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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 115

115. Arrive

After driving the car, I finally saw the castle, which was the venue. 

The castle in front of me was not only a hotel but also a historic building, and it had become a tourist attraction including the town surrounding it, where people still live. Therefore, it was okay to renovate the inside of the building, but it was not allowed to change the appearance unless there was a need to do that.

Well, what I wanted to say was that the venue was a tourist attraction, so it was not surprising that there were many tourists….

“There are many people today, right?”

Yes, there were quite a lot of people. Perhaps the reason was that those people thought that… they might be able to see the boy who would make his debut in public, even if it might be just at a glance …

“Maybe they gathered to take a glimpse of the birthday party.”

“Hmmm, as you can see near the entrance of the castle. Even a first-class assassin can’t sneak inside.”

After thinking with her index finger on her mouth, Yuzuka-san said so. 

…I really want to know why the word “assassin” comes out of a high school girl’s mouth, but considering her house, it seems that a dangerous story will come out, so I decided to not ask. Who knows, maybe she would’ve said something like, ‘I stuffed the person tried to rob my house the other day and threw it into the sea! Ahaha’. Seriously, I don’t have a hobby to stir up trouble for myself.

Then, Yuzuka-san opened her mouth as if she remembered something. 

“I heard that there will be an event in this city in conjunction with my younger brother’s birthday party.”

What that means?

“It seems that the event is held before the party starts.”

“Ummm… what kind of event is it?”

“I don’t know the details because I just caught it in my ear. The concept is ‘if your birthday is today, you must celebrate it in this city!’. Also, the shops in the town offer special dishes… It seems that customers who are not on their birthdays could celebrate together with the one whose birthdays is today. So perhaps many people thought that they can get along with strangers…”

Ah, so it’s an event that was launched just to make the party merrier… But maybe it’s okay that it’s a success since there are so many tourists…

As we proceeded through such a city, I saw more people than before.

“We’ll be arriving soon.”

I see… that’s why there are so many people. Celebrities and athletes on TV, as well as male entertainers, are also invited, so I understand that they want to see a glimpse on how he looks. But, today is Yuzuka-san’s younger brother first debut in public right? Will he be okay?

“Well, I guess your younger brother has to get used to this kind of situation too, even if it’s just by a little.”

Yuzuka-san returned with a smile to my worries. 

Well, I guess even the son would be disciplined. It’s the Seikagu Family after all

“Oh, we’ve arrived.”

I looked outside again. I saw some were holding cameras, and some were holding microphones. 

…I guess that’s reporter from TV station.

And I saw some people with a smartphone in my hand.

…And, those guys must be an ordinary person.

Wait… that means I need to show myself in front of these people from now on? Urgh… But I’m cute! So, I’m sure I’ll will look good on the camera, right?… Yeah, I know that.

The car door was opened by the hotel doorman, and Yuzuka-san got off first. At that moment, cheers were raised, and the shutter sound was heard all at once. Yuzuka-san smiled at the reaction of the surroundings and reached out to me who was still in the car.

…Alright! From here on, I have to look enthusiastic too! From here on, I have to act as a partner of the eldest daughter of Seikagu Family, which is said to be one of the four major aristocrats, even though I’m just a normal high school boy! The only problem is that I have no idea on what the right thing to do!

………… For the time being, maybe I should do ‘that’? I just need to behave appropriately, right? Well, I don’t know how!

Anyway, I took Yuzuka’s hand and got out of the car.

…..Alright! Come! Take as much as you want! 

………… However, contrary to my feelings, the people surrounding us suddenly fell silent.


When I looked around, everyone opened their eyes and was frozen. The doorman who was nearby also opened her mouth and was frozen, but she immediately regained her smile and welcomed us. And the people surrounding us were released from the shock, and it became noisy with the shutter sound.

“Oi! Take the picture of that boy more! Maybe he is the eldest daughter’s fiancée!”

“Take absolutely good pictures! He’ll be in the front page for tomorrows!”

“So cute!”

“Look hereー!”

Oooh!… I was worried that I wasn’t so cute because there was no reaction! These people, how dare them to made me surprised like that…

When I exhaled a relief, I smiled like Yuzuka-san and waved lightly to the people who called out to me. Then, I went into the castle, which was the venue, while being escorted by Yuzuka-san.

“Just now, he waved at me!”

“No! it’s me!”

“He smiled at me……”

“…………Aaaah, so this is love.”

“I want to work for Seikagu Family.”

For now, I need to forget the words I heard from behind… yeah, let’s forget it…


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    1. it explained as there are too few male so clothes design base on female use and both male and female use clothes with no different but since a point of focus in party would mainly be male so female have a suit instead to have male stand out more (most of role are reverse in this way too)

  1. I found the insistence on making males wear high exposure dresses quite a nice analogy to the way fashion and sexual expectations are with opposite sexes, even when the genders are flipped. It makes sense in a weird way for me.

    The only thing that bothers me is, what about the MC’s leg hair? XD

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