Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 130

130. Talk between boys

All the boys in the room looked at me as if they wanted to blame me. 

Isn’t this accusation strange in many ways? I am also a human being you know? No matter if we’re a classmate, I may forget the face of the person I rarely talked to, it’s a normal thing, isn’t it? 

More than that, in a situation where you are suddenly surrounded by a large number of men for no apparent reason, ordinary human beings will not be able to work well under such a pressure. 

In other words, it can be said that the human brain that easily forgetting someone face, which was an inevitable thing, was the one who caused by this situation. 

So, yeah, it’s not really my fault……. it’s not my fault, but if I try to defend myself now, my reputation will only get worse, so let’s keep quiet. 

But what does these guys want from me to bring me all the way here? So far, all they have done is being depressed and blaming me.

“Well, I knew from the beginning that your personality was horribly distorted.”

“Excuse me, you’re being rude. Everyone says I’m kind.”

The boy in front of me sighed as if to suppress his emotions. 

But, what he just said was a diss to me. This me, who had a good reputation among a lot of people, which side of me that he wanted to blame?

Seriously, I’m very worried about their future.

“Hmmph, I don’t care about that. Don’t interrupt my words.”

…… What should I do, I really want to hit him at least once.

“I heard that there will be an event to go to Seimei High soon.”


“…..Then why can’t we boys participate in the event?”

“Because the purpose is to familiarize Seimei High students with girls.”

“We, the boys of Kenran High, should also get rid of the bad blood with the students of Seimei High.”

“Well, it can be done when the students over there come over here.”

This event must be done carefully. Therefore, only a few could participate in the first exchange. 

If we don’t release the alertness of Seimei High students little by little, it’s probably impossible to have a success joint cultural festival. After all, Kenran High is said as a place where each time the girls see the boys, they will attack them. Such biased knowledge like that are being widespread among the students of Seimei High. 

So, this time, the purpose is to familiarize such boys with girls, and there is no point in including boys in that small number.

Anyway, why do they want to attend the event in the first place? Well, I just hope they’re not thinking about anything crazy ――

“… To tell the truth, we have a grudge on the students of Seimei High. We want to settle it before the school festival so that the festival will be a success!”

The boy in front of me, he clenches his fist, and desperately appeal with a trembling voice. The other boys also nod with a determined expression. I couldn’t see a lie on their face.

“……You guys”

I looked over the boys in the room and was thinking about what to do. 

What they are saying is a good thing. Seimei High students are basically looking down at Kenran High students, so they are basically not on good terms with each other. If the boys from here really want to improve the relationship by approaching them, it may be not a bad idea to include some of them to participate in the event…

That is if what they say is all true!

In the first place, these guys, are they really think of improving relationships with them? Are they really have such a good personality? No way! Many men in here are basically selfish because they are spoiled since they were born. Well, I think there are times when a small number of boys really think of such a thing. But considering the number of boys who are currently gathering in the room, that possibility is almost zero.

“So… why don’t you think about it? We also want to liven up the school festival together you know.”

When I saw the boy talking to me with a grin, I couldn’t help but to think even more.

…Why did they need to bring me here in the first place? Sure, in a sense I’m a member of the Student Council, but I’m the bottom end who has no particular important position. I have to say that, from normal perspective, asking me to give the opinion is not really a good idea, I mean the chance it will be adopted is small considering my position. It is still more likely accepted if they make this petition directly to the Student Council President. Then why they ask me?… yeah, it’s an easy question, because I’m a man and the President is a woman. In other words, these guys did not want to ask a woman nor bow their head a little to a woman. That’s why, they ask me.

Moreover, there is a contradiction in their story. If they just want to improve their relationship with Seimei High students, they don’t really have to go to over there, they can just get along when they come here……. In other words, these guys want to go to Seimei High. Then why do they want to go there? That’s….

“I see, I get it now.”

“? Did you get it?”

“Yeah, you want to do ‘that’, right? To go to the school over there and say that the school building is old, and the equipment is bad, or something like that…”

The moment I said that, the face of the boys in the room instantly turned into an astonishing expression.

“…T-that isn’t that the case, you know? No, really, that’s not the case. Yeah.”

The boy in front of me was restless not only in his facial expression but also in his attitude, turning his eyes around, rubbing his hands, and touching his hair many times.

Seimei High is a high school with a long history. The school building and facilities are mostly old. Meanwhile, Kenran High is superior in that aspect. However, many of the boys who came to Kenran were the one who didn’t get accepted even if they wanted to go to Seimei, so they have some inferiority complex.

There are many students who have such complex, which is why they want to look directly at the school over there and boast that the school they attend is better. They just want to satisfy their pride. What a bunch of small-minded people… I really feel sorry for them. 

However, since their reaction is so straightforward, I’m quite hesitated to pursue this matter even further.

“I’ll keep silent about how small-minded you guys are, so give up already.”

When I tell them to give up their plans. The boy in front of me, he shook his body and rushed out of the room, running out so that other boys could catch him.

“Uwaaaaa! I hate Hatanoー!”

“He doesn’t know how we feelー!”


Later, rumors spread throughout the school that I made a lot of boys cry.

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  1. in this particular case he isn’t actually the bad guy, atleast if you ignore his not knowing who they are and assuming they are all his classmates xD

  2. I really hate these petty assholes. The more we hear from the guys in his school the more glad I am Hatano doesnt interact with them on a regular basis. Who has a distorted character, you piece of shit. And don’t act all arrogant, telling him to not interrupt your worthless words. I wonder if that guy sensed Hatano’s urge to hit him so he pussed out and got to the point. Freakin losers, go back to your cage.

    1. at least they are cute compared to men in World of Women lol. hahaha men oppress women and other men over there

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