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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 125

I’m not feeling well lately, so yeah, I took a break for a while to rest my mind and body… (Thank God it’s not C-19)
Anyway, I’m feeling better now, so yeah…

125. Guide

The boy I saved earlier… Tamachi-kun, with him, I proceed to walk around the school to the meeting place. Perhaps because I was walking with boys in different uniforms, not only I was attracting girls but also boys’ eyes. That said, I was not happy for monopolizing everyone’s eyes! 

The girls who looked at me said, “They are going to do erotic things from now on…” with a slightly reddish face, and the boys were looking at me with their eyes saying, “That traitor!”. 

Even the boy who I had helped was also surprised with how the others saw us. 

…..Why should I be treated like this when in fact, I’m just helping a lost child?

The boy next to me was indeed also a boy. Even though he looked nervous, he kept glancing at me analyzing the situation. It was as if he had a dangerous but rare animal on his side. To be honest, I wanted to say, “What’re you looking at, haah!” to him so bad, but I couldn’t use such words because I had a reputation for being kind. I never took any actions that made me looked like the ‘Tyrant’.

However, although I knew that I was called like that at school, I never imagined that the name would be known to students at other schools. 

…I need to find out where the information is coming from.

“Tamachi-kun… is it?”

When I talked to the boy who was walking next to me, he bowed and apologized while trembling.

“Hi, hiii… I, I’m sorry. I’ve done something disrespectful!! For a small fry like me to dare to walk beside you., I’m sorry! I’ll try to walk behind so that I don’t get in your eyes.”

With that said, Tamachi-kun quickly moved behind me to get out of my sight.

Then, I heard a voice from the boys who were watching the scene.

“O, Oi! Kohaku Hatano dares to treat the boy from Seimei like a small fry!”

GULP… Amazing. They said that the boys from Seimei have a high pride… but he dares to treat him as if nothing big…”

” ‘King’ ….. No, the ‘Tyrant’. So, it’s not just a title for showing off huh?”

The boys immediately picked up their smartphones and were pressing it fast. Perhaps they were telling their friend or uploading the info to SNS.

…… I was witnessing the moment when my reputation being damaged. But, But! The kind-hearted me never yelled or hit other boys. Because in fact, I was just a high school boy and definitely not a terrifying ‘Tyrant’. 

With a smile that gives other a sense of safety, I turned to Tamachi-kun again and talked to him.

“Bastard, I’ll drop you.”

“Hi, hiiii! Where are you planning to drop me?”

Of course, the Sea of ​​Japan in the middle of winter… ah wait, there’s no ‘Sea of ​​Japan’ here……. No, no, it’s not like that, I made a mistake. Yeah, it’s not that my real intention came out or anything.

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Anyway, you called me a ‘Tyrant’, so I was wondering where such false information came from… I hope you can tell me …”

“Eh, it’s a lie?”

“Yeah, of course it is. If you really think so, I’d like you to tell me where the ‘Tyrant’ element of me. In the first place, if I’m really the ‘Tyrant’ as you said, I would never help someone who was in trouble like you.”

“T-That’s true … even now, you talk to me normally.”

“Right? I’m also in trouble because of this rumor. I’d like to get rid of this misunderstanding, but it’s difficult.”

“Ah, so it’s like that huh……”

Tamachi-kun pitied me and gave me the information he knew.

“The junior high school I was attending was close to the junior high school that Hatano-san was attending, so information or rumor in your school came in naturally.”

“I see, naturally huh…. Hmm, junior high school?”

Wait a minute, I have been called like that since I was in junior high school?

“Yes, to be honest, it was just a rumor, so I was skeptical at first, but I started to believe it because the same rumors came out many times. But it was all a lie huh….”

Tamachi bowed, saying that he was sorry.

“By the way, what kind of rumors were flowing to your school?”

“Well, hmmm… For example, Hatano-san was said to have a desk or chair in the classroom prepared custom-made… or when Hatano-san tired of standing in the morning assembly, you would then use the nearby girl as a chair to sit… also, when teacher warned Hatano-san, you would try to get away by seducing the teacher and in the end you just laughed at it without doing anything much… And, and, Hatano-san would suddenly praising other without any logical reason. “

“I, I see……”

“But after I talk to Hatano-san today, and I think that the rumors can’t be relied on. The kind Hatano-san who helped me is not such a person who has a personality disorder!”

“Ah, ehm, well… Rumors could get exaggerated as the time goes.”

Well, to be honest…



…………………… Sure, there might be a time when I did something like that in the past, but let’s change the topic because no one will be happy to continue this story.

“Hmm? What’s wrong Hatano-san? Your eyes are moving around so much right now.”

“No, nothing. Let’s change the topic.”

“Eh, but…”

“No but. Let’s talk something else.”

“Y, Yes, I’m sorry.”

Tamachi-kun, who should have started to be able to relax around me, muttered “scary…” and quietly followed me from behind.

…. that’s strange? The damage caused by the rumor should be removed, but somehow, it seems that the suspicion and doubt about me has just become worse…

After that, we continued walking quietly, and when I finally saw the meeting place, I heard a desperate voice that seemed to be in a hurry.

“Tamachi!! Are you okay?!”


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