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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 131

This Ch is from Miu Yachigusa POV

131. A girl named Miu Yachigusa

Women in this world were working hard every day.

Studying, exercising, learning about cosmetic and maintaining style for beauty. Behind all of it, there only one reason, that was the desire to be popular with men. Although the reality was that men thinks they were not working hard enough to be their lovers. And so, the women were working hard every day.

And… Miu Yachigusa, who was a first-year student at Kenran High, was no exception. Her parents had good relationships with each other, which was rare in this world. Therefore, when she was young, she hoped that she could build a family like her parents when she grew up. 

When she thought about how to achieve that dream, a boy who lived around her neighborhood and also a childhood friend of her, as they were playing together quite often because of the connection between parents, naturally came to mind.

So, she confessed. As a kindergarten child, she proposed to him. It could have been a cute confession of a kindergarten kid, or it could have been said as marking the boy and let him know that he was bound to be with her.

As a childhood friend, her confession would have been remembered as a cute event to be remembered. However…

“Ewww, no way. Miu doesn’t match me. Do you ever heard the words, ‘Know you own place’?”

What came back was a word of refusal. In this world, boys were generally more precocious than girls. As a young man, he had already begun to grow into a man fitting to be in this world.

Miu cried. she cried a lot. And she clung to her mother. The mother was surprised seeing her daughter crying and so, she told Miu after asking in detail what had happened.

“Miu, that’s natural. This world is not a sweet world where you can get married just by being a childhood friend.”

“Uh, uh…?”

“Beauty, charm, intellect, education… and above all, the ability to know the tastes of the other person. You need all of these!”

Hearing her mother’s words, young Miu was shocked. It was as if she had received a violent electric current.

“But it’s not always possible to get man’s heart even with that much effort. Some time, it may be an unrewarding effort.”


“Yes! You only get the chance to get love if you make an effort that you know it may not be always rewarded!”


“Yes, this mom of yours got the love of your dad that way. See mom’s body, it’s like an hourglass. There’s not much fat!”


Miu looks at her mother who said so. Certainly, her mother had a slender figure and thought she was cooler than the mothers of other children in her kindergarten. 

However, when Miu looked carefully at her mother, Somehow, she felt sad for some reason.

“…Miu, don’t look sad at my chest.”

“I-I’m not sad.”

“Don’t lie! Miu! I’ll punish you with playing your cheeks as I please.”

“Hmmm! Stowh! Stowph!”

“Eh? What’s this skin, it feels so good to touch? Elastic and smooth! Aah! Take this!”


And now …

“I’m home”

Miu said so and entered the house. However, no reply was returned. The reason was that her parents went on a trip. 

Miu remembered her mother said, “Maybe you could have a brother.”, when she left for the trip.

“Hmm, Alright, Let’s make food to eat for the time being and take a bath after that.”

With that said, Miu did the housework quickly. 

After doing what she had to do, she finally had free time. So, Miu took a book from the bag she used to go to school, laid down on her bed and began to read the book. The book was a fashion magazine targeting teens. On the cover it was written, ‘Ten ways to make boys all over you’.

Miu read the magazine seriously, and when she finished reading everything, she made a troubled face. She summarized the information in the magazine in her head.

 1. Praise at any rate

 2. Listen to his selfishness

 3. Don’t be stingy

 4. Be neat, clean, and organized

 5. Don’t wear thick makeup, it’s strictly prohibited

 6. Improve yourself for the future

 7. Talk to him every day

 8. Don’t miss even the smallest changes of him

 9. When you get to know each other well, try to pull back a little

 10. Make him think that you are special

Miu tried to apply the information to her current situation and thought about it.

Miu felt that only about half of it had been completed. However, since her target was not an ordinary boy, she thought that it was dangerous to swallow the information as it was. 

The boy that Miu like was not selfish, on the contrary, when she changed the color of her lipstick, the boy noticed it and praised her. Because he was such a person, Miu had a lot of rivals. 

I’m on a good term with him, but I’m sure there is a girl who is ahead of me.

When Miu heard that the gorgeous lady from the same club said she ever took a bath together with the boy at her trip destination, Miu felt so envious of her.


By the way, the gorgeous lady had a much more sensual body than Miu.



Miu fluttered around on the bed as she couldn’t control her emotions.

Miu thought that she had to do something before it was too late…


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  1. “However, when Miu looked carefully at her mother, Somehow, she felt sad for some reason.

    “…Miu, don’t look sad at my chest.””

    Oh, damn. An actual milf? Seems she has a flat chest. That’s so hot.

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