Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 134

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134. Drama Club’s activites

「”The drama club is amazing these days.”」

Such a rumor could be heard recently. The faces of Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san were full of tiredness as if to prove the rumor. 

Even early in the morning, they put their head on their own desk and didn’t move. Even so, when the class starts, they I got up and listen to it properly. They were really such a hard-working people. Well, when I saw them, they were like a zombie, but… Seeing them, people around me, including myself, had no chance to speak to them.

I approached Yachigusa-san and took a look at her.

…..Yeah, she’s sleeping pleasantly and she’s even drooling……. But what is it, somehow Yachigusa-san’s cheeks seem to be very soft… alright, let’s poke at it.

I gently approached my index finger and touched it.

The soft and fluffy feels came back from my index finger.

“Hmm… mmmm …”

Every time I poke Yachigusa-san’s cheeks, she reacted slightly, but there was no sign of waking up. I felt like I was doing some sexually harassment to her, but I chose to not worry about it. The girls around me… somehow their face turned red while staring at me, but I chose to not mind it. Then I tried to not just poking but grabbing it.

….. What is it? what is this addictive softness.

“Sytow… op… mo…”

It had firm elasticity in its softness, and its smooth texture sucked my fingers as if it didn’t want to let my fingers go……. Yachigusa-san, thank you!

“Stop it… Myom …”

Oho, Yachigusa-san is saying in sleep that she wants me to stop. But too bad, I’m not your mom so I’ll continue. 

I grabbed her cheeks and stretch them a little. 

…It can be stretched! As expected, the quality of the skin of a high school girl is good… Did I wake her up?

Perhaps she woke up when I got impressed by Yachigusa-san’s cheeks, now our eyes met.

“Hey! What are you doingー! What are you trying to doー!”

And, she got angry. 

Well, it’s my bad, but it can’t be helped, right….?

“I’m sorry, but Yachigusa-san’s cheeks are so beautiful that I couldn’t help but touch them, also it feels soft and elastic.”

I looked down, and apologized……. I did apologize, but I didn’t understand what I was saying at all.

“I-Is that soー? Is it really beautifulー? Then, it can’t it be helped, I guess? It’s beautiful after all, right?”

Yachigusa-san was happy to hear my respond, especially the word “beautiful”, she repeated it a few times. 

Even though women in this world looks good, but they rarely get praised, so they’re quite ‘easy’…..  well, they lack experience after all.


“… W-what’s wrong?”

“You could touch Miu’s cheeks if you want, B-but this time, please do it gently.”

Yachigusa-san said so while glancing up to me a little.

…do you calculate all the angles when doing this act? In my previous life, she is comparable to a girl who seems to be able to make a lot of men, fall in love just by acting cute! Approaching a man with her cute gesture and just by saying a simple word, the man would follow her anywhere…. she would be a perfect person as a club crusher.

“You’re tired recently, but what’s wrong?”

I reached out to Yachigusa-san’s cheek and gently touching it while listening to what her condition.

“Ah, umm… Well, you know that I’ll doing a play only with the other first year students, right?”


“So, the seniors in our club are giving guidance for that …”


“It’s unusually hard.”

“As I guess, practice for acting is not easy huh?”

“Ah, no, no, what I’m doing right now is building physical strength, not acting.”

“Physical strength?”

“Yes, I’m forced to do it because I need physical strength to stay fit when I stand in the stage.”

Yachigusa-san  to the desk as it is.

“It’s too strict no matter how you think about it, you know.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I’m sure our seniors use us to relieve their stress on a daily basis. Fufufufu…”

“I’ll let you all taste my grudge someday… “, Yachigusa murmured with a gloomy face.

“I, I see. The class will start soon, so I need to go.”

“Ah, yes, please come again!”

I stroked Yachigusa-san’s cheeks for the last time and returned to my seat.

However, Yachigusa-san, Maizumi-san, are those who have good motor nerves and physical strength. I’m really curious what kind of club activity that can makes these two people so tired…. Alright, let’s quietly take a peek at the activities of the drama club later.

Finally, the school ends, I shall go to take a look at the practice of the drama club. 

I was getting information that the drama club member would use the first ground today.

When I was heading there, I heard a loud voice.

“Run! Run! All you can do now is just run and gain strength!”

I saw a girl with a megaphone was shouting to the girls running on the ground. Since Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san were among the people who were running, that was probably the drama club.

“I ask you to run, not because I hate all of you! I asked you all of this because I want to make you worthless maggots to be good actress! Hoi! You There! How dare you letting out a pig-like voice like that while running?! What a disgrace! Run with the feeling that you are always being watched by a lot of people! Everyone has added 10 laps! “

…… I quickly left the place. Apparently, preparing for a play was a lot harder than I thought.

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