VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 1

Well, before you read this, please remember that this is just a fiction so there might be a lot of similarity in personality or event to some real VTUBER out there.
Anyway, Me, as someone who watch fall down in the hole, I feel that I need to translate this…
Well, I’ll still count it a s teaser…

For this WN I’ll use the name with as it is, which means the Japanese rule, where the family name is at the start. As I found it better for this WN, especially the one who enjoy Vtuber.

1. Forgot to end

“Thank you for coming to my stream today. See you next time when it snows lightly.”


: Thanks

: It was fun today too!

: Even if you said when it’s snow lightly, you’ve been streaming almost every day recently. The frequency of snowy day is amaiziing….

: It’s snowing every day, I guess

: Snowing every day is an abnormal weather that I never know I’ll be happy about

I would end the stream when all the flowing comments stop.


Apparently, the PC wasn’t working well, and everything stopped moving.


I tried to click repeatedly, but there was no respond.

I was never good with PC, so I didn’t know the correct way to deal with such situations.


I didn’t know what it is, but it seemed that the streaming screen was closed, which was good.


I stood up with a sigh, walked through the apartment where I lived alone, and headed for the refrigerator.

Along with that, the inside of my head was completely switched from Kokorone Awayuki, to Tanaka Yuki, an unemployed normal woman, 20 years old.

…… Yes, I was unemployed. A Genuine NEET who was neither a college student nor a part-time worker.

…… Please don’t give me a cold shoulder, there was a good reason for it.

I joined a company after graduated from high school, and that company was a 100% ‘Black Company’. Every day I was being abused and forced to work to the point my eyes looked dead.

Under such circumstances, the only thing that gave a light to my heart was the brilliant VTubers agency “Live-On”, which recently gained popularity almost in one go, and finally became one of the top VTuber talent agency in Japan.

I was instantly fascinated by the chaotic world in which each person had kept developing, and I continued to watch it every day, even if I had to cut my own time for sleep. I gradually became absorbed in it which also spark the hope of living within me.

While watching them, I managed to survive my daily live with a cheap salary that kept wearing down my spirit. But, suddenly the news that lighted a single light in my lightless eyes, which became like a dark hole due to overwork, came down.

《Live-On 3rd generation audition!!!》

To be honest, I thought it was impossible.

In fact, I was so nervous that I couldn’t remember what I said during the interview.

However, perhaps the God was being mean to me. For some reason I got accepted.

And so, I was given the other me, which was called, Kokorone Awayuki.

As a woman, she was quite tall with straight black hair up to her back, pure white skin, and pale purple eyes with highlights that could make others feel ‘something unknown’ from just seeing it.

The manager in charge told me that I, Yuki Tanaka, was the model for the illustrator when it got designed. 

To be honest, I never thought that I was such a beautiful woman…

By the way, after I got the news that I passed the audition, I quit the company I was working at, immediately.

Some people might say that I was too early to make that decision, but as everyone knew, ‘VTuber activity is busy’, so it couldn’t be helped.

…… I’m sorry I lied. The truth is I couldn’t handle to work in that environment anymore because of my shitty mental which is like a small fry…

But I planned to stream a lot as a VTuber. And eventually become popular, and when it could be monetized. I would be full of smiles!! Hyahaha―!!

There was a time when I thought that such a dream-like story, full of greed, could be realized easily.

To be honest, I was not popular. Not at all. And it was a problem that was more important that getting monetization.

It had been about three months since I debuted, compared to the others who debuted at the same time as me, I only had less than half of the subscribers and people who come to watch my stream. Or rather, the gap was getting higher over time.

That was why, some people might have thought that working as a VTuber means that they were not a NEET.

Anyway, I had no income. I managed to live using the money I saved due to habits of living in poverty when I was working for a company.

“As expected perhaps there is not enough ‘kick’…”

My manager often said to me that I should show my true self more, but to be real, what on earth are people looking for in me…? What they hope from me?

Or rather, what does it mean to show my true self? And why does my manager know about my true self? Is it from when I was being interviewed?

Anyway, my head hurt thinking about it. 

Soon, the bottom of my savings could be seen. My mental health had been not good lately.

In fact, there was another thing hidden in my ‘refrigerator’ besides VTuber that kept me living when my mental almost crumbled.

“My body has become a body that can’t live without this……”

An ‘evil’ drink that would only make you feel sick…… If you drink this, you can forget whatever you feel at that moment……..

Yes, it’s a ‘St**ng Zero’! [TN: It’s an alcohol drink in Japan, usually 9% alcohol]

TN : Her name, ‘Awayuki’ mean light snow, that’s why she said so as her ending.


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