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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 124

124. Encounter

I looked out the window. 

…It’s dark and cloudy.

The sky was covered with thick clouds, completely hiding the sun. I felt a little depressed by the weather that blows away the good mood that I felt when I woke up in the morning. Based on the weather forecast that I saw the day before, it was supposed to be a good weather, but unfortunately the weather forecaster’s forecast was off.

I don’t think it’s because of the meeting with Seimei High School Students today that cause me feels uneasy when I look at this sky……. A face-to-face meeting with the Seimei High Student Council in our school… It seems that only a few people will come. Student Council members were given the order to restrain themselves by President because boy students would come. But, well, the information was leaked by the newspaper club. I’m sure, President is holding her head because of this.

The girls were somewhat restless because the students from Seimei High would come……. I understand their feelings. A few ‘pure’ male students will come, of course they will hope some ‘encounter’ will lead into some ‘happening’ and bloom into love stories, so they probably excited and full of expectations……. Well, it’s just a delusion. 

On the contrary, the boys are so uptight. I even got a complaint about it from them since I’m somewhat a member of the Student Council. One of them said… ‘There is no way we can do a joint festival with such people with bad personalities.’… To be honest, I wanted to tell them to go to the bathroom and look at mirror, but I’m a patient person, so I didn’t say that.

Well, the one who will come are the members of Seimei High Student Council, so unlike ordinary students, their personalities may be okay, I guess? Still, I can’t help but to feel nervous about what’s going to happen.

Looking at the cloudy sky, while remembering what happened in the past few days, I could only be worried.

Anyway, I spent time normally until after school, and finally it was time for the meeting. Actually, since there would be only a few people on the other side that would come, it was decided that only the President and Vice President, and in addition, me as the same male, were the one who would welcome them. The reason why I was included was to give a sense of security to them.

For the time being, I was walking to the place for the meeting… But, I saw an interesting sight outside the window. For some reason, there were a good number of female students gathering. When I took a closer look at what they were doing, I saw a boy in the center. And the boy’s uniform was different from the one used in Kenran High. And so, I was convinced that the boy was one of the Seimei High School Council members…… What I didn’t understand was why he was alone in such a place. Well, I thought that whatever he planned to do, he would join the meeting when he was done. But, the moment I tried to take my eyes off, my eyes met the boy’s. And his eyes were looking at me as if he saw a savior.

In other words, he was asking for help. If my eyesight was bad, I could have not paying much attention to it, but my eyesight always good both in the past and in the present. Since the other party also saw me, ignoring him would definitely affect the future of the meeting…

I sighed and headed to where the boy was.

“Did you get lost? If you tell me where you want to go, I’ll show you.”

“No don’t trust her. No one is as familiar with school as I am, so if you leave it to me, I’ll take you in the shortest time! 

“No, no, don’t listen to them. I’m from the Sightseeing Club. Let me guide you to the recommended spots in here.”

“Are you hungry? why don’t you go with me to eat some sweets in the cafeteria? The have a new cake. It’s delicious, you know?”

…… So, he is lost huh… 

Surrounded by girls and he kept shaking his body every time the girls talked to him as if he was asking for help to come. 

A baby face with a height shorter than me. If there was a ‘Shota lovers’, she definitely couldn’t stand the ‘diamond’ such as him. And, such a ‘Shota’ boy made a face saying that he was glad to see me. [TN: ‘Shota’ is, a term used for young boy or short boy, so yeah, it’s like the term ‘loli’]

…… For sure if I were to pass him by without seeing him at all, he would definitely fall into despair. Well, I was tempted to try it, but I didn’t…

The girls around the ‘Shota’ boy also noticed the change in his facial expressions, and when they turned their faces toward me, they changed their expression and started making excuses.

“N-no! this is not what you think! I saw that he was in trouble, so I just called out to help! Don’t get me wrong!”

Hmm… I’m not angry to you, though?

“That’s right! I didn’t flirt or anything!”

……May I ask who are you? I don’t even know your name.

“Aaah…, those despised eyes are also wonderful…”

I’m looking with very ordinary eyes, though?!

While saying such words, the girls who surrounded him naturally opened the way for me. It was as if I was Moses when he split the sea. 

Anyway, I walked to the Shota and talked to him.

“You’re from Seimei Boys’ School, right? Why are you in a place like this?”

“Ah, hmm, I got lost after I went to the toilet …”

“Is that so? Well, this school is so big, so it can’t be helped, I guess. Anyway, I’m going to meet the students from Seimei too from now on, so let’s go together.”

“T-thank you very much.”

The ‘Shota’ boy smiled and looked relieved. I explained the reason to the girls around me and asked them to disband. At that time, he praised me, ‘To help someone in need… what a wonderful person.’.

Yeah, even though it was just such a small thing… as expected, doing it steadily leads to a good reputation.


When I was praising myself in my mind, I head the ‘Shota’ boy reluctantly opened his mouth.

“Hmm… what?”

“I’m from Seimei Boys’ School, my name is Tamachi. I am an assistant to the Vice President, Hibiya. Nice to meet you… I’m sorry, but may I ask for your name, please?”

“Oooh, you’re so polite. My name is Kohaku Hatano. I’m doing some chores at the Student Council. Nice to meet you too.”

When the ‘Shota’ boy heard my reply, he lost his smile and suddenly turned pale. And he leaked a word, probably unconsciously.

“The Tyrant… Hatano Kohaku”

Oi, you piece of shit, call me that once again and I’ll beat you up for sure.

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  1. Hey man I just gotta say thank you for doing this novel, i find it very interesting and entertaining!

  2. hey man I just wanted to say thanks for all the work that you do! I beat me and the rest of the readers really appreciate the work that you do! I also got a question for the Light Novel. I heard that it is drastically different from the WN. However I have lots of trouble trying to find it on the internet! I tried Zero chan but it only shows pictures instead of the novel! If someone can tell me the source or give me the link it would be much appreciated!

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