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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 129

129. Surrounded

It had been a few days since I met the student from Seimei High. There was a job waiting, that was to determine the details of the exchange event that was decided in the previous meeting, but there was also a dispute between other Student Council members. 

Well, if you become the person in charge, participation in the exchange event will be confirmed as well. 

Each of them kept saying, ‘it’s my turn to be in charge!’ or something like that. They were so passionate. Therefore, not many jobs assigned to me. That was why I had a lot of free time.

…… Sure, I have a lot of time, but I don’t want to spend my time dealing with something like this. 

A crowd of boys were surrounding me. And, I didn’t know why I was being surrounded.

In the morning, I was talking about going to the cafeteria with Shino-san after school. Currently, ‘dim sum day’ was being held in the cafeteria for a limited time. Everyone had promised to go eat it. So, I walked through the corridor thinking about eating plain dumplings, meat dumplings, and shumai. 

I didn’t do anything strange so there should be no problem, but somehow, they surrounded me.

…In my previous life, my situation right now is like when boys trying to bring beautiful girls to have a meal with them, but the boys in here would not do something like that. So, what the hell are they thinking right now?

I slowly looked around the people around me. Then, for some reason, those who met my eyes trembled. 


When I observed it a little more carefully, many of the boys who surround me looked restless.

Seriously, what is it? 

When I tilted my head, A boy who was standing in front of me spoke to me.

“We’ll stand out in here. Let’s change the place.”

“Huh? Nope, don’t want to.”

Perhaps he didn’t think he would be refused, the boy in front of me stunned. 

Please don’t stare at me so much…

I could hear people around me saying, “As expected, Hatano is scary.” 

Apparently, they misunderstood me.

“Anyway, who are you? If you want me to listen to what you say, introduce yourself first. You can’t be a decent adult if you can’t at least do that.”

“Oi, we’re in the same class ――――!!”

When I cautioned the boy, who was being rude to me, for his better future, he was enraged. 

Same class…? 

Wait, now that I look closely at his face, I feel somewhat familiar with it. But, I can’t remember his name. 

When I was desperately trying to remember the boy’s name, I heard a whispering voice from the boys around me.

“As I guess, from your perspective, we are just like roadside stones…”

“Damn!! I know that you’re regarded as the king of this school, but aren’t you treating us too badly?”

“Maybe, we’re not even worth to be remembered…”

I felt that my reputation had fallen even further. 

Seriously, I just happened to forget, but the damage to my reputation is so bad?….. But I feel that these guys are getting more damage than I do. 

Anyway, they were still looking at me with a strange look that was sad but somewhat frustrated……. If anything, they looked scarier than before.

“…..Damn! never mind, Well, I mind it but I’ll leave it for now. Anyway, let’s go somewhere else for the time being.”

“Alright, please make it short.”

Well, I felt like I had done something wrong, so I decided to obediently follow them. 

I followed the boys and entered a classroom. Then there were other boys there and they saw me all at once. 

Hmm, what’s going to happen from now I wonder…

I saw the boy who led me here. After he entered the room, he sat in a chair as if he had run out of strength. 

Another boy who was surprised at how he looked called out. Of course, I was also surprised at his tired appearance. 

Seriously, what happened to him?

“Hey! Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

He replied with a hollow eye.

“Hatano… he didn’t even remember my face, let alone my name… even though we’re in the same class… I want to go home now…”

All the boys who heard the words gave me a glance as if I did something really terrible.

……Sure, it’s my fault that I didn’t remember his face or name, but please wait a moment. In the first place, the boys in my class always looking at me from a far. That’s why the unfortunate event like now happened, you know? I mean, if he was more friendly at me, I must have known his hobbies and tastes too, not just his face and name! 

I didn’t what I thoughts out loud, because I felt like they would look at me even worse than before.

“Okay, take a break for now. From now on, I lead the talk.”


He passed the role to the other boy, sat on a chair while holding his knees and stopped moving. 

…Are you okay? 

The boy who took over the lead talked to me. 

Maybe he’s also in the same class as me? Alright, let’s think so.

“I’m sorry to have you come all the way here.”

“Nah, don’t worry, we’re classmate, aren’t we?”

“… I’m from Class 2.”


Seriously, are they perhaps just want to tease me?


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