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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 133

133. Lively School

The school was livelier more than usual. The girl students were somewhat restless, and when they had free time, they took out her smartphone and played with it. The boys looked at such girls said, “Such a disgraceful” and “Why don’t they calm down a little more?”. When the girls hear such a boy’s words, they immediately put away their smartphones, but when they moved away, they took them out again and start playing with them.

The reason why girls were so restless was that the lottery results for school visits to Seimei Boys’ High School would be announced. After discussing for a few times to proceed with the school visit event, the schedule was decided and so, a special page was made on the school homepage. They girls started applying, and information spread among the students very fast, and in the end most of the Kenran High students applied for the event. 

The winners of the event would be announced today. However, it would be only the first batch, so the student who might fall was told to not be so discouraged and wait patiently for the second and third batch announcement……. Well, if the first batch were to do something wrong, there wouldn’t be any more.

This event not just a mere school tour, they student would need to participate in classes to deepen the relationship between school, but in addition to this, there would be a special time prepared for the student from each school to understand each other more. Perhaps Seimei High’s staff wanted the boys to be a little more accustomed to girls in case for their future. However, at the same time, perhaps they also didn’t want to lose the brand image of the school. That might be also the reason why the school decided to do a joint cultural festival.

And I would participate in this event as a member of the Student Council.

….. I wonder why though. I haven’t had a very good relationship with the Seimei High Student Council Vice President. Is this an unsaid command given to me, to tell the students over there, “Don’t you dare make light of Kenran!”, is it? But, the Student Council President will accompany me, so I think she would get angry if I really said that.

It seems that the fact that I participate in the event is also one of the reasons why the event becomes popular, and the girls thought that it would be the chance for them to enter the school full of boys with their school idol, and if they were to miss this chance, they would regret it forever, as there might not be another event like this in the future.

I also heard that there are quite a few posts on the back bulletin board of Kenran High School saying that some people would give a lot of money as an exchange for the prize. Well, as expected of Kenran High who most of the people came from wealthy families. It’s a pretty bad idea to solve it with money. But! Unfortunately! The school don’t allow you to give up the prize, and so it’s impossible to participate even if you pay for it! However, I feel that the girls wrote that because they just don’t want to give up…… I feel a little sorry for them.

I feel sorry for the girls who can’t attend the event, but I feel sorry for myself. Even though I mean, I don’t want to go there in particular, also the other boys keep looking at me with eyes saying ‘What?! so you will participate?! even though you refused our request?!’, and some more I feel that I will be cursed by the students over there…….. Somehow, all of this makes me sad.

What is more worrisome than those around me is Serina Maizumi, a girl who passed in front of my desk and came back and glanced at me but passed by again without saying anything. Maybe she has something to say, but for some reason she decided not to say….

“… Maizumi-san, What’s wrong?”

“A, Araaa, did you notice it? I thought I was spending it as usual …”

…… Of course! I could even feel your aura!

Maizumi continued to talk.

“Well, Umm, I think you know that I’m in the drama club… right?”


“This time in the drama club ―― “

“Hey! Wait! Stop!”


Maizumi-san who was trying to talk about something, suddenly pushed by Yachigusa-san who appeared from the side.

Then, Yachigusa-san smiled and talked to me.

“Hatano-san, are you free now? May I talk to you for a while now?”

“Eh, ah, yeah”

“You see, actually, soon, there will be a stage play that will be played by only the first year students in the drama club. It’s a play for children, so the kindergarten children nearby will be invited to the play. But if you are a student here, you can watch it, so by all means, I want Hatano-san to come and watch it.”

“Aaah! I was thinking of saying it! Why you must say it first! Whyyy!”

Maizumi-san who came back protests against Yachigusa-san with tears, but Yachigusa-san looked away with her face saying ‘it is not my fault.’

“Hmmph! Not my fault!”


It looked like they were not on good terms.

I remember they’re on good terms with each other though? Perhaps they’re quarreling about something?

“Well, what are the roles that both of you will play?”

“Fufufu! Miu is the protagonist. I’ll do my best.”

“I’m the narrator. Well, it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m the protagonist in the shadow.”

“It’s an exaggeration!”

“That’s not the case!”

Is it really okay to have Maizumi-san who speak in a mixed language of ‘young lady’ to narrate the story? But, a play for children huh… is it something like Momotaro? [TN: ‘Momotaro’ is a popular folklore in Japan]

“What is the play?”

When I asked the two people who still arguing, they immediately turned to me and said the title with a big smile.

“Magical Girl Magical Kyarun!”

…… Magical? Hmm? Magical?! What the heck is that?

When I saw the smiles of the two girls in front of me, I couldn’t speak out. 

… Seriously, what kind of play is it …?


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