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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 41 Part 2

Finally something will happen in the next ch.

41-2. In the meantime, My treasure (Part 2)

“You’re a blacksmith, right? Why don’t you recommend him the weapon you made…”

“The wooden sword suits him better. He understands his own strength and have a weapon that suits him. What I can do is just to lend him a tool for maintaining it.”

“I’m glad you compliment me, but honestly even swinging this wooden sword tires me.”

“Train that much, even if you don’t have the talent, if you keep moving your arm, you can swing it easily.”

Well, perhaps I really have to train to some extent. 

Anyway, Illias and Toruido went to the workshop in the back. Immediately the sound of hitting with a hammer began to echo.

Should I train a bit now――No, no, I have to look over Wolfe’s weapons. 

Wolfe was looking around, searching for various weapons. She tried to swing a few of them to check the weight and power.

“Don’t hit other weapons or shelves, okay?”

“Yes, Shishoー!”

Weapons are not my specialty. In my personal prejudice, I even think that bare hands look best on her. However, perhaps that is because every time Wolfe was fighting, I always saw her bare handed.

The difference in skill against the assassin from Mejis was overwhelming, we only succeed in subjugating them because of the good strategy. Wolfe would surely have lost if she had an unfamiliar weapon in her hand. So, the overall potential of her fighting with bare hands, which also easier for her to use her Mana, may be higher than using weapon.

But, Wolfe wants a weapon. If I say that bare hands are better, she will be disheartened. No, wait… That’s right, there’s that weapon….

I took out the parchment from my bosom and immediately started drawing the thing I imagined.

“Seriously, unlike a sword, the scabbard has a rather soft core. Please don’t use it like a normal weapon.”

“But it comes in handy when I want to hold back my strength. So, I have to use it when the time needs it.”

How could she lie as naturally she breathed? She blew off the torso of a huge man with a scabbard, didn’t she?

“If you insist on doing that, I’ll make a separate scabbard next time. Unintended use will only damage the tool you know. Well, so, how about you, white-haired girl. Did you find a good weapon?”

“No yet, I don’t know which one is better.”

“Well, looking at your body, it’s easy for you to adapt to any weapon, but worse, you won’t find any perfect weapon for you. You won’t find a weapon that makes your heart feels, ‘This is it’.”

“Urk… Shishoー, please choose for me. I’m fine with anything you choose.”

Wolfe begged for help with a troubled face. 

Hmm, the weapon will decide her style. I’d like to say that she should decide for herself, but this time I want to spoil Wolfe so….

“Well… Toruido-san, I have something to ask, could you please take a look at this?”

After Toruido-san checked the parchment, he distorted his eyebrows a little and began to growl.

“I see, that’s how you fight, huh. It sounds interesting, but… the output power will be not that good with this design. So…”

Toruido-san picked up the pen and added some drawing to the design. Apparently, the blood of the craftsman had boiled, and so, whether the other persons were young or old, he will consult with them to make the weapon better. He seemed to be so enthusiastic with developing a new weapon.

“By the way, how much will it cost?”

“It’s the first time for me to make a weapon with such a mechanism, so I’m not sure whether it will really work or not. So, I’m going to get the material cost and the labor cost for it…. other cost is not needed since this will be my first time making this, that’s it.”

The amount written on the parchment was quite a price. It was higher than the ready-made weapons lined up on the selves. However, with the current amount of money I had, it was not an amount that couldn’t be paid.

“Okay, then I’ll leave it on you.”

“Decided right away huh, aren’t you being loved?”

“… Shishoー, is it really okay?”

Wolfe looked at me with a worried face. It seemed that she thought the price was too high. 

Well, she is learning the importance of money properly, isn’t she?

“If I can’t pay it, I’ll not accept the deal.”

“Then it’s decided. Alright, now, I need to measure your body size. Follow me.”


“By the way, how long does it take?”

“I’m usually free since the harvest festival will start soon, I can start from today. So, I’ll finish it tomorrow dusk.”

And the next day, Wolfe was equipped with the finished weapon. Looking at the completed weapon, Illias nodded as if she approved.

“I see, it’s a gauntlet, huh?”

A gauntlet, or, to put it plainly, a combination of the back of the arm and the armor. The gauntlet was only a few kilograms of iron and perfect for hitting others with it equipped. In fact, in Western history, there were gauntlet techniques, and so there were people who used gauntlets as weapons.

Gauntlets made for Wolfe were weapons, but it can also be used as armor. A plate that combines multiple metals was stretched to the limit that did not interfere with the range of motion of the elbow. By combining the hardness and flexibility of a metal, the impact on the arm when it used for protection would be minimized. Also, since the layer contained rare metals that made it easier for her to inject Mana, the gauntlet could receive the benefits of strengthening using Mana too.

Sure, it was not as strong as a shield for defense, but it was easier to use for parrying attacks. The fist part also had a structure that protects the fist from impact, but no metals were used on the palm side as to keep the dexterity of the hand. At first a metal ring was supposed to be placed around the thumb, which normally vulnerable to attack when holding a sword, but it was removed because it was regarded as unnecessary because Wolfe would mainly only use her fist. Instead of that, a cloth that easy for Mana to flow was placed so that she could use that ‘Clapping’ technique even if she were to wear the gauntlets.

It was a gauntlet that versatile to use. You could even do rock-paper-scissors and use chopsticks while wearing it. 

In overall the gauntlet was an equipment that specially made for fighting.

“Wolfe’s power for attacking and dash are high, but it put a lot of burden on her body whenever she fights in a close quarter. If the enemies could use barrier like Lacra, she will not be able to hit them seriously with her bare hands. So, it’s a weapon designed with that in mind.”

There was also a particularly large protector around the fist, for good reason. 

By the way, I had Toruido-san prepared iron shoes with similar design.

“I wanted to order a customize armor to protect my body if possible, but I think it’s enough to use the already made one.”


Wolfe was curious about new weapons. She tried to move her fingers and lightly hitting her fists against each other.

“Hey, before you try other else with the weapon, see this.”

Toruido-san said so and handed a bunch of parchment to Wolfe.

“What is…this?”

“It’s a manual about the mechanism that I thought about with him. There are various ways to use this gauntlet. Please read it carefully.”


After reading it for a while, a test run of the gauntlet was conducted at the barracks. The results were good. Well, it was still a little too complicated for Wolfe to use it perfectly for a while though.

That night, Wolfe took a bath shortly after dinner and stayed in her room. I was anxious and listened what she did from outside the room, but apparently, she was humming while caring for the equipment. 

Well, I’m glad she seems to like it a lot.

“Shosho-sama! Please buy something good for me too!”

“Shut up, I bought you a good beer from the ‘Dog’s Bone’ already!”

Naturally, Lacra’s reaction was what I expected. 

Thankfully I got a good beer from Gozz. Even so, this girl, huh… 

By the way, since I brought some beer the other day, I was drinking it with the others. Because of that, they were a little energetic than usual.

“I like something that remains in shapeー! Ah, how about a ring? I want a ring that fits on my ring fingerー… GLANCE

“If it’s a collar and chain to tie it to you at your workplace, I don’t mind making a special order for it.”

“Aren’t you so mean?! Please make it a necklace at least!”

“Lacra, calm down. Gifts are meant to convey our gratitude in the first place. But Lacra, you always been in his care, right?”

“That may be the case, but, but! I’m sure Shosho-sama will buy it for me!”

“No way. I’ve spent a fair amount of money in the first place, so I don’t have any money for you!”

“Then! Once you saved more money, you will?!”

“I can’t give you a gift as long as I don’t feel any gratitude!”

“Isn’t it okay to count it as a welcome gift or friendship fee?!”

“Rather, I want you to go out soon. Ah, if it’s as a fee for cutting the relationship we have, I’ll think about it.”

“Uwaaaaa! Illiasssss-san! Shosho-sama is so cold towards me!”

I don’t like this drunken person anymore. Even though the only thing that came out on my mind about what would make me happy was beer, now I regret that I really bought it for her. 

Alright, let’s make this girl drink more, with that I’m sure she’ll out faster.

“Well, it’s not difficult to make him feel gratitude to us you know. Ah, by the way, isn’t that means you’ll give me a gift according to your theory? I always welcome gifts, you know? Nah, I mean, give me one now. “

“Ahh, both of you always drunk so fast!”

The nights for the drunk adults were over. At the same time, Wolfe was sleeping peacefully, hugging the gauntlet, without worrying about such a hustle and bustle.


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