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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 126

126. Self-introduction, I guess

The person who called out, he ran toward us. 

Tamachi, who saw him, had a relieved expression on his baby face.

“It looks like other students have already gathered too.”

When I saw the other students already gathered, I said so. 

But, when I checked the clock, it was not the meeting time yet, so it meant that the people of Seimei High arrived quite early.

“Yes, I arrived a little early and went into the toilet. Senpai said that he wanted to follow me because he was worried, but I refused because I’m not a child, but… never did I thought that I was actually lost. “

“Well, I was lucky enough to find the toilet though”, added Tamachi and he laughed embarrassedly.

“This school is surprisingly large. It’s easy to get lost. Even people who go to this school get lost when they go to places they don’t normally go.”

Because many people got lost, maps were set up all over the place, but it couldn’t be helped that those who weren’t the students of Kenran High to not even notice it.

I was watching people running here. Students other the one who started running were also walking here. There were three people in Seimei’s uniform, including the one who were running. It would be four students, including Tamachi-kun, who was near me, which was exactly the same as the number of people from Kenran.

Both the President and the Vice President from Seimei High Student Council looked like they had a gentle personality, so it might be possible for the meeting to end in a peaceful manner. After all, even if they were students from Seimei, if they were like Tamachi-kun, no problem would occur.

“Tamachi!! Are you okay?! I was worried, you know!”

“Sorry, Senpai, I got lost…”

“No, don’t worry about it, I’m glad that you’re fine. I thought maybe some girls forced you to take care of their needs.”

The person who ran to me seemed to have been very worried about Tamachi-kun. 

…so, is this the person named Hibiya? The Vice President? they seem to be on good terms… 

The person found out that Tamachi was safe and calmed down, and finally noticed me on the side.

He looked like an overprotective person and seemed to be an important person on Seimei Student Council. Perhaps he would be the one to cause trouble for everyone.

Anyway, I tried to introduce myself.

“Hel ──”

“Who are you?”

Ah, I guess so. This guy really will be the one who causes trouble …

“I’m asking you, who are you. Answer quickly.”

How could he speak like this to a person he meets for the first time… but I need to get along with him because he also responsible to liven up the school festival with us. Even if it is impossible to be friend with him, I want to make it a relationship that is neither good nor bad.

“Answer quickly. Or maybe, the boy from Kenran can’t understand words?”

Tamachi-kun looked worried seeing his Senpai spoke like that.

Well, don’t worry. I used to this kind of people from my work in my previous life, I’m a patience person with a heart of steel. This kind of abusive words is not enough to sway my emotion. 

What should I say…

…I’m Kohaku Hatano, a member of the Kenran High Student Council. I would like to take this opportunity to get along with everyone from Seimei High. Nice to meet you. 

Alright! Let’s say this.

I opened my mouth to introduce myself again.

“I wouldn’t give my name to a suspicious person.”


I said something different from what I was thinking. Even the other people made a surprised face.

“What! What did you say?! I’m a suspicious person, huh!! Look at this uniform!!”

“Hmm, Sure you’re wearing Seimei High uniform, but no matter how I look at your face, it’s hard to say that you’re a student… well, maybe you’ve been repeating many times?”

“Of course not!”

“If so… perhaps it just that you have an old-looking face …”

“Yeah! Many people said so!”

“Ah, I’m very sorry to hear that.”


that’s strange… I was supposed to make the relationship become better with the talk skills I cultivated in my workplace in my previous life, I’m sure I have a lot of patience and heart of steel, but why did this happen?…… Hmm, maybe it’s because the temperament of the past me in this world has come out stronger than the me from my previous life, yeah, I’m sure that’s the case.

“Does the boy in here doesn’t know etiquette?!”

Oops, he’s angry until his face become a bit red. I guess, I have to calm him down this time.

“Oh, you knew the word ‘etiquette’ huh. I’m surprised. I means, I didn’t know that a person who have such a strong attitude toward the person he met for the first time would be so knowledgeable…”

“Aren’t you a guy who doesn’t even know how to speak to his superiors, huuh!”

“Superiors? Where? The person in front of me right now is a despicable people who can only look down other people… What? are you really talking about yourself?”

When I looked at the person in front of me with an ‘are you for real?’ face, he turned his red face even redder and became even more furious. 

But, I can’t believe that I could smoothly said something like that… Anyway, it’s impossible to fix the relationship with him anymore… Let’s do our best to get along with other people.

When I pledged a new determination, Seimei High Student Council President who came close to me called me.

“Hatano-kun, please stop it there.”

“Hibiya too, stop.”

Oh, is he Seimei High Student Council President? Somehow, he looks like a hard worker person.




The person named Hibiya, who was urged by the Seimei High Student Council President, calmed down himself, and then he turned his hateful eyes on me.

I turned it back with a smug face, and his face turned red again.

“Hey, you too should restraint yourself.”

I was scolded by the President for doing such a thing.


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  2. Just came to a realization. If women in that world get pregnant in highschool, for the it must be a badge of honor the same way normal guys are proud to say they aren’t virgins anymore.

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