Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 40 Part 1

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40-1. In the meantime, I’ll teach you (Part 1)


His Majesty, Wolfe, he, and I are in one of the guest rooms in the castle. His Majesty was reading the paper he brought in, it was about the culture of another world.

He and Wolfe sit across the table and play a board game that the knights usually played in their break time. He said he was interested in playing it, which was similar to the game in his world called ‘chess’. I just taught them the rules, but they been doing it for several rounds in a row.

“By the way, Marito, in the end, what will Pope Euparo do?”

“It seems that he will stay in this kingdom for a while. There will be a harvest festival hosted by Yugura soon, right? It seems that he will participate in it.”

“Well, he came with a decent number of people. I’m sure there’s a story about the Pope coming to Tiez all over the city. If he goes back without doing anything, it’ll be suspicious. I’m sure he’s going to do that from the beginning.”

“It seems that the Pope and the Archbishop will rent an inn in the church. Well, I guess Maya will have a hard time.”

“I’m sure Maya knew this from the beginning. That’s why she kicked out Lacra.”

I was impressed that even though they were both doing their own work, they could exchange different chats quite often. However, although the board cannot be seen from where I was standing, I felt that the game was moving at a fairly fast pace.

“That’s right. I heard that Archbishop Ukka has no memory of being in contact with Larheit due to the influence of brainwashing magic, but can’t you salvage―― get it out with Magic that interferes with deep memory?”

“There is a Magic to read memories and it may be worth trying. But, I hear that Magic is quite burdensome to the target. They said it feels like a torture.”

“Archbishop Ukka is obliged to do that in this case. If they persuade him, I’m sure he will give in.”

“Wait a minute, is there any information you want to get to go that far?”

Involuntarily interrupt the content of the story. I remembered Archbishop Ukka’s apology came from the bottom of his heart. 

Is it necessary to give him a pain close to torture?

“Well, Archbishop Ukka was the one who had the most contact with Larheit. He was the only one who could have any information about him.”

“Just such wishful thinking…”

“If we keep doing nothing, we’ll fall behind and the only one who will have a hard time later is not only one person you know. Anyway, please let me know if he can remember even a trivial exchange. The weight of being asked by an ordinary people and the King is different after all.”

“I understand. I’ll try to find a way to explore his memory while reducing the burden.”

His appearance had changed slightly since he encountered Larheit. The attitude toward us remains the same, but I could see the sadness in the facial expressions when he didn’t speak. He discovered Larheit’s plan not only once but twice. So, couldn’t he be a little more relaxed?

“Wolfe, isn’t there no way out from this?”

“Well, yes. So, it’s Wolfe’s win!”

“Did I lose again? You’re really strong.”

“Aren’t you keep losing? How many battles and how many wins already?”

“Ten battles and ten losses.”


The board game was also used for training wisdom, and of course, the smarter the person, the stronger that person would be. Wolfe was also a hard worker, but considering his clever trick he did, I didn’t think he lost so much …

“Did you handicap yourself?”

“No, I’m doing my best. I’m just continuing to lose.”

“Really―― “

Perhaps Wolfe had more talent than expected in the board game. I mean, Wolfe had just started playing the game, and the conditions should be the same for each other.

“Then Wolfe, give up your seat to Illias. Illias, let’s play one game.”

“O, okay.”

I sat in place of Wolfe and rearranged the pieces. I had often played the board game with Grandpa Kara. 

I’m not that strong, but I’m not going to lose to my opponent who just play for a few games.

“By the way, Illias, were you angry when Pope Euproa said I was a coward? Sir Ragdo told me that.”

He spoke right to the point from the start. 

As soon as I made a move, he returned quickly. There was almost no hesitation in the choice he made…

“Uh, that’s…… yeah.”

“Well, he had apologized and told the reason why. And anyway, the other person is the top of Yugura Religion. You can’t intimidate him with one or two remarks.”

“But you’re not a coward. You had taken the lead in fighting bandits, and when the book almost stolen too.”

“That’s because the person who protects me are strong. I wouldn’t normally take that risky move other else.”

I’m glad to hear that. But that’s a different story. He is certainly producing results. I mean, don’t he feel annoyed if other people said he accomplished it because he was a coward?

“You don’t have to be very humble. You’re producing results. That’s why I appreciate your ability. I’m sure even Your Majesty thought so.”

“My ability huh? Let me tell you this, but Marito and you are evaluating different things.”

“What does it mean?”

With that said, he stopped playing, picked up the parchment and pen beside him, and started writing something. And hand it over to His Majesty who was looking from behind. Then he started playing again.

“Hmmmm, I see.”

“But, couldn’t Illias understand it even if you explained it by mouth? Well, well, you make me feel troubled now.”

To sum it simply, the way he plays was very straightforward. It was just like an amateur learning how to move a piece and attacking when he could. He was not thinking about the arrangement of the pieces at all.

“Are you being serious right now?”

“Yeah, Well, it’s hard for me to express it in this kind of way. I can’t read dozens of moves ahead you know.”

“But you are ―― “

Suddenly, a sound echoed outside the room. It was a high-pitched sound. His Majesty went out and called out to the guards.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing important, just the armor that was displayed suddenly collapsed… Perhaps the base is unstable …”

Apparently, it was nothing important. 

By the way, the game will come to an end soon.


My brain stopped for a moment when I saw the board. No matter how I looked at it, I was being pushed.

How did this happen?

“Did you do something with the board when we heard the sound?”

“Did anyone see it?….. Wolfe, you don’t have to raise your hand.”

“Aren’t you cheating!!”

“I want you to think about who you use, at all.”

His Majesty burned the parchment he was given with Magic. 

Ah, I see, so that’s what it means. He gave instructions to Your Majesty with parchment and made him make a noise. I don’t know how Your Majesty do it, but it’s possible. And so, as an escort, I would be vigilant to it and in that moment when I turned my eyes away, he operated the piece.

“In short, this is my way of doing it. If I were to do it under the same conditions, I’ll definitely lose. I mean, Illias’s strength is 100 wins out of 100 battles. If I were to do it with my way, when I feel like I want to win, I could win, but only once. it doesn’t work twice, and so it’s not worth being praised.”

Certainly, since now I know he did replace the pieces, I will naturally be wary whenever I play with him again. That is not all. I will keep wary along the game that he might do some dirty trick again.

“Marito and Pope Euparo understand this and recognized me, that despite my lack of power, I had done well.”

“For me, your unusual way of thinking is especially important, you know.”

“Thank you for that. But please don’t imitate my way too much, you might get scolded by Sir Ragdo. Please keep your righteous way as a king.”

“Of course.”


He showed his ability in front of me. He showed to me that the means he took were not right and so his ability was not worth to be evaluated.

“Don’t make such a difficult face. I’m aware that it’s a terrible way to win but I did it because the opponent is my enemy, so it’s kind of fair right? I mean, even Illias, when you feel that it’s something necessary to do to win the duel, even though it’s dirty means, you’re still happy to be praised for your win, right? “

“That’s… that’s right.”

“But, my spirit to win by any means, you could praise it. And I’ll be more than happy just to receive your praise.”

I understood what he meant… he wanted to say, ‘Don’t overestimate me, I don’t have that kind of ability, still, it’s okay to appreciate my efforts to achieve results.’

“I understand what you wanted to say, but the result you got was something the knights couldn’t do. And that ability of yours, what was the factor?”

It’s not about being strong. And if it’s not because he’s wise, how could he win?

“My way of living is good, that’s all.”

“Your way of living… is good huh. I see.”

Certainly, if you say so, it will be strangely convincing. There is no sword, no magic, no knowledge. Still, I understand the current situation and get around well. The lack of power is a method that I have cultivated through my efforts and did not choose. He is an expert on that path.

“If you want to know how coward I am… You see, I was going to advise Marito that Illias’s escort wouldn’t be needed because I’d suffocating If I were to be watched by you day and night, but now I begged him not to remove you as my escort since the case of Larheit is still going on. At the same time, I want to get rid of the threat as soon as possible… I’m a coward, right? “

“Hmm, maybe that’s right. No, wait, you’re suffocating?”

“I think so, I mean, I’m being watched for a whole day since the moment I changed clothes in the morning.”

You’re not a maiden, and I don’t care about it.

Anyway, the fact that His Majesty and Pope Euparo correctly understood and evaluated such aspects of him seemed to be a little ahead of me, somehow it made me slightly frustrated.

Grandpa Kara said that He envied others just as I envied him. But, if he was too far ahead, his gaze might not reach us anymore.

Fortunately, it was me who was entrusted with his escort. And the escort would continue until the case with Larheit ended. By then, I would like to raise my reputation in his eyes.

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