Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 116

116. Reunion

When I was thinking about going to the venue right after entering the hotel, Yuzuka-san told me to follow her. The room she guided me into was a large and luxurious room. In the room, Yuzuka’s parents were relaxing, and there was her father, Kuji-san, and her mother, Yuzuki-san. Both of them were enjoying tea while huddling together on a soft sofa.

“Dad, Mom, Kohaku-kun is here.”

When Yuzuka-san called out to her parents, they turned their face to her, smiled, stood up and came to us.

“Hello Kohaku-san, today is the birthday of my son, Ui. Thank you for coming to celebrate his birthday.”

First of all, Yuzuki-san, welcomed me with a smile on her beautiful face. She had a youthfulness that no one could imagine that she had a high school child. In this world, there were many women who had an appearance that was not match with their age, but I think that she was one of the best among them. It would not be strange if she called as Yuzuka-san’s elder sister, she was just that young. But since she was a married woman, you can imagine a marriage full of ‘Immoral act’. After all her spouse, Kuji-san, was a dandy.

A love story between a young woman and a sexy dandy is a story that a novelist in the neighborhood is likely to write……. That’s why I want to talk about the culture of this world! Seriously, could you stop wearing dresses? 

Same as when I met him last time, Kuji-san was wearing a dress this time as well. It was a selfish argument, but honestly, there was too much gap in the fact that a dandy and cool person was wearing a dress…….

…I guess I’ve no other choice, I need to be a pioneer. I need to wear suits at the next parties, and let other people know that men are better in suits rather than dresses … Yeah, it is the Cultural Revolution……. But, I think it’s quite impossible for now. First, my appearance now is also a dress. So, I’m not in a position to say that now, right? 

Kuji-san also welcomed me with a smile.

“Yo, it’s been a while since Toukain-san’s party, isn’t it? How are you doing?”

“Yes, thank you very much for inviting me this time. Yuzuki-san and Kuji-san seem to be doing well.”

“Hmm, you’re too tense. You can think of us as relatives, you know.”

“Yeah, he seems to be getting along well with Yuzuka too, so it’s okay to relax.”

I turned my face to Yuzuka-san, who was next to me. Her face turned bright red and looked down in embarrassment. 

Yeah, I understand your feeling. It’s embarrassing when your parents try to meddle with your love affair right? 

But, no matter how good these two people are, and even if they treat me intimately, they are actually people who I have met only once. It is unreasonable to think them as a relative and treat them lightly. In the first place, they are one of the top aristocrats, not just some random people in the neighborhood. That alone is enough to make anyone tense… That said, the mental structure of men in this world lightly surpasses my thoughts, so maybe they’re able to interact casually with the person they met for the first time.

Well, anyway, the younger brother whose name came out earlier…

…Where is Ui-kun? 

I looked around the room, but I couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Well, is Ui-kun, the main character of today’s party, going somewhere?”

“Hmm, Ah, Ui is in the bathroom. And locked himself there.”

“Seriously, he’s really a troublesome child, isn’t he?”

Kuji-san said as if it was nothing, While Yuzuki-san said that she was in trouble, even though she did not seem to be in trouble at all. Well, those people had been enjoying tea on the sofa until a while ago. 

When Yuzuka-san heard that Ui-kun was locking himself in the bathroom, she went there and called out to Ui-kun inside.

“Ui, a guest has come, so say hello properly.”

Yuzuka-san called, but there was no response. Yuzuka-san continued to call out.

“He’s Kohaku-kun that Ui wanted to meet so badly. Please, come out now.”

Then the door opened a little……. Apparently Ui-kun were looking here.

…How cautious are you? 

But, suddenly the toilet door opened vigorously and a cute boy in a dress came out.

“Brother, brother! It’s been a long time! Thank you for coming to my birthday today! I was listening to my sister and thought that the one she was talking was you, the kind brother I met before. I’m really happy to see you again! “

Ui-kun, who came out of the bathroom, hugged me and expressed his joy with all his might. I was surprised to see him, and I thought that my guess that the previous boy I met in the park was Yuzuka-san’s younger brother was correct. 

When I look at Ui-kun again… Without a doubt he was an amazing crossdresser, a real ‘trap’. If I didn’t know the fact that Ui-kun was a male, I would had thought that he was a beautiful girl. The dresses that he was wearing suited him perfectly.

…Yeah, he will definitely be popular!

However, this Ui-kun dropped the bomb.

“Brother! I said it properly!”

“Hmm? what exactly you said?”

“I told my partner that I met in the marriage interview properly that, it’s physiologically impossible!”

At that moment, I felt the line of sights from all the members of Seikagu Family except Ui-kun, pierced me.

As a matter of course, I turned my eyes away with all my might.


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