Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 26

26. Indescribable Anger

When the {Corpse Emperor} removed his hand from his chest, the hole in his chest was gone.

So, this is a rumored regen――

“Regenerator huh…”

I see, so he’s really immortal.

This guy… What should I do if I can’t seal him?

“No way――No way No way No way!!!! You are aaaaAAAHHHH!!!!!!”

An angry sound echoed on my eardrum.

Don’t be scared, Seal! You can’t pull back here!

Don’t take a step, don’t move your eyebrows, and keep enduring his anger.

Don’t break your leeway! You need to keep your impression as the ‘unfathomable guy’.

“Ah, I’m late in introducing myself. I’m Seal, a Sealer. “


From 100 to 0 at once.

The {Corpse Emperor} sank the blood that had risen to his head all at once to his feet.

On the throne, he put his chins in his hand again.

His eyes were quietly staring at me.

“I see, a Sealer huh… fufu, fuahahahahahahah!!!!”

And now, he sounded happy.

This guy… I can’t read his emotions.

“I wonder why…Hah! Even if I feel fear and anger, there is this intense joy that shakes my fingers. Aaah, so nostalgic… Sealers, I hated them, but the fight with them was really fun.  Even if this I, hate them, at the same time I want to meet them. The one who brings anxiety and suspense to me… Those people…!”

The {Corpse Emperor} raised his hand to heaven and clenched his fist.

At the same time, crawling skeletons came to me from every direction.

The skeletons trying to surround me with their limbs. 

I swung the <Lion Spear>, which had returned to its original size, in a circular motion. The skeletons weren’t that strong and so, using the spears I crushed and sink them to the ground without long.

“This feeling… it may be similar to, love…”

“Well, sorry to interrupt your confession, but I’ve already done with the bones!”

While swinging the spear, I charged at the {Corpse Emperor}.

The {Corpse Emperor} laughed a little while saying “What a fool.”

“I, the {Corpse Emperor}, the king who controls the corpse! Even if you defeat it once, those under my control will not disappear!”

The skeletons that should have been defeated started to revive again.

“As long as my Mana is not exhausted, it will be resurrected infinitely! The corpse under my control has no life span!!!”

” ―― aren’t you lying?”

I pinched the talisman with the word “祓” between the index and middle fingers of my right hand. [TN: the word means, purification]

” <Lion Spear>, ‘CLOSE’. ―― ‘OPEN’, <Lutta>!”

I equipped <Lutta> in my right hand.

I lighted <Lutta> with Blue Mana. Then, the blue alchemy stone embedded in <Lutta> glowed, creating a cool light blue aura.

“That sword is ――!”

I used <Lutta> to crush the skeleton’s face. Concentrated Red Mana on the soles of my feet, and jumped to cut the distance while cutting through the skeletons one by one.

The skeleton collapsed from the hip joint, turning the bone into black dust.

“What’s wrong, they don’t seem to be resurrected… are they already in bad condition?”

“Is it a sword that sent the soul straight to the realm of dead…?! Don’t get carried away! Sealer!!!”

I stepped on with enough force to crack the ground.

But the distance was still 20 to 30 steps away, we were still far from each other.

For now, my aim was to leave a mark on him. For that, I needed to land a direct attack with my fist.

“I won’t let you get closer!”

” ―― Woah?!”

Suddenly, the ground under my feet rose.

Countless bones overlapped each other like a tower from the bottom of the ground. A skeleton tower tried to wrap me from below.

” ―― ‘OPEN’!”

<Lion Spear> came out once again and I equipped it on my left hand. Turned the stone tip diagonally downward.

I extended the <Lion Spear>, pushed the spear to the ground, and used the expansion and contraction of the spear to jump back.

I could see a tower of bones where I was a moment ago.

The bones were connected like a ring and surrounded him.

“I will not let A Sealer come near me! You, stay beyond this circle!”

After that, finally, the {Corpse Emperor} stood up.

“Sealer, listen carefully. The corpse you fought up until now was ‘level 0’. I just manipulated the bones. But the next one will be different!”

The {Corpse Emperor} raised both hands.

Bones stretched from the ground once again, but this time, flesh and skin covered those bones.

10… 20… 23 bodies?

Well… I don’t think <Lion Spear> will be useful here.

” ‘CLOSE’ “

The corpse that appeared in front of me was different from earlier. It had cracks all over its body. Definitely, it was a naked human being.

“This is ‘level 1’. The power to reproduce the body the same as when it was still alive.”

Is there such a thing?

This guy, his self-regeneration ability and self-healing ability is bad news already. It’s clearly beyond the range that can be achieved by the Mana of Domination.

“―――― !!!!!”

I opened my eyes wide. 

Not because I was being surprised at the {Corpse Emperor}’s ability.

When I was looking at the 23 humans who appeared in front of me, I noticed the smallest of them.

―― It was a girl.

A young girl.

Her face… I had seen it before.

――『” Excuse me… If you find this child, please contact me.”』

Suddenly, I remembered the old woman who was looking for her daughter at the <Crow Port>.

I remembered the flyer she gave me.

I remembered the face on the flyer…

Amongst 23 corpses created by the {Corpse Emperor}, one of them was… the missing girl.

“[…… Moo-om]”

The corpse made a voice.

“[Help me, help, me, please…..]”

“[No… I don’t want, to die …]”

“[My child, my child is waiting, for me…]”

I could hear a monotone voice. Emotionless voices.

“I’m sorry. There are times when it says some nonsense because the brain is also reproduced. It’s unpleasant, right? Humans who beg for their own life are really ugly…. don’t you think so?”

The {Corpse Emperor} put the index finger of his right hand forward. The living corpses started moving at the same time.

I kept silent while wielding <Lutta>.


Every time I swung my sword, my chest hurt.

A distorted voice in pain, a voice asking for help, a voice thanking me for killing them――various voices echoed from my ears to my heart.

――『”It must be difficult… Your daughter, if I find her, I’ll definitely bring her here.”』

I remembered what I said the other day.

As I remembered, I cut the girl’s head.

“[Mom… Where are you―]”

Finally, the girl grabbed the hem of my pants as if holding her mother’s hand, and collapsed.

“Sealer, what’s wrong? Your face becomes dark, you know? Ah! Perhaps, your friend is amongst them?! Well, well! I’m really sorry, I don’t have any bad intentions. It’s just an entertainment. I thought, you would enjoy it… “

It’s a hope.

For those who lost their loved one, and couldn’t get any work done properly,

They devote themselves to the probability.

They serve God in honesty.

It’s the purpose of those people.

The survival of these corpses ―― is their hope.

It’s their only hope that they keep clinging to. To keep living and seeing tomorrow, after losing their loved ones.

“――{Corpse Emperor}, ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’…”

He is trampling their hopes with his feet, spitting on the sanctity of the dead.

…This feeling that springs up from the bottom of my heart, how should I express this feeling?

I moved my dagger to the other hand. Then, put my current feelings into words.

“Really. I really want to kill You… Bastard!!”

“Good. Keep your spirit like that, Sealer!!!! Let’s kill each other. Like how humans and monsters are supposed to be…..!”

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