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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 37

37. According to her

Natsukawa doesn’t really think that I’m disgusting…? Can I just take it that she doesn’t actually hate me…..? Or, are this and that different after all? Seriously, which one is it…?

“Even If she thinks that I’m not disgusting… but, why now? Natsukawa always said that she won’t let me meet her younger sister. Since this is about her cute younger sister, she usually become so protective and ferocious. I’m scared you know. And, that’s why I’ve been trying not to bring it up again…”

“Hmm, even if you say that… ───H,hey Ai-chi, this is the first time I heard of this, you know?”


Ooooh… the Goddess has recovered! You all hear me, She has recovered! O, it is an honor to see your fac─── Woah, her face looks like she’s really in pain… As expected, she thinks that I’m disgusting after all, doesn’t she? I’ve never seen she looked that bitter before.

“B, Because… I knew you’d get angry at me, Kei…”

“Of course! You refused him so harshly before, but now you want him to meet her?! What do you want?! How much of a contrary person can you be?!”


O, Oooh…I don’t know the reason why, but Ashida is really aggressive towards Natsukawa today. It’s a rare sight, especially because Ashida would always fawning over Natsukawa, treating her like a saint.

“I-I told you not already what…! That, until just the other day, even I myself didn’t expect to be feeling this way…!”

“Huuuh?! Why are you getting angry at me now?!”

“─── Ah, hey, both of you, stop, stop now! Somehow, you’re starting to fight for real!”

We, definitely, can’t be bothering the other people. See, that female employee is already looking over at ─── Hey, why me? Anyway, this is not like what you think, okay?… Why’re you keep giving me that cold stare?!

Since it seemed like these two got fired up beyond the point of no return, I stood up and stopped them. Especially Natsukawa seemed like she was about to giving up herself to despair. If I didn’t stop them right here, it felt like the situation will escalate. Hence, I tried my best to break between the two.

“I, I don’t really mind, no matter what you say to me! I’ll hear out what both of you want to say!”

“R, Really…?”

“Really really!”

“── Hmmph!”

Natsukawa and Ashida

When I compromised with them, Natsukawa showed a relieved and adorable face, as she looked me in the eyes. As for Ashida, she let out a bothered snort.

What’s wrong with her? This almost like I’m the usual Ashida. Natsukawa is me, and Ashida is Natsukawa. I’d never thought that something like this could happen, as if our bodies were swapped for real. Wait, that means I’m a girl right now? Hehe…… Oi, ‘me’, you’re really disgusting.

Anyway, that sure surprised me… For Natsukawa to not entirely denying my existence, I’d never thought that she ever feels like that… I mean, I always thought that her favorability towards me had been in the minus all this time. I’m so happy, but it hasn’t hit me yet.

“Sorry if I put it in a weird way, but… what on earth caused this turn of events? Did I just achieve something with my level right now? Or, was that decision based on some fundamental investigation?”

“W, what the hell are you saying… I wasn’t investigating anything.”

“It’s between being disgusting or not, right? Well, you thought that he was disgusting, but actually he wasn’t that disgusting, so you started to want him to meet Ai-chan, right?”

Can you stop saying ‘disgusting’ ‘disgusting’ like that……Even if we weren’t facing each other right now, hearing that over and over is making me twitch, as I am a boy after all. Seriously, it’s bad for my heart.

“T-That’s not true.”

“It’s not true?!”

I was so surprised that I butted in at her words unconsciously.

It’s not true? So, after getting my hopes up, you crushed them again? Thank you very much…  Seriously, I’m tired.



Ashida let out an exhausted sigh. And indeed, it really sounded like that was directed at Natsukawa.

So, this is what she meant by the talk is going nowhere, huh…

If so, then I just have to ask a question specifically that won’t allow any avoiding no matter what. I said something unnecessary before after all.

“Your change of heart doesn’t matter right now. But, rather than ‘I don’t mind letting you meet her’, you said ‘I want you to meet her’, what do you mean by that? Is there some special reason for that?”

“T, That’s…”

A,aaah…! Natsukawa is blushi ── Aaa, So cute! Super cute! Is she embarrassed?! Seriously?! Is the reason really hard to say?!

Stop showing me that face! I just changed my mind not long ago! My brain won’t be able to handle all of this!

As my head was about to explode, the waitress brought the fries we ordered.

Couldn’t you have hurried up a bit more? I mean, it’s already this late, there’s barely anybody her──Ah, it’s that employee…. Eeek, she glared at me.



Although we got interrupted by the employee, Ashida forcibly pushing Natsukawa even further.

Hey, aren’t you pressuring her a bit too much? Natsukawa isn’t even embarrassed anymore, she’s straight-up terrified. Look, she’s going pale, isn’t she?

“───ki-kun and…”


“Sa, Sasaki-kun and…”

“Sasakin and?”

“You call that guy ‘Sasakin’ huh…”

Sasaki, huh… I don’t know why the name of that handsome bastard of our class would come up here. But hearing it from the person I like sure doesn’t feel great. I’ll spill some more ‘spicy rumor’ about him to his younger sister Yuki-chan next time…!

When I retorted on Ashida’s choice of nickname, she glared at me with a ‘Shut up for a second’.

…I’m sorry, but your naming sense is just too weird…. it really surprised me. Even when she shouted my nickname, I always thought ‘Huh, Who?’.  I mean, ‘How am I supposed to act’ when she said ‘Sajo-chi’?

“───Because Sasaki… and Airi, they got along with each other…and the others as well…..”




Isn’t that great? What’s strange about it?

I knew about some girls from our class visiting Natsukawa’s place, with Sasaki being the only boy and he showed──

I remembered when Sasaki was showing off his selfie with Airi-chan.

I’m sure the other girls must have taken pictures with Airi-chan too. What a heartwarming scenery that must have been. I knew it, Sasaki is really trying to build a harem, That bastard…

“Is it that bad to get along with each other?”

“I-it’s not bad, but…”

“That reminds me, Ai-chan was trying really hard to remember everybody’s names.”

“Is that so?”

I can imagine Airi-chan being bewildered while surrounded by everyone, patted on the head, urged to remember their names. Somehow it makes my heat feel warm… Sasaki, You, go away.

The atmosphere from before had vanished, and the air became loose. Thanks to Airi-chan being an angel, even Ashida seemed to have relaxed a bit.

“So, what about that?”

“You really snapped, huh.”

“Shut up.”

Ouch ouch…! This girl… How could you stomp on my toes! Moreover, how could you be so accurate! Hah, that is some great personality you have there!

“S-So… I thought it was ‘different’ from what I imagined…”

“It’s different…?”

Different? In what way? The nuance I got when she said it was that she couldn’t accept it… is that correct?

Natsukawa said that, as the reason that she didn’t want me to meet Airi-chan, was that I might become a ‘bad influence’ for her. Does that mean that this was the same for Sasaki and the others? And, since she’s giving me permission now, were those guys even worse than me? Seriously, just what did all of you do…

“Do you regret having Sasaki, Shirai-san and the others meet Airi-chan? Were they a bad influence after all…”

“N,No, that’s not true!”

“Ah, I, I see…”

Putting aside Sasaki, if that gentle Shirai-san is also ‘bad’, it means that Natsukawa is too strict. Perhaps, she will not even allow Airi-chan to be in my sight at all.

I’m glad Shirai-san didn’t turn out to be a bad girl. Or else she would be a dangerous existence for boys.

“……I see.”


Eh…? You get it? Hey, Ashida, wait for me, don’t leave me behind. Why are you crossing your arms and nodding alone as if you arrived at the solution? Ah, maybe this is that? Is this the kind that won’t make sense if you’re a man? Is this what they commonly called the maiden’s heart? If so, of course it’s impossible for some loner that sits in the corner of the classroom like me to understand…

Cold sweat ran down my back, as my eyes met with Ashida’s. Perhaps, she saw my panicked face, she let out a big sigh… Excuse me, but that really hurt.

“───You couldn’t accept that, right? Ai-chan left aside a certain someone who is closest to you and got along with everybody else, and that certain someone wasn’t even there in the first place.”


“…….hmm, what?”

“And, you happened to see Sajo-chi in Sasakin.”

“S, Stop it already…”



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  1. Thanks for the chap. It’s a blessed day when we get an illustration of Ashida, even if it’s just the side of her face.

  2. Ashida you’re promoted from bitch to a normal girl and good thing at last we could see Ashida’s face though only from a side and Natsukawa you’re a bitch.
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