Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 127

127. Introduction, once again

There was a quarrel happened for a bit, but in the end, we entered the room for meeting with Seimei High student. It was the room usually used by the member of my school Student Council for meeting, but Seimei High Student Council President looked over the room with an impressed look. Perhaps he was comparing it to room they have in Seimei High.

Well, in terms of equipment, Kenran High had the finest one compared to schools in this country, so it was no wonder that he was impressed. 

When I, the last one to enter the room, entered the room. Using the phone call, I asked other members working in the Student Council room for drinks.

“Leave it to me! I! this I! Will bring it here! For sure!”

The person who answered my call was so energetic. Perhaps she wanted to see Seimei High students. 

Well, the students of Seimei Boys’ High School study there without having any interaction with girls, and in terms of rarity level of the boys, they were higher than the boys who study in Kenran. 

If I were to think about it the other way around, they are like ‘pure’ ladies who grow up innocently without having interaction with men.

…… somehow it makes me want to see what they’re doing right now. In other words, there may be a battle between those attractive girls for who will be the one to bring drinks……

When I turned my face to the room, other people were already sitting. However, there was no peaceful atmosphere there, and there was a heavy air. The purpose of the meeting was to deepen mutual relations without any difficulty.

Isn’t it better to start from a small talk? 

Anyway, I also sit down and watch the situation quietly.

TICK TICK TICK…… the sound of the clock echoing in the room, no one started the conversation. In such an air, the door of the room was knocked. Perhaps the drink I ordered earlier.

The chairman gave permission to enter the room and so the person came inside. The change in facial expression of the person who came in at that time was very spectacular. She came in with a bright smile, but the moment she saw the inside of the room, her expression changed to, ‘What’s this?!’. She politely put tea in front of each member at high speed, and quickly left.

“Please drink”

When the President said so, The President of Seimei High Student Council took the cup of tea that was served and said, “Thank you”, and showed a slightly surprised expression. The President who saw the face finally started the conversation.

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, it’s very delicious. You’re using good leaves.”

“Yes, but we can’t usually drink it because it’s a special product for our guests.”

After the President said that, she drank the tea and smiled, “As expected, it’s delicious.” The President of Seimei High Student Council also responded with a gentle smile. Perhaps other people could feel that the atmosphere had softened, and the heavy tension that had filled the room until then was alleviated.

“Hmmph! I can’t be impressed with how you spend your money!”

“Did you hear what she said? She said it was for guests, you know? Ah… I’m sorry. I thought that you could understand. I forgot that you’re an idiot.”

However, the softened atmosphere was instantly dissipated. 

Hibiya-san, the Vice President of Seimei High Student Council, said something so stingy. It was not my fault that I replied so.



Naturally, Hibiya-san and I were glaring at each other. 


“B-by the way, Kenran High is well equipped. It’s a wonderful school.”

“Y-yeah. That’s right. I’m proud that in that area Kenran High is not losing to other schools. But Kenran High is not a school with history and influence like Seimei High.”

The President started a conversation with each other again, but Vice President Hibiya opened his mouth again.

“Ah, no wonder it really smells like a nouveau riche (newborn rich).”

“It has History means that it’s old, isn’t it?”



And we glared at each other again.

Why does this person keep saying something so provoking like that? so strange.



“Why don’t we introduce ourselves to each other first?”

Vice President Katsurakawa made a proposal while correcting the position of her glasses. She looked at me with a glance, seemed like she was worried about me. To be honest, why she looked worried though?

“Oh, right. Let’s do that?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry I forgot about this.”

“No, don’t worry. So, first of all… I’m Risa Sanada, who is the Student Council President at Kenran High School. Our school never did a school festival together with Seimei Boys’ High School before, but I’m sure this year school festival will be a success. First of all, I would like to deepen our relationship with each other here. Nice to meet you. “

Alright, next is my turn…

And, Seimei High Student Council President stood up.

“I’m Subaru Shirogane, who is the Student Council President at Seimei Boys’ High School. I have the feeling that the school festival will be a success. But… “

Seimei High Student Council President, Shirogane, glanced at me and Hibiya-san.

“I think there will be many troubles, but let’s work together to solve them.”

Then, two Kenran High Student Council Vice President introduced themselves in a row, and finally the ‘untouchable’ Vice President Hibiya introduced himself.

“I’m Shinichi Hibiya, the Vice President of Seimei Boys’ High School Student Council. Please do not to ‘attack’ our school students.”

He said that and sat down. When President Shirogane saw it, he made a tired look and sighed. 

Well, he is a person who does not know ‘etiquette’ at all, I’m sure President Shirogane have a hard time because of him……. Oops, it’s my turn.

“I’m Kohaku Hatano. I don’t have a particular position in Kenran High Student Council, but I’ve always wanted to get along with Seimei High students. Well, I’ve been arguing with someone because of a slight discrepancy, but I believe both of school students is in unity to make the school festival a success, so let’s do it! “

Good! With this, they will realize my intention to get along well. And my impression should be improved by right now, right? 

When I looked at the reaction, everyone has the same doubtful face. 

…Hmm? why? 

It looked like everyone didn’t believe my words.

That’s strange…


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