Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 113

113. Official Invitation

Today is a holiday. Therefore, no one will complain even if we spend a lot of time at home, which is called ‘wasting time.’, right?

I lay down on the sofa in the living room and changed the TV channels. On another sofa, my mother was taking a nap.

It was very peaceful. 

But suddenly, Maria, who was cleaning the front of the house, called out, disturbing the peace.

“Kohaku-sama, your package has arrived.”


What is it? I don’t remember buying anything online.

“It’s from the Seikagu Family. It’s an invitation and a gift. The contents are clothes and shoes. It seems that Kohaku-sama is being invited to attend the soon to be held party… But, not only Toukain Family even Seikagu Family too, as expected of Kohaku-sama. This Mariangeles proud to have a wonderful master like Kohaku-sama. Bravo!”

It’s the first time someone say Bravo to me! Moreover, how could she say all of that without changing her expression! Well, I know it’s her usual but……. Nah, let’s leave it for now. 

I received the package from Maria. And first, opened the envelope. Inside was a letter and a black card with ‘invitation’ written on it. The letter contained the words of the time and the date of the upcoming party and said that I should bring the black card on the day.

Yuzuka-san’s younger brother, who seemed to be not good with girls and so did not appear in public, finally decided to appear in public. Moreover, it would be on the TV!

….Right from the start huh…. Is her younger brother’s mental could handle it?… If the child I met in the park was Yuzuksa-san’s younger brother, he would tremble. Because from what I could remember, he was a delicate boy. Well, it could be different. Anyway, even if I care, I can’t do anything. All I can do now is lie down on the sofa, heal my daily fatigue, and anticipate what delicious food will come out at the party.

“Kohaku-sama, would you like to check this too?”

Maria looked at the box that said it contained clothes.

…I was consciously avoiding it… after all when I went to Toukain Family’s party, even if they said they would prepare the clothes, what I got was a short dress. That was why, I was thinking of preparing a suit or black tie for the next party, but…

Since it was already sent, it wouldn’t be polite if I go there without wearing it right?… But will the size fit me? And it hasn’t decided that it’s a dress yet. There should still be the possibility that the clothes are formal suits and black ties!

I gently opened the package. There was a box inside, but I still didn’t know what was inside. 

I opened the box with excitement, and…

“… It’s a blue dress.”

Maria looked inside the box and muttered.


“Is it okay for me to touch and see it closer?”


“Kohaku-sama, why you speak in a monotone…..  Ah, I’m sorry.”

Maria picked up the dress and checked the quality.

“… It’s a very well-tailored dress. Probably, it’s definitely made to order. The embroidered part is also wonderful.”

I agree!  If other girls wear it, I would without a doubt praise her! but it’s a different story when I wear it! No matter how beautiful and wonderful it is, it will only look lame on me!

… Yuzuka-san… You want to say something like, ‘if Kohaku-kun wear it, he will look more beautiful! The synergistic effect of the clothes and Kohaku-kun will only make him more attractive!’, aren’t you?… I know it already! Okay, okay, I’ll wear it!

“Kohaku-sama, it seems that there was some conflict within yourself, but why don’t Kohaku-sama try it on? I think it’s okay because it was prepared by Seikagu Family, but the size may be different. But just in case….”

“… Yeah, I’ll try it on once.”

“I think that’s a good choice.”

I sighed, picked up the dress and went back to my room.

………… It’s perfect. 

The dress I tried on was a perfect fit for my size. I felt that not only the size but also the design of the dress itself matched my mood.

….. No, no, no, I just think so because everything suits me!

However, it was a mystery about how Yuzuka-san knew my size. 

Well… I found out that the size fit me perfectly, so I should take it off for the time being and try the shoes…

…… No, wait, maybe this is the perfect time for ‘that’?

I took out a key and opened one of the locked desk drawers. Then I took out one box from the inside.

“Uhahaha! Yuzuka-san, do you think I’m just a commoner?!”

I laughed like a villain while looking at various accessories. 

Wearing will make me even more attractive! ‘Kohaku company’ stock will rise……. Hah, hah… Really, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, but it’s important to keep this spirit. There is no choice but to survive the party while maintaining this kind of spirit.

……But, the question is whether this spirit can remain until the party day!

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      1. Yeah, sometimes, I feel my heart bleeding while I read this novel. I mean, the story is good, the characters are interesting, and the elements have good balance. However, I still can accept this aspect of the novel. Psycologically, I can accept a protagonist with the desire to be a lady-killer, but wears dresses and act cutely at times. My SAN points are being depleted for this.

  1. Finally the update is here. It has become a paranoia for me thanks to Quidian and it’s worshippers. When I don’t see a timely update of a novel I become paranoid thinking the novel got dropped. Anyway, Many thanks boss for the awesome update. 👌🙇

  2. Thanks for the chapter but the fashion sense of the world setting is annoying and how Kohaku goes along with it is more annoying!

  3. lol again with the crossdressing, tbh, this story is so hilarious, it gives me a smile always, but crossdressing MC makes my my heart bleed for the MC lmao, why couldn’t he just decline and go for a suit, i think that’ll make his stock rise more

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