Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 136

136. Yachigusa’s worries 2

don’t understand the character of the role… If you’re an actor, that kind of worries may happen anytime. But I don’t think I can understand the root of the trouble. I mean, I’m neither person who is ‘magical’ nor a ‘magical girl’, and more than that I’m not ‘Kyarun’. However, if a man chose to turn back and abandon a troubled girl here, it’s lame. Well, I heard that even just by talking your problem to some else can make you feel better, so…

“What is exactly… you don’t understand?”

“I don’t understand the meaning of her ‘existence’!”

Damn, so it’s something philosophical huh…

“I went to ask the person who wrote the script to ask… about Kyarun’s personality.”

Yachigusa-san talked to me. However, her expression was dark, perhaps because she remembered about it.

“She said, ‘Magical Kyarun is a magical girl of justice and love’ .”

I see but, it’s a classic magical girl, isn’t it?

“Kyarun is fighting the evil secret organization ‘Harem’, day and night for the people.”

…… Isn’t it better to change the name of the evil secret organization?

” ‘Harem’ is a villainous organization that captures men and made them into their own. It’s an organization full of bad people who try to control the world with high scientific power and abundant financial power and change it to what they want!”

I’ve been thinking since a long time ago, but why the hero’s enemy organization, even though they having great power, their strategy is always shit?

“Kyarun is a heroine of justice who keeps fighting against such people.”

“… So, she is a righteous heroine, is she?”

“Yes, but Kyarun… this girl!”

Yachigusa frowned to endure something.

…… What is it? Does Yachigusa hate the heroine of justice?

“… this girl doesn’t even ask for the phone number of the boy who she helped!”

Yachigusa-san said so with a loud voice.

“….. Hmm?”

“It’s weird, isn’t it?! If you helped a boy, you’d have a chance to get closer, right?! But! Despite this, she just goes home without even asking the boy’ real name. And she continues her normal ‘unpopular’ life!”

Yachigusa-san was banging on the floor as if she really could not understand.

“Ask the boy, please! Names! phone numbers! or email addresses!”

Isn’t Yachigusa-san so frank about this in front of a boy (me)? After a while, her fierceness had finally subsided, and she calmed down.

“Miu hate the girl who miss such a chance. TCH!….”

……Hmm, Yachigusa-san? You said it in front of a man you know? Is it okay?

“But in order to make it a good stage play, I have to understand this girl… but I started to think it’s absolutely impossible. Perhaps if her appearance looks like an alien, I might be able to play this role without problem…”

In other words, is Yachigusa-san’s worried that she must understand the existence that she cannot understand? 

In other words, if what I need to do is to make this idea of ​​the heroine of justice, Magical Kyarun, to be understandable from the ordinary girl’ perspective, right?

“Isn’t Yachigusa-san see Kyarun as if she were a saint?”

“What do you mean?”

“Kyarun is not a perfect human, but just an ordinary girl.”

It seemed that Yachigusa-san didn’t understand what I wanted to say yet. She made a confused face after all.

“You said Kyarun would leave without asking anything, right?”


“Usually, you would be interested about the person who helped you. You want to know more about them, this is the same even for men.”

Yachigusa-san nodded.

… Well, the real man would take it for granted that he was helped, but he wouldn’t say that out loud.

“But Kyarun didn’t say anything, not even her own name, she did this because she wants the person that she helped would remember her all the time. If she did, the question the boy had in their head would be answered. But if she didn’t, the boy would be curious. When the boy couldn’t handle his curiosity anymore, Kyarun will show her true aim. She intends to get the boys’ heart who is so curious about her. “

“N-no way… So, Kyarun uses such an advanced technique…?!”

“The other possibility is that Kyarun has an ‘attribute’ called, ‘NTR’ !”

“N… T… R…”

“I’m sure Kyarun must not hate the person who she helped. But, she choose to not say anything… that means, there’s a possibility that she’s taking into account of the boy being taken by another woman. That’s right! Kyarun is excited to see the person she helped flirt with another woman! “

Yachigusa-dan shocked at my words. And after a while, she showed me a blank face.

“Thank you, Hatano-san! So, Kyarun is just an ordinary girl huh.”

…… Though the girl I just described is unusual, no matter how you think about it!

“I feel like I can perform well…. No, I’ll show you that I can do it!… So, Hatano-san, please come and see me.”

Yachigusa-san did her usual pose with ‘Kyarun’ instead of ‘Kyaha’. And, she went somewhere.

It seems that she’s feeling better.

…..But is this really all right? I feel that I had degraded the heroine of justice as a vulgar mob character who is frank with her desires.

The play… Is it really a play for young children?


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  1. That NTR example he gave… Is that even NTR? It sounds more like “goodwill” rather than “love”.

  2. I thought this world was worrisome because of the pervert shotacon princess. But now I am more worry about how this world educate children, particularly the girls.

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