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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 39

39.One is more than enough

───Tuesday. Hmm, what? it’s still only Tuesday?

Looking at the date on the calendar hanging in the hallway, I was left dejected. With everything that happened yesterday, completely leaving me exhausted, I’d didn’t think that it was just the second day of the week. Thinking to myself ‘Ah, I’m tired’, I confirmed my current appearance in the toilet mirror. Although I cut the tips of my hair, because I kept the brown hair that I dyed a month and a half ago completely alone, the roots were already turning black. And since the brown part of my hair was a light brown, it completely looked like a pudding. [TN: It’s called like that, in Japan because the dark roots look like caramel and so makes the brown or golden part of the hair look a pudding]

“This is what you called two-tone hair.”

The positive self inside me had me say that… Well, it looks fairly fashionable… I tried to suggest myself so. Before, I hated my natural hair color, but now I just don’t care anymore.

…Not yet, I need more energy….. Remember Natsukawa from yesterday… Her angry face, her embarrassed face, her pouting face…. fuhehe, Alright, I’m pumped up now!

I felt like it had been quite some time since I experienced such a relaxing morning. I took a detour to the convenience store, bought some lunch for a lunch break, and passed through the school gate. For once, nobody bothered with me or called me over, so I could space out the entire morning… That’s right, what I was lacking is time for myself. Seriously, everybody’s just so clingy~

The hallway was refreshing. Thanks to the cool breeze coming from the hallways, all the sweat vanished from my body… Welcome, cold air. Goodbye, armpit sweat.

“Aah, Good afternoon, comfortable atmosphere.”

“…..It’s morning though?”

“Don’t sweat the small stuf ── Ah, good morning, Natsukawa-san.”

“H,hey, why are you suddenly so humble like that?”

I’m just trying to act normal after everything that happened yesterday, my dear Goddess? Think about it, I’m sure this isn’t that different from how we usually talk, but still, I can’t just causally say hi to you, right? This is a bit awkward, Patrasche…. [TN: Patrasche, I’m sure it’s a reference from Dog of Flanders anime, the famous word from that anime is, ‘Patrasche, aren’t you tired? I’m tired already, somehow, I’m so sleepy’, which the MC said to the dog before he got summoned to heaven (Died)]

….. No, Not good, Just being this awkward, I almost get called to heaven. Aaah. You’re as beautiful as always.

“Aaー….Morning, Natsukawa. And, Ashida.”

“Morningー, Today is hot as usual huhー. Fan me some fresh air, Sajo-chi. Fan me.”

“It really is hot. Araー Did I put enough sunscreen?” (High-pitched Voice)

“You, the way you talk sounds gross, stop it.”

I mean, how else am I going to join in on your girls’ talk? If I didn’t do that, I don’t have any confidence to be around you. Eh? It’s fine to be like usual? Come on, tell me from the start.

It’s not exactly rare to see Ashida be around Natsukawa’s desk, but it’s rare to see the reverse like this. I guess not even Natsukawa could win against that pressure from Ashida last night. Well, I totally get that. She was so scary last night. And, Natsukawa was as cute as usual.

“Ahh, that reminds me. When are you going to do it?”

“Eh!? W-what… do you mean?”

“You wanted me to visit your mythical little sister, Airi-chan, right…”

“W-Who’s a mythical….. Airi isn’t──”

“Well, she is to me.”


To me, she’s an existence like, ‘You-know-who’. I mean, even though just now you answer me somehow, the last time I mentioned her name, you ignored me for a whole week, didn’t you? It left me traumatized, you know. So, to me, Airi-chan is an existence to be feared. Well, looking at her picture, she’s definitely an angel though, so it’s not that I want to ignore her existence. And, since it never really came up in a conversation, Natsukawa feels that more like a single child. At the same time, Airi-chan doesn’t know about the concept of ‘your own elder sister is a Goddess’. But well, it’s better to left not tell her about it.

“J, just wait! After, after I finish the preparation, I will let you know…..!”

“Preparing your home security? Alright.”

“Don’t you feel sad saying that….?”

I mean, installing the equipment, making the contract with the internet provider, even the schedule of that ‘Wrestling Queen’ need to be checked too, there are many things that she needs to prepare, right?

“Also, Ai-chi, do you plan on bringing Sajo-chi with you alone? Isn’t that pretty bad?”

“Eh, aah?!”

Eh, pretty bad? In what way…? The part where she should be afraid of me assaulting her when it’s just the two of us? But, if she’s that worried about it, then she wouldn’t let me meet Airi-chan in the first place, right? I mean, I want to meet her, but…

“K, Kei! When’s the next time you have no club activities…..?!”

“We’re right before a big tournament… So not for a while.”


‘Tahaha’… Ashida let out a complicated laugh, and scratched the back of her head, only leaving Natsukawa lost for words with her eyes and mouth wide open.

Ehh…is it that big of a shock? So cu──te. Well, Ashida is really good as a middleman. So, in a situation like this Ashida’s presence is really helpful. After all, it’s ‘Aika Natsukawa and Wataru Sajou’ we’re talking about.

“Then, how many months would I have to wait…?”

“Before these months pass, isn’t there the second group you have to worry about?”

“Eh? What’s this second group about?”

“That just shows how popular Ai-chi and Ai-chan are.”

“Eh…? Is it that big of a deal?”

If Shirai-san, Sasaki, and some other people were the first group, that means more people want to meet Airi-chan? I guess Yamazaki is not in that second group, He’s been getting carried away since talking with Koga and Murata, he would be a bad influence. That means the second group mainly consists of girls as well, right? If so, I don’t mind waiting to be honest, just thinking of these girls having a happy time is more than enough for me. Well, if possible, could you send me some pictures after that? Okay?

“T, That… not do.”


“That won’t do! Because, if that happens… Airi will only… Sasaki-kun──”

“Eh, Sasaki?”

“Ah, No, Nothing at all!”

“Should I just kill him?”

“She said it’s nothing, so don’t start anything, Sajo-chi.”

Sasakiii…! I don’t really get it, but I’ll definitely make you pay for this! Just hearing your name come out of Natsukawa’s mouth makes my blood boil!

“Well, just let me know once you finish the preparation. I’ll definitely make the time, at any cost…”

“Eh? Y, You don’t have to go that far…”

“No, I’m definitely going.”

“What are you? a spoiled brat?”

I mean, well, you know, hmm… Peace is the most important for me. But, I can’t miss out on any good memories that I could make, right? Thinking about it, I am happy being legally allowed to be together with Natsukawa… wait, does that mean it was illegal all these times before?

“…W, what is it…Why are you this assertive all of a sudden…”

“Eh? It’s because you said that you’re fine with me.”

“Wha… what are you saying!”

“I mean, this sense of distance is──Oh? Are you going to hit me? Are you? Something within me will awaken, you know? Really, it’s going to awaken, you know?”

“Disgusting! Idiot!”

“Thank you very much! (Awakening)”

Ahh, what a blissful time this is… All the exhaustion from yesterday is gone now. Just having Natsukawa talk to me normally… is there even anything better than this? It’s like I’m having a dream. I didn’t think this would ever happen again. For real, I thought so.

“Ah, Sajo-chi, Ai-chi ran away.”


“You’re not even listening.”


Time felt like it was moving slower than usual. Every single second reaching up to lunch break felt like an eternity. That’s probably because Natsukawa declared that she would bring me to her house like that (a sudden progress). The moment that I don’t know when will actually happen, makes me feel that the time move even slower. It makes me feel like I want to do a legendary backdrop suplex that my sister did to me, to Einstein, the one who proposed the theory of relativity. [TN: Perhaps because the MC is too impatient, he feels like he wants to beat the guy who basically said ‘Time is relative’]

Talking about sister, my Sis didn’t tell me to head to the student council office today. Since I want to distance myself from her for a while, I very much welcome that. Especially having Yuuki-senpai around will make the atmosphere between us a bit more awkward.

That being the case, after lunch break arrived, I immediately headed over to the cafeteria, and sat down next to the window, which was usually packed. I even grew worried, looking around me to see if it was okay for me to sit down there. Since nobody objected, I relaxed.

…Well, sure is hot outside… I don’t wanna ever see you again, you know. Eh? Who? It’s you, my apocrine sweat glands.

My mood was fairly good, so I bought two nutrient bars at the convenience store, despite usually being satisfied with only one. Let me say it again, I got two bars. Adding to that, I had my sweet bread, so I probably would have too much energy and won’t be able to stop myself soon.

Anyway, how was I ever satisfied with only one bar…That definitely is not enough.

“That back… Is that you, Sajou?”


I should have figured that I would only suffer damage from leaving my home (classroom) like that. This world is full of annoyances after all. Still, nobody in my class who would call out to me like this.

Turning around, I saw three girls sitting at a table for four. Let me say it again, they were girls. Two of them were the two Senpais I just got to know recently. Anyway, I was surprised they managed to find me.

“Ah, hello…”

I looked behind, put one hand on the back of my head, and while rubbing the back of my head, I gave an awkward greeting.

A greeting coming from a male junior is usually like this right? Anyway, why am I even giving them this much attention, I didn’t do anything strange. Thinking about the Discipline Committee, normally other students will get scared like me now, right?


“Wait, wait a minute, why are you start eating your food again.”

“Eeh…I can’t?”

“Normally, you supposed to request earnestly like, ‘Can I sit with you?’, right?”

“No way, see the member of your group. Don’t you realize that your group only gives a ‘troublesome’ aura?”

There were Shinomiya Rin-senpai, Inatomi Yuyu-senpai, and another girl equally wearing an armband that said ‘Discipline’.

…Do you have to wear that during lunch too? Or does that armband have paralysis and poison resistance? If so, I want one too.

“Hello, Sajou-kun!”

“Ah, yes, hell───eh?”

One of the girls, with a small body and red ribbon on her head, looking like a small animal, energetically waved her hands at me.

Hey now, children aren’t allowed to enter high──Aaah… hmm? Shinomiya-senpai? aren’t your grip power too strong? I’m sorry!

No matter how often I rubbed my eyes and blinked in confusion, she was still the same Inatomi-senpai I had known before. Rather than being courageous and forcing herself, the expression she directed at me was genuine happiness.

Eh, are you that happy to see me?

“Hey, Senpai? Who is that angel?”

“Correct yourself, she is an archangel.”

“Um… why do you look so serious about that now?”

It seems like Inatomi-senpai went through quite a change in the past few days I didn’t see her. Her sparkly comfy atmosphere changed to an extremely sparkling atmosphere. Rather than wanting to rub her head, I have the urge for her to pat me on the head instead. Then again, I still want to pat her.

“Sajou-kun! Let’s eat together!”

“Eh, Eh?”

“Sajou, Yuyu is saying so. You understand what it means, right?”

“Ah, yes.”

What kind of coordination is this…? isn’t the combination of the attacker and the supporter is too extraordinary? After all, even before I can even act, I had been restrai───Ah, wait a second…am I being invited into a group of girls right now? If I think that way… somehow, I’m really pumped up now. Is that nutrient bar have such an effect like this? If so, I’m really satisfied with it.

Author’s note : And the second one feel like a doping [TN: He’s talking about the energy bar that Sajou ate, he ate two, so he adrenaline is pumped up maybe?]


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