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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 42

42. Unreal


“L-Like I said…! I-If you’re okay with it, then───”

I slaughtered all the wicked desires with the bursting emotions that strong enough to tear my body apart, and right when I wanted to put on my outdoor shoes, I dropped my loafer shoes to the ground. And more than I thought, it rolled quite far, so I went to pick them up, showing my lame side to her.

Umm, Natsukawa-san?… you mean, ‘today’?… seriously?…

What a sudde──No, maybe not that sudden? I completely ignored the possibility of her bringing me along to her house, alone. Though, I never thought that it would happen today.

“Eh… Hmm…? didn’t you said that you need to prepare some things first?”

“T, That’s… I, I need to mentally prepare myself.”


“S-Stop calling me cute, idiot!”

“Sorry, my libido just…”

“…Kei said the same thing before, but what does it even mean…”

Eh, Ashida said the same thing…? Ashida felt her libido towards Natsukawa? Does it mean that I’m her rival all along? Well, well, I can smell the scent of girls’ love in the air.

Ah, Ashida, you don’t need to mind me, I’ll withdraw, so please let your libido out as you please! I love it! Just, please do it in front of me.

No, I don’t think I can say or ask for something so luxurious like that. I’m already way too blessed because Natsukawa is actually came to talk to me. Anyway, when can I get the ticket for the handshake event?

…..So, what? Am I going to visit Natsukawa’s place right now? Seriously? Isn’t this pretty bad? Perhaps this is what Ashida mean by ‘bad’? If so, it’s really bad then. Anyway── should, I buy a box of sweets for Airi-chan? Hmm…  something like ‘HimoQ’? [TN: ‘HimoQ’ is a real name of snack in japan, it’s a long gummy string]

The way home felt nostalgic. Even though, things had been like this until not long ago, but this kind of emotion filled me. How many times did I walk this way home next to Natsukawa since April? Well, I was just chasing after her, though. Hahah.

Anyway, the only difference was that Natsukawa wasn’t speeding ahead of me, but rather walked next to me. It made me feel somewhat self-conscious and embarrassed.

“Hey, Natsukawa.”


“More than I thought, I’m so nervous that it’s killing me.”

“W-Why are you nervous!”

“Because I’m alone with you right now.”


“You can’t tell? Look at my legs, it’s about to give out.”

“…… it’s shaking.”

You don’t need to say it out loud. You know how I feel about you, don’t you? Does she know what I feel right now?….I feel like I’m heaven, yet I’m being tortured. It feels like I’m already full, but suddenly someone put my favorite hamburger, some more a big one, in front of me.

Then again, that might be the case because I didn’t get to mentally prepare myself properly. That’s my conclusion of my situation, sergeant! This isn’t the time just to be quite and accept everything, I mean it’s not the time to joke around. (Excited)

“You don’t have to be so nervous…..”

“Correction, the nervousness is changing into power.”

“I-I see…”

Right, think about it. This isn’t some erotic development. Natsukawa is just going to introduce me to her younger sister. That’s all there to it. We’re only going home together like this is just a procedure to achieve this. That means, this situation is like a business transaction.

That said, what am I supposed to talk about here? Sure, I want to ask something like, am I even allowed to know where you live? Are you sure about letting me inside? But, if I asked her that, it would get us back to ‘So, why was I not allowed before?’, that’s why it’s not an option. I’m sure it will only make Natsukawa feel conflicted again, so I need to bring up something else.

“…What kind of person is your younger sister? You know, I only saw a picture of her. By the way, my Sis is a gorilla.”

“You made up with your elder sister, right…?”

“I think so. I stuffed some steamed buns into her mouth, after all.”

“What are you doing?! You’ll just make your elder sister angry!”

Natsukawa screamed angrily at me.

Well, she’s cute isn’t she.

Of course, I didn’t stuff the food into her. After all, that primate stuffed it into her mouth voluntarily.

But, that’s just one of many ways how we two siblings should be, I guess? Like we’re reporting to each other on what happened lately, something like a timeline. I mean, doesn’t many other siblings out there would do the same thing like us?

“We talk with fists rather than words. It’s just how we express our affection towards each other, it’s just a normal skinship. Not to mention that it was her who was being honest with her stomach… Though I don’t know how she feels.”

Thinking about it, I’m the only guy in this entire world who saw her bare stomach. If that was anybody else, wouldn’t that be pretty dangerous? If she was Natsukawa── No, stop. Not now! Or else it’ll be dangerous later.

“I-Is that so? I guess that kind skinship exists as well…..”

“I’m your Senpai when it comes to siblings. Once your younger sister slams steamed buns in your mouth, just let me know. I’ll try my best to give you some advice.”

“There’s no way Airi would do something like that. Not today, nor in the future. Never.”

You may never know. Even young girls can change in ten years. You see, it’s not like my Sis was always a gorilla──Wait, that strange… I think she was? I mean she ever ordered me something impossible like to make one rotation when I was playing swing.

“Airi is… yeah. Airi is…”


“───An angel.”

“Yeah, I can tell how much you love her.”

She was not lying. Not to mention that I know another Senpai who loves spoiling a certain angel at school. That’s why I can guess how much Natsukawa adore her younger sister. Well, from the super cute picture that I’ve seen, it’s not that I don’t know from where she’s coming from.

“Then? What’s the best points that you love about her?”

“Eh? Umm… The part where she feels comfortable around me.”

“Eh, is that something you can tell?”

“You see, when I lift her up, she entrusts herself to me and leans against me… and then she relaxes and falls asleep right away.”


Mmmm…..Cute! Natsukawa whose tone goes all soft whenever she talks about her little sister is so cute! Wait, has she ever shown such a kind face towards me?! I’ve never seen this expression on her, even though I’ve been around her for so many years, aren’t I?! Seriously… am I going to die today?!

“…Just to let you know, but don’t expect some elder brother vibe from me like what you saw in Sasaki. I’ve never really interacted with children after all.”

“Ah…. That’s true. You’re a younger brother after all…”

“Did you perhaps, expecting something like that from me?”

“N-No, I didn’t! Don’t start getting carried away!”

“Well, hmm, you see, I’d like to get some reference on how Sasaki was acting towards her…”

“… Now, You’re immediately trying to lower the hurdle for yourself, huh… Well, just act as you always do.”

I mean, I don’t want to be hated…Act like I always do? Like what is okay to do? You keep calling me disgusting in whatever I did, aren’t you…?

No really, how can I get her to like me? I don’t know how to get along with a young girl that you met for the first time. Am I going to be alright? For anyone who see me for the first time, my hair color may look like some gangster, right?…. Aah, this is pretty bad…

“Um, Natsukawa-san…..”

“W-What is it?”

“…Can I go home?”

“H-huh?! You’re going to say that now?!”

“Cuz I feel like the nervosity almost overwhelmed me, y’know…”

“Don’t ‘y’know’ me! I-It’s because you keep talking like that!”


Despite me not feeling hurt no matter what Natsukawa said to me before, hearing an objective argument like that makes me feel weak. Aah, My self-respect is…! My self-respect is vanishing…! I feel like I’m in a poisonous stage right now, gradually losing my HP…!

“J-Just come with me already! Since you’ve come this far, I won’t allow you to go back now!”

“Ah, hey…”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me down the different path I would always take.

Ahead this path must be Natsukawa’s home. Oops… the mapping function in my head started by itself, despite me being against it. After all, my body is still wholeheartedly belonged to Natsukawa, I guess? Sorry all you Natsukawa fans out there… Today, I’m going to Natsukawa’s place.


“Don’t growl with a low voice like that! You don’t need to be that nervous…”

In the first place, I’m going to go inside the house of the person I loved all this time… You get me, right? You don’t? Then please do! You know my feelings aren’t you, Natsukawa-san…! I’m happy, but not happy either! I’m scared! Scared of ‘Onigashima’, the mythological island of demons!

Also, what if I act suspicious from start to finish… If that happens, there’s no option other than to put a lot more distance with Natsukawa… Cuz it’s hard on me, y’know… Ah, is this ‘that’? Is this what she means by being disgusting…?

“Natsukawa… I know it’s a bit late for saying this, but you can be so assertive in dragging a boy to your home too huh.”

“D-don’t say that I’m ‘dragging’ anyone!”

“Hmm, I still think our situation right now is pretty bad…”


This is bad. I know I said that I would do anything and go anywhere for her sake, but the realist side of me is screaming and telling me to run from this situation. I can’t just stay silent and tag along, aren’t I?… Aah, I need to keep silent, keep silent and stay still.

“……..W-What’s so weird about it?”


“Y-you’ve been around me for two and a half years, right?! So, what’s weird with me inviting you to my home… It’s not weird at all, right?!”

“It’s not… weird? Not weird, not weird…”


That’s right… Thinking about it now, it’ll be soon about two and a half years huh… Right, just as Natsukawa said. Even if I’m a member of the opposite sex, it wouldn’t be weird for her to invite me to her home… right?

To be honest, it’s surprised me to find out that Natsukawa was actually aware of our time together. Since I feel that the distance between our heart is so far, I don’t realize that we’ve been ‘hanging out’ or ‘chilling out’ together. [TN: well, the MC only feel that he’s chasing after her and not really spending time together.]

Since she’s already saying that, I can only bear with it. I can do it, surely I can. My stomach aches because of nervousness? It’s 100 times more painful than when Sis punched me in my solar plexus. My rational sense, hang in there…..! I just need to use my secret skill, ‘Run from reality’ three-fold!!!!

This illustration sum up about this ch

Natsukawa grabbed Sajou to her house


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