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VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 2

Since I just saw some other group already doing this (I checked last week and no one doing this yet at that time), I’m not going to continue this… So this series will end as just a teaser, I’ll post all the ch I’ve tl-ed

2. Forgot to end 2


I returned to the desk where I did the streaming, and poured the chilled ‘strong zero’ into your body.

Well, I didn’t know whether I kept drinking because it tasted delicious or not. I had reached the point where I couldn’t end the day without it…

Originally, I wasn’t so strong in alcohol, so I started to feel sick right after I took a gulp.

Well, it’s cheap and you can get drunk right away! As expected, STZERO is the best!

[TN: I’ll use STZero from now on, this is based on the illustration in the LN]

Ahh, this is good, I’m feeling a lot better now.

The feeling of the inner power within me being released every time I drink it, it’s irresistible.

“Seriously, it’s irresistible. With just one can, I feel like I don’t mind working for an absurd amount of wage to build an underground empire. Ah, Ka*ji-kun drank beer, so don’t they have STZERO?” [TN: it’s Kaiji-kun from a manga titled Kaiji, he’s in debt, in the anime season 2, he’s worked to build the underground empire, there’s a time when he drink beer]

As I started to speak something that might come out from someone with an IQ 3, there was no sign of Awayuki who usually spoke in the tone of a young lady.

A 350ml canned beer that I could continue to drink non-stop, it became empty in a blink of an eye.

However, I was not satisfied yet.

So, I brought another can with me from the refrigerator.

And …

“Uhyaaa! As expected, the sound of a long can being opened is the best!”

Awayuki holding beer

Yes, it was a long can, a devilish thing for someone who wanted to drink liquor so much. [TN: the long can is 500 ml]

Well, the woman (me) shouted in a flashy manner. In truth, the woman (me) was a ‘Seiso’ VTuber who usually spoke in the tone of a young lady. [TN: ‘Seiso’ is basically pure, innocent, clean…]

“Alright! It’s time to watch my gen mate’s stream!”

Soon after, I felt good, so I proceeded to watch the archive of the stream my gen mate, Matsuriya Hikari, did on the day.

In truth, I hadn’t met Hiakri-chan in person yet, but she was always so kind to me from the beginning of my debut even though I couldn’t stand out when I did a stream like hers. She was a really nice girl, an angel, I loved her!

A 16-year-old avatar with a bright face that was quite petite but had big breasts and bright brown hair. And above all, the contents of the stream that she did matched that full of vitality appearance.

She often picked up comments, and her activities as a VTuber was well received, and she was said as the centerpiece of the third generation.

I have collaborated with her several times, but somehow, I feel that she is a child who embodies pure innocence, she makes me feel like I want to become her mother (Straight face).

“I’m going to be a mom!”

I had a habit to talk to myself when I got drunk, Or rather, the words that came to my mind came out of my mouth as it was, ignoring all the filters in my head.

Since I was a shy person, I rarely drank alcohol with anyone, so even though it had never been a problem, I should be careful.

Well, anyway, I can’t stop drinking strong zero! Seriously, I can’t stop!

“Gyahahahahahahaha !!!”

I kept laughing without care while watching the archive.

The content of the stream was playing game, and the game she was playing was a game where you could feel the madness of the creator as the sausages stuck in the fork and the sausages fight against each other.

Rather, since the game was just like that, there were many vulgar humors in the player names.

“卍ル武社亜wwwwwwwwwww it’s no longer related to sausages wwwwwwww” [TN: 卍ル武社亜 it’s ‘Manjirubushaa’, which roughly mean, ‘sq**rting’, and ‘w’ is like hahaha or ‘lol’ used in Japan]

Since I got drunk, no matter how vulgar it was, if I found it interesting, I would laugh.

And, what made it even more interesting was that Hikari-chan, didn’t have much knowledge of such vulgar things, so she often read it as it was, except for the one that she could clearly understand.

She completely provoking the pervert.

“Huh! Why are you ‘dochashiko’… Hikari-chan’s mom (me) who is seeing your stream right now really feel ‘dochashiko’ you know?” [TN: I’ll put an explanation below, since it’s quite long]

With a lot of laugh along the stream, it finally ended. 

As expected, Hikari-chan’s stream is~… the best!

Yeah, she’s amazing. I can see why she became popular, and there is no reason not to be so.

Compared to that, I …

“… It’s time, so watch Chami-chan’s stream and go to bed.”

Around 2:00 am, I became keenly aware of the reality and became sad, so I decided to watch the archive of another gen mate, Yanagase Chami, stream.

Chami-chan, she chose a slightly different direction from other streamers, mainly focused on various ASMR.

A very selfish Onee-san with blonde short hair and blue-eyes. Her ASMR was good.

Her low-pitched and weak-feeling voice could make you relax. There was no stream that was more suitable for sleep than hers,

It seems like she did an ear cleaning ASMR today. There is no doubt that I will fall asleep in the middle of the video.

“Aah yeah, the addictiveness of this stream is dangerous, it’s equal with STZERO.”

Immediately an urge to sleep came and I fell asleep in no time.


Without noticing the smartphone that kept ringing loudly, I went to slumber……


  1. For the one who is still wondering why ‘w’? the word came from the kanji ‘笑’ which means laugh, and in romaji it’s ‘Warau’. Then from ‘warau’ they took only the first letter, which is ‘w’. And people like to use not only one ‘w’ but a few, like this ‘wwwwww’, which looks like grass. This leads to ‘草’, which means grass, and in romaji it’s ‘Kusa’, that also stand for ‘hahaha’ or ‘lol’.
  2. ‘Dochashiko’ is actually a word come from a word ‘shikoshiko’ that mean ‘FA*’ or ‘Hand**b’, but as the time goes it spread to BL lover girls. They used it when they see a scene or picture that hot and erotic enough to be used as ‘material’ when they ‘Mas***bate’.  This way of use spread further to girls who like manga and anime in general, so it’s not limited to BL lover girls anymore. Later, the word spread to young girl, but word derived to be ‘Shikoi’ and the meaning change further, and so it used by them with the meaning of ‘it makes my heart beats or excited’.

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