarun’.

“Ahahaha! It’s no use, Kyarun is dealing with my servant! By the time Kyarun comes, I’ve taken you all and made you work for ‘Harem’! Ahahahaha!”

In the words of Queen, the children were about to cry. 

Well, well, what a ‘proper’ heroine show…


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    1. I know it makes it seem they come off as thirsty but… probably not one of those little girls has met their father. Yet I bet their mothers are always gushing about their fathers and that they were sooo lucky to have the chance to have a kid with them. Even if they never meet again and send money constantly for nothing. Kinda sad really. I feel like a world like this would either have many more harems or many more lesbian couples, even if the lesbians are more platonic in nature.

      I know its just a silly novel at the end of the day though and this interaction was still hilarious.

  1. Thanks for your hard work! Almost perfect translation!
    Кажется, детская пьеса будет тем ещё безумием!) Впрочем, настоящие японские шоу для детей тоже вызывают удивление)

  2. Is this really a show for kids!? Kohaku, please! Reform that damn world into something that doesn’t devour my SAN points so often!

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