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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 43

43. Demon Lord’s Castle (Utopia)

Is it the Demon Lord’s castle…?!

From the outside, it looks like a normal home, and yet, why does it look so big and imposing? Perhaps, my home was not a house, but just a stable?

“W-well, let’s go inside.” (High-pitched voice)

“Don’t you continue that character in front of Airi, okay…”


“W, Why are you about to break out in tears?”

My plan to pretend as a girl was denied.

What else could I do in this situation? Well, that’s to just give up.

I had no other choice than to accept my quivering legs, and blank head. Nothing could be done.

I think, I just attained enlightenment. Please take me away, Buddha.

“D-Do you hate to go into my home that much…..?”

“Oh, crap, now I really want to meet your younger sister. Can I give her a hug later?”

“I’ll punch you.”


That was close, I almost sat down like a dog. Even though ‘Hiii~’ came out from my mouth, in my heart, it was ‘woof~’.

She sure is good at not flinching in the slightest and yet emitting scary amounts of pressure. If I was a dog, I would have wagging my tail, woof~

“Come on, let’s go in now!”

GULP, I-I get it, I get it already…!”

Is Natsukawa actually a carnivore girl? [TN: In japan, there a term of Carnivore and Herbivore for men and woman, in which carnivore is the one who is assertive and like to take initiative first when in come to romance]

I mean, from an outsider’s perspective, this looks like she’s dragging a boy into her house. And I feel quite honored to be placed in such important role. By the way, what should I do about my impulses that it’s hard to hold back anymore? What? Jump into the sea? Got it, I’ll take a trip to the sea later.

“G-Go in silently, okay.”

“Eh, we’re going in like that?”

“Otherwise, Mom will find out.”

“So, your dear mother is at home.”

It was like the spirit of a business salesman suddenly possessed me.

Anyway, nice judgement, me. Let’s go with that in case something happens. Also, is it that bad for your mother to find out? I can just greet her normally, you know. Though I don’t bring any gifts. Ah, you don’t want her to see me? Really? That’s not true…right?

I followed after Natsukawa, who was sneaking ahead of me.

Is this going to be okay? If she finds us now, she’ll only think we planned on doing something ‘guilty’, right?


Natsukawa opened the front door, and I joined her right after. T-This is…! The air is filled with the sweet scent of Natsukawa…!

Eh, isn’t this bad? The entire atmosphere in this house feels like Natsukawa. Well, this is her home, after all. Even so, it’s too stimulating for an adolescent boy like me. The scent of someone’s home is exist, right?… Well, when I went to that bastards’ houses, it was just for playing games, so I was never too conscious of it… Anyway, I need to deal with this. Hang in there, me…! This is a do-or-die situation…!

Time to reboot my mind… Mission starts! The goal of this mission: Meet Natsukawa’s dear younger sister without being caught. The time limit is until it’s dinner time at the Sajou Household.

“───Aah! Onee-chan!”


“Mission complete! Time to withdraw from here!”

“Wait, where are you going!”


A girl about five years old poked out her head from the stylish door connecting the hallway to the living room. Through transparent glass hanging in the middle of the door, I could see the figure of Natsukawa’s dear mother. It seems, Mission failed.

That’s why, could you maybe let go of me, Natsukawa-san? We got busted. And more than that, my blood pressure does not stop rising.

“Onee-chan! ───And, who?”

“I’m Sajou Wataru. It’s my utmost pleasure to meet you, Airi-san.”

“Don’t give such a distanced greeting…”

It’s the spirit of the business salary men who’s possessing me, okay! I’m a kind elder brother. I got used at dealing with children, so please don’t worry, I can act properly to whatever a child may do ──I have little sisters myself, you know?… Across the screen that is. [TN: Which mean a 2D]

As I was making weak excuses in my head, Airi-chan was lifted up from behind her back. The sudden appearance of Natsukawa’s dear mother, froze me up.

“──Ara? Did you bring another friend from school over again, Aika?”


“Ah, hello. My name is Sajou Wataru. Nice to meet you.”

O, Oooh… my greeting went more smoothly than I would have expected. I guess my ‘glib tongue’ really show itself when the time comes. Well, well aren’t I actually not much of a lost cause?

In a bit of relief, I looked at Natsukawa’s mother. From her face, I could see that she was indeed Natsukawa’s mother. Rather than being kind, it felt like she was a very diligent and honest person.

“Sajou-kun, I see. Nice to meet───Wait, it’s only this boy alone today?”

“Urk… Y-Yeah.”

“A-Arara… perhaps today it’s your room, Aika?”

“N-No, aren’t you getting the wrong idea, Mom?! Airi’s room! We’re using Airi’s room, okay!”

“I-Is that so?”

Ah, so she’s that kind of mother. The type who talks with her daughter on equal terms, like she’s her age. That left me a bit more relieved and calmed my tremble a little. Since this is Natsukawa’s mother we’re talking about, I figured that she would be a strict person. I’m glad she’s not some uptight company president-type… Anyway, I think it’s better for her to not know about me. I mean, if she knew I was bothering her daughter……


Oh, Airi-chan is looking… staring at me like crazy. Getting a good look at her, she is really cute. An angel without a doubt. Her big round pretty eyes are adorable, I can see why Natsukawa would be so obsessed with her. As I thought younger sister is the best. I’d love to have a little sister like her too. Guess I’ll break the screen once I get home.

“S-sorry about my Mom.”

“Don’t worry, more than that, I’m sorry for suddenly barging in here.”

“Don’t worry about that…!”


“H-Hey! Don’t do that in front of Airi!”

R-Right. Whenever it’s about her younger sister, Natsukawa gets really serious. I need to refrain from that kind of stuff… I hope I can keep my impulses down, though…

Natsukawa brought me to a child’s room, with a joint mat on the floor, creating a colorful feeling in the room/ There was a small slide and even a jungle gym. Besides those, there were many other things like building blocks. I could tell that Airi-chan was really being loved.

I was told to sit down at the small round table in the middle of the room, and soon Natsukawa returned with some tea.

“This is quite the situation.”

“D-Don’t say that, I’m trying hard not to be conscious of it.”

“…..Even though you went this far just to have me meet her?”


Even if the situation become like this, Natsukawa is persistent on making me meet her younger sister. According to Ashida, if it’s not because of that, Natsukawa wouldn’t accept this situation. I haven’t heard it from the person in question though… but she didn’t deny it either, and more than anything, I could guess from her attitude.


As we were exchanging words like that, Airi-chan walked towards me, and stood in front of me, who was sitting cross legged.


“…Hm? Takaaki?”


Maybe the name of the father? No, she wouldn’t call his name like that…..Then, it must be the name of another man. Ah, I heard that she was pretty clingy towards Sasaki. Hmm, I feel like his mother called him ‘Takaaki’ when Yamazaki and I came to his house to play ‘Winning Eleven’.

“Airi, this Onii-san is ‘Wataru’.”


“Pfft, what’s that way of saying his name.”


What is this scenery… Heaven? Is this heaven? I’m being surrounded by a Goddess and an angel. Since when I was being summoned to heaven? In the first place, am I even allowed to be here?

Because of this dazzling sight in front of me, I could only narrow my eyes. It felt like I was watching something I shouldn’t be. Seriously, what should I do now…

“Come on, introduce yourself, Wataru.”


Natsukawa showed me a gentle expression that I had never seen on her face before. Even the tone of her voice was kind enough to keep me spacing out, let alone her calling me by my name.

Eh, are all elder sister in this world supposed to act like her? Is it weird for me to be this confused…? No, that just means my Sis is the odd one out.

“…Isn’t that name pretty hard to say? Airi-chan, just call me ‘Sajoー’.”


“That’s right, Sajoー”



“You don’t need to act like a child too…”

Ah, not good, my desires just went wild. I guess that my internal younger brother attribute got attracted to Natsukawa’s elder sister attribute. Subconsciously, I was regressed into a small child for a moment there. Well, I give up, I’m a pervert after all. I just want a lap pillow.

Airi-chan kept repeating ‘Sajoー’, she even shouted that while raising one hand like an Ultra*an pose.

More than anything, I’m glad she managed to remember it. I feel like my family name have a nice ring to it.

‘Sajoー! Weird head!”

“Natsukawa, wait here, let me dye my hair really quick.”

“Give up on that right now.”

I mean, she called my two-tone hairstyle weird…! Well, I knew it myself. Anyway, I really need to do something about this hair of mine. I don’t mind leaving it like this for a while. I don’t really have any preference in what color my hair should be. But, having brown mixed into it must look dirty, it’s yuck, right.

“Sajoー! Carry!”



C-Carry? How to do that? Just normally pick her up and…what should I do after that? Urgg… N-Now that it’s come to this, I need to make a new way of carrying, and it shall be named, the ‘princess carry’…!

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, well…”

“Stand up.”


Natsukawa must have figured out that I was at a loss, and provided a follow-up. I stood up as she told me. Without moving I was standing ‘at attention’

“It’s not that hard. Just do what comes to your mind.”

“Sir yes, sir.”

“Just ‘yes’ is fine.”


That’s Natsukawa for you. Her skill as an elder sister is on another level. If we’re not in this kind of situation, I might just regress to a young boy, be her younger brother and get spoiled by her… I always wanted an elder sister like her…

“Airi-chan, I’ll carry you, ready?”


“Is this your final answer?”

“No way she would understand that….. Just do it already.”


Ehm, what should I do again… Just normally pick her up beneath her arms, and put her on my chest…? Hmmm…? I feel like that’ll be hard to do at her size…

As I was left confused, Natsukawa approached me to give some instructions.

“Listen to me, okay? First, you create a chair with your left arm, then put her on there. Your right arm is the back of the chair in that case. That will get her in a secure position, and so she can relax.”

“O-Ooohh.. that’s much easier.”

“Right? Also, put her on the same level as your line of sight. Airi is looking up at you.”

“M-my bad”

I put a bit more strength into my arms, pushing Airi-chan up. Right when we were on the same level, Airi-chan put her hand on my head, touching my hair.

“Eh? Eeh? What is she doing?”

“Touching your hair. That hair… How about you dye it soon?”

“Right… Hmm, Natsukawa, which one do you prefer? Black or brown hair?”

“T-That’s ───”

“The same as Onee-chan!”

“Got it.”

“Please no.”

Same color with Natsukawa…Not bad. Our affinity will be better than way, also I actually wonder how I will look like in a reddish-brown hair. The compensation is the distance of our hearts… What kind of compensation is that…

“Whyー?”, Airi-chan tilted her head in confusion.

Doing that while up in my arms had quite the destructive power. Really, have two sisters, both of them cute and beautiful makes me wonder, what kind of a good deeds they did in their previous life… Me? I might be just a normal farmer in my previous life.

“Hey heyー, how can you change the color like that?”

“Once you become an adult, you can change it as much as you want.”

“Ehhhー, not fair.”

“Adults are never fair.”



Adding a needless comment at the end, Natsukawa pulled on my cheek, stretching it to the side.

I’m sure that I must be showing a weird face right now. But, Airi-chan is laughing hard. What a great smile, I’ll do the same for you later once Natsukawa isn’t looking.

“Ehehe, ehehehe”


Airi-chan joined in, and pulled on my other cheek. She enjoyed playing with it. She was laughing while trying to squeeze or pulling it. And the more I let out a weird voice, the louder her laughter got.

She sure laughs a lot. She’ll surely be popular later, like Natsukawa… no, maybe even more than Natsukawa.

“Fufu, fufufu.”

……Hmm? Excuse me, Natsukawa-san…? Aren’t you enjoying yourself as well? You don’t show any intentions of letting go.

Airi And Aika play with Sajou’s Cheeks

… Well, whatever. It’s rare for her to touch me like this. This may be the last she do..ouch ouch Airi-chan your nails, your nails…!


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