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VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 5

So this is the end, to the one I’ve Tl-ed, you could check the continuation on the other group who seriously pick thi series. here

5. Solo stream

“Awlright, time for stweaaam!”


: Here she come━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!

: So, this is No.1 stream in the world!

: Stweaamm? Right from the start? lol

: Eh? Who are you?

: It’s the opening and she’s drunk already, kusa

: Is this the live stream of the strong snowstorm I heard in rumors?

: Perhaps she’s a professional wrestler?

: I can’t feel she learn from her mistake at all ww

The comment section flowed at a speed I’ve never seen before.

Aaah, Tis is good! This pleasant feeling is the same as when I drink the third can of STZERO. [TN: well, she drank 2 the day before…]

“No, I really learned from my mistake. I’m serious. I’ll end my stream properly from now on! I’m sorry to everyone!”


: Hmm? Did the person behind change? Even though it’s an avatar I know, a different person is speaking!

: I guess, she got possessed?

: Confirm possessed, by STZERO

: At that that time when she suddenly called herself a sommelier even though, she’s just an alcoholic! The moment when she opened the can of STZERO and start spouting some remarks about underground empire made me burst into laughter

: Haven’t you reflected regarding the alcohol?

“Of course I was going to stop drinking. But the management doesn’t seem to be angry anymore, so whatever!”


: The management is sick in the head

: As usual, lol. Well, I guess since the management is chaos, even their VTuber are also chaos

: In conclusion, Live-On was Live-On

: Well, aren’t she drunk already?

“Haah? Of course. I finished one can already, ya know? If I’m sober, I don’t dare to come out in front of such a large number of people, after all, I have a shitty smallfry mental, ya know. Time for a long can.”



: Push! It’s not wwwwww

: Shitty smallfry mental (Seiso)

: She’s strong (Conviced)

: Oi, she’s really started drinking! ww

Right when my head started to stopped working, I gave a final blow with a water from the long can.

Aaaah, perfect!

GULP, GULP, GULP!  Mmmmmahhh, so gooooood!!!”


: Hmm? Are you perhaps drinking something that you shouldn’t do (drugs)?

: Well, I’m sure of it

: The sound when she was drinking made me want one too, but I’m back to reality when she starts speaking with a strange voice after that.

: The first time she drank when she’s streaming was because she forgot to end the stream, can you believe it?

: Return my ‘Seiso’ Awayuki-chan!

“Haah? I’m Seiso though? See this gentle and graceful expression carefully!”

I zoomed the face of my avatar, Awayuki. It was what they called, ‘Gachi-koi’ distance. [TN: which mean, it’s a distance where without a doubt will make your heart beats and fall in love.]

Up until now, it was mostly wonderful comments like ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’,



: A STZERO addict who thinks that she herself is ‘Seiso’

: You just reek of alcohol

: Didn’t her stream always pleasant talks in the tone of a young lady until just before this stream? Well, well…

The comment section, which was mostly people’s agonizing cries, was too interesting for me now.

Ah, I’ve always enjoying streaming, but maybe today the most fun stream I ever did.

Aaah, thank you STZERO … You’re not only heal me but also give me happiness…

I think, I fell in love.

“I’m going to marry STZERO”


: Kusa www

: Huh?

: What?

: Is there really a VTuber who declared marriage during stream?

: A woman who can only make legends

: Do you have any explanation about ‘Dochashiko’ that you said to Hikari-chan?

“Haah?  my favorite is someone who is pure and ignorant, ya know? If you don’t ‘Mas***bate’ to it, you’re being rude, ya know.”


: Oi, someone closes her mouth quickly! Every time she opens her mouth, a bomb comes out!

: I’ll FA* to it (For sure)

: Ahh, my stomach hurts www

“Rather, if you are a man, you should do it on the spot when you are attracted to a woman. Ya know, women like a straight and honest man.”


: Good point

: No way www

: Then, when I meet Awayuki-san, I will FA* right away without hesitation!

“No, don’t do that. I’ll report you, ya knwow.”


: What’s wrong with this girl

: It seems there’s no filter in her head, she just talks whatever came to her brain

After that, I continued chatting with such tension for a while.

My stream felt completely different from before. 

I was gradually fascinated by the indescribable sense of liberation, and my heartfelt laughter, which was not just a fake laugh, increased.

Aaaah, working at that black company for too long and my NEET life made me forgot that talking to someone else was such a fun thing …

I was also pleased with the comment section where the tension gradually increased over time….

The direction of the wind suddenly changed.


: Wait a sec, the second generations are coming lol



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