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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 40 Part 2

40-2. In the meantime, I’ll teach you {Part 2}

◇ (MC POV)

Somehow Illias’s distance with me become closer lately. It’s as if she makes half a step closer.

This starts after the incident with Grandpa Kara. Maybe she’s trying some kind of new approach… Well, I think it’s good to be aggressive.

More than that I need to worry about Wolfe. Recently, I felt like I haven’t been able to do something like a master. The foul technique I showed her earlier is to warn her that ‘there is someone out there who uses such means’, but it is not good to be imitated.

Compared to the beginning, she has come to express her opinions, and she start to be mischief with some of her opponents……. Let’s forget about that life game. Anyway, I think it’s necessary for her to learn something for the time being? Well, what should I do…

“That’s why Wolfe. Sometimes I want to do something like a master, but is there anything you want me to do?”

Since I was kind of free at home. I wanted to make time for Wolfe, so I decided to listen to Wolfe’s wishes Perhaps she would give a good idea for me.

“I don’t have any, but I have something I want to know from Shishoー!”

“Hoho, good spirit. Say it.”

“I want to know how to plot against someone!”


Ah, yeah. Illias, don’t stare at me like that. Maybe it’s about time for me to get used to it. 

I couldn’t stand the eyes that were expecting so much from me. So, I decided to give a moderate lecture to Wolfe.

“Well, it’s not all about plotting, but I’ll teach you in various battles. Illias, Lacra, sit across from me. And Wolfe, sit next to me.”

Four people sat at the current desk. Aside from Illias, who always tried to stay close, Lacra joined for fun… Alright.

“Wolfe, look at them properly. As for you two….”

I handed over the pen and paper to both of them.

“Write one number you like, from 1 to 9. After you write it, put it on the back side. After that, I’ll guess the answer by doing some questions and answers with you.”

“Can you do that?”

“Hmm, I’m not easy to get caught you know, Shosho-sama!”

Then they finished writing the numbers and turned the paper down. The numbers in this world were slightly different, but the basic usage remained the same. It had a simple shape and was easy to write.

“Then it’s a question and answer now, but I don’t need it. Illias is one and Lacra is seven.”

They turned the paper over. And, the numbers were as what I just said.

“You didn’t ask a question though?!”

“The word ‘guess’ that I said just now was not a trap in the first place. Actually, I was looking at the hands of you both to find out which number each of you were writing. If you both wrote the numbers in small letter or with similar writing styles, I was thinking of narrowing it down with some questions and answers, but you both wrote numbers in big letter and so it was easy for me to guess. “

“No way, so you weren’t lying…”

“You need to make your opponent aware of something else. It’s a quick way to make your opponent become careless. If you can launch an attack that’s different from what your opponent expected during the battle, you could land a damage for sure. But if you could make them even more confused about what you gonna do and distracted by their own thought, your attack will give more damage. Don’t you think so?”

“Ah, I see.”

However, even if I succeeded in making Illias make some extra observations, my attack would not reach her. Which means, this strategy is no good if there is too much difference in strength. After all, it’s a means to makes your opponent distracted in a battle, but it also requires the minimum power to defeat the opponent. Well, of course, I’ll never do that!

“The rest is to take away the judgment of the other person. It’s good to make them angry with provocation or acting, and makes them feel that you’re superior, but I personally recommend convincing them. People stop thinking, when their train of thought being disturbed or when they’re done thinking. However, the difficulty of disturbing varies depending on the opponent.”

There are different types of conviction. Convince the opponent that you have read their behavior. Convince the opponent that your actions were always correct. And many else. Anyway, the latter is particularly effective. After all, it is the information (Oppoent’s behavior) that your brain trusted the most, get affected.

“It’s difficult to use these means to people you just met. Because you don’t know how to convince them. Therefore, by getting as much information as possible in advance and understanding the other person’s way of thinking, the success rate will go up. “


“The only thing you need to be careful is that you must not sympathize your opponent even if you understand their way of thinking. Because you will start to hesitate to plot against someone you sympathize with.”

“The main point is good. But is it a good thing to tell Wolfe…?”

“It might be difficult for her to use it because she still doesn’t have enough rooms to observe, but I think it’s worth knowing that her opponent may be observing her that way.”

Malicious people also have different level of danger. However, if you are a person who spreads malicious intent, you can often take appropriate measures such as keeping a distance. Still, no one is as troublesome as someone who understands this and still trying to come at you with malicious intent. 

Well, it’s also not good to be too vigilant. After all, you will fall into misanthropy.

“If possible, I want to have eyes that can see through lies, like Maya and Lacra. After all, I can somehow deal with most of the opponents if I can do that.”

“Shosho-sama slips through every time and being mean to me though.”

“It’s troublesome, but it’s fun to plot against you.”

“Please don’t enjoy it, okay?!”

Well, it’s time to conclude all of this.

“Wolfe, the method of plotting the opponent does not succeed so many times. Once you have made thorough preparations and succeeded, of course you’ll feel satisfied. However, the power acquired by training like Illias and Lacra will last forever. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plot against someone at all, but while you’re polishing yourself, please do it well. The strength you got from that alone will give you a lot of choice in a battle. Especially Wolfe is talented. Don’t waste your talent, okay?”


Alright, the lesson that aren’t good, with this should have been put together in a good way.

“Oh right, since we’re at this, do you want to hear the story about the strategy of the world-famous general in my world, the Earth? “

“It sounds interesting.”

“I’m going to get sleepy…”

“I’m not singing a lullaby for you. Anyway, first of all… I guess it should be about ‘The three kingdoms’ .”

“Shisho, please!”

If it’s a story of this world, someone else will surely tell Wolfe. However, only one person can tell the story of the Earth to Wolfe. There should be much to learn for Wolfe. So, let’s talk about various things. I’ll talk to the extent that she thinks I was a good master, when she stands alone someday.

Anyway, I was speechless about Lacra already. She fell asleep in the middle of the story and started disturbing me with her sleep-talking.

“You can’t do that?!”

◇ (Someone else POV)

A tavern in Mejis, a place full of adventurers. Today, they were celebrating the success of monster hunting, drinking alcohol and making noise. The noisy adventurers interrupted each other’s desks and began to get entangled. However, no one sees, hears, or perceives a certain table as if it did not exist.

“As usual, the barrier like this convenient. But, the difficulty is that you can’t order anything.”

A woman who spoke loosely, she looked lightly dressed with some exposure, but what was more eye-catching was the huge saw-shaped sword that stood behind the chair. Randomly attached blades, like rows of fangs peeking through a crocodile with a closed mouth, had red-black rust in places.

“Even if they could see us, no one would come to pick up an order for someone who brought in such a weapon, idiot! Here, some dried meat.”

It was a man with a tight body who gave dried meat to the woman. The whole body was covered with something like black rubber tights, and on top of that was an armor that protects the vital part. The gauntlets on both of his arms had a unique shape, it shaped like the head of a black dragon.

“Wellー, It’s better than nothing, I guessー? Thank you Pa-chan!”

“Stop calling me Pa-chan or I’ll blow you away, Girista! At least say with a little more attachment.”


“Put something in your mouth and stop talking, You piece of shit! Here, it’s a sake so that you don’t choke on food.”

The other man, sitting in a chair, stared at the roof of the bar endlessly. A large number of chains were wrapped around the loose arm so that the skin cannot be seen.

“Girista, Pashuro, Ecdoic, aren’t all of you will standing out too much if you don’t make a barrier like this?” [TN: In the Raw, their name, ‘ギリスタ’ = Girista、’パーシュロ’ = Pashuro、’エクドイク’ = Ecdoic’, I can’t come up with a better translation for their name than this]

Ecdoig, Parshero, Girista

A boy wearing a hood appeared. He was about ten years old, but his appearance was no different from that of an adult.

“Oh, are you perhaps, Larheit? So cute!”

“My original body has been sealed by the people of Yugura. I transferred only the soul to another body by applying possession and necromancy, but that also got caught. For the time being, it seems that with this body, I’m not standing out that much.”

“It’s a masterpiece. I’m laughing and dying right now, idiot! Here, can you sit in a chair?”

“Thank you. Well, it’s a dangerous request, of course, that’s the reason I gather all of you guys, the adventurers who usually do relatively dangerous work.”

“It’s dangerous huhー. Is it something like killing the Popeー?”

“It’s a little regrettable, but it’s not that. The one I want you to kill is the man who recently appeared on the side of the Pope. I think you could kill the man very easily, but the escort is troublesome. It’s a knight who enters the top five in term of strength in Tiez.”

With that said, Larheit spread two sheets of parchment on the desk. It shown a portrait of a man from Earth and Illias Ratzell.

“Hoー, She’s a girlー, but strong huhー! Same with me thenー!”

“The top five in Tiez means we need to go to Tiez huh? You piece of shit! By when should we kill him?”

“Please do as soon as possible. Oh yeah, Pope Euparo is also staying at Tiez right now. You can kill him when you’re done.”

“Reallyー?! I guess I should do my best thenー!”

A woman called Girista stood up and pulled the sword behind her from the floor. The moment she lifted the sword, her feet began to squeak. It was probably because the weight of the sword was heavier than it looks. Her foot area was too much of a burden on the floor.

“It seems that this person and I don’t go well with each other, and so I’ll leave him to someone with pure violence like you all.”

“You can’t do it yourself, so you’re pushing it to us? You piece of garbage! Well, we received this request. So, leave it to us.”

“Yes, please.”

Larheit in the form of a boy laughed. The smile was the same as when he was in his original body. It was weird and felt like he faking it.


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