Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 117

117. Before the party started

There was a moment where I was afraid, but it was really just for a moment.

Now, I was drinking tea peacefully with Seikagu Family because there was still a little time before the party starts. 

The venue was already open, so perhaps the invited guests were having a gorgeous meal and chatting with acquaintances there. The reason why the acquaintance of someone rich also became rich was because they got acquainted with people at such a place.

It could be said that I, who is invited to such a party held by the upper class, would also be joining the ranks in the future, right? After all, I’m attending as a partner of the next head of Seikagu Family… even though I was attending as the partner of the next head of Toukain Family in the last party…. so, of course I will be the focus of attention even from the upper class, right?

For the past me from my past life, without a doubt this kind of situation is something that I would be nervous.

For the past me from this world, this kind of situation, the attention I get is still not good enough.

And so, in the current situation, these two feelings are mixed, and it barely balancing each other.

I mean, even if I actually come to a party of this size, I’m not nervous and I’m having a good time talking with the organizer.

“What’s wrong with you, brother?”

When I was lost in my own thoughts for a while, Yuzuka-san’s younger brother was worried. 

…Why is this boy so attached to me?…… Is it because the meat bun I gave was delicious? 

“Nothing. Rather than that, you’re gonna to stand in front of everyone at the party, aren’t you nervous?”

When I asked that, Ui-kun intensified the smile he was facing me, and when he shook, he began to tremble.

…… Aah, yeah. He’s nervous.

“It… it’s okay… I’m also the person with the name of Seikagu, I can at least do something simple like saying hello to everyone…”

Ui-kun answered with a gloom aura coming out from his whole body. The other members of Seikagu Family who heard the words nodded as if they were satisfied with the decision.

“But I’m a little worried because the girl I met at the marriage interview will be in today’s party …”

I see, so the girl who got rejected because it was physiologically impossible will attend this party. To be honest, I wonder how dare she came to this party… But, as expected, the woman in here, their mentality is strong. But still, won’t it be awkward?

“Well, of course she still got invited.”

Yuzuki-san said so with a soft smile. From that word, I feel like it was a big deal…

“Maybe Ui thinks that the marriage proposal was broken during this time, but the other party is still quite enthusiastic about it. Why don’t you try to get along with this opportunity?”

This time, Kuji-san talked to Ui-kun. However, Ui-kun was surprised at the fact and frozen on the spot. Still, I asked him to know more about it.

“Wh…, why?”

“I praised her good point, like about how healthy and strong girl she was, and about how brave she was that she could clearly show her intentions.”

“B, But as expected it’s impossible …”

“Also, I didn’t understand why, but she when I said it, she said it was a reward for her.”

…… It seems the other party was a trained pervert. 

I turned my gaze toward Ui-kun, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to help him. 

After all, a ‘M’ girl is the strongest warrior who is happy even if she is dissed, beaten, or left unattended. 

Alright, let me advise him to start by getting to know each other first.

“Because the other party is also coming, why don’t you get along at this time?”

Oooh! Ui-kun’s face turned pale. Or rather, what kind of person she is that he would reject her that much? 

When I was wondering the reason in my mind, Yuzuka-san gave a hint.

“That’s right. Isn’t Her Royal Highness Sai a good person? Why do you hate her so much? “


…………Hmm? Her Highness? What?! Is this boy’s partner a royal family? Really?! Wait a minute, didn’t that mean that this boy told the daughter of royal family that it was physiologically impossible? Isn’t his nerve too thick? Well, it’s true that in this era, the term royal family has only a symbolic meaning, but still, it doesn’t change the fact that the girl is a member of royal family, right? In many ways, this child is amazing!

Even the past me from this world wouldn’t be able to say that, if the other party a member of royal family… No, wait more than that, the past me would say “Aren’t you too arrogant?!”….. Seriously, this boy is just…

“But if you really try to get along, you might get along well with her. Why don’t you just try to talk more with her?”

I gave advice to Ui-kun, who still had a pale face. I tried to force the idea in his mind that he had no other choice than try to talk. 

I mean, sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do in life.

“Then, Kohaku-kun. It’s almost time to start, so let’s go to the venue for the opening.”

“Oh, Ah. Yeah.”

“Yuzuka, you must escort Kohaku-san properly.”

“Yeah. I know.”

“Kohaku-san, please take care of Yuzuka.”


In reply to Yuzuki-san’s words, I went to Ui-kun and,

“Ui-kun. I know that you’re not good with women but give it a try first… try to talk to her more. There are wonderful women like Yuzuki-san and Yuzuka-san out there, so it’s a waste to lose the opportunity to meet such people. If you really can’t do it, come to me. I’ll ease your feeling.”

Ui-kun’s complexion improved, perhaps because he heard my words and became a little less nervous.

“Yes, I will try my best”

I left the room with Yuzuka-san. When I saw her face, it was dyed bright red, so I asked her what happened.

“T-This is because Kohaku-kun praises me for being a wonderful girl! What would you do if my face not going back to normal before we reached to the venue?”

I got a cute scolding. 

Anyway, the party would start soon.

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  1. At first I thought it was just this world’s typical thing where spoiled men look down on women, but the kid might be in the right here to want to avoid the pervert M.

  2. A Super M princess? Ui-kun has a tough opponent, I can only see 2 futures: one, Ui-kun gives up. And two, Ui-kun throws the pervert to Kohaku.

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