Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 122

122. Emergency Meeting

…It’s meeting… an emergency meeting. But to be honest, I don’t know what the meeting is.

When I was eating lunch, notifications arrived on my smartphone. It was really simple notifications.

『Student Council members will meet in the Student Council Room after school to hold an emergency meeting』 

And so, after school, I was waiting with other members in the Student Council Room for a meeting as per the contact.

I asked other people if they knew what topic would be in the meeting, but it seemed that they also wondering it too. It might be a new event since the athletic meet was over and it is not a busy time yet.

Shortly thereafter, the door of the Student Council Room opened, and the President and Vice Presidents came in. Their expression looked a bit tense. The President sat in her seat, looked around the room, and opened her mouths when she confirmed that the members were all present.

“Everyone, I’m sorry for gathering all of you so sudden today, but I thought it would be better to contact all of you as soon as possible.”

“Huft… so, president, what is this about?”

The members who gathered asked the question.

“Alright, so, in short, it’s about this year’s school festival.”

The President’s answer to that question raised further questions for the gathered members. All of us understood that the school festival was a big event of the school, but the preparation should be a little later.

“Is this year’s school festival scheduled earlier?”

The members gathered wondered if the scheduled date had changed and that it was decided to be held earlier. If that was the case, it was reasonable to hold an emergency meeting. But it was denied by the President.

“No. Well, there will be minor adjustments, but it will not change much.”

“Then what is this about…”

“Hmm, first look at the prints I’m about to hand out to all of you. Ashiya, Hand out the prints.”

Of the two Vice-Presidents who received the President’s words, the one with the bigger breast, Ashiya, stood up and handed out the prints. When I looked at the prints that were handed out, there was something astonishing written on it. Not only me, but all the members around me were also surprised. Many of them were stuck with their mouths open, and I could enjoy the goofy faces of the beautiful girls without any effort……. No, I didn’t really want to see it, they did it by themselves so…

“Pre, President, is this true?”

“It’s a joke, isn’t it? I mean, something like this shouldn’t happen…..”

“But, it’s our President who can’t make a joke you know. She can’t possibly make such an advanced joke…..”

“Yeah, she can’t make a joke at all, so…”

“T-then this is true, right?”

“…That’s right.”

I was so surprised that everyone said whatever they like, didn’t they realize that President was making a sad and shocked face because of that? Well, anyway, l looked at the print again. The tittle was….

『Regarding Kenran High School and Seimei Boys’ School Joint School Cultural Festival』

No matter how I thought about it, I could only think of it as reckless. 

… This year school festival, is it going to be okay?

“E-everyone seems to have seen through the document once.”

President began to explain while glancing over the document.

“As the print says, this year’s school festival will be held jointly with Seimei High. This is a decision between the management teams of both schools and will not be cancelled unless a considerable incident occurs.”

“B-But what the Seimei student thought over this? I mean, we’re happy about this…”

“… Well, maybe they’re having a meeting over there now.”

“But, it’s written that we will learn the wonders of men and women working together through a school festival to reconcile boys and girls. Do you think this will work?”

“There is no choice but to do it. There are some examples of this happening in this school, so it’s definitely not impossible.”

When the President said that, she turned to me, and the other members looked at me too.

……Well, you know what? it’s no good to compare the boys at Seimei High with me. They’re different from me because over there, there’s some boy’s love happening. In addition……


“What is it, Hatano-kun?”

“There are boys who enroll to here because they failed to go there, and it seems that those people have some ‘complex’ regarding Seimei High, do you think they’re going to be fine?”

“…Honestly, No one knows until they meet with the students from Seimei High directly.”

“So, it’s not a simple matter huh.”

The students from Seimei High naturally look down on the boys from this school… Seriously, what will happen at the school festival…

“Well, it’s not all bad things. Maybe we can get along with each other at this school festival and also, some of us might develop into a lover relationship.”

“… In other words, we have the opportunity to ‘kya-, kya-’ or ‘ufufu’ over them, right?”

“Hmm, I guess so? No one can tell what will happen….”

“Alright, Let’s make it a success!”

The members of the Student Council started to be on fire.

“… Anyway, we’re going to have a talk with the Student Council over there in the near future. Let’s do our best.”

“ ” ”Yeah!” ” ”

The members gave a cheerful reply to the President’s words. 

While listening to that voice, I thought that it would be nice if no trouble occurred.

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