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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 135

135. Yachigusa’s worries

I decided to eat lunch today at the cafeteria, so when I heard that Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san’s, who also planned to eat at the cafeteria, so I decided to eat it with them.

Perhaps both of them were getting used to the ‘military training’, recently, they did not sleep at lunch breaks. In addition to that, their appetite became strong too. In fact, a lot of foods were placed on the table. Chateaubriand steak, varieties of fried meats and vegetables, rice with soy sauce and egg. All of that just for Maizumi-san. She was really enjoying the meal.

As for Yachigusa-san… she ordered soba noodles, rice with the topping of tempura, and a chocolate parfait. However, I felt that she was not feeling well somewhere, her facial expression was darker than usual.

“Thank you for the meal.”

Yachigusa-san finished eating the parfait and stood up.

“Hatano-san, I’m sorry, but I have something to do, so I’ll go ahead.”

“Ah, e, yeah”

Yachigusa-san said so and went away with her food tray.

…… Hmm, did something happen to her?

When I was tilting my head, Maizumi started talking as if to answer the question.

“Kohaku-san seems to be interested in Ya-chi, right?” [TN: ‘-chi’ in here is, one of many ways that Japanese girl like to do when making nickname. As it sounds cuter.]

…… Ah, so you call her, ‘Ya-chi’ huh.

“You see, Ya-chi is now worried about acting.”

“I see. Well, acting is difficult after all, right?”

“Yes, and Ya-chi is the main character, so I think she’s feeling extra pressure. I mean, she only had that much for lunch…”

Maizumi-san stared at me with determined eyes.

“Kohaku-san, would you please give a listen to Ya-chi’s worries?”

“Hmm, but I don’t know about acting …”

“I know, that’s why, it’s okay to just listen to Ya-chi’s worries. I think if Kohaku-san were to do that, Ya-chi will feel better.”

“Ah, hmm, okay. I’m also curious about what is on Yachigusa-san’s mind, so I’ll try to do that…. I don’t know if that’s enough, though.”

“Really?! Thank you!”

Maizumi-san gave me a smile.

“Now, since I don’t have to worry about it, I feel like my appetite is coming back. Alright, I’ll order some more.”


When I was looking at Maizumi-san, she noticed my gaze, and making a surprised expression, but she suddenly composed herself.

“W-Well, well, now that I’m no longer worried, I feel like my appetite is back. Perhaps I should order some more….. OHOHOHO”

Maizumi-san rephrased her previous words. But that was not what I was wondering.

“But where do you think Yachigusa-san go?”

“Maybe she’s practicing on the rooftop.”


“If you have free time now, could you please check on her?”

“OK, I’ll go now.”

“Thank you”

I decided so, stood up, and headed to the rooftop.

But, will I be able to solve her worries? I hope it’s not something difficult. 

When I opened the rooftop door, many students were having lunch or just taking a break. The rooftop of Kenran High was well maintained and designed to make the students feel relax, but because it was far from the classroom, not a lot of student often would come to the rooftop.

… is Yachigusa-san really here?

When I searched for Yachigusa-san and walked around on the roof, I was able to find her without spending a lot of time. Yachigusa-san was sitting in the corner and focused on watching something. Even though I knew that I might just get in the way, I still approached and called out.


“Eh? Hatano-san? Why are you here?”

Yachigusa-san asked with a confused face.

“I was worried about Yachigusa-san. You were not as energetic as usual, and when I asked Maizumi-san, she said that you might be on the rooftop, so I came here.”

I ended my words with a smile.

“Really?! Does that mean you were worried about Miu?”

“Yeah, I was worried.”

“Eh, ah, hmm.. What should I say… Miu is very happy!”

Yachigusa-san smiled brightly. 

I’m glad that she seems to feel a little better. But, the root cause has not been solved, so…

“I heard that you are worried about something, If you want, I’ll listen to you.”

“B-But…  I feel bad…”

As expected, she’s refrained herself. But…!

I looked down a little sadly and behaved as if I was shocked by the words.

“Ah, I’m sorry. As expected, you won’t say anything to someone like me, right? I’m annoying, aren’t I?”

I threw words that were quite troublesome. And If I were to be rejected again, I decided to withdraw quietly.

“That’s not the case! Miu was really happy, but I don’t want to bother Hatano-san…”

“Yachigusa-san… No, Miu-chan. I want Miu-chan to be energetic as usual! Let me try to help you.”

The change of how you call someone is to improve familiarity. But my main aim is to increase my reliability by appealing that it wants to help. 

…So, how about now?

“Hatano-san …”

Yachigusa-san was sobbing a little. Perhaps she was touched by my words.

…… I wonder why, but somehow, I feel a little guilty.

“So, what is Miu-chan worried about?”

Yachigusa-san wiped her eyes and began talking.

“I, don’t understand about the role given to me… I can’t understand Magical Kyarun’s character.”

Yachigusa-san said with a cloudy smile and once again she made a gloomy face.

Hmm, well, I’m sorry but, I don’t understand either…


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