Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 29

29. Prisoner’s Rebellion

A lump of bone hit the ground and produced a huge amount of smoke.

The {Corpse Emperor} saw the scene and was convinced of his victory.

“I won. I won! Finally, I killed the sealer!!!”

He made a victory pose and turned his back on the smoke.

“Look… Look! This is my ―― “

At that moment, the {Corpse Emperor} noticed something.

Some footsteps were creeping behind him.

When he turned back, he saw the figure of a naked man who jumped out from the smoke.

————————— (Seal POV)—————————–

A bunch of bones was approaching.

I picked up the pebble I prepared in advance.

―― My second trump card.

A Magic Circle and my name were written on it.

I threw a pebble at a bunch of bones. At the same time, I hit my own body with my right fist and put a character stamp on myself.

” ―― ‘CLOSE’ !”

My body was sucked into the thrown pebbles.

This was called, ‘Self-sealing’.

The old man said to me that self-sealing was a high-level Sealing Technique.

He didn’t say it was difficult to seal yourself, he just said that it was difficult to unseal after Self-Sealing.

Perhaps you couldn’t release it on your own once you sealed yourself.

I heard from Shura that when she was being sealed, she didn’t remember anything. When she was inside, she was unconscious. If that was the case, I couldn’t release myself. At least that was what I thought.

Surely, when my skill became better in the future, I might be able to release it on my own, but I couldn’t do it now.

But, the only way to break the seal wasn’t only that. If the vessel was destroyed, the content would be released.

And I was sure the pebbles would be crushed with the {Corpse Emperor}’s attack, which meant that I would be able to release myself.

Anyway, I was sucked by the pebble and sealed inside.

―― When I regained consciousness, I was in the smoke.

There was a time for about 0.8 seconds until the pebble was destroyed and the contents came out. Surely, that was just enough time for his attack to finish.

And now, as expected, I was naked…

Anyway, I picked up a piece of bone and drew a Magic Circle with my own blood. And I carved his name on it.

『”I won. I won! Finally, I killed the sealer!!!”』

I could hear a fool’s voice.

I kicked the ground barefoot and jumped out of the smoke.

“Look… Look! This is my ―― “

He noticed me and looked back.

My Red Mana has already run out. But at this distance――

――My fist will reach.

” ‘MARK’…”

My left fist hit his right cheek.

The character stamp emerged. The piece of bone in my hand glowed blue.

――It was long.

These ten steps were really long……

“The {Corpse Emperor}, ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’ “


“I’ll give You Bastard, a lifetime imprisonment…”

―― “ ’CLOSE’ “.

A vortex emanated from a piece of bone and swallowed him.

Once it was established, it couldn’t be resisted.

“Don’t fuck with me! I’ll never, forgive you! SEALLERRRR!!!!”

The {Corpse Emperor} couldn’t resist and was finally sealed inside a piece of bone.

“Huufff, I’m really tired……”

I grabbed a piece of bone that was glowing red and lay my body on the ground.

“Old man, as someone who is still inexperienced, I did a good job, right?”

The threats were gone, and peace came to the <Seadust Island>.

This was the end of the battle with the {Corpse Emperor} ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’.


The battle was finally over.

For the time being, I put on the pants worn by the {Corpse Emperor} and head toward the most seriously injured, Carrs. But――


My knees fell.

Oh right, I forgot. I’m also at the limit.

I put the bone that I used to seal him in my pocket.

The situation is still quite bad. I don’t feel like I can move from here. 

…Isn’t it the end if even one monster comes here?

The <Lion Spear>, <Lutta>, and <Osiris Orb> were scattered on the ground.

At the time of Self-Sealing, all of it was left behind by me, and the vessel broke and thus popped out of it.

It’s sure, quite troublesome after self-sealing, huh?


Are you for real…?!

I saw a shadow. 

A shadow of a creature with wings.

Looking up, a dragon came down from the sky.

A black dragon with pure white eyes and a distorted aura.

I could instantly know that it wasn’t an ally.

The Mana released from its whole body was higher than that of the {Corpse Emperor}.

The dragon came down right in front of me, creating wind pressure with its wings.

“Oi, Oi… I come to pick up the {Corpse Emperor}, but what happened to that bastard?”

A black dragon.

However, the truly dangerous one was on its back.

Someone jumped off the back of the dragon. While holding the black mountain hat on his head.

A tall man with long white hair. He was wearing a long black coat. He had something in the shape of a cylinder on his waist that I had never seen before.

The man looked at me.

And, I recognized his face.


So, this is what people feel when they’re at a loss for words?

The man’s face had wrinkles and at a glance, it looked gentle.

――『”Boy, what’s your name?”』

It’s a face that I know.

――『”You’re getting better at massaging, huh.”』

It’s a face that shouldn’t be there.

Because, I know, surely a month ago――!

“Old man…?!”

“Haah? Who the fuck are You?”

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