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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 27

27. Trump card

My aim is only one, to hit him and put a character stamp…!

Maybe his Mana is higher than mine? No, it’s too late to consider that now.

There is only one winner.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll just give up and die.

But of course, he’s wary of my approach. He may know the requirement of the sealing technique to some extent.

Whenever I approached, the {Corpse Emperor} tried to push me back with a large-scale attack. When I moved 10 steps closer… he made another 10 steps back.

It wasn’t all bad. I consumed far less Mana than him.

I just tried to get closer, but he returned with an apparently over-attack.

“I’ll never let you get closer! Absolutely, never…!”

Frightened eyes.

Apparently, he was really scared of the sealing technique. Maybe he had a trauma.

“Are you okay? I mean, you keep using a lot of Mana.”

I covered my legs with Red Mana and launched an attack with <Lutta>, but he pushed me back with lot amounts of bones.

When I was being pushed back by the waves of bones, the {Corpse Emperor} created new white-bone dragons and red-blood dragons.

“Hah! Keep struggling Sealer!!!”

“Thank you for the large-scale attack!”

A mixture of white and red dragons approached me.

Defense was out of the question.

So, I put strength into my legs to avoid it.


But, skeleton arms crawled out of the ground and grabbed my feet.


I had no other choice than to receive the attack of a red and white dragon head-on.

Even if I kept my feet on the ground, it was meaningless, so I thought it was better if I released the strength on my feet and received the impact.

――Keep your consciousness together, Seal…!

It’s over if you faint.

I know it’s a lot of damage. Be prepared for pain, Seal! You have to endure…!

The most painful attack in my life until now hit me.

Bone debris bit into the skin, and a torrent of blood reduced Mana.

Two dragons dragged me around.


A shock ran down my back.

Apparently, my back hit the watch tower. At the same time, the bone and blood dragons scattered away.

“nngh―― urgh?!”

I spitted out the blood that had accumulated in my mouth.


I’ve been feeling it for a while now, but… This {Corpse Emperor}… obviously not at the level I can deal with normally right now.

He’s special.

Mana, experience, those abundance skills … everything is exceptional.

“I’ll not let you rest! Sealer! Next is ‘level 2’. Not only the body, but also the skill when the corpse still alive would be reproduced!!!”

Living corpses were created again.

8 bodies in total.

It’s not as many as before… but I still need to keep alert.

The living corpses used the Mana of Creation to create a lump of water at one point.

―― “ ‘Seaside Rulers’ “.

Probably the former members. 

Frederica said that her guild members mainly used water magic.

The lump of water swelled and reached the amount of water that was comparable to a river.

…If it hit me directly, I will definitely die…!

“Moo――vee !!!!”

I can’t… Am I running out of blood to move my body?

Oh, this is bad. I can’t put any strength in my body.

“If so, never mind then.”

――Alright, I don’t need to rely on blood anymore.

The Mana of Domination was circulating in the body. 

I’ll move my body with Yellow Mana!

My body ―― movee …!


A whirlpool of water was released and directed at me.

I moved my body with Mana of Domination and avoided getting hit head-on. But my right shoulder still got hit. I was blown away and pushed into the third row of buildings in the settlement.

I was being pushed until the building at the eastern end.

Breaking through the wooden wall, I stopped on the wall opposite the door.


Getting hit on the back of my head, my consciousness was fading.

I shook my head to shake off the darkness that came into view. Tapped my cheeks twice to keep my consciousness.

“Where is this……”

Corpses were lined up on the floor of the house.

“Is it, the food store…!?”

It wasn’t just normal corpses. They didn’t smell bad. The gloss of the skin wasn’t dull. There were no cracks too. As if being kept fresh. Really, it was Frederica said, the human corpses seemed to be processed.

―― There are no living humans.

For the monsters, the corpses in this building are just like a food stock, huh… Gross…

Somehow, I felt a tremendous amount of Mana pressuring the corpse. 

Is the Mana stored in the corpse in some way?

Suddenly, the worst situation came to my mind.


But, at the same time… One measure to deal with this situation also came to my mind.


I walked out of the building.

The {Corpse Emperor} was waiting behind eight living corpses.

“Hoho, you’re still alive…?”

The {Corpse Emperor} looked nervous.

He was out of breath. And, when he saw me alive, he became pale.

I was in that house for about a minute now. During that time, there was no pursuit.

The reason was simple, because he couldn’t afford it.

“If you do so many big attacks, your limit will come faster… You don’t have that much mana left anymore, don’t you?”

The {Corpse Emperor} sat on the throne and stared at me.

“It’s because you use your technique in the same way as in your heyday. You Bastard, your Mana should have reduced to zero once with that seal ―― And, the Mana you gained by eating 500 people, where most of them were non-magicians, must be less than you had thought….”

But, to be honest, it’s really horrifying.

In his heyday, when his Mana is almost could be said unlimited….. The quality and quantity of the corpse under his control now must have been much worse than that time too.

Which means, the old man and the guy called Saurus, who defeated this guy in his heyday were really crazy.

“Ten years ago, I could blow someone like you away just by pointing my little finger…!”

“Well, I admit that you are strong. Perhaps you don’t have to be afraid to fight someone like me――But no matter what kind of monster you are, if the conditions are met, you will be sealed. After all, I am a Sealer.”

“How could you still feel like winning?! Defeat my pawns? All of these magicians??… You don’t have the abilities to do that!!”

“… What would you do if I say, I have?”


I put my finger in my pocket.

“Just at what is written, it’s my ‘trump card’.”

I took out a talisman with ‘死’ written on it. [TN: it means Death]

It was the only Magic Item I received from my master.

The crazy ring left by the old man ――

” ‘OPEN’―― <Osiris Orb>…!”


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