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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 31

31. The Cause of Calamity

A golden light emerges from the ground.

The light condenses in the form of a chain, it stretches toward the demon.

The number of chains is 4.

Each of it, approach the <MAJIN> from different angle.

“――――!? What?!”

The four chains pierce the <MAJIN> from behind.

There are no scratches on the <MAJIN>’s body. However, since he is being chained, he can’t move, ‘not even one step’.

“this is……”

What is that golden chain?

It extends from the ground where I’m lying down.

Did I put it out?

I don’t know, I don’t know but, as long as I can stop that Bastard, I don’t care!

I raise my right knee and get up. Then point the index finger of my right hand at the <MAJIN>, while trembling and squeezing all the strength I have left.

“This is an『ORDER』. You Bastard, don’t you even dare to move, not even one finger…! “

“Oioi……Oioioioioioioioi!!! What just happened, I really can’t move at all…! “

The power that I suddenly can feel. It’s like a miracle, if I were late even a few second Ash would be killed already.

However, manipulating unknown power is not an easy task.

There is a little Blue Mana left on my body, it’s been released rapidly since the light came out, as if there’s a hole in the pouch for my Mana.


SNAP!… the chains were destroyed. 

It doesn’t feel like it was destroyed by the <MAJIN>, It looks like it has been destroyed by itself.

It seems that the Blue Mana left on my body has run out and can no longer maintain its shape.

If the Blue Mana runs out, Magician will be useless. This time, every Mana I have is exhausted.

The <MAJIN>, Old Man’s younger brother, cracks his neck and points his toes at me.

His face, even though he is laughing, he looks a bit nervous.

I can see a drop of sweat spill from his forehead after all.

“Boy, You, what did…”

In the middle of his talk, he suddenly looks up at the sky.

” ‘O, the playful wind, carry the thunder and make a cage’ “

I heard the voice of a man I had heard somewhere from the sky.

“《Raichū Sekkan》 ” [TN: literal meaning is, Thunder Pillars of Punishment, If I were to name it in English, ‘Thunder Cage’]

The sound of a cutting wind… Something is falling from above. I move my neck muscles and manage to look at the sky–

A bard I met at that day is falling with a myriad of thunder spears.

“Hahah! This is bad!!! “

The <MAJIN> jumps on the black dragon. The black dragon moves backward at a speed that is not noticeable to the eyes and knocks down the trees.

Innumerable pillars of thunder are created in the place where the black dragon and the <MAJIN> were.

A man in a worn-out long coat stands in the center of the pillars of thunder.

Rough beard, unkempt gray hair. Yeah, no doubt…..

“Sonata, Campbell…”

Sonata turns his back to me and sends only his eyes.

“Yoー, President. Are you okay? I came to help.”

“Who is the President…”

“Sorry President. The reunion recital will be postponed.”

The <MAJIN> riding the black dragon,

And Sonata Campbell faces each other.

――The air is different from before.

A tingling and tense air. I can feel that they will never miss the movement of each other even if it’s just one finger.

“Hoho. So you are the one they called, Sonata Campbell… one of the ‘Natural enemies’ huh? YOU and ALDOPHOS too, why you both like to disturb us, the <MATEI>”

“It’s our job to harass you guys.”

“Well, we’re the same then? Dealing with You right now is… a little bit troublesome. I’ll back down for now. My purpose was fulfilled after all.”

The <MAJIN> makes the dragon fly into the sky.

“Novice sealer! I’m sorry, but I can’t give my true name to you, a Sealer! You could call me, {Gun Emperor}, remember it okay?! Let’s drink tea when we meet next time――see ya!”

The black dragon flies high in the sky.

Sonata gazes at the black dragon and calls me “President…” without looking at me.

“You know, If I take it seriously, I could make a Thunder Dragon that could swallow that big Dragon.”

“――Is it true…?”

“Yeah. Believe me!”

Sonata turns his straight gaze at me for a moment.

I believe in Sonata’s eyes. Considering the tricks he did so far, I’m sure he can do it too.

“Well, if it’s you, I’m sure you can do it.”

“――Alright, Let’s do this!”

Sonata’s tongue glows, Green color―― the Mana of Creation spring up from it.

“Come out Thunder Dragon!!!”

The Green Mana turned into blue thunder all at once, imitating the appearance of a dragon.


That black dragon―― no, even the {Troll} that was under {Corpse Emperor} can be swallowed by it. it’s so big.

The thunder dragon follows the black dragon. Its speed is that of thunder, and in a blink of an eye it caught the black dragon and {Gun Emperor}.


The thunder dragon scattered without exploding.

A weapon called a ‘gun’ possessed by the {Gun Emperor}, emitting smoke from its tip.

That man probably erased the thunder dragon by some means.

Sonata and {Gun Emperor} finally look at each other again.

『”I’ll kill you when I meet you next time.”』

Perhaps they both are thinking about that. I mean, they have that kind of eye after all.

Once I confirmed that the enemy had left, I relax my body.


My field of vision become dark.

It seems that something has run out due to the arrival of Sonata. Perhaps it’s a thread of tension?

Ah, not good. My consciousness――

————— On the back of the black dragon —————

<Seadust Island> and the sea near it <Braoze Sea>.

A black dragon was flying over it. 

An old man was on its back.

“Oi, wake up, {Corpse Emperor} bastard.”

The Old Man―― {Gun Emperor} squeezed a piece of bone.

Then, a naked man whose half body was skeleton appeared from the bone.

The king of the corpse, the {Corpse Emperor}.

“Where is this?!”

The {Corpse Emperor} looked around and saw the {Gun Emperor} who was standing beside him.

“{Gun Emperor}! Did you release me?!”

“Well yeah, be grateful. I came all the way to this place to pick you up.”

“There must have been a Sealer who sealed me! Don’t tell me, you killed him…?!”

The {Gun Emperor} bent his eyebrows, “Hmm?”

{Gun Emperor} thought that {Corpse Emperor} would say the exact opposite word, ‘I think I killed him properly.’ or something like that.

“I will kill him! I will definitely kill him! Don’t touch him!!!”

“Hahhahhah! That attitude of yours, I don’t hate it. I’m not going to lay a hand on him. It’s not the time to kill him yet. When the time come, sure it will be interesting.”

“Hmm, you know it well. That Sealer has a lot of potential. I’m going to have a long relationship with him.”

“Your ‘Corpse Manipulation Technique’ cannot make the corpses exceed their ability when they were still alive. So, it’s a waste to kill him now and use him as your pawn.”

The {Corpse Emperor} rushed to make a bone throne and sat naked.

“As expected, when there is a sense of tension in the battle. I’m excited. I’m really excited! Fighting him will never get boring! Even though he’s weak, he try his best, and use a wide variety of attacks and traps while holding his breath! That kind of struggling can’t be done by a corpse. Only living people can do it.”

“Even though you lost, you’re not afraid of him at all.”

“I haven’t lost! I calculated that you would come and release me! This time, it’s a draw!”

“You, are really interesting! You’re the incarnation of positive thinking.”

The {Corpse Emperor}’s expression returned to normal, and he put his chin in his hands.

“So why did you help me? Even though there’s no bond between all of <MATEI>. “

“From now on, I hope for us to act as a group. You see, times keep changing.”

“Answer the question.”

“I’m collecting all of the <MATEI> over the world right now. I think there are roughly ten. And my goal is Ten Demons of Calamity. You have the perfect ability and skill as one of them.”

“Hmmph! What is your real purpose? If it’s a boring wish, I won’t join hands! “

“Well, just look forwards to it. Oh right, I also prepared a present (corpse) for you.”


“It’s not a <MATEI>, but I’m going to have him work as a part of the calamity.

A disaster that happened five years ago, ‘The Collapse of Nisilipi’. The person who got caught up in that disaster, I managed to recover the dead man’s corpse…”

The {Gun Emperor} laughed, “Hihihi!”


“He’s the blonde guy that you had known very well. He’s the same as Barha, Adolphos, and Sonata. The man who was counted as ‘Natural Enemies’.”

“――?! No way…! “

“That’s right, it’s as the one you think right now. It’s not too far for us, the <MATEI>, to ruler over the world――hihihi!”

The black dragon accelerated in a blink of an eye and flied hundreds of kilometers.

Crossed the blue sea and crossed the sky of the red sea.

The cause of calamity were gathering.

The story about ‘The Collapse of Nisilipi’ will be in the side story (14 chapters). The side story would also serve as a backstory of one important character.
I plan to translate it after act 1 is over, or after arc 2 is over.

Also, here is the detail of Shura and Ash character design.

Shura and Ash Character Design
Shura and Ash Character Design (Translated by me)


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