Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 25

25. Prediction

A monster’s settlement.

I hide in the shadow of a tree while slowly hiding my footsteps.

――There are no signs of monsters around.

Except for the one who sits on the bone throne in the center of the settlement.

“As expected, the lack of pawns and no strong pawns are problems. They take too much time for small fish like them…”

A half-body, half-bone man lowers his eyelids and rest his chin on his hand.

“Foolish. Come out now. I’ve already noticed your sign. “

“Oops, it seems my surprise attack fail.”

I get out of the shadow and set foot in the settlement.

The <JINMA> with bones still sits down and doesn’t even look at me. 

I approach the throne from behind.

“Let me ask you one thing. Why do you guys eat people? “

“It’s a stupid question. It’s no different from you who eat pigs and cows. I’m just hunting and eating people. “

{Corpse Emperor} speaks with a sarcastic tone.

“Understand? Listen. Now you are chasing and hunting us monsters, but eventually the position will be reversed. Because we, the <MATEI>, have been resurrected. In the near future, you will forget how to wear clothes and speak words, lose your dignity and everything, and return to the wild like a rabbit running around the field. I’m just anticipating that future.” [TN: <MATEI>, means Demon Emperor, I’m still conflicted which name should I use, for now it’s MATEI]

<MATEI> ――

Demon Emperors, huh… This is the first word I hear. Are those monsters is as dangerous as the name ‘Emperor’ imply?

“… Originally, our era would have come many years ago. ―― If only those ‘Sealer’ didn’t exist…! “

The voice of the corpse is colored with anger.

“But this I, came to one conclusion! The seal of that coffin couldn’t be broken by the monsters on this island! So, why was the coffin unsealed and I was released?! Because those Sealer died, didn’t they?!! If that was the case, no one could stop ‘Our’ supremacy anymore! ―― In a world without a Sealer, no one can hold me, who could reborn again!! and again!!! Hah!!”

High laughter shakes the entire village. 

Every time he laughs, my skin hurts as if a knife scratched me.

Seriously, what a pressure, I can’t help but feel the difference between us.

――Still, I don’t feel like losing.

As I hold my fist and try in to close the distance, the thorny wall of the human bone blocked me.

“Stay away.”

The throne flips.

And, our eyes meet in the same line.

“It looks like you’re really looking down at humans…”

“Of course. To us, you guys are just food.”

The {Corpse Emperor} raises his chin and shows his nostrils.

I see, it’s a face that thinks he would never lose to me, a human.

――Bring it on. I’ll make you speechless.

“The {Corpse Emperor}-dono. Since you look bored, why don’t you let me ―― make a prediction?” [TN: ‘-dono’ , is one of honorifics used in japan, especially in samurai era, it means, a kind to ‘Milord’]

“Hoho? Tell me.”

I thrust my hand into my pocket and raise my chin.

“This battle, the one who makes the first move, it ‘Must’ be me.”

A light faintly dwells in the eyes of the {Corpse Emperor}.

“Fu ――fuhahahahahahahahahaha! Aren’t you saying something interesting!

―― Remember this, ant. There is no first move or second move. It’s my turn from beginning to end! You never have a turn! “

After laughing happily, the {Corpse Emperor} puts his right hand forward.

As the hand moved, the skeletons that grew from the ground focused on me.

“I will predict you too ―― Ten seconds later. You will die shortly after you kneel to the ground.”

The skeletons are attacking me all at once.

I take out the talisman from my right pocket and let the items inside come out.

” ‘OPEN’, ―― Lion Spear…! “

From the talisman, a long spear comes out, the spear is still in the same ‘condition’ as when I previously escaped from the settlement with Shura.

The spear goes into the {Corpse Emperor}’s chest.

“What?! ―― Hmmm?!!!”

Shortly after breathing, the spear pierces the {Corpse Emperor}’s chest and his back stick to the throne.

The spear is long enough for it to reaches the sea.

The {Corpse Emperor} spews red blood from his mouth.

“I ‘Sealed’ it when it still stretched a while ago.”

“Gu, urrgh … !!?”

The spear soon returns to its original length.

The corpse makes his eyes bright red and glares at me while holding his chest down.

I use the spear to break the skeletons that has stopped moving.

Then, point the tip of the shortened spear at the monster in front of me.

The corpse looked at my talisman and says, “No way …!” with a trembling voice.

“Well, it’s ten seconds already. Hmm? isn’t it strange? I’m still breathing… {Corpse Emperor}-dono.”

Corpse Emperor (Character Design)
Corpse Emperor (Character Design) Translated by me

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