Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 29

29. Prisoner’s Rebellion

A lump of bone hit the ground and produced a huge amount of smoke.

The {Corpse Emperor} saw the scene and was convinced of his victory.

“I won. I won! Finally, I killed the sealer!!!”

He made a victory pose and turned his back on the smoke.

“Look… Look! This is my ―― “

At that moment, the {Corpse Emperor} noticed something.

Some footsteps were creeping behind him.

When he turned back, he saw the figure of a naked man who jumped out from the smoke.

————————— (Seal POV)—————————–

A bunch of bones approaching.

I pick up the pebble I prepared in advance.

―― My second trump card.

A Magic Circle and my name is written on it.

I threw a pebble at a bunch of bones. At the same time, I hit my own body with my right fist and put a character stamp on myself.

” ―― ‘CLOSE’ !”

My body is sucked into the thrown pebbles.

This is called, ‘Self-sealing’.

The old man said to me that self-sealing is a high-level Sealing Technique.

But he didn’t say it’s difficult to seal. He said it’s difficult to unseal after Self-Sealing.

Perhaps I can’t release it on my own once I sealed myself.

I heard from Shura that when she was being sealed, she didn’t remember anything. When she was being sealed, she was unconscious. If that’s the case I can’t release myself.

Well, when my skill becomes better in the future, I might be able to release on my own, but I can’t do it now.

But, the only way to break the seal is not only that. If the vessel destroyed, the content will be released.

I’m sure the pebbles will be crushed with his attack and I’ll be able to release myself.

Anyway, I’m being sucked by the pebble and sealed inside.

―― When I regained consciousness, I was in the smoke.

There is a time that for about 0.8 seconds until the pebble is destroyed and the contents comes out. I think that’s just enough time for his attack to finished.

And now, as expected, I’m naked …

Anyway, I pick up a piece of bone and draw a Magic Circle with my own blood. And I carve his name on it.

『”I won. I won! Finally, I killed the sealer!!!”』

I can hear a fool’s voice.

I kick the ground barefoot and jump out of the smoke.

“Look… Look! This is my ―― “

He notices me and looks back.

My Red Mana has already run out. But at this distance――

――My fist reaches.

” Marked…”

My left fist hit his right cheek.

The character stamp emerges. The piece of bone in my hand glows blue.

――It was long.

These ten steps were really long……

“The {Corpse Emperor}, ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’ “


“I’ll give You Fucking Demon, a lifetime imprisonment …”

―― “ ’CLOSE’ “.

A vortex emanates from a piece of bone and swallows him.

Once it is established, it cannot be resisted.

“Don’t fuck with me! I’ll never, forgive you! Sealerrrrr!!!!”

The {Corpse Emperor} could not resist and finally sealed in a piece of bone.

“Huuhh, I’m really tired……”

I grab a piece of bone that glowing red and lay my body on the ground.

“Old man, as someone who is still inexperienced I did a good job, right?”

The threats are gone, and peace comes to <Seadust Island>.

This is the end of the battle with the {Corpse Emperor} ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’.


The battle is over.

For the time being, I put on the pants worn by the {Corpse Emperor} and head towards the most seriously injured Carrs. But――


My knees fall off.

Oh right, I forgot. I’m also at the limit.

I put the bone that I used to seal him in my pocket.

The situation is still quite bad. I don’t feel like I can move from here. 

…Isn’t it the end if even one monster comes here?

The lion spear, <Lutta>, and <Osiris Orb> are scattered on the ground.

At the time of self-sealing, all of it was left behind by me, and the vessel broke and popped out.

It’s quite troublesome after self-sealing, huh?


Are you for real…!

I see a shadow. 

A shadow of a creature with wings.

Looking up, a dragon come down from the sky.

A black dragon with pure white eyes and a distorted aura.

I can instantly know that it’s not an ally.

The Mana released from its whole body was higher than that of the {Corpse Emperor}.

The dragon comes down right in front of me, creating wind pressure with its wings.

“Oi, Oi…I come to pick up the {Corpse Emperor}, but what happened to that bastard?”

A black dragon.

However, the truly dangerous one is on its back.

It jumps off the back of the dragon. While holding the black mountain hat on his head.

A tall man with long white hair. He is wearing a long black coat. He had something in the shape of a cylinder on his waist that I had never seen before.

The man looks at me.

I recognize his face.


So, this is what people feel when they’re at a loss for words?

The man’s face has wrinkles, and at a glance, it looks calm.

――『”Boy, what’s your name?”』

It’s a face that I knew.

――『” You’re getting better at massaging, huh.”』

It’s a face that shouldn’t be there.

Because, I know, surely a month ago――!

“Old man…?!”

“Haah? Who the fuck are You?”

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