Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 114

114. Limousine

A black limousine stops in front of my house, and a nicely dressed up girl… Yuzuka-san came out from it. Yuzuka-san was dressed in a white-based dress, with diamonds shining on her chest, giving a faint blue in her overall appearance. Although it was not flashy, it was combined with the clean and neat atmosphere of Yuzuka-san, and so it made her look more elegance. 

In poetic terms, “The beauty that robs the soul”, or “the beauty that is created in a miraculous way”, or “the warmth of the sun and the purity of the moon are combined… and multiplied… and doubled. The beauty that received the blessing of the goddess beauty’…… What happened to the last one, it supposed to be a beautiful poetic… why it sounded even more vulgar than the former… Strange…

Anyway, Seikagu Family came to pick me up because today was the day of the party.

By the way, not only me but also my mother and housemaid were in front of the house. Yuzuka-san greeted me lightly and then went to greet my mother.

“I’m Yuzuka Seikagu, Kohaku-kun’s classmate. Thank you very much for agreeing to attend my family’s party today. Please be assured about Kohaku-kun’s safety. We’ll do our best to protect him, it’s our responsibility after all.”

Saying that, Yuzuka-san bowed. 

Not only Shino-san, but Yuzuka-san too, they were natural with their words at this kind of time. When I was a high school student in my previous life, I was pretty nervous just to meet my friend’s parents… Well, I was only thinking about playing around though… It was a happy time when I didn’t know that the slackening of study would bounce back to my carrier…

“Please take care of him well. If something happens to Kohaku-kun… I…”

Perhaps my mother started think that something had happened to me, tears came to her eyes and her voice began to quiver. Maria, who supported my mother said,

“Yoko-sama …, if only I could follow him…”

Yeah, Maria was not allowed to accompany me as the escort. I could smell that they were kind of acting, but they sounded so serious. In fact, Yuzuka-san, who received the words, made a powerful declaration to my mothers with a determined face.

“I know it well. Please leave it to us. We guarantee his safety as our elite people are on the lookout at the venue.”

I mean, we live in a very safe country, and I will go to a party where some of the best people in the country will gather. It’s unlikely that something strange will happen.

…… No, wait, in a sense, it may be dangerous because it is such a party. There is a possibility that some people will make a mess. What’s more, it’s no wonder what happens because there’s even a pretty boy of the century called me!… Well, I don’t think they don’t have any information about me…

For the time being, the greeting was over, and I went into the limousine. As expected, the car was also exceptionally comfortable to sit on like the one when I went to Shino-san’s party before. But what was different was that this time, I slept well the night before. Well, this would be the second time I participated in this kind of party, so I could stay calm better than last time.

“Kohaku-kun, how about the clothes that I sent? Did you like it?”

As expected, I should read the air. It would be bad if I were to say that I prefer suits or tuxedo now.

“I was surprised because the clothes were so good. Is it okay for me to receive this?”

Well, I didn’t say that I like it, so I wasn’t lying. Also, I asked a question to distract her from the topic.

“Yes, I ordered it specifically because I wanted Kohaku-kun to wear it.” 

“Thank you. I’ll take good care of it. By the way, Yuzuka-san is also very beautiful today.”

In my words, Yuzuka-san’s white skin turned into pink. She seemed to be embarrassed, but she looked happy. However, the expression becomes cloudy with my next words.

“Ah, no, it’s wrong…”


Yuzuka-san looked sad at the words. After all, I raised her tension and spirit once and then dropped it. But, I would raise it again.

“Because Yuzuka-san is always very beautiful, not just today. So, today is more than that… I think it’s better to say that today you look as beautiful as a goddess.”

Yuzuka-san made a face that didn’t understand what was said for a moment, but immediately turned her face bright red.

“Ko, Kohaku-kun! Isn’t your throat dry? I have a lot of drinks here, so I’ll prepare it!”

Where is the determined attitude when you greeted my mother earlier?

Yuzuka-san started preparing drinks. I said that she looked like a goddess, but Yuzuka-san, who was in front of me now, looked like a very cute girl who was flustered in a hurry…

…but when I saw the bottles and cans of drinks dropped in front of me many times. I was worried if I could stay sober in the party that would start soon.

Well, It’s not entirely my fault, right? I mean, I just ‘that’…  a boy who said his impressions straightforwardly… Yeah, it’s good to be honest.

But I think I should be careful with ‘when and where’ from now on…


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  1. I get that it’s suppose to be a running gag -or the authors fetish- but he’s never going to get away from wearing dresses and skirts if he doesn’t say anything.

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