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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 123

123. Seimei High Student Council Meeting

“Don’t joke with me!”

The boy’s angry voice echoed in the room with a tense atmosphere.

“Hibiya, calm down…”

“How could I be calm?!!”

The boy called Hibiya had something in mind that made him angry so much until he slammed the paper he had in his hand on the desk. 

『Regarding Kenran High School and Seimei Boys’ School Joint School Cultural Festival』

Could be seen in the paper.

“Did you silently accept this?! Shirogane! This is your doing the Student Council President, right?!”

“That’s not the case. When I was told about this Joint Cultural Festival, of course I decided to oppose it.”


“But it’s already decided. It can’t be… changed.”

“Argh! What is the school’s staff thinking!”

Hibiya looked down at the paper again. It was written that it was for the sake of harmony between boys and girls, but he couldn’t trust that. After all, it sounded like the someone planned to put meat in front of a hungry beast. So, something such as letting unprotected boys to a place where there would be a lot of women, of course they would be eaten up as a matter of course. 

Hibiya shook his body and hugged his body with both arms.

If Kohaku were in here, he would have asked, ‘What happened to you?’ While thinking that there might be probably nothing happened.

Seeing Hibiya became so angry like that, Seimei High Student Council President, Shirogane, sighed. Hibiya, who was showing his anger, was in fact, the Vice President, so he would be interacting with the students of Kenran High from now on. 

Seeing Hibiya, Shirogane thought that it would be a difficult task to make smooth discussion with the students of Kenran High.

“This joint school festival is decided. For the time being, I, the Student Council President… Hibiya, the Vice President… and the four assistants will have a meeting once… a face-to-face meeting.”

Unlike the Kenran High School, the Seimei Boys’ School only had a few members in their Student Council, also there was a tradition that each important member has one student called an assistant. It may be a junior student who they were in charge of as an educator, or a student who were good in study, anyway it was decided by themselves. Of course, with the consent of the other party.

Hibiya made a bitter face, glanced at the back, and complained to Shirogane.

“So, you want me to give it this guy to those beasts, huh?! “

“You’re a little overprotective. Kenran High also have some male students, so they may be not like what you think.”

“But, there is no guarantee for that!”

The boy behind Hibiya felt a sense of urgency that the two people who were talking to each other would gradually escalate into something worse, and so he opened his mouth.

“E-Excuse me, but I don’t really mind.”


“Thank you for worrying about me, Hibiya-senpai. As the President said, there are boys in Kenran High, and even if they try to flirt me, don’t worry, I will never follow them.”

When Hibiya heard the words, he exhaled a lot and told the boy who was his assistant.

“… I see. Don’t leave my side when we go there.”


Shirogane stroked his chest when Hibiya calmed down a little. The other students didn’t say anything… Probably because Hibiya, the Vice President was furious more than enough, so there was nothing more to say. However, only the Secretary was muttering something with a thoughtful face.

“Kenran…. Kenran …”

“What’s wrong with Otsuka?”

“Well, I have a friend who enrolled there instead here …”

“And so?”

“After a little research, it seems that that friend of mine is called the King of Kenran and rumored that he controls the school. Recently, he seems to have been nicknamed as the Tyrant for his domineering behavior.”

If Kohaku were in here, he would have said ‘This stalker bastard!’. After all, he didn’t do anything wrong at junior high school.

“I, I’ve heard that too.”

Following Otsuka’s words, the boy who was Hibiya’s assistant said so.

“But it seems that that person became a little bit better after he entered high school. He was the same age as me, so when I was in Junior High School, I often heard rumors about that person….. It seems that he controlled not only the girl and boy students, but also the teacher like his own slave. The rumor said that he seems to be a very beautiful person, but he has the highest level of pride, so it seems that no one could control him.”

“And it seems that he joined Kenran High Student Council….”

Finally, Otsuka concludes.

“… In other words, the Tyrant now controls Kenran High.”

“I don’t know that for sure, but I think it’s possible since he could even join the Student Council of Kenran High…”

When Shirogane heard that word, he felt that his head hurt. They students at Seimei Boy’s School were not immune to girls, even so He had to make the school festival a success. But now he got told that there was a troublesome guy on the other side.

“… What’s his name?”

Otsuka and the boy who was Hibiya’s assistant answered the question of Shirogane at the same time.

“Kohaku… Hatano”


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    1. At the beginning of the story, sure, it feels like that. Now though, the way he acts makes it feel like the pride and arrogance from his old self mixed with his otherworldly self that occupies the body. Yeah, he is not showing it so blatantly as others, but his thought process shows that he is highly prideful and arrogant, especially the recent chapters.

      It is less them misunderstanding him, but him misunderstanding the world itself.

      1. Yeah I guess we can say that he’s getting accustomed to that world now.

  1. This chapter is one of the best chapter in this series. Thanks for the chapter and really looking forward to the meeting of both school’s Students’ Council.

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