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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 120

120. Get along

After finishing the greeting, Ui-kun was talking to the guests invited with Yuzuki-san and Kuji-san. Since a large group was surrounding Ui-kun, I could only see the inside with a glance, but as far as I could see Ui-kun, who was also the main character of the birthday party, seemed to answer everyone with a smile to the guests who come one after another. And the reaction of the guest also seemed to be very good…… But the faint smile of Ui-kun seemed to be tense in my eyes. Well, he was still a kid after all, doing that much would of course burden him.

Then, Her Royal Highness, who was excited until earlier, saw Ui-kun and said, “I’m going there~” and headed for Ui-kun……. And!! As soon as Her Royal Highness reached there, the crowd surrounding Ui-kun broke. It seemed that other people have given up to Her Royal Highness, his fiancée which also a Royal Family……. Thanks to Her Royal Highness, I could see Ui-kun’s face clearly, but…. And yeah, as expected his face was tense more than before.

………… I wanted to believe that it wasn’t because of Her Royal Highness’s arrival. Well, what All I could do was to send a prayer and good luck to him. And, I decided to keep an eye on what would happen.

“Hello~ Seikagu-dono, it was a wonderful greeting~”

“Ah, Your Highness, thank you for attending this party. Sorry for the late greeting.”

“No, no~, thank you~ for inviting me to come~”

Her Royal Highness greeted Yuzuki-san and the other and turned to Ui-kun.

“Ui-kun was also wonderful.”

“Tha… thank you very much.”

Ui-kun returned an awkward smile to Her Royal Highness. 

Her Royal Highness returned the smile of Ui-kun with a big smile. And they stared at each other.

“Urghh! I knew that Ui-kun had met Her Royal Highness in the marriage interview, but I’d never thought they would be this close to each other!”

“No, there should still be room for us! Ui-kun is still young. Surely he want to be guided by an adult like me…..”

“… Calm down, hag.” [TN: the word used in here is a Japanese word used for women around 50]

Ui-kun and Her Royal Highness were staring at each other, but I could see the difference between their hearts. I could see from Her Royal Highness’s face that she might be thinking that Ui-kun was cute. On the other hand, Ui-kun seemed to be carefully observing every move of Her Royal Highness. It was as if Impala, who met a tiger, was looking for a chance… but unfortunately there was no opening to escape! The confrontation between the two staring at each other ended soon, and the tiger moved. When the tiger get close to Impala, who was wary of quick attack…

“Aaaww~ Ui-kun~ so brave~.”

While saying that, Her Royal Highness hugged Ui-kun and lifted his body and started spinning around.

“Hey~let’s spin~ Aawww~ So cute~really cute~!”

“P,put! me down!”

As expected of Your Highness, she is amazing… No matter how much Ui-kun is still an elementary school student, she could easily lift him and start spinning around… Is she training her strength every day? Oops, she put him down, it seems that she heard Ui-kun’s complaint…… Ah now, she starts rubbing her cheek against his cheek. It is a frontal attack. But, Your Highness, I want you to take a closer look at the Ui-kun. His eyes rolled back you know.

…Anyway, Good luck! 

I nodded to Ui-kun who looked at me as if to appeal for help. The meaning of my nod was, ‘give up and endure for the time being’. 

Seeing my nod, Ui-kun also returned a determined nod……. Apparently, my thoughts were transmitted well. I saw them playing with peace of mind. Ui-kun managed to pull away from Her Royal Highness, who was squeezing his cheeks, and stared at him with a determined eye, and Her Royal Highness, who was stared by him with that eye, became embarrassed. And then, Ui-kun opened his mouth.

“It’s Physio…!”

Don’t! Wait a minute! My nod doesn’t mean that!


And before the forbidden words came out, Kuji-san, who was nearby, closed his mouth. 

…did he really want to say that word in a place like this? What a scary thing! Kuji-san, good job!

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. My son seems to be nervous and tired, so I’d like him to take a rest for a while, so I’m sorry.”

“Well~, he did his best today~.”

Having said that, Kuji-san left the venue with Ui-kun. Yuzuki-san seemed to remain and talk with guests. Perhaps Ui-kun got scolded at Kuji-san in a separate room.



……………… it’s not my fault, right? You won’t get angry at me later, right?

Yuzuka-san laughed and talked to me, who was scared with the situation.

“They’re so energetic right?”

“Ah, well, right …”

To be honest, only one of them is quite energetic….

“They get along with each other well too…”


Can that be called as ‘get along well’? 

Suddenly, my right hand was gently grasped. The one who held my hand involuntarily… was Yuzuka-san.

“I also want to get along with Kohaku-kun.”

‘Am I asking too much?’ added Yuzuka-san with a red face.

“That, is, not the case, don’t worry…..”

Yuzuka-san, who heard my reply, said, ‘Ah, I’m so happy’ and held my hand stronger than before. The next moment I felt it, my other hand was gently wrapped. 

When I saw the one who suddenly wrapped my hand…

“I also want to get along better with you than now …”

Shino-san said so in a small voice that was loud enough for only me could hear….


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  1. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

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  2. Originally, I was a little sorry for the princess for the words Ui-kun said to her. However, now I don’t pity her, in fact, I think there are no better words than those! That princess, is really not good at all!

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