Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 30

From this ch to ch 52, I used some different ways of tl-ing (Mainly present tense), since I thought it would suit better for this series… But I’ll rewrite it, soon.
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30. Golden light

His hair color, facial features, and height are the same.

But only the color of the eyes is different. It’s not a blue eye and a silver eye, but purple in both eyes.

And, he’s just a little… younger?

Wait, as expected, this guy, isn’t he that Old Man?

“Old Man…?”

“Who do you mean by Old Man? ―― Ah, maybe you’re mistaken me for my big brother?”

Elder brother?

No way…

“You are, Old Man――Balha Zetta’s bro …!”

“Ain――I mean. Barha Zetta is my big brother.”

He is Old Man’s younger brother.

He’s very similar. Similar, but the air emitting from him is totally different.

It’s a rough and distorted air.

A ‘dirty’ air, like a rat lurking in the back alley.

“By the way, my big brother and I have the worst relationship. Just because you know my big brother doesn’t mean you’re on my side. Rather, you’re my enemy. After all, I am, a <MAJIN>.”

Old Man’s younger brother is a <MAJIN>?!

<Majin>――A human who eats monsters and takes in miasma…!

Ah, speaking of which, when Old Man was talking about <Majin>, he had a bitter face.

Is that because his younger brother is a <MAJIN>?

“Now I have a question, boy. What’s your relationship with my big brother? “

Old Man’s younger brother take the silver cylindrical object and made a clicking sound.

“This thing is called a gun. When I put my strength into the trigger, a lump of Mana will come out from this hole. In the situation, it’s like I have a knife at your throat right now. “


He turns the holed part of the so-called weapon toward me.

“I am……”

Should I be honest?

No, it’s highly likely that he hates Sealers like the {Corpse Emperor}.

If he find out that I’m a sealer, I can be killed right away.

But, what should I say then…

I can’t even think of a good lie.

Acquaintances? Friend? Family?… I feel that the result does not change even if lie.

“I am a disciple of Barha Zetta”

Hearing my answer, he puts down the weapon called a gun and smiles,


His smile is warm and gentle like Old Man’s smile.

“His disciple?! Hihihi! Interesting!!! Never did I thought he would have a disciple! Well, well, the world keeps revolving and no one can guess what might happen to you in the future, hah!!!”

A <Majin> in front of me holds his belly and laughs like a human.

Unlike <Jinma>―― the {Corpse Emperor}, no one can’t tell that the person in front of me is a <MAJIN> unless he says it himself.

“Then! Are you a Sealer?! No way! Don’t tell me… Did you seal the {Corpse Emepor}, that bastard?!”

He comes to my side.

I’m vigilant, but I don’t have enough strength left to even hold my fist.

The approaching <MAJIN>’s right hand, I’m afraid of what he will do, but then he strokes my head.

“Aren’t you amazing?!! I don’t think you could seal that bastard at this age! Although that bastard is quite weak, that guy is one of the pinnacles of the demons ―― But, hmm…. “

He touches my chest.

“You’re so thin … are you eating properly? Seriously, young people these days eat only vegetables. Listen this well, you must eat meat and vegetables in a well-balanced manner, okay?”

“Bastard… don’t touch me!”

I swing my right arm.

He steps back a little and puts his hand on his waist.

“Alright, let me give you a reward!”

He thrusts his right hand into the pocket of his long pants and takes out a round object wrapped in a bag. And he extends his right hand in front of me.

“It’s a candy. It’s called a ‘Water Caramel’ that I got from an ice-bound region. it’s insanely sweet but insanely bitter. I recommend it.”

I silently receive the candy with my right hand. 

Well, I’ll throw it away later.

However, this guy is planning something for sure.

Still, I feel uncomfortable be because he looks like that Old Man.

“Now, should we go with the main subject?… So, I can kill you now. I can also kill all of Your friends. What do you think you should offer to prevent it? “

Bastard, he’s testing me.

I know there is only one option.

” ―― In exchange for the vessels with the {Corpse Emperor}’s body, we have our safety guaranteed.”

“That’s right.”

From my pocket, I pick up a piece of bone ―― the thing that I used to seal the {Corpse Emperor} and show it to him.

“The {Corpse Emperor} is sealed here. Now let us go.”

” ―― Minus 1 point for you.”

He receives the bone from me and laughs.

“You see, it’s a bad idea to show what you have first in a negotiation. First, you need to ensure your own conditions. This is absolute. What would you do if I tried to kill you after I received this?”

“Bastard …!”

“Don’t worry. I’m kind, so I won’t kill everyone. But, be careful when we meet again.”

He turns his back to me and walks toward the black dragon.

I feel relieved and stroke my chest. It seems that he decided to overlook us.

It’s a bit of a pain to let go of the {Corpse Emperor} that I had been so hard to seal, but now, my top priority is to get him out of this island.

“Minus 1 more point… Hey, novice sealer. You often heard that you will never the lessons you get without pain, right? “

He stops.

“What… do you mean?”

“I’m going to hurt you for this one deduction.”

He turns only his face toward me, with a vile smile ―― a monster-like smile.

“I’ll kill one of your friends. Hmm… maybe that blonde woman lying down over there? “

“――――!?!? Oi, OI …! “

At this point, I finally realized one thing.

That the man in front of me is unquestionably a demon.

“Hahhahhah! As expected, I’m kind. With this, you will never forget this day’s failure…”

“Stop, stop…!”

He passes the black dragon and heads toward Ash, who is lying on the ground.

I gather all the power in my body. 

I managed to get up.

But, I feel dizzy. I can’t move even one step.

Still, still ――

“Stop, stop, You Bastard…!”

“I’m doing this for you, you know. Don’t stare at me, you’ll hurt my feeling, you know. “

I can’t reach him.

On the contrary, he keeps moving away.

The power that I just mustered up is gone from my right knee.

Still, I try to reach out even though only one of my leg that can move.

―― 『” I see…..Then, after we solve the taste-sealing curse and the <Curse of Yin and Yang>… let’s come to this store again. At that time, it’ll be three people.”』

I promised her.

That I’ll break her curse and we will eat a meat pie together.

Don’t fuck with me! Her life worth a lot more than your boring lessons…..!

“Don’t ―― “

My feet slip and I lie my face down on the ground.

While licking the ground, I raise my face and stare at the <Majin> in front of me.


He holds his weapon and turns it to the sleeping Ash.

―― At the same time, I feel like something broke in my head.

“Don’t make another step from there―― Don’t Moveeeeeeeeee!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a golden light burst in my sight.

Author’s note:

<MAJIN>…… A human who keeps eating monster will become this
<JINMA>…… A monster who keeps eating human will become this
<MATEI>…… A stronger version of <MAJIN> and <JINMA>, extremely powerful.

[TN: other than <MATEI> I’ll also use the terms <Demon Emperor>, it’s the same just one in Japanese and one in English]

For <Demon Emperor>, there’re two types.

If <MAJIN> -> <Demon Emperor>, their title will be ‘Weapon Name’ + ‘Emperor’.

If <JINMA> -> <Demon Emperor>, their title will be ‘Some word that have any relation with monster’ + ‘Emperor’.

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  1. Eating monsters as a human will cause you to gain power, but your mentality will be made more primitive like a beast… That much should be common sense for anyone but the MC for some reason or not. The knowledge may have withheld in case vengeful humans and madmen abuse the system. There’s varying background behind each Majin, I’d reckon. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that they’re enemies to themselves and humans. What a terrifying world. Also… B*stard, you better not touch Shura and Ash.

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