Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 118

118. The party started

After leaving the room, I entered the venue with Yuzuka-san. There are a large number of women and a few men dressed nicely, each of whom eats the food served to them, elegantly drinking the alcohol, and talking with each other…….. The party that Toukain Family held where I went to before was a party related to the company, so I felt that it was a bit more tense.

The party being held now was a birthday party, the clothes that the women wore were very beautiful and gorgeous. Perhaps some romance might start at this party. However, the main character for this party already had… a fiancée. In addition, he was not good with women, so romance with him was unlikely to occur. But well, there were men other than Ui-kun, so the women in the party could appeal to them instead.

Ah…, that is the popular young actor I saw in that drama. I heard rumors that he’s a selfish person but as far as I can see, he’s eating quietly alone. 

The people around him hadn’t directed their gaze to him openly, but some of them were glancing at him, and I could feel they want to get closer to him.

When I was observing the venue, suddenly it became a little noisy. Apparently, they noticed that Yuzuka Seikagu had appeared. And when, they noticed me who were standing beside her, the venue became even more noisy.

“T-the young lady has come out. I have to go to say hello…”

“Ah, yeah. By the way, do you know anything about the boy next to her?”

“Oh, what a beauty… the dress he’s wearing brings out his charm even further.”

“Maybe that boy is Yuzuka-sama’s lover …”

“No, wait! I saw him with the young lady of Toukain Family last time.”

“Eh… that means that he is loved by both Toukain and Seikagu Family?”

“………… Hmmph! I ’m more beautiful!”

Perhaps, I should say, ‘as expected of me’, huh?! I mean, just by appearing I already made a disturbance. 

It could be said that my role as her partner is almost successful. After all, it seems that the value of the man you bring is also important at an upper-class party. 

I followed Yuzuka-san giving her greetings, and if I didn’t do anything, it would over smoothly. By the way, as a plan, after greeting, I would give my best smile…… Well, I couldn’t do more than that even if they were to ask for more.

“Ah, How~ do you do~”

There was a woman who first talked to Yuzuka-san at such a noisy venue. She was a woman with golden hair and golden eyes. From her appearance, she looked slightly older than us. Behind her there was another woman…… But they way she poke was rather loose. So, I looked at Yuzu-san with a face saying, ‘Who is she?’.

Yuzuka-san received the greeting and returned it with a smile.

“Good morning, Your Highness Sai. I’m really sorry for the late greeting.”

Saying that, Yuzula-san bowed her head politely.

……… Your Highness? This person? seriously?

“Well~, you~ don’t need to worry~ so~ much~. We~ are~ friend, right~.”

“Thank you very much. My younger brother will be coming soon, so please say hello to him later.”

“Of~ cour~se~. I’m his fiancé~ after all~, of course I’ll try~ to get along~.”

Saying that, she smiled like, ‘ehehe’.

“I’m sorry that my younger brother said something rude at the last time.”

“Don’t~ worry~. I don’t mind~ it♪ His cute~ side~, and his braveness~ to say his own intention~, the gap~, it makes my~ heart~ beating even more faster.”

‘My heart already melted~ charmed~ enchanted~ by him♪’, add Her Royal Highness in front of me.

This person is really dangerous………….

What I mean by dangerous is that this person is a symbol of this country. With the way she talks, if she were to makes a speech in other country, this country’s dignity will definitely fall down. Well, you can’t judge how competent someone is based only by the way they speak… Anyway, I need to say, ‘Good job!’, to the great man who separated politics from the Royal Family.

But, well, hmm… she is big-hearted. I mean, her waist is slender and thin, but the upper body of her body… To be exact, her chest is quite big. That’s right, it’s big enough to naturally drawn my line of sight. Yeah, it’s not my bad. After all, my eyes were ‘naturally’! moved by itself…

“So, he is Yuzuka-chan’s partner?”

“Yes, I would like to introduce you. My classmate, Kohaku Hatano. Kohaku-kun, this is my brother’s fiancée. Your Highness Sai Sumeragi.”

When I was thinking about such a disrespectful thing, Yuzuka-san suddenly mentioned my name. So, I gave my best of the best smile.

“I am extremely happy to be in your presence. My name is Kohaku Hatano.”

“Wow~, what~a polite boy~-I’m Sai~ Sumeragi~. Nice~ to meet you~.”

She said that and held my hand tightly and smiled at me.

…aren’t you too ‘easy’?! Is that really okay, oh Royal Family!

But, this person is Ui-kun a fiancé, huh?… Ui-kun who is delicate, and Your Highness who is too ea… I mean, big hearted. This may work unexpectedly……Or, it may not work… who knows… 

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