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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 132

132. Miu and Serina’s club activities

Miu Yachigusa joined the drama club. Miu wasn’t so interested in theatrical performances and acting itself, but she joined the club because she thought it would be interesting. Also because her good friend, the gorgeous lady who got influenced by the drama, said that she would join the club. However, after Miu joined and tried to act, she found that acting was ‘deep’, and she thought that if she were to become good at acting, she could do the female gestures that men like without any discomfort……. More than that, she found that club activities itself were fun. 

Miu and the gorgeous lady, Serina, belonged to the first drama club. The reason why it called the first was that the club room of the first drama club was close to their school building. 

Even today, in the first drama club, the members were sweating and working hard doing their club activities.

“Attention! all the first year students, gatherー!“

All the first-year students who were called out looked at each other with a face saying ‘What is it?’, but since it was the director’s command, they immediately gathered.

“Alright, everyone is here. What a good childrenー”

“Director, proceed with the talk already!”

The director of the first drama club was the host of a children’s tv program, and… seems to be aiming to be an ‘Onee-san who sing’ on the tv program, and so she treats the members as if they were toddlers. Well, her attitude of working hard toward her dreams was respected by other members. However, since her height was about 185 cm or more, some of them felt intimidated. Therefore, all the members think that it was impossible, but saying that in front of her was regarded as a taboo. Such director was urged by the assistant director standing side by side to start talking.

“Then, umm, the first drama club invites children from a nearby kindergarten to a stage play every year…. but it’s usually done only by first year students.”

“In other words, all of you are the only performers in the stage play. We help behind the scenes, but you are the protagonists of the stage.”

The faces of the first year students changed from astonished to a joyful one. After all, even though they hadn’t been half a year since they joined the club, but they got to stand on the stage. 

Sure, it might be just a stage play for children, but if you perform well here, you could expect more chance to be casted in the future.

“It’s a play for children, but we’ll hand out leaflets, so students here can see it. If you want to call friends, you can call them…. So, don’t act badly just because it’s for children.”

When the assistant director said so, tension ran on the face of the first year students. Meanwhile, a question was raised in a voice that did not seem to be nervous at all.

“Is the theme decided?… really?”

“It’s decided. This is the playー.”

The director took out a banner with both hands. Because of her height, even the students who was standing behind could clearly see it.

“The play will be this,  ‘Magical Girl Magical Kyarun’ , a heroine show that is very popular with children.”

At the moment, the eyes of the first year students gathered in one girl. A person who seemed to say Kyarun everyday….. Miu Yachigusa, who gathered a lot of eyes, leaned her neck and looked back at the girls who mysteriously look at her.


Everyone who was there thought. “Huh, she just pretending that she doesn’t know anything about this, but in her heart, she is so happy that she most probably will be casted as the leading role.”

Miu thought. “I don’t know why, but I feel like I may be the leading role of this play.” However, if she it out loud, there would be quarrel, so she tried to be humble here.

Everyone except the gorgeous lady who was tilting her head thinking whether ‘Kyarun’ had some kind of meaning or not, understood the meaning of Miu’s humbly act.

But, one thing for sure, Miu was perfect for the word ‘Kyarun’, and also that she was the one with the best acting skill among the first year students…..  that what why everyone thought, “If that so, then I need to get the other role!”.

And so, a sense of competition with grew within the first year students.

“… I’m feeling motivated.”

“Fufufu, what a perfect chance for me.”

Looking at the other first year students who got motivated., Miu tighten herself. After all, the cast had not been decided yet. 

Miu thought that there was a high possibility that someone would take the main protagonist role if she took it easy. That was why she need to appeal herself as much as she could. 

Miu also thought that if her hard working figure got to be seen by Kohaku, the distance with Kohaku might be shortened a little… and if it didn’t work, she might get Kohaku to comfort her by pretending to be sad… anyway, she had to give a good impression to Kohaku. 

Miu clenched her fist tightly and got excited. First of all, she must memorize the script that was handed over!

Maizumi Serina read the script that was handed over. The flow of the play was the same as a general heroine show. The heroine, a magical girl with her catchphrase ‘Kyaru~n’ would defeat the evil organization. It was a story where the good punishing the evil. 

Serina thought for a while, made a pose with a quick movement…


…And said the catchphrase.

Serina tried to change the pose many times and performed different patterns. The other first year students who were watching her were surprised and inspired by the fact that some people did not give up on the main protagonist role, and so they put their energy into practicing to aim for the heroine role without giving up.

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