Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 46

46. Shocked by how dark it is

Natsukawa put down Airi-chan with a worried face saying, ‘You sure…?’, so I gave her a thumb as an ‘Ok’. Airi-chan walked towards me, opening her arms wide while saying ‘One more time〜’. I crouched down to meet her line of sight.

“Alright, here it comes!!─── Oryaaaー!! ah, Rasha-se-!!” [TN: When a customer come into a restaurant in japan, the worker will say this. it’s a short term of ‘Irashaimase’, which mean ‘welcome’ and mostly used by the worker in a ramen shop]


“Stop it, you’re not a part-timer in some ramen shop…”

Airi-chan seemed like she forgot about being sleepy already, and raised a loud happy cheer. All of this was a new experience for me, so when I saw how fragile of an existence she was, I felt the urge to ‘protect her’ dwell up inside of me.

So, is this what it means to be a father…?


“Ah, she ran out of energy.”

After around eight seconds, young lady Airi started to lose her strength.

Perhaps this last ‘dynamic carry’, was out of loneliness rather than actual enjoyment. It was just like when you enjoyed something and suddenly felt, ‘I want to do it once again for the last time’.

Also, seems that humans really became heavier once they ran out of strength. Just because I relaxed my arms, Airi-chan started to lean over. The pressure that I suddenly felt on my chest, it scared me. I couldn’t move freely…

“Well, you can treat her a bit more roughly, don’t worry. Just, I won’t forgive you if you were to drop her.”

“A-ha-ha-ha, I’m just a robot, and it seems there’s a bug in my system.”

“Just because she falls asleep, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to drop her. Airi isn’t a baby, but a young girl. She will not cry because it’s suddenly hot or cold, and she won’t cry even if you interrupt her sleep.”


“Doesn’t mean you’re allowed to cry! And don’t imitate her!”

Oops, not good. Natsukawa’s motherly attribute hit me.

But… as expected, a girl who have a younger sister that still young is amazing. Just by taking care the younger sister every day, the future as a good mom is guaranteed.

I kept calling her a goddess before, but I guess the way I saw her was still too naive. I mean, right now she is getting even closer to a goddess. No wait, how you call it….. a divine being?

Anyway, I’m still way too far of being able to take care of someone like her. At least it’s impossible to the current me.

Normally I would have excused myself like I always would, but Natsukawa… she was persistent on seeing me off.

For her to go that far, somehow it made me feel embarrassed…

“Well, you know… I just realized that your girl power… Femininity? is pretty amazing. It’s like, I don’t mind if you become my Mom instead.”

“Hey, stop it. Somehow it sounds disgusting.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I wasn’t praising you!”

It was the same before, but… no matter if what I said annoyed her or not, Natsukawa will always response. I’m sure that’s one of the biggest reasons why she didn’t just leave me aside for the longest time… Normally, you’d just ignore that right…? Aahh….. What a Goddess…

“Unrelated to Airi, what if you do something to your head? I remember that you’re worried more about this before.”

“Sorry, but the only thing my head could evolve into is to get a savant syndrome. Wait a moment, let me get struck by a lightning once.”

“I’m not talking about what’s inside… I was talking about your hair color!”

“Ah, this?”

A brown color hair with the roots looks black, I said that I ‘two-toned’ it just because it sounds cooler, but as expected it’s probably unsightly to look at. Especially during the summer where the heat is annoying enough, to see something half-baked like this, will only makes you even more annoyed, I guess.

“Eventually, I’ll do something about it.”

“mm…..Well, I’m not going to force you, but it’s better to do it as soon as possible, you know? I feel like it’ll change your impression by quite a bit.”

“I’ll take a detour at the drug store on my way home.”

I don’t know why, but it feels like Natsukawa is quite persistent at a lot of things today. I can’t help but to say yes to her words… it’s like I could feel, ‘Do something about it soon, or something bad will happen you piece of shit’, kind of pressure coming from her. And since she said it this far, if I don’t come to school tomorrow with a new dyed hair, I will get minus points from her.

“By the way, between brown hair and black hair, which one do you prefer, Natsukawa?”

“Eh, but earlier…”

“Well, that’s what Airi-chan prefer.”



I just asked on a whim, but Natsukawa seemed to have taken that serious, and approached me with a stern gaze.

What am I, some mannequin? Is there something stand out about me?

Natsukawa was not even thinking about the distance between us and kept staring at me.

…Well well, I’m just a normal person, it’s just like what you see now, Natsukawa-san. Aaah, your scent… it’s…

At the end of a lot of thinking, she answered me without changing her expression.

“──I think either way is fine…”

“You can’t do that to me.”

“Ah… b-but…”


Natsukawa’s gaze wandered all over the place, and she continued after a bit of hesitation.

“If you had brown hair, hmm… I might have not called out to you back then.”


‘Back then’ ──is she talking about the first time we met two and a half years ago? Ah now that I think about it… a bit after we met, she said something along the lines of ‘I thought you were more of a serious guy’. Well, no one will say that to a guy with this kind of hair after all.

“…So then, I’ll color it, the color of your preferences, black.”

“I-It’s not like that’s my preference or anything…”

“Well, I don’t really care either way, so I’ll choose the one that leave a better impression on you. anyway, see you tomorrow…”


I wave my hand at Natsukawa, turned my back on her and was ready to head home, only for her to stop me. When I turned back, she showed a different expression from when Airi-chan was with us, grabbing the sleeve of my uniform, perhaps it was starting to become like a habit for her.

Well, let me say this… can you stop giving me a ‘Direct attack’ with this kind of gesture? Do you plan on killing me? You really want me to die young…?

“──T-Thanks a lot for today…”


So cute!… welp, this is bad, I almost blurted out my feelings. If I said that now, it’d definitely ruin the mood. Thanks god… my throat could control itself.

“D-Don’t worry about it. I got to meet the legendary Airi-chan after all.”


Natsukawa showed a salty expression.

Crap, it might sound unpleasant to her. But, since I only saw her in a picture before, I couldn’t help but think ‘Does she really exist?’, you know. Well, I understand the reason why she didn’t want me to meet her until now… If I was in her position, I wouldn’t want to show that cute younger sister to a stalker (me). The only reason I was allowed to today is because we have known each other for more than two years, and also perhaps because she could see me as her ‘friend’.

Though I felt the urge to tease her, since the distance between us was already so bad for my heart, I didn’t do that.

And so, just as I told Natsukawa, instead straight back home I headed to the drugstore to buy hair dye.

“───Yikes, this really stinks.”

“We already finished dinner, so isn’t it fine? Got permission from Mom as well.”

“At least close the door of the washing room…”

I wonder why the scent of the hair dye is pretty bad like this. Can’t they make it more of a fruity scent? I can’t even pinch my nose because of the vinyl gloves on my hands. And now I have to stay like this for twenty minutes, huh….

While taking out a brush, Sis looked at the instruction paper I put down next to the sink, reading the words on there.

“Hm? Dark brown? You gonna make it black?”

“…It really is black, huh? I would have been fine going back to black, but they didn’t have any… I-It’s not like I bought it because ‘dark brown’ sounded cool.”

“This is pretty much black, especially in the beginning, it will look pitch black.”


Hmm? Black is black, right? So, there’s something darker than black…? That sounds cool. My chuunibyou soul felt like it was lit in a burning flame, as Sis walked in circles around me and frowned. [TN: ‘Chuunibyo’ is basically when you’re so delusional about having some special power, this mostly happen in middle-schooler that’s why it’s also called as ‘8th grade syndrome’]

“You’re so suck. It’ll end up uneven.”


“Move. Get outta the way.”

Sis walked between me in the mirror, took out gloves from the drawer, and ──Wait, Rubber Gloves…? I got a really bad feeling about this… is it just my imagina──Ah, hey…!

“Your roots are black, so don’t do it this arbitrarily.”

“Ahhh! Ouch Ouch! Oi, you’re too rough! You’re going to pull my hairs off!”

“It’s fine as long as you don’t end up bald, right? Everything in this world is hereditary, you’ll be fine. Those who go bald will go bald, even if you try to prevent that or try some treatment to grow it back, something that won’t work will never work.”

Kaede dying Sajou’s Hair

Ah, hey, dear sister? You say it like you don’t really care at all, don’t you?! More than going bald or not, this is hurts so much, you know! it’s gonna be okay right?! Right?! Hey!? I don’t wanna go bald even if it’s just for a short time!!

A bit of time passed like that, when I saw a few strands of hair stuck at her gloves, which I looked at through the mirror, I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for my fallen hairs.


“Y-Yeah, you’re right, it’s black… Isn’t it a bit too black?”

“Told you. Well, it’ll stay like this for a week. Though it’ll go back to normal after two days if you thoroughly wash them.”

The hair dying ended, and after washing plus drying it, my hair really looked black. However, it was an irregular kind of black. To a level where it wouldn’t even reflect light. I imagine it to be a bit more of a normal black… Well, as far as I touch it, they still feel the same way when I previously colored my hair brown.

The next day, Natsukawa said, ‘Ah, you dyed it’, and I died. ※I actually didn’t.

Author notes :

“Ah, you dyed it.”

“How is it? it looks good on me right?”

“…..I-I didn’t say that.”

(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so cute!!!!)

TN: so this is what most likely going to happen….

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 139

134. The Heroine Show 3

The play is sure good, but they’re definitely ignoring the script…

“Love… Did I have such a thing…”

Queen muttered, covering her face with both hands. The body trembled slightly. 

They said that a wonderful performance would make you feel various feelings. And I could feel the astonishment, disgust, fear, and much more during the play.

Without a doubt their acting is good.

“Yeah, Queen. You’re a woman who knows ‘love’. So, stop doing such an unjust thing. Give the boy to me.”

Wait a moment, shouldn’t you say, ‘release him’?

After hearing Kyarun’s words, Queen was shaking her body little by little. 

…… So, what will happen next?

“Fufuh… hahahaha! Give him?… You want me to give him up?! Don’t say such a stupid thing!”

The queen shook her hands wide.

“Since I knew what ‘love’ is… I want to build a happy family with this boy! Love each other, make a lot of children, and live a happy life! This is my new goal! I can’t give him up! “

You want a happy life with me but, excuse me?… what about my opinion?

“… I see. So, you have no intention of giving up?”

Kyarun started spinning the stick. 

…Am I the only one who hears this eerie wind noise that sounds? Is it just my imagination?

Kyarun stopped the stick she was spinning and made a stance. Her preparation was complete.

“Then, In the name of Love and Justice, there is no choice but to mess you up…”

Kyarun smiled. 

No matter how I look at her, she’s no longer a Magical Girl of love and justice, but a Yandere Girl who use some strange skill.

In response to Kyarun’s killing intent, Queen also held her whip. And the children who were cheering for Kyarun until a while ago were making a lot of noise because they didn’t know which one to cheer for. Because both were fighting for ‘love’.

“Oops! This is going to be the last battle! A woman who kept fighting for love and a woman who just realize what love is! Everyone, please cheers for them! No matter which one wins, there is no resentment, okay?!”

When the narrator, Maizumi-san, called out to the children. The children’s voice became louder. There were those who supported Kyarun and those who supported Queen.

And, the battle started. Both of them were good. Kyarun used a stick to parry the whip that was stretched at a terrifying speed. When Kyarun counter attacked, Queen also dodged the attack and pushed Kyarun back.

Both sides were engaged in a splendid battle. Watching it, the workers started to sweat, and the children were cheering louder.

“And Now! The two who continue to fight are already at the limit of their physical strength! Both of them are aiming for the timing to perform their special move!”

Maizumi-san said so perhaps because she watched the children’s reaction.

“Not bad, Queen. This is the last I’ll say this! Give me that boy!”

“You too! Well, as expected of Kyarun but, This boy is my husband, I can’t give him to you!”

Then, they repositioned themselves, probably preparing to do their special moves. 

Maybe the audiences could feel that the attack would be the last offense and defense, the venue became silence in instant. The tension filled the venue. And…

“Magical Stick… Dragon Beam!”

“Golden Whip… Peerless Technique!”

And a loud explosion and smoke screen wrap the stage. And when the smoke screen gone, only Kyarun was standing.

Seeing that, the whole venue was filled with cheers. Even the children who were supporting Queen earlier were also cheering. 

As expected of children, there no hesitation in changing side. I really want to know how to hesitate in making decision like them.

Anyway, the battle ended. Kyarun, with a rough breathing, approached me. And hugged me tightly.

“I’m glad that… I was able to help.”

Kyarun said so while stroking my cheeks, Then, when she brought my face near to hers, from the audience seats, I could hear, ‘Kyaaa!’ or ‘Ara…’, or ‘What a vulgar scene’, and many more similar like that. 

Seeing the situation now, I don’t know whether I’m actually saved or not?

At the moment when Kyarun’s well-shaped lips touch with my lips, some electronic sound was heard.

“This is bad! The transformation will end. Even though it’s a long-awaited encounter, but it seems, this is it.”

Kyarun gently lifted her body and smiled.

“It seems, this is the end for today, but I’ll definitely come see you all again! Thank you to everyone who supported me!”

Then, while waving to the audience seats, she went to the back of the stage. 

Well, it seems my chastity is safe.

“Thanks to Kyarun, peace was preserved today! Everyone, Let’s thank her once last time! Thank you Kyarun!”

The children responded to Maizumi-san with a cheerful voice and applause. 

And, the curtain closed with a big applause.

……By the way, I’m still on stage, you know?

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 138

138. The Heroine Show 2

“Now, let’s me catch all of you quickly before Kyarun comes.”

Queen made the children scared. The three little girls, who were near me, were grabbing my clothes.

…Are they scared?

“Papa, we will protect you.”

“It’s okay. I won’t let her touch Dear Father, not even one finger.”

“Daddy, run…”

…… The three little girls were too ‘manly’.

“Servants! Catch the children!”

In Queen’s words, her servants when down from the stage and were scaring the children while searching someone to catch. The children were scared every time they were being looked at. 

Well, only one person will be taken for the play… I wonder who it will be…

When I was looking them wondering who would be taken, I felt a strong gaze.

When I turned to the direction of that line of sight, the Queen was staring at me with an eye that could be said full of desire.

Hmm?… Perhaps?

“Servants! Bring Koha… Bring that boy here!”

After stopping for a moment, Queen’s servants immediately moved.

“I won’t give Papa away!”

“I’ll defeat you!”

“…..Protect at all cost”

Little girl 1 grabbed the leg of the approaching servant…

Little girl 2 punched the other servant…

Little girl 3 head-butted the other servant.


“Fuahaha! Don’t make light of us, kids! We are trained hard every day! That kind of attack won’t hurt me at all!”

Yup, I trust you, I saw your training after all…. 

The servant who approaching me, grabbed my arm and took me away. The little girls who saw me being taken, screamed sorrowfully. And the other children started crying. Then I was handed over to Queen.

“Oops! The Queen, she caught a boy who seems to have a happy future where he marries a blonde and curly-haired woman!”

Maizumi-san continued her narration, but casually put in herself as she please.

“Everyone! At this rate, Queen would do ‘this and that’ to the boy! Call Kyarun louder to help the boy! Only Kyarun can beat Queen!”

Maizumi-san called out to the children to call Kyarun.

” ’Se-no’ !”

” ” ” Kyaruuuーn !!! ” ” “

The loud voices of the children echoed in the venue. And a smoke screen was unfolded with a loud explosion sound. At the same time, the beautiful voice could be heard.

“The earths, heavens, and people! Also the children’s sorrowful cry! All of them calls for me! The Magical Girl of Love and Justice, Magical Kyarun, arrived!”

Yachigusa-san who made the horizontal piece pose suddenly appeared.


She said so in a provoking manner like some villains.

…… The words and facial expressions did not match very well, but the children were overjoyed. 

What the heck… it’s as if she’s the villain rather than the heroine… is it really okay for a heroine to act like that? 

“Queen, you did three things you must never do. First, you caught a weak boy and try to do whatever you like to him. Second, you hurt the children and scared them, and lastly, third, you are casually sniffing the body odor of the boy you just caught!”

And the explosion sound could be heard again. 

…… Hmm? What did she say? Definitely she’s ignoring the script! 

The Queen who was pointed by Kyarun began to laugh a little.

“As expected of Kyarun. You have a wonderful observation eye. Well, sorry to say this but, this boy, I will take him back to Harem’s base and make him a loyal servant of mine! I won’t give him to you! Servants, if you defeat Kyarun, I’ll lend you this boy for a day! Go!”

The battle began with that word. The servants were attacking Kyarun with splendid movements cultivated in military training. The attack flow one after another so smooth that the children and the workers were impressed by it. However……

“Magical Stick!”

Kyarun stretched out the stick she took out and counter attacked them. Apparently, the small stick, could be stretched to match Kyarun’s height. With that stick, the servants were attacked. Since the attacks were accurately hit the vital place, they were incapacitated in no time.

 …… Wait a minute, there is no Magic attack at all.

Since her name is ‘Magical’, Isn’t she supposed to use some Magical attacks that blow away the enemy? What is this? Action movie? But, sure it’s amazing…

“Now, it’s your turn, Queen of Whip! In short, Piece of Shit!”

You’re not making it short at all though?

“As expected of Kyarun, but don’t think that you can easily beat me!”

Queen held a whip and entered the battle mode. And so, the restraint placed on me was released.

…it’s bad if I don’t keep staying in here like this, right?

“Queen, let me ask you. What are you going to do with him?”

“What I plan to do huh… that is …”

The Queen’s face turned red.

“I-I’d like to drink the tea brewed by him and drink it slowly with him, just the two of us… then, play games together…, also, I want him to do a k-knee pillow for me…  there’s a lot more!”

The Queen said her desire bashfully.

Oi, this is what you, the actress wants to do! 

But, that naïve answers were immediately denied.

“Don’t lie”

“……what do you mea…”

“I know what, you, really, want to do.”



“You want to force the boy naked in front of you and then do some ‘wrestling’ at night!”

I heard “Oh my…” from the audience seats. When I looked at the source of the voice, it was the workers who were looking at me with a red face. 

Apparently, the workers imagined that ‘wrestling’. On the contrary, the children seemed to not understand and were asking the workers.

…..But seriously, what a bad play for education!

“I’ll never do!… that kind of… shameful things…”

Queen denied it, but her voice becomes smaller. Kyarun smiled with full of love.

“Queen. I think you’re not tainted with evil yet.”

“I-I’m not evil…?”

“Yes. Because if you want to do some ‘wrestling’ with a boy at night…”

The venue was so quiet that I could hear the sound of gulping.

“It must be because of love.”

“Love… is it …”

“Yes. I’m a Magical Girl of Love and Justice, I approved that as an act of love, I means it’s driven by love after all.”

“Ooooh! There’s some libido mixed in that, right? Well, the heroine of love and justice declared it as ‘love’! But, I’m curious where the ‘justice’ is!”

Maizumi-san spoke like a commentator in a professional wrestling match rather than a narrator of a story.

….It seems that the advice I gave before was useful for Yachigusa-san.

Seriously, what a bad heroine for children’s education…… Everyone, I’m really sorry.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 42 Part 1

42-1. In the meantime, This is bad (Part 1)

The harvest festival in Tiez’ home country had finally begun. The harvest festival in would be held for three consecutive days. First, the ceremony will be held in the hall on the first day. After that, the used tools would be carried to each surrounding village to celebrate for this year’s good harvest and pray for next year’s good harvest.

The villages would hold a one-day harvest festival on the day of the prayer. Then, on the final day, all the villages would be visited once again, and the tools used for praying would be collected and burned to end the festival. During that time, the town would be noisy day and night.

The ceremony to be held on the first day has already ended, and the city was crowded with street stall and entertainment. But, the number of usual street stalls had decreased sharply, and the number of stalls offering ready-made products were increasing.

Of course, there were also stalls where you can play. Ring toss, knife throwing, smashing hard fruits, dog racing and knights’ swordsmanship performance. Even if there was a difference in civilization, the intention to enjoy the festival was no different. That was why it would be a loss if I were to not enjoy it too. 

I decided to look around with Illias and Wolfe. Lacra would be free on the day of the harvest festival. More than anything she might do something that would get in the way of the festival. And, since there weren’t many monotonous jobs, the higher up thought that it would be better to leave her alone. It seemed she received some pocket money, so that she wouldn’t come back to the church in her spare time. That was why Lacra was enjoying this festival alone now.

Maybe Lacra will come search for me when she run out of pocket money, if so, I have to enjoy the festival until then. but …

“What have you been reading since a while ago?”

“It seems that they managed to search any information from Archbishop Ukka’s memory. I got a copy of the record. The rest is some wanted poster.”

Currently, there were many visitors coming to Tiez. Merchants who came to open the store at the harvest festival, adventurers and people from neighboring countries who came to enjoy the festival. 

With so many new faces, the gatekeeper will not be perfect at doing their job like usual. If Larheit were to try recapturing the book, he might take some action during the events. In fact, after reading the record of Archbishop Ukka’s memory, it seems that Larheit like to act within shot interval. He made frequent contacts with Archbishop Ukka and was constantly trying to get new information.

Obviously, Larhet is not the type who like to wait for long, and so it can be said that he is preparing for the next step right now, or he might’ve already taken his next step.

Other than that, the paper that I received was prepared after considering some possibilities. It’s a wanted poster for an adventurer who seems to be notorious in Mejis and neighboring countries.

Since Larheit was defeated by Archbishop Ukka once, his fighting ability might be not that very high. Not that I wanted to look down on Archbishop Ukka, just that I made this assumption based on what Lacra told me.

Archbishop Ukka is good at utilizing his technique, but compared to other archbishops, he doesn’t seem that talented. Even Lacra by all mean is superior in terms of strength in actual battles.

In other words, even if Larheit’s ability is actually much higher that what he showed, perhaps it’s only around Lacra. But that much power is more than enough for someone like him, who like to use his head rather than fighting.

Larheit is currently using other than his real body. In other words, his fighting power has dropped considerably, and so he might not act directly. In that case, he would use other people. If that’s the case, the next thing I need to think about is what kind of people he chose to use.

The assassins of Mejis have already been checked by the people of Yugura Religion. It will be difficult for him to pull out new personnel from there. In the first place, it is unlikely that a brain-type guy prefers to use a method that has been broken once. Of course, it is possible he uses the same tactic again, but considering the idea, the trouble he needs to do to get the assassin of Mejis who would work for him, the idea might be excluded from the options.

So, what about using the assassin who work in place other than Mejis? Well, this is also unlikely. That’s because they’ve been told that there are people in neighboring countries who may utilize the assassin without permission. And that those people may be the Demon Lord’s lapdog, who’re good at Brainwashing-type of Magic and trying to cause trouble between nations.

If it’s just a piece of advice from some neighboring country, they probably ignore it, but the one who said it, is Mejis. The country with the headquarter of Yugura Religion, which has many worshipers in each country. Any country that has Yugura’s believer will be more or less wary of the dangers.

For that reason, it is narrowed down to adventurers or some villains out there who are likely to be the pawns of Larheit. However, even if it’s a villain, it is not enough to send just a normal bandit.

He might prefer an assassin who has experience in actual battles. But if he wants to give some surprise attack, he will probably choose an adventurer, especially the strong one. But I don’t think a real straightforward adventurer will follow a shady man like Larheit.

There is a possibility that he might use brainwashing magic to get pawn, but there is a magic seal stone installed at the gate of Tiez, and if those kinds of people were to enter the country straight, the brainwashing magic will be broken. He entered here once, so he must know that. In other words, he can only use rewards like money or status to manipulate other people. So, he may use the infamous adventurer. That’s why I received the wanted poster of those people that need to aware of when they come to here.

“Well, sure there are some infamous guys in every world huh.”

“There are many adventurers. Some may be promoted as heroes by the country, while others are chased by the country and become criminals.”

What was written in the wanted poster was the appearance of the person and what kind of infamy he had. Although not wanted by the country, many were banned from the adventurer’s guild because they were regarded as dangerous. For example, those who had killed many humans due to their thirst of blood, those who had fought with other adventurer for profits and caused great damage, and those who have blackmailed the client and killed other adventurer for the rewards.

It could be said that as far as what Larheit knew, three strong men were in Tiez, Archbishop Ukka, who defeated him, Pope Euparo, and Lacra. And he might have recognized Illias who was escorting me that day. In that case, he might think that most people who only notorious but had no ability would be useless.

Of course, there might be some brain-type adventurers like Larheit too, so he might use that kind of people too, but for now he might put that kind of people as candidates to be used as pawn.

“Oh, this adventurer looks dangerous. A bloodthirsty combat enthusiast who uses a sword that’s much bigger than her height. She lost her ego and attacked other adventurers. Most of them were killed or injured, including the adventurers who tried to stop her….. Wait, why leave this kind of people alone?”

It’s easy to imagine that the extermination of such a people who can’t be reasoned is fierce. It will put more strain on the adventurer’s mind than going into the war. However, what she did was not just a simple rampage where she lost her mind. It can be said that she was aware of what she did. Which means, she’s just a lunatic who went out of control.

I would like to think that such an uncontrollable lunatic will not be the one Larheit sent here, but it can be said that there is a possibility I will see her in the future.

“Her name is Girista, a woman with fiery red short hair and a large claw tattoo on her right eye. She has a large sword with a blade like a tooth. She――”

No way….. A woman with a look that similar to what described in the wanted poster… I saw her at a glance in sight. She had a fiery red short hair, a large claw tattoo on her right eye, and was carrying a large sword with a blade like a tooth.

If this is Japan, I might think that she’s just a cosplayer and laughed a little. but in here, it’s not a place where I could just laugh when I see someone like that. Seriously, just right after I mentioned her, why she must in front of me? Give me a break please.

“What happened? Why are you suddenly stoppe―― “

It seems that Illias also noticed. By all means, the way the woman looks matched this Girista who is written in the wanted poster. She’s walking around in crowded place on the festival day in the daytime.

―― Let’s calm down, I need to calm down. Certainly, it’s undeniable that the woman may just come as a tourist even if she is Girista. She might not a pawn sent by Larheit, she might just a crimina ―― oh this is bad.

As soon as our eyes met, she smiled. Well, we were staring at her, of course she would notice us. And so, Girista, who was looking around the stalls, walked to us. 

“Illias, isn’t it bad if she were to rampage here? Where do you think is good?”

“If possible, it’s preferable to go outside the castle gate, but… the square should have had a space for the knight’s performances.”

“We can’t leave her alone, right?”

“Of course. Fortunately, she’s emanating her killing intent here. If we move, she’ll follow us for sure.”

We should move to a place with as few people as possible. Illias only has one body. There is a limit to the number of things that can be done at the same time.

“Alright, Wolfe. Carry me. Aim for the square and move along the roof.”


Well, it’s been a while since I’m carried on a woman’s shoulder.

Wolfe jumped and reached the roof. Illias hadn’t moved yet with the intention of delaying Girista by one step.

What is Girista doing now――eh? 

Girista grabbed the sword on her back and made a stance. She wasn’t approaching us yet. She was laughing while kept seeing at me. 

Her attack can reach from this distance, right ―― ah, no way!



With a shout, Girista swung the big sword in the middle of the main street. A huge collision sound echoed. The impact blew away the people who were on the side of Girista. But they weren’t slashed, the sword was stopped by Illias’s sword. Illias might have noticed, that by rushing in without hesitation, she can bounce off the people around her, and so the worst results could be prevented.

“Not hesitate to aim for innocent people huh, How dare you! Heretic!”

“Butー, you guys are the one who tried to escape, rightー? Dear knight who protects the peopleー?”

Girista then swung down another blow. Vibration was transmitted to the surroundings with a loud sound again. With the shock of the second blow, the people around them finally understood the danger of the situation and began to make noise.

“Everyone, get away from here! If you get involved, you’ll die instantly!”

The surrounding people ran away with Illias’ voice. A mass panic had occurred. 

Well, there’s no choice, we need to get people around here to keep a distance after all.

The people Illias pushed away also understand the current situation and were beginning to leave. However, those who were blown away by the impact of the first blow were late to escape. Although they were far from the big swords, they were scattered around. And so Illias couldn’t move yet. If she were to move, the one who couldn’t move immediately would be in the range of the big sword.

“Shisho, what should we do?!”

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 137

137. The heroine show

I looked at the sign that says, ‘The first drama club performance venue’. 

Finally, today is the day of the drama, and since I was asked to come and see it, so of course I will go……. Well, I would have come even if I wasn’t told. 

But, I gave such advices to Yachugusa-san, so I was really worried about how the play would turn out. After all, I said that the heroine of love and justice was just a pervert. No matter if it was just a possibility about the personality of ‘Kyarun’, I couldn’t help but to wonder how Yachigusa-san would perform.

…..I pray that you can perform as the heroine of justice properly.

When I arrived at the performance venue. It was the concert hall used for performances that the school often rented out to the to the public. It was large enough and well equipped, so it could be used for a lot of occasion. Such a hall was full of little girls now.

It was probably coming from kindergartens and nursery schools in various places around the area. The workers must be troubled when leading a lot of children to here. Since the play targeted towards children, I decided to watch it from behind so that I wouldn’t stand out.

…… I tried to enter it silently, but I got noticed immediately. The little girls who had been making noise and the workers who were struggling to calm them were looking at me together.

…… Could you stop staring at me? it’s very awkward you know.

I sat in the unobtrusive back seat and waited for the play to begin. However, the little girls approached me. And after glancing at me, they said:


“My dear father”


“… No, that’s wrong, I’m not even married yet.”

What a bunch of fearsome children… To regard a stranger high school boy as their father… 

The kids all sat around me after tilting their necks.

…… does the instinct of to not let go the prey (man) is engraved at the genetic level?

“Hey! What are you doing! Ah, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by these children.”

The person who was probably the worker whose looking over these children, came to help me to sort out the situation.

“Listen everyone, please don’t bother other people, okay? let’s go to where everyone is.”

“… Papa, let’s go.”

The little girls reluctantly stood up from their seats. But one of them grabbed my clothes and said so.

“Perhaps, are you Azusa-chan’s father?”

“Of course no!”


“He is my dear my father.”

“… Daddy”


“No! It’s wrong!”

The other two also participated in the war, and the worker was confused. 

…No, no matter how you think about it, I’m not their father! Look carefully please… See how old these kids!

“I-I know… of course right… it must be a mistake …”

“Well, as long as you understand.”


The girl holding my clothes was about to start crying.

“Azusa-chan, don’t bother other people. If you think that everything you do is fine just because you’re a kid, you’ll having a lot of trouble in your future life.”


“I’m sorry. I’ll take these children.”

Although she looks kind, what she said was quite a tough word. The worker bowed her head and tried to take the little girls, but the little girls were not moving. Perhaps she thought it couldn’t be helped, she held those children as if some luggage 


“Dear Fatherー!”

“Daddy… Help …”

The little girls were desperately asking for help. It was scary to be called as dad by a stranger, but for some reason I felt guilty.

“Hmm, excuse me……”

In the end, I ended up with them to see the play together. Moreover, I ended up sitting in the middle seat. 

…Why Though?! Why?

While I was in distress, Maizumi-san came out on the stage.

“Everyone! Hello!”


The children cheerfully respond to Maizumi-san’s greetings.

“What a good answer… Everyoneー! Thank you for coming to the play of the first drama club todayー!”

“You are welcomeー!”

Maizumi-san continued her words while waving her hands.

“Today, the one who always protects this city from the evil. Magical Kyarun, the Magical Girl of love and justice is comingー as the special guest! Let’s all welcome her cheerfullyー! When I say ‘Se-no’, please reply with ‘Kyaru〜n!’, please say it in a loud voice or else, she may not come out, okay? One two three, ‘Se-no’?! [TN : ‘Se-no’ is like, ‘Ready?’]


The children were very energetic. They were also good at playing along and their voices were very loud. 

So… will Kyarun come out? 

Suddenly, the venue became dark, and a sound effect could be heard. And the one who appeared…

“Haーhahah! I’m one of the executives at the evil secret organization ‘Harem’, Queen of Whip!”

A girl with heavy makeup dressed in bondage fashion appeared with the sound of explosion and the smoke screen.

“Waaa! A person from the evil organization has come instead of Kyarun! ‘Harem’ is full of bad guys who plan to conquer the world! Kyarun please come to help!”

In response to Maizumi-san’s words, the children were desperately calling ‘Kyarun’.

“Ahahaha! It’s no use, Kyarun is dealing with my servant! By the time Kyarun comes, I’ve taken you all and made you work for ‘Harem’! Ahahahaha!”

In the words of Queen, the children were about to cry. 

Well, well, what a ‘proper’ heroine show…

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 136

136. Yachigusa’s worries 2

don’t understand the character of the role… If you’re an actor, that kind of worries may happen anytime. But I don’t think I can understand the root of the trouble. I mean, I’m neither person who is ‘magical’ nor a ‘magical girl’, and more than that I’m not ‘Kyarun’. However, if a man chose to turn back and abandon a troubled girl here, it’s lame. Well, I heard that even just by talking your problem to some else can make you feel better, so…

“What is exactly… you don’t understand?”

“I don’t understand the meaning of her ‘existence’!”

Damn, so it’s something philosophical huh…

“I went to ask the person who wrote the script to ask… about Kyarun’s personality.”

Yachigusa-san talked to me. However, her expression was dark, perhaps because she remembered about it.

“She said, ‘Magical Kyarun is a magical girl of justice and love’ .”

I see but, it’s a classic magical girl, isn’t it?

“Kyarun is fighting the evil secret organization ‘Harem’, day and night for the people.”

…… Isn’t it better to change the name of the evil secret organization?

” ‘Harem’ is a villainous organization that captures men and made them into their own. It’s an organization full of bad people who try to control the world with high scientific power and abundant financial power and change it to what they want!”

I’ve been thinking since a long time ago, but why the hero’s enemy organization, even though they having great power, their strategy is always shit?

“Kyarun is a heroine of justice who keeps fighting against such people.”

“… So, she is a righteous heroine, is she?”

“Yes, but Kyarun… this girl!”

Yachigusa frowned to endure something.

…… What is it? Does Yachigusa hate the heroine of justice?

“… this girl doesn’t even ask for the phone number of the boy who she helped!”

Yachigusa-san said so with a loud voice.

“….. Hmm?”

“It’s weird, isn’t it?! If you helped a boy, you’d have a chance to get closer, right?! But! Despite this, she just goes home without even asking the boy’ real name. And she continues her normal ‘unpopular’ life!”

Yachigusa-san was banging on the floor as if she really could not understand.

“Ask the boy, please! Names! phone numbers! or email addresses!”

Isn’t Yachigusa-san so frank about this in front of a boy (me)? After a while, her fierceness had finally subsided, and she calmed down.

“Miu hate the girl who miss such a chance. TCH!….”

……Hmm, Yachigusa-san? You said it in front of a man you know? Is it okay?

“But in order to make it a good stage play, I have to understand this girl… but I started to think it’s absolutely impossible. Perhaps if her appearance looks like an alien, I might be able to play this role without problem…”

In other words, is Yachigusa-san’s worried that she must understand the existence that she cannot understand? 

In other words, if what I need to do is to make this idea of ​​the heroine of justice, Magical Kyarun, to be understandable from the ordinary girl’ perspective, right?

“Isn’t Yachigusa-san see Kyarun as if she were a saint?”

“What do you mean?”

“Kyarun is not a perfect human, but just an ordinary girl.”

It seemed that Yachigusa-san didn’t understand what I wanted to say yet. She made a confused face after all.

“You said Kyarun would leave without asking anything, right?”


“Usually, you would be interested about the person who helped you. You want to know more about them, this is the same even for men.”

Yachigusa-san nodded.

… Well, the real man would take it for granted that he was helped, but he wouldn’t say that out loud.

“But Kyarun didn’t say anything, not even her own name, she did this because she wants the person that she helped would remember her all the time. If she did, the question the boy had in their head would be answered. But if she didn’t, the boy would be curious. When the boy couldn’t handle his curiosity anymore, Kyarun will show her true aim. She intends to get the boys’ heart who is so curious about her. “

“N-no way… So, Kyarun uses such an advanced technique…?!”

“The other possibility is that Kyarun has an ‘attribute’ called, ‘NTR’ !”

“N… T… R…”

“I’m sure Kyarun must not hate the person who she helped. But, she choose to not say anything… that means, there’s a possibility that she’s taking into account of the boy being taken by another woman. That’s right! Kyarun is excited to see the person she helped flirt with another woman! “

Yachigusa-dan shocked at my words. And after a while, she showed me a blank face.

“Thank you, Hatano-san! So, Kyarun is just an ordinary girl huh.”

…… Though the girl I just described is unusual, no matter how you think about it!

“I feel like I can perform well…. No, I’ll show you that I can do it!… So, Hatano-san, please come and see me.”

Yachigusa-san did her usual pose with ‘Kyarun’ instead of ‘Kyaha’. And, she went somewhere.

It seems that she’s feeling better.

…..But is this really all right? I feel that I had degraded the heroine of justice as a vulgar mob character who is frank with her desires.

The play… Is it really a play for young children?

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 135

135. Yachigusa’s worries

I decided to eat lunch today at the cafeteria, so when I heard that Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san’s, who also planned to eat at the cafeteria, so I decided to eat it with them.

Perhaps both of them were getting used to the ‘military training’, recently, they did not sleep at lunch breaks. In addition to that, their appetite became strong too. In fact, a lot of foods were placed on the table. Chateaubriand steak, varieties of fried meats and vegetables, rice with soy sauce and egg. All of that just for Maizumi-san. She was really enjoying the meal.

As for Yachigusa-san… she ordered soba noodles, rice with the topping of tempura, and a chocolate parfait. However, I felt that she was not feeling well somewhere, her facial expression was darker than usual.

“Thank you for the meal.”

Yachigusa-san finished eating the parfait and stood up.

“Hatano-san, I’m sorry, but I have something to do, so I’ll go ahead.”

“Ah, e, yeah”

Yachigusa-san said so and went away with her food tray.

…… Hmm, did something happen to her?

When I was tilting my head, Maizumi started talking as if to answer the question.

“Kohaku-san seems to be interested in Ya-chi, right?” [TN: ‘-chi’ in here is, one of many ways that Japanese girl like to do when making nickname. As it sounds cuter.]

…… Ah, so you call her, ‘Ya-chi’ huh.

“You see, Ya-chi is now worried about acting.”

“I see. Well, acting is difficult after all, right?”

“Yes, and Ya-chi is the main character, so I think she’s feeling extra pressure. I mean, she only had that much for lunch…”

Maizumi-san stared at me with determined eyes.

“Kohaku-san, would you please give a listen to Ya-chi’s worries?”

“Hmm, but I don’t know about acting …”

“I know, that’s why, it’s okay to just listen to Ya-chi’s worries. I think if Kohaku-san were to do that, Ya-chi will feel better.”

“Ah, hmm, okay. I’m also curious about what is on Yachigusa-san’s mind, so I’ll try to do that…. I don’t know if that’s enough, though.”

“Really?! Thank you!”

Maizumi-san gave me a smile.

“Now, since I don’t have to worry about it, I feel like my appetite is coming back. Alright, I’ll order some more.”


When I was looking at Maizumi-san, she noticed my gaze, and making a surprised expression, but she suddenly composed herself.

“W-Well, well, now that I’m no longer worried, I feel like my appetite is back. Perhaps I should order some more….. OHOHOHO”

Maizumi-san rephrased her previous words. But that was not what I was wondering.

“But where do you think Yachigusa-san go?”

“Maybe she’s practicing on the rooftop.”


“If you have free time now, could you please check on her?”

“OK, I’ll go now.”

“Thank you”

I decided so, stood up, and headed to the rooftop.

But, will I be able to solve her worries? I hope it’s not something difficult. 

When I opened the rooftop door, many students were having lunch or just taking a break. The rooftop of Kenran High was well maintained and designed to make the students feel relax, but because it was far from the classroom, not a lot of student often would come to the rooftop.

… is Yachigusa-san really here?

When I searched for Yachigusa-san and walked around on the roof, I was able to find her without spending a lot of time. Yachigusa-san was sitting in the corner and focused on watching something. Even though I knew that I might just get in the way, I still approached and called out.


“Eh? Hatano-san? Why are you here?”

Yachigusa-san asked with a confused face.

“I was worried about Yachigusa-san. You were not as energetic as usual, and when I asked Maizumi-san, she said that you might be on the rooftop, so I came here.”

I ended my words with a smile.

“Really?! Does that mean you were worried about Miu?”

“Yeah, I was worried.”

“Eh, ah, hmm.. What should I say… Miu is very happy!”

Yachigusa-san smiled brightly. 

I’m glad that she seems to feel a little better. But, the root cause has not been solved, so…

“I heard that you are worried about something, If you want, I’ll listen to you.”

“B-But…  I feel bad…”

As expected, she’s refrained herself. But…!

I looked down a little sadly and behaved as if I was shocked by the words.

“Ah, I’m sorry. As expected, you won’t say anything to someone like me, right? I’m annoying, aren’t I?”

I threw words that were quite troublesome. And If I were to be rejected again, I decided to withdraw quietly.

“That’s not the case! Miu was really happy, but I don’t want to bother Hatano-san…”

“Yachigusa-san… No, Miu-chan. I want Miu-chan to be energetic as usual! Let me try to help you.”

The change of how you call someone is to improve familiarity. But my main aim is to increase my reliability by appealing that it wants to help. 

…So, how about now?

“Hatano-san …”

Yachigusa-san was sobbing a little. Perhaps she was touched by my words.

…… I wonder why, but somehow, I feel a little guilty.

“So, what is Miu-chan worried about?”

Yachigusa-san wiped her eyes and began talking.

“I, don’t understand about the role given to me… I can’t understand Magical Kyarun’s character.”

Yachigusa-san said with a cloudy smile and once again she made a gloomy face.

Hmm, well, I’m sorry but, I don’t understand either…

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 45

For the one who like seeing VTubers, perhaps you would enjoy this

45. She doesn’t know


“H,Hey… What are you so lost in your thoughts now.”

“Ah, well…”

My thoughts were running wild inside of my head. That must have led me to become quiet, which forced Natsukawa to ask me with a worried look. She put down Airi-chan, approached me, and gently shook my shoulder. Everything that was inside my head ended up jumbled, only to burst.

───The inside of my head went blank.

“H,Hey… say something.”

“Ah… hmm…”

I opened my mouth, but no proper explanation came out. I didn’t know what to say.

This isn’t me. Normally, I would come up with all sorts of idiotic thoughts. Why can’t that work at the time when I really need it…

“Don’t ignore meeー!”


As if to cut through the awkward atmosphere, Airi-chan leaped at me who was stuck. Since I was pushing myself up, she shoved me over, turning me around.

“Don’t bully Onee-chan…”

“I-I’m not bullying her! Definitely not bullying her!”

Airi-chan hammered her hands onto my chest, looking like she was about to cry. I was so anxious she might start crying for good, so I tried to make an excuse in a hurry. Since I didn’t have any experience about what to do in that situation, I was frustrated.

Looking over at Natsukawa, she had a similar confused expression as she stared at Airi-chan. It might have been subconsciously, but she also glanced over at me, her eyes watery──Oi oi oi oi, please no!!

“I-I’ll come to you next time! If you’re okay with it, that is! I mean, can I really?! Is that going to be okay?! Is this your final answer?!”

My head was still a mess, but I screamed as loud as I could.

To be honest, I think that I should not get near her yet when we’re inside the class… but well, I said it already, no turning back now I guess.

I’m driven crazy to this point because Natsukawa is different from ‘usual’.  In the first place, she was acting off ever since we left the school. That’s why, I need to bring her ‘usual’ back.

“I might become clingy again, you know? I might say something weird again that would annoy you. Even so, if you’re okay with this, I don’t mind come to you like before.”

Of course not. She should hate it if I go to her ‘acting like that’. Even if she thought of me as her friend even just a little, receiving so much attention from a member of the opposite sex she doesn’t even like must feel unpleasant. And yet, I always bothered her like that. Blinded by love, I couldn’t even realize that.

Perhaps, just like I had a habit to always cling at her, Natsukawa developed a habit to push me away.

That’s why, remember all of it now, Natsukawa. This me, who you rejected over and over and over, a stalker, a clown who—

“──…….That’s a promise, okay?”



……What just happened? Don’t tell me, am I still dreaming?

I felt my sleeve being pulled. I didn’t know why Natsukawa do that, but one thing for sure was that she was not pushing me away.

So, this kind of bittersweet event can happen to me too? And not because somebody set me up?

If so, this is not a bittersweet anymore, it’s way too sweet. Just tasting this once, I might never forget the taste──It’s like drugs. This is what they call, ‘A moment of fascination’, where you start going crazy over heel towards the other person. I know that might be a happy time, but depending on it, it’s more like the start of the torture than anything.


I pulled on my arm and freed myself from the binding that was too sweet. At the same time, intense sadness filled my chest, but I tried to bear with it.

Calm down, Sajou Wataru. This isn’t ‘that’ kind of situation. Don’t trust it, it’s just your delusion. Remember everything you’ve done so far! See it from the broad perspective! Restraint yourself!

“…..Leave it to me.”

“W-What are you saying…”

“What are you sayingー!”

Hearing my majestic answer, Natsukawa showed a faint smile. I said it with a straight face, but I guess she could feel my majestic aura. Perhaps seeing that smile, Airi-chan also feel relieved, as she mimicked Natsukawa.

Hey now, stop hitting someone else’s stomach. Ah, hey──!



A bit of air that was stuck in my chest came out at once. In the same breath, I picked up Airi-chan, and did the carry Natsukawa showed me before. Perhaps she found it to be fun, she started laughing hard…..Ahh… so cute.

“Hey, be careful with her!”

“It’s fine, I won’t put her in any danger.”


Horsey. Protects. Master.

That being said, I don’t want her to grow up the wrong way. That’s why this ‘dynamic carry’ is also a form of light punishment…..or so I thought. Well, if I punish her in a hard way, it will only lead me being hated. But more than anything, it will make Natsukawa sad, so what I could do now is to act as a good Onii-san for her.

“Hey, if you hit other people, you’ll make your Onee-chan angryー”

“I don’t want that!”

“I don’t want it either. That’s why you can’t hit others, okay?”

“Okay, I understand, Sajoー”




…..well, as long as you understand it. Wait, now that I think about it, I’ve rarely can be in a higher position than someone else. And so fi this unreliable me, could be a person who teach someone else, then I’m happy. Please, grow up healthy and like Natsukawa, an intelligent and beauty per── it hurts, hurts. don’t pull on someone else’s hair too…!

“Heyyy, don’t pull someone else’s hair!”


I corrected her position, which helped me free myself from her grasp on my hair. She must have understood that what she did was wrong, as she didn’t try to do something so violent like that anymore. Since Natsukawa gave a worried expression, I quietly returned Airi-chan to her.

“Huft…..she sure is energetic.”

“Right… She’s not this playful with the other children at the kindergarten though. Maybe you’re just so easy to bully.”

“If that’s true, it sounds like my true nature being leaked, so can you not say it anymore, please?”

Easy to bully… Is it even fine for such a sad existence like that to be a part of this planet?…. No! Of course not! The other person is just a child! I’m sure that there must be something about me that she prefers over that certain handsome guy! Like how funny I am! Maybe I should ask her.

“Airi-chan, who’s more of a hottie? Takaaki or me?”

“What are you asking…”


“What a wonderful education you are receiving.”

“I would never teach that word to her this early!”

You don’t learn about this word from someone else… Once you set foot into the outside world, a battlefield awaits you. With so much miscellaneous knowledge filling this world, it’s impossible to filter out which isn’t important for you. Yet, young lady Airi will not remember the new word unless she hears it at least 3 times in a day. What an incredible talent! While now my dear elder sister is being surrounded by handsome guys only to waste it, that was because when she was a child, she kept shouting ‘hottie’ ‘hottie’ without knowing the real meaning! She was so noisy you know! Anyway, it’s good for young lady Airi to know the meaning of that words from child!

“Who’s cooler? Takaaki or me?”

“Is being discouraged even a concept for you?”


“Let’s study some more, okay?”

“I’ll smack you.”

Sorry, it just happened.

The atmosphere was so awkward before, but I feel like it’s improved drastically. Don’t think Natsukawa would gain anything from hearing what I feel deep inside of my heart. As expected, maybe our distance is a bit too close as of right now. Come on, look at me with a sharp gaze like usual, I’ll just melt like a slug. In fact, I feel like my brain is melting away.

I realized that the outside was starting to turn red. When I checked the time, I judged that this was a great time to leave. Ah, I forgot that we’re in a season where the sun is still high.


“Huft… She’s still naive.”

“What are you talking about…”

Natsukawa showed me a dubious expression, as she had Airi-chan in her arms. She was fallen asleep as, I squeeze out all of her energy. At the mid-way, when she looked tired already, I provoked her and so she apparently mustered up the rest of her energy. However, a young girl has no chance of winning against a high school boy’s energy! Fuhahaha!

“It felt like you were the same age as her…”

“That just means our compatibility is good. Becoming a real ‘Onii-san’ like Sasaki is impossible for me.”

“Aren’t you pretty exhausted despite saying that…”

We somehow ended up doing practice in bumping into each other on the mid-way. According to Natsukawa, Airi-chan rarely got the chance to go all out like that with someone. Their father apparently was the type to immediately give in.

….Wait, why is she even trying to win against me in terms of strength…?

I personally was acting pretty considerate despite that. Even there was a joint mat on the floor, but doing those things were still dangerous. It was pretty exhausting to accept her in a way that wouldn’t leave her injured.

All you dads in this world…! Try even harder! Do your best!

“….. I think this is a good time for us to call it a day.”

“Ah… R-Right.”

“What, are you ‘reluctant to part’ with me….?”

“I-I didn’t even say anything…!”

Yeah, I knew. SAD

Just like Ashida said, I feel like Natsukawa was seeking out some kind of connection. If not, she wouldn’t have invited me here.

What should I do about this… Seriously, why did this kind of situation even happen…Even though I should have known myself that I can’t see Natsukawa as anything but my romantic interest…..

Just thinking about everything that happened today, I couldn’t help but feel complicated about it. Perhaps that came out on my face, Natsukawa showed me a troubled expression. But I let it past with just awkwardly scratching the back of my head.

Sure, Natsukawa is cute, and Airi-chan is also cute, but I feel that not even my exhausted mind could handle this situation much longer.



“Sajoー…… One more time.”

“Okay, got it!”

Seems like Airi-chan liked my special technique── ‘dynamic carry’. Be it with our ‘head-to-head training’ (temporally name), this girl seemingly really likes the thrill. I’m sure, she’ll definitely enjoy a rollercoaster… Can’t wait for her to grow up.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 134

For the one who likes to watch VTubers, maybe you would be interested to read this

134. Drama Club’s activites

「”The drama club is amazing these days.”」

Such a rumor could be heard recently. The faces of Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san were full of tiredness as if to prove the rumor. 

Even early in the morning, they put their head on their own desk and didn’t move. Even so, when the class starts, they I got up and listen to it properly. They were really such a hard-working people. Well, when I saw them, they were like a zombie, but… Seeing them, people around me, including myself, had no chance to speak to them.

I approached Yachigusa-san and took a look at her.

…..Yeah, she’s sleeping pleasantly and she’s even drooling……. But what is it, somehow Yachigusa-san’s cheeks seem to be very soft… alright, let’s poke at it.

I gently approached my index finger and touched it.

The soft and fluffy feels came back from my index finger.

“Hmm… mmmm …”

Every time I poke Yachigusa-san’s cheeks, she reacted slightly, but there was no sign of waking up. I felt like I was doing some sexually harassment to her, but I chose to not worry about it. The girls around me… somehow their face turned red while staring at me, but I chose to not mind it. Then I tried to not just poking but grabbing it.

….. What is it? what is this addictive softness.

“Sytow… op… mo…”

It had firm elasticity in its softness, and its smooth texture sucked my fingers as if it didn’t want to let my fingers go……. Yachigusa-san, thank you!

“Stop it… Myom …”

Oho, Yachigusa-san is saying in sleep that she wants me to stop. But too bad, I’m not your mom so I’ll continue. 

I grabbed her cheeks and stretch them a little. 

…It can be stretched! As expected, the quality of the skin of a high school girl is good… Did I wake her up?

Perhaps she woke up when I got impressed by Yachigusa-san’s cheeks, now our eyes met.

“Hey! What are you doingー! What are you trying to doー!”

And, she got angry. 

Well, it’s my bad, but it can’t be helped, right….?

“I’m sorry, but Yachigusa-san’s cheeks are so beautiful that I couldn’t help but touch them, also it feels soft and elastic.”

I looked down, and apologized……. I did apologize, but I didn’t understand what I was saying at all.

“I-Is that soー? Is it really beautifulー? Then, it can’t it be helped, I guess? It’s beautiful after all, right?”

Yachigusa-san was happy to hear my respond, especially the word “beautiful”, she repeated it a few times. 

Even though women in this world looks good, but they rarely get praised, so they’re quite ‘easy’…..  well, they lack experience after all.


“… W-what’s wrong?”

“You could touch Miu’s cheeks if you want, B-but this time, please do it gently.”

Yachigusa-san said so while glancing up to me a little.

…do you calculate all the angles when doing this act? In my previous life, she is comparable to a girl who seems to be able to make a lot of men, fall in love just by acting cute! Approaching a man with her cute gesture and just by saying a simple word, the man would follow her anywhere…. she would be a perfect person as a club crusher.

“You’re tired recently, but what’s wrong?”

I reached out to Yachigusa-san’s cheek and gently touching it while listening to what her condition.

“Ah, umm… Well, you know that I’ll doing a play only with the other first year students, right?”


“So, the seniors in our club are giving guidance for that …”


“It’s unusually hard.”

“As I guess, practice for acting is not easy huh?”

“Ah, no, no, what I’m doing right now is building physical strength, not acting.”

“Physical strength?”

“Yes, I’m forced to do it because I need physical strength to stay fit when I stand in the stage.”

Yachigusa-san  to the desk as it is.

“It’s too strict no matter how you think about it, you know.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I’m sure our seniors use us to relieve their stress on a daily basis. Fufufufu…”

“I’ll let you all taste my grudge someday… “, Yachigusa murmured with a gloomy face.

“I, I see. The class will start soon, so I need to go.”

“Ah, yes, please come again!”

I stroked Yachigusa-san’s cheeks for the last time and returned to my seat.

However, Yachigusa-san, Maizumi-san, are those who have good motor nerves and physical strength. I’m really curious what kind of club activity that can makes these two people so tired…. Alright, let’s quietly take a peek at the activities of the drama club later.

Finally, the school ends, I shall go to take a look at the practice of the drama club. 

I was getting information that the drama club member would use the first ground today.

When I was heading there, I heard a loud voice.

“Run! Run! All you can do now is just run and gain strength!”

I saw a girl with a megaphone was shouting to the girls running on the ground. Since Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san were among the people who were running, that was probably the drama club.

“I ask you to run, not because I hate all of you! I asked you all of this because I want to make you worthless maggots to be good actress! Hoi! You There! How dare you letting out a pig-like voice like that while running?! What a disgrace! Run with the feeling that you are always being watched by a lot of people! Everyone has added 10 laps! “

…… I quickly left the place. Apparently, preparing for a play was a lot harder than I thought.

VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 5

So this is the end, to the one I’ve Tl-ed, you could check the continuation on the other group who seriously pick thi series. here

5. Solo stream

“Awlright, time for stweaaam!”


: Here she come━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!

: So, this is No.1 stream in the world!

: Stweaamm? Right from the start? lol

: Eh? Who are you?

: It’s the opening and she’s drunk already, kusa

: Is this the live stream of the strong snowstorm I heard in rumors?

: Perhaps she’s a professional wrestler?

: I can’t feel she learn from her mistake at all ww

The comment section flowed at a speed I’ve never seen before.

Aaah, Tis is good! This pleasant feeling is the same as when I drink the third can of STZERO. [TN: well, she drank 2 the day before…]

“No, I really learned from my mistake. I’m serious. I’ll end my stream properly from now on! I’m sorry to everyone!”


: Hmm? Did the person behind change? Even though it’s an avatar I know, a different person is speaking!

: I guess, she got possessed?

: Confirm possessed, by STZERO

: At that that time when she suddenly called herself a sommelier even though, she’s just an alcoholic! The moment when she opened the can of STZERO and start spouting some remarks about underground empire made me burst into laughter

: Haven’t you reflected regarding the alcohol?

“Of course I was going to stop drinking. But the management doesn’t seem to be angry anymore, so whatever!”


: The management is sick in the head

: As usual, lol. Well, I guess since the management is chaos, even their VTuber are also chaos

: In conclusion, Live-On was Live-On

: Well, aren’t she drunk already?

“Haah? Of course. I finished one can already, ya know? If I’m sober, I don’t dare to come out in front of such a large number of people, after all, I have a shitty smallfry mental, ya know. Time for a long can.”



: Push! It’s not wwwwww

: Shitty smallfry mental (Seiso)

: She’s strong (Conviced)

: Oi, she’s really started drinking! ww

Right when my head started to stopped working, I gave a final blow with a water from the long can.

Aaaah, perfect!

GULP, GULP, GULP!  Mmmmmahhh, so gooooood!!!”


: Hmm? Are you perhaps drinking something that you shouldn’t do (drugs)?

: Well, I’m sure of it

: The sound when she was drinking made me want one too, but I’m back to reality when she starts speaking with a strange voice after that.

: The first time she drank when she’s streaming was because she forgot to end the stream, can you believe it?

: Return my ‘Seiso’ Awayuki-chan!

“Haah? I’m Seiso though? See this gentle and graceful expression carefully!”

I zoomed the face of my avatar, Awayuki. It was what they called, ‘Gachi-koi’ distance. [TN: which mean, it’s a distance where without a doubt will make your heart beats and fall in love.]

Up until now, it was mostly wonderful comments like ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’,



: A STZERO addict who thinks that she herself is ‘Seiso’

: You just reek of alcohol

: Didn’t her stream always pleasant talks in the tone of a young lady until just before this stream? Well, well…

The comment section, which was mostly people’s agonizing cries, was too interesting for me now.

Ah, I’ve always enjoying streaming, but maybe today the most fun stream I ever did.

Aaah, thank you STZERO … You’re not only heal me but also give me happiness…

I think, I fell in love.

“I’m going to marry STZERO”


: Kusa www

: Huh?

: What?

: Is there really a VTuber who declared marriage during stream?

: A woman who can only make legends

: Do you have any explanation about ‘Dochashiko’ that you said to Hikari-chan?

“Haah?  my favorite is someone who is pure and ignorant, ya know? If you don’t ‘Mas***bate’ to it, you’re being rude, ya know.”


: Oi, someone closes her mouth quickly! Every time she opens her mouth, a bomb comes out!

: I’ll FA* to it (For sure)

: Ahh, my stomach hurts www

“Rather, if you are a man, you should do it on the spot when you are attracted to a woman. Ya know, women like a straight and honest man.”


: Good point

: No way www

: Then, when I meet Awayuki-san, I will FA* right away without hesitation!

“No, don’t do that. I’ll report you, ya knwow.”


: What’s wrong with this girl

: It seems there’s no filter in her head, she just talks whatever came to her brain

After that, I continued chatting with such tension for a while.

My stream felt completely different from before. 

I was gradually fascinated by the indescribable sense of liberation, and my heartfelt laughter, which was not just a fake laugh, increased.

Aaaah, working at that black company for too long and my NEET life made me forgot that talking to someone else was such a fun thing …

I was also pleased with the comment section where the tension gradually increased over time….

The direction of the wind suddenly changed.


: Wait a sec, the second generations are coming lol