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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 121

121. I’m home

The party was over, and I was on my way home. With Yuzuka-san, I was in the same limousine as the when I went to the party. However, there were only a few conversations between me and her. That was because Yuzuka-san was nervous. She looked at me all the time, but when I turned my face, she immediately looked away and drank the drink she had in her hand……. Well, I somehow knew the cause. Perhaps because she held my hand at the party and said something that sound like a confession.

At that time and my heart was a little excited. It was as if I was holding my lover’s hand on my first date, I was thrilled… But, it was not because the sweet and sour excitement of youth. Rather, I was thrilled because it seemed to be a ‘spicy’ adult romance! After all, I had my lover’s hand in one of my hands, but I was holding a different woman’s hand in the other hand! Moreover, that woman is my lover’s female best friend! …, to put it simply, it seemed like I was having an affair… In addition, if I made a mistake, I would be exposed having an affair.

…… Well, that was exciting. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but I got a cold sweat. But, speaking of which, this world is a world where polygamy is allowed. So perhaps, it was a welcome situation…? No, wait, considering the TPO (Time, Place, and Location), as expected, there was a problem, right…? hmm…

When I looked at Yuzuka-san, Yuzuka-san was also looking at me, and our eyes met perfectly. Yuzuka-san smiled with a bright red face, but there was a glimpse of some awkwardness.

Looking at Yuzuka-san’s current attitude, it seemed that her actions took a lot of courage. However, I wasn’t asked to be her lover.

….. Yeah, we’re still friends now. Well, I feel like bad guy playing with a beautiful girl who isn’t old enough… Nah, maybe I think too much about this… Yeah! Let’s set aside the problems that happened today and think about it the next time something happens.

Then, we arrived at the My house. While I was still thinking, Yuzuka-san got out of the car, opened the door, and reached out to me. Yeah, till the end she did a perfect escort.

“Kohaku-kun, thank you very much for today. My younger brother was very pleased that you came.”

“Well, if that was the case, I’m glad. I didn’t do much though…”

“No, no, it was really a great help. There are not many men at the level Kohaku-kun in this world, and the fact that such a man accompanied me is more than enough to makes me happy. Thank you very much.”

“Don’t think too much about it, if it’s only this much I’ll always accept your request.”

“Kohaku-kun …”

Yuzuka-san became teary with the words.

…… even though I said something good, isn’t she reacting too much?… it seems she really impressed with my words… what should I do…

“W, well then, I’ll go back.”

“Yeah, be careful.”

After saying goodbye, Yuzuka-san tried to get into the car …

“Ah, Yuzuka-san”

“Eh, wha…!”

At that moment, I stopped Yuzuka-san and dropped a kiss on her cheek when she turned to my call.


“Then Yuzuka-san, see you at school again.”


I went into my house while holding the desire to confirm Yuzuka-san’s reaction.

“Eeee ――――――――!”

I heard Yuzuka-san’s screaming. Apparently, the surprise was successful. The important part of my action was to leave the other party behind and made her think about what just happened in agony.

…With this, Yuzuka-san’s head will be filled with me for a while…  Anyway, I should take a bath and go to bed…

Suddenly my housemaid was standing in front of me.


“Welcome back, Kohaku-sama”

“I, I’m home”

She surprised me for real… I didn’t realize since when she was there …

“… You didn’t stay there all the time, right?”

Maria smiled a little

“No, I didn’t. I felt Kohaku-sama’s presence outside, so I just picked up.”

“Aaahh, I see……”

I don’t even care How could she feel my presence who was outside the house from inside the house. 

Anyway, Maria followed me who was walking to the living room.

“Kohaku-sama …”


“How about a kiss reward for a maid who works hard on a daily basis?”

“Did you see it?!”

“No, I could feel it.”

“Aren’t your ability too convenient, huh!”

Even though the maid in front of me was expressionless, I could see somehow that she was expecting it. 

Well, she’s always doing her best, maybe something like a kiss won’t hurt… but wait, if I kiss so many times in a day, she’ll think that I’m an ‘easy’ man, so…

“This time, bear with this….. Thank you as always.”

I put my index finger on my lips and lightly pressed it against Maria’s lips.

“Mmmpp, not enough….. still, I’m happy…”

“Ah, by the way, where’s mom?”


“Yeah, she was so worried when I went to the party…”

“Umm, well… yes…”

Maria, who is always dignified, loss for words? What happened?

I opened the living room door. Of course, My mother was there… and as usual, beer cans were lined up.

“Ah~, Kohaku-kun, welcome back ―! You were in the news―! And, you looked so cute―!”

Hmm? It’s strange… she was so worried when she saw me off… 

I thought that it was a mistake and just a hallucination. So, I rubbed my eyes again.

Naturally, I saw the same scene.

……Hmm? I didn’t make a mistake…?


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    So, all of that worrying was just an act to put Yuzuka in distress? But I think it’s okay. Anyway we have reached the end of another party arc with still no pants. And that’s really sad. And F for Ui kun. He has more guts than the mc to voice out his own wish without minding things unlike the mc. So, I like him more than the Mc, who is a pathetic weak willed girl(cause he no longer behaves like a guy).

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