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VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 3

3. Become a legend

“………. Umm”

I woke up from sleep when the bright sunlight from the scorching sun on a sunny morning came into my room.

“Urrgh… Ewrgg……..”

Oh no, I’m about to vomit. It’s always fun when I’m drinking Strong Zero, but I always get the worst hangover in the next morning.

Well, I can’t stop drinking though.

It’s almost every day for me to see hell in the morning. My body already accustomed to it. it’s already a routine.

It’ll be more poisonous to my body to change it now… yeah, I’m sure of it.

If I ever do this when I’m streaming, I’m sure the comments would be filled with “What?”.

Well, I don’t think I’ll ever do that, I’ve never drank alcohol in stream because I’m trying to look pure and neat during the stream.


When I was thinking of getting up to go and get some water to drink, my smartphone started ringing early in the morning.

Apparently, it was an incoming call from my manager, Suzuki-san.

Suzuki-san, a young female manager among the staff who works at Live-On and will turn 24 years old this year.

She had risen to the position of manager because of her straightforward personality that solves problems head-on. She was said as a success person in the career she chose.

I had always been taken care of by her. So that I can concentrate on my streaming activities. I could never forget the favor I received from her in my whole life.

I heard from her that she volunteered to be my manager herself.

So, I asked her me why she volunteered.

「”Well, I thought if Yuki-san became serious, you couldn’t keep up with your activities without me.”」

I was told something that I didn’t really understand. Suzuki-san, her appearance and attitude were like someone who like doing sport, so I wonder if the words she said was something that someone who like to do activities indoors could understand.

“Aa aa”

“Aah! Yuki-san! I’m glad you finally picked up my call!”

Hmm? What’s wrong? 

Unlike me, who answered the phone with a dull voice, Suzuki-san could understand my situation just by listening to my voice.

She somewhat sounds a bit in rush.

“Umm, what exactlyー”

“Szzz! Be quiet! It’s no good if personal information is leaked, so please don’t say any word if you can. And please accept what I’m about to say from now on and be as calm as possible.”


Suzuki-san who forcibly cut my words said so.

Personal information…?

My drowsiness got blown away at once when I heard an apparently dangerous word.

Eh…?! maybe I’m doing something ridiculous without my knowledge?

“Alright, please listen calmy, okay?…… Please end the stream.”

Please end the stream

Please end the stream

Please end the stream

The same words looped in my head.

Forgetting to end the stream… In the worst case, it might lead to the leakage of personal information, so it was regarded as one of the most important things that VTuber should be careful about.

And in fact, another bad thing that was hidden within this. And fortunately… or unfortunately, since I had spent so much time streaming as a VTuber, I knew the answer.

Right, even if personal information was not leaked, if VTubers ever forgot to turn their stream off, in most cases the viewer will be able to see the ‘real self’ behind the avatar.

A VTuber who role-playing an avatar, a character. There were extremely few opportunities to show the true self of the person behind the avatar to the viewer.

In other words, exposing that rare side to the viewer………

It will be used by viewers to tease the VTuber.


There was some malfunction with my PC when I was about to end the stream yesterday, right?

I tried to open the stream screen on my PC again with the overflowing cold sweat.

Then there……


: Morning! Are you seeing this?

: The Strong drinking stream was good

: It was a stream that makes me felt something new, it transcended the gap moe because there was too much gap than usual!!

: It wasn’t light snow anymore, it felt like a complete snowstorm www

: Alright, let’s be Hikari-chan’s mom and ‘Mas***bate’ while watching her archive

: A woman who compared her gen mate’s ASMR with STZERO

: Right at this moment, I’m definitely watching the birth of the legend

: Definitely a historic stream in the VTuber world

: Why are there so many VTubers who call themselves ‘Seiso’ are actually ‘dangerous’?

: I burst into laughter. I can’t hate you if you show me something that doesn’t feel fake, hahaha

: I want to drink STZERO together with you

“What’s thisssssssss???? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!”

I screamed so hard unintentionally.

Comments that flow at a speed that couldn’t be followed by my eyes despite such a morning.

And above all, the number of viewers far exceeded the average so far.

Now that I look closely, the number of subscribers, which was just a little, is almost the same as my viewer… no, it seems that it will exceed it because it is increasing at a tremendous speed.

Ahhhh, this is bad, I’m getting a headache.


: Congratulations on the number one trend in the world

: A woman who took over the world just by drinking STZERO in front of her computer

“No. 1 in the world ?!”

In a hurry, I looked at the trend ranking of the SNS “Katattaa”, which used by the most people in Japan.

I couldn’t believe it, but the name “Kokorone Awayuki” was the number one trend in the world, not just in Japan, and “Forgot to end” is in the trend.

Ah…………….. I’m done………………..

“Well, well, Yuki-san. When I saw you at the interview, I thought that you would ‘explode’ someday, but I never thought it because you forgot to end your stream. What a surprise. Anyway, I’ll do my best to support you from now on too. Let’s do our best! “

Most of Suzuki-san’s words didn’t come to my mind.

Aaaah, I’m feeling sick because of the hangover already, and now you want me to swallow that much information? My head can’t handle it.

“Uu …….. Uurrg……..”

Ah……… this is bad …

“☆ (The sound is too dirty, please imagine it yourself) ☆”

Somehow, I managed to press the end button while vomiting.

By the way, not to mention forgetting to end the stream, this unprecedented way to end the stream had become a legend under the name of “Vomitting-style end stream”.

How did it end up like this?


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