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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 40

40. A grown-up woman

“Sajou-kun, what are you eating?”

“Hmm, just some sweet bread I bought at the convenience store…”

“Come on! You need to eat something more healthy!”

“Ah, yeah.”

I sat down next to Shinomiya-senpai and started talking with those three Senpais.

Hmm…? this nice scent tickling my nose is different from the food smell. I can feel the luck for the rest of my year keep reducing. I’m really worried about the leftover amount, but I’m also so happy…

Leaving that side, this situation is quite confusing. Not a few days ago, I clearly complained about this little girl… Well, even though she has a small body, she’s my senpai.

Anyway, what the heck happened?… What made her become this cheerful? She’s in high spirit like me the second I see Natsukawa in my field of view……Ah! Do-don’t tell me….?!

“A boyfr ──”

“As if.”

“M-my my my ear…..?! it’ll come off, really it’ll come off!!”

You’re too fast, Senpai. Aren’t my ear become longer? No way, I don’t want to become an elf with only one long ear!!

As my ear felt like it was being pulled off, I met eyes with the Senpai sitting next to Inatomi-senpai.

“─── Like that would be the case.”

“I, I get it, I get it already…..”

Feels like these two are doting on Inatomi-senpai more than I expected. I didn’t think I would get this much hostility from an adult-like Senpai I met for the first time. If anything, she’s wary of me from the very beginning. Well, these types of people exist, but, this person also seems to be in a ‘troublesome relationship’ with Inatomi-senpai.

“Ah, Sajou-kun…. this is your first time meeting Aya-chan right? Her full name is Ayano Mita-chan! She’s my childhood friend!”

“She’s a talented junior of mine who managed to raise Yuyu to such an extent. She’s also a fellow Disciple Committee member.”

“Hah, Nice to meet you.”

“…..same here.”

What a cold attitude. Maybe she’s resenting me for the fact that Inatomi-senpai suddenly became this friendly towards someone else. I mean, her important childhood friend who has trouble dealing with boys, suddenly act favorably towards a boy, of course she’ll think, ‘Who the heck are you?’, right? If I were in her position, I would pull that student to the back of the school right away.

“Hey, Aya-chan! You’re being too cold!”

“T,That’s not true!”

“Eeー、but you sound so cold, you knowー”

Inatomi-senpai threw a lighthearted complaint at Mita-senpai.

Something is off there. It looked like a high school student being dejected after being reprimanded by a small girl. Well, the first part is correct though.

As these two childhood friends were busy talking between themselves, I quietly called out to Shinomiya-senpai.

“Umm… wasn’t Inatomi-senpai bad with boys?”

“She is. Even now too. But… I think you’re special.”

“Huh? Spe, Special…? Me?”

“─── Come on, Aya-chan! One more time!”

As we were whispering between ourselves, Inatomi-senpai grabbed Mita-senpai’s arm, forcefully making her face me again.

Wow, a forced big smile! The corners of her mouth are twitching! Amazing! I’ll definitely get beaten to death over this laterー!

“I, I’m Ayano Mita! Nice to meet you…!”

“You really don’t need to force yourself or anything……”

“This is for Yuyu’s sake! I’m not saying this for you!”



“Inatomi-senpai, it’s okay… I don’t really care about that.”

I’ve been called disgusting right in front of my face. So, this level of verbal abuse is not harsh enough. However! Thanks to that! there may or may not be times when I actually start feeling good because of that! I hope there may not be any times like that!

“Yuyu! Listen to me! Boys are all perverts who look at cute girls like you with weird eyes! You need to be more careful of them!”

“Sa, Sajou-kun isn’t someone like that!”

“That’s right, Sajou is a chicken.”

“Excuse mee? Could you not say something sharp like that so suddenly while I’m sitting near you?”

That surprised me. It felt like I was pushed off from a rock cliff so suddenly. I mean, I’ve never thought that Shinomiya-senpai hiding that sharp knife within her….

What exactly is a man?… Well, the three Senpais were holding a heated discussion about that in front of me, a man. Somehow, I couldn’t help but to feel embarrassed that only Inatomi-senpai kept talking about me. it wasn’t like we had known each other for such a long time though….

This uncomfortable time continued, and by the time we decided to disband, I was left terrified in many ways. Girls, when they were talking about boys was so scary… I felt like I would end up with gynophobia.

I saw three of them still talking when they went to put the food tray back. In a lot of ways, I felt like they were adults. Almost like I got a glimpse of the world of office ladies. I didn’t think that just by a year or two a part, someone could be so different like that.

As I was watching them in a daze, Shinomiya-senpai came back towards me, grinning.

“…What is it?”

“How do you feel? Seeing Yuyu’s growth like that.”

“It’s really mysterious. Did you have her play some VR game aimed at women?”

“What? that kind of method is…… No no no, not gonna let her. Yuyu is my wife.”

“What about Mita-senpai?”

“She’s the mother.”

“How does that work?”

That reminds me, she said something like Inatomi-senpai was raised by her. But, another junior as the mother of her lover, Inatomi-senpai huh.. I’ve never thought she would link it that way. No wonder she is that bouncy (breast)… No wait, in the first place you’re not her lover! don’t be stupid!… Anyway, if you’re going to flirt, please do it in front of me!

While still thinking about the weird relationship they had, I asked Shinomiya-senpai an honest question, figuring that now would be the best time.

“…..So you didn’t tell Inatomi-senpai.”

“Hmm…..About what you told me before? Is there a need to tell her?”

“Not really… But, you should have understood that I don’t hold Inatomi-senpai in the highest regard. I figured that if it’s you senpai, you wouldn’t let such a junior male student near her ever again.”

“There’s no way I would do that. Not to mention───”

Maybe it was because I decided to not remember what I saw at that time, I couldn’t remember Shinomiya-senpai’s uneasy expression back then. However, I didn’t even need to, because in front of me now, Senpai smiled gently as if she didn’t have a worry in this world.

“You’re the benefactor who changed Yuyu. I definitely won’t look down on you.”

“……Huh? benefactor?”

Benefactor? Why did I become a big deal like that? I don’t remember doing anything for Inatomi-senpai, I just avoided anything annoying with a vague response. Yet, a benefactor…?

“Just as you said, in Yuyu’s assumptions there might be a slight arrogance. But, Sajou… what was needed wasn’t righteousness or rationality. It’s an existence who accepts her…. Yuyu needed a lead that will let her start to think that even boys she had trouble dealing with, have some good part within them.”

“A lead, huh…”

“These words and nod you gave Yuyu before maybe it… But you see, in the long run, it will give Yuyu confidence. Ever since then, she’s been letting herself loose as if she started climbing the staircase to be a better person. I don’t know how that’ll sound, but for someone who is extremely reserved, this kind of action might just be perfect for her who want to become a better person.”


“Leaving aside the process… The one who leaded her to start this was none other but you, Sajou.”

“That, was only by pure chance.”

“I don’t care. After all, without your needless meddling this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”


A boy who is not eloquent at all, calling out to a girl in a place with no other people around will only leave her terrified. That thought hasn’t changed even now, and so I wouldn’t do the same thing again. If I saw a girl walking around carrying something heavy, as long as I don’t personally know her, I might ignore it.

“I don’t think I would call out to her again, you know?”

“That’s fine. That doesn’t mean anything bad will happen either. In this case, it leaded her into something good.”

“Well… the result is good, I guess.”

She scared of man… In the worst case scenario, she would have called for a teacher, and I would have been the one suffering. Perhaps, rather than Inatomi-senpai, it was me who was the lucky one.

“Have confidence in yourself, Sajou. You didn’t help only Yuyu, but also helped me solving my problems.”

“Did I do anything?”

“As you suggested, I just tapped the junior, who looked troubled, on the shoulder with a ‘Don’t worry about it’. Then, you know… Yuyu… Yuyu smiled happily as she leaned against me… seriously she’s just too… Ahhhh…!”

“… ”

I could imagine Senpai rubbing the head of the girl wearing that red ribbon. Just because of that, I could feel the nosebleed coming… Sorry to disturb your speech, but is it okay if tilt my head back for a while?

“…..Still, what a turn of events.”

“I think that phrase belongs to a long-running TV drama (Historical Drama) instead.”

“Well, anyway, I would have never imagined you to be Kaede’s younger brother. I was shocked to hear that from her.”

“…! As expected, you know Sis after all.”

“We’ve known each other since our first year. You know, I’m having a lot of terrible time with her back then.”

My Sis two years ago… that was her high school debut, she colored her hair blonde right after she enrolled.

Ah, when she decided to debut as a ‘Gyaru’ huh? Well, I know that I’m not one to talk, but I really thought she was crazy back then. [TN: “Gyaru’, a Japanese term for a girl with a blonde hair and usually have an over in style, like too much make up, decorate nail]

“Ah… back then huh.”

“That’s right, you should know about it, being her younger brother. I couldn’t keep silent when watching her… I don’t remember how much time, blood, tears, and sweat I need to correct her.”

“Don’t wanna hear about that. Shut up!”


Even if hearing about Sis’ dark past could maybe help me in grasping a weakness of hers, I’d rather not hear about it.

When I noticed, I had a quite strong reaction towards it. I covered my ears, averted my eyes, and tried to walk away. Yet, Shinomiya-senpai’s mocking laugh form behind echoed in my head.

“See you again, Wataru!”

Stop! Don’t just suddenly close the distance between our heart like that! Aahh, I’ll explode! Final explosion! [TN: Dragon ball reference]

Even if you suddenly tell me to have confident, I don’t know what should I do. I mean, I didn’t even lose my confidence, I just shred myself of the excessive confidence. So don’t get the wrong idea, Rin-senpai!

…. Aah, my heart is being pulled towards her!? (Feminine voice)

As expected, A grown-up woman is super scary.

Rin-Senpai smiling

Author’s not : But you like them (grown-up ladies)


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