Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 41 Part 1

41-1. In the meantime, My treasure (Part 1)

The appearance of the city had changed considerably. Soon the harvest festival and preparations for it began to take place among the people of the city. A harvest festival to pray for the safety of the harvest. There were many villagers who come to buy tools for the festival because they were held at the same time not only in the main town but also in the surrounding villages.

The people of Yugura Church were busy. After all, they need to organize and manage all the harvest festivals held in each village. However, the burden of for me had not really increased. But, since Maya-san, who usually teach Wolfe, was busy, Wolfe had a lot of free time.

Marito, as the King of Tiez, also preparing for the harvest festival, and so He decided to stop the learning about another world for a while. And Lacra brought a lot of tools to Illias’s house as she was forced to work. For example, creating tools for festivals. Well, it was only some parts that usually take time to make. 

And so, I left the house and walking around the city as to not to disturb her.

“Still, that girl… how could she asked for a souvenir… well, I should give a reward for doing her best.”

“That’s right. By the way, you seem to have a lot of free time.”

“Marito and Maya-san are busy. Same with Ban-san. Also, I can’t just stay in ‘Dog’s bones’ from daytime. Of course, I’m free.”

“There is a word called, ‘Training’.”

“Hey, Wolfe, I’ll buy you something since you always working hard.”


Illias’s said ‘Oi…!’, but I let her voice go in one ear and out the other, and proceeded to stroke Wolfe’s head. If I were to buy souvenirs for Lacra, I would feel not good if I didn’t buy something for Wolfe too.

“The only things in Wolfe’s room are the clothes that Saira made, and the books borrowed from Maya. It’s not bad to increase my personal belongings.”

“Didn’t you say that you don’t want to have a lot of personal belongings in my house?”

“Well, it’s my principle and anyway, I still have more things in my room than Wolfe.”

The things in my room were mostly a lot of parchment and pens. There was a few clothes, but the rest was a chest, my ‘partner’, and a sculpture knife that I bought secretly. I changed the level of my ‘partner’, which was a wooden stick, to a wooden sword, and used the knife to make the dice for the game of life. Well, to be honest, it was not that much.

“Anyway, she also has to remember that the feeling of being spoiled. If it’s Wolfe, I’ll listen to most of what she wants.”

“Is it just my feeling that there is a big difference between how you treat me, Lacra and Wolfe?”

“Well, it’s true that there is a big difference. You see, I need to teach Wolfe a lot. It’s not just about how to live and how to be prepared for anything. Also, she needs to know how to rely on someone else and the feeling of being spoiled. Even if Wolfe will not need of that in the future, some people may rely on Wolfe and want to be spoiled by her. If she doesn’t know the feelings, at that time, she’ll only feel annoyed or troubled. “

Ordinary children were spoiled by their parents, selfish, recognized, rejected, spoiled, scolded, laughed, shed tears, while they were growing up. Then, as they experienced it and grasped that emotions, they prepared themselves for their future.

But Wolfe didn’t have enough experiences for all of that. There were many times when there she didn’t understand what she feels or what other feels, and the way she talk and deal with others was not good enough. She could learn her own weakness from Maya, Illias, and the great people of the Ragdo corps.

But the way they live their life always straightforward and disciplined, they wouldn’t spoil themselves, which meant that they would not spoil Wolfe. In truth, Wolfe was a diligent and obedient girl. But she would be like them if she only knew how to be obedient.

What I wanted for Wolfe was, for her to have various emotions and for her to grow on the ‘correct way’. By the way, Illias lived her younger days in a normal family, but her life was too biased from there. That was why I tried to make her get along with Saira who also a girl of the same age, and apparently it went well.

“If that’s the case, isn’t Lacra the right person for her to learn that?”

“If Wolfe hangs out too much with her, she will likely imitate her. I’ll be troubled if she becomes like her. That’s why, it’s good for Wolfe to keep some distance with her and use her as a bad example.”

I wanted Wolfe to grow up freely, but I didn’t want to have a disciple with a personality like Lacra. 

Still, I can’t help but to want to spoil her. I mean, if she looks at Lacra, she must know the dire consequences of being spoiled too much, right? Everything going to be okay, right? Right?

“In a sense, shouldn’t you use yourself as a bad example too?”

“Don’t put a people who just good at living his live like me and bad people like her in a same group. Anyway, Wolfe, now, tell me what you want.”

“Well, hmm….. alright, I decided!”

With this, I will also know more about Wolfe. I can tell who is strongly influenced her right now by what Wolfe wants.

“I want a weapon!”

“So, it’s your influence huh, Illias!”


“Wolfe want a weapon like what Shisho has.”

“Oh, it’s me…”

Well, she’s been only active on using her Mana release for a while. And, if she were going to fight, it may be good for her to have a decent weapon.

However, the wooden sword like mine, is probably not enough for Wolfe. If she were channeling a lot of Mana to the weapon…. such destructive power will enough to destroy it. Of course, I can’t give it to her.

“By the way, I’m sure Wolfe tried various weapons while training with the Ragdo corps, but what kind of weapon do you like?”

“…..I do not really know.”

“That’s because she used all weapons generally in the basic level.”

Hmmm, I heard that Wolfe is a versatile type, but is it to that extent? She can fight close range with fist, and she can use most of weapons too. Well, it’s good to learn all about it, but in other words, the versatile type in battle is not good at her level. If she were to grow up to the Illias level, there is no loss in remembering various things, but it is better to narrow down to one for now.

“Let’s go see the weapon shop first. When you look at the real thing, you may find what you want. If not, you can ask the opinion of an expert.”

“Oh, right. I haven’t visited recently. And, I wanted to repair the scabbard soon. Alright, let me guide you.”

I was guided to a store on the outskirts of the city. The distinct taste of an expert made the people of modern Japan excited.

“Toruido, are you there?” [TN: in the raw it’s written, トールイド, Which can be a lot of different names, I’m having trouble to decide which name is good, but I decided to just literally changed to Alphabet, this name might change…]

Illias went inside. Then, when I followed her inside, my mouth opened by itself. 

I could see a large number of weapons, most of them swords and spears, but there were even mallets, knives and something like sickle and chain. There was dust on the shelves, but all the weapons on display seemed to be in good condition and looked brand new.

While I was looking around, an old man in his seventies wearing rags appears from the back of the store. 

Wow, it’s ‘that’. The old man who looks unreliable, but in fact, a super-skilled blacksmith.

“Oo, Ratzell’s daughter, huh? I just started to think why I hadn’t seen you recently. So, did the sword finally break?”

“Unfortunately, the sword made by Toruido is too durable. So, today I’m thinking of asking only for repairing the scabbard.”

“Show me how it looks… You! Youuu?! The scabbard is not a weapon, you know?!”

Oh, he’s a real deal. Until now, no one has ever mentioned that Illias defeated her opponent using the scabbard. In Japan, the sword scabbard is also used as a weapon sometime, but it doesn’t seem to be the same in here, at least the one who made the sword for Illias doesn’t have that intention.

“Well, Sometimes I get attacked when I try to pull it out. That’s why I have more opportunities to use it with the scabbard intact.”

“The damage is too much. It won’t be back to the normal state if I just fix it!… Hmm? You bring companions?”

“Yeah, I’m want to pick a weapon that suits her too today. She is Wolfe. Wolfe, he is Toruido.”

“I’m Wolfe, thank you.”

“Hoo, a demi-human huh? ――  she has a great amount of Mana. Even though she lacks experience and training… isn’t she just like you? Compared to that, that young lad. He’s so weak that it’s not strange if he were to suddenly die tomorrow.”

“I’m confident about being weak.”

“Well, aren’t you a determined person huh. By the way, would you also choose a weapon?”

“No, I’m good enough with this.”

That said, I showed my wooden sword. 

As long as I have this ‘partner’ of mine, I don’t need a weapon.

“No, you should buy a weapon because it’s important. Even if it’s cheap, the quality of the weapon here is good.”

“This weapon fits my height so it’s more than enough.”

“Hmm. It’s true that your body doesn’t seem to be able to handle the weapons that I made easily. I have an oil used to care for wooden parts of the weapon, you may be interested to use it.”

“Seriously? Thank you for that.”

Even though it’s just a wooden sword, it still needs maintenance. I couldn’t find anything like varnish in the market, and I was even thinking about having Ban-san to help me search for it. Wait for a bit longer, ‘partner’, I’ll give you a present called, shine!


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