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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 128

This Ch is from Risa Sanada POV

128. Impression

There was nothing wrong with the meeting with Seimei Boys’ High School… Well, there were some problems, but it ended without becoming something big.

Risa Sanada, the Student Council President of Kenran High School, looked back on the meeting and was relieved that it ended safely. She just finished sending the members of Seimei High to the school gate, and finally took a break in the student council room.

The decision at the meeting was that having each other school students meet so suddenly in preparation for the school festival must be avoided, and so we talked about holding some exchange events several times a month. The first event would be a school tour of Kenran High students to Seimei Boys’ High School, which was forbidden for girls to enter. Because of a large number of students in Kenran High, not everyone could join the event. But the important things about the event was to familiarize the boys of Seimei High with girls, so there was no other choice for the one who couldn’t join other than restraint themselves.

Since the number of people who could participate in the exchange events was fixed, Risa had a feeling that a fierce battle between the students would start soon, and when think about it, Risa had a headache.

Risa dank the roasted tea and saw the members of the Student Council working. Everyone was working hard, but somehow, they looked sloppy and more restless than usual. Risa as a woman, could guess the reason.

The members who participated in the meeting had a cup of tea at their seats and took a rest, just like Risa. Confirming this, Risa went to speak to Chika Katsurakawa, one of the Vice President.

“Hmm, Chika. What was your impression of Seimei High Students?”

At that moment, the Student Council members who had been working hard until now stopped moving. After seeing it, Risa realized that her thoughts were right. 

Yes, the members of the Student Council curious about the boys who came from the boys’ paradise. They wanted to know what kind of boy who came. However, because they heard from someone that the atmosphere in the meeting was surprisingly heavy, they were hesitated to ask to about it.

Chika replied to Risa with a serious look after she lifted her glasses.

“I’m in charge of that Shota.”

“There is no such a thing like to be in charge of someone.”

In reflection to Chika’s words and actions which was full of desire, Risa answered calmy. However, the Student Council members suddenly made a noise when they hear Chika’s words.

“Sho… Shota…!”

“The type of boy which can’t be seen in Kenran…”

GULP… as expected of Seimei, they have all kind of boys.”

“W-will she come to be spoiled?”

Their delusion kept progressing to a strange direction. 

Risa asked the other Vice President.

“What was your impression of them, Ashiya?”

“Hmm〜, I feel they didn’t reject girls more than I expected〜, I guess?”

“… That’s true.”

Risa went to think the boys who came to visit not long ago. Three of the four had a softer attitude than Risa thought. In fact, she didn’t expect the meeting would end with the ideas such as holding an exchange event.  So, it could be said that the meeting was a success.

Risa also thought the school festival would be a success as long as the girls understood how to act appropriately against the boys. Also as a measure to release the tension, Risa brought Kohaku. However, it was Kohaku of the same sex that shattered Risa’s idea.

“How did you feel about them, Hatano-kun?”

Risa asked Kohaku, who was quietly drinking tea. 

The other members became quiet as they were worried about his impression too.

“Hmm, well…”

Kohaku paused for a bit but then continued his words.

“The Student Council President over there is a hard worker. I think he may be hospitalized because he works too much. His assistant is a person who seems to separate work and private life. I have the impression that he can do any work he assigned to. “

Upon hearing Kohaku’s evaluation, Risa had a little sympathy for Shirogane.

“As for Tamachi-kun, he is a Shota who is a natural airhead. I think the movement he did was not calculated. It’s just how he is.”

The word “Natural Airhead” could be heard here and there inside the room. 

And finally, Kohaku started to give his impression of the last person, Hibiya, who he argued so many times. Risa thought that it must be a bad impression in Kohaku’s eyes.

“The Vice President over there… was he called Hibiya-san? Among the one who came today, He was the most cautious about me, but I think that is probably how the normal boys in Seimei High are. Even if that’s not true, I think it’s better to think that way to avoid trouble…. and also, he….”


“He’s probably in a member of boy’s love.”

The other students’ voice echoed in the Student Council room. Everyone who stood up was looking at Kohaku with serious eyes.


Risa tilted her neck and made a questionable expression. 

She thought that Hibiya might just be overprotective of his assistants, and it might not be something uncommon in this era. That was why Risa wondered about the facial expressions of the members who stood up. 

Kohaku continued his words.

“Yes, that means he’s also a rival to those who are aiming for Tamachi-kun.”

Yes, those who stood up were the ones who had been making so much noise when they heard that there was a Shota. 

Risa looked at them with a shocked face.

Kohaku was also shocked, but he was shocked to the fact of how popular a Shota was.

In truth, the number one goal for them was Kohaku, and at the school festival, they want to enjoy it together with Kohaku… and deep in their heart they wanted to ‘eat’ him.

However, they shouted other words in their head.

It was, ‘There’s always room for a Shota!’….


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  1. Is shota like deserts for girls? Cause they always say there’s always room for desert, for they have different stomach for food and deserts(Though I’ve only read it in novels).

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